23 Jan 2020

Personal horoscopes for 2020

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When something unexpected occurs, we can either embrace the event with excited anticipation of what could happen next or we can contract with fear. The Sun's dynamic square with erratic Uranus increases the chances of surprising plot twists, but a supportive Venus-Jupiter sextile is a harbinger of good news. Expressing our gratitude for what we have makes a positive difference, even if the somber Capricorn Moon requires us to overcome obstacles.

The emotional heaviness passes once the Moon enters futuristic Aquarius at 8:20 am EST. Although we still have responsibilities to meet today, the New Moon at 4:41 pm reveals a path in front of us that leads away from our past. However, nothing is as certain as we think because this New Moon forms a dynamic square with anything-can-happen Uranus. Change is in the air, giving us an opportunity to break through the resistance from old tensions.

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