22 Nov 2019

Personal horoscopes for 2019

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It might seem as if a hopeful new vision of the future is unfolding before our eyes as the illuminating Sun shifts into uplifting Sagittarius at 9:58 am EST. However, mental Mercury and physical Mars linger behind in Scorpio’s mysterious shadows, preventing us from releasing the past. Although the horizon may appear brighter, we’re still caught in the balance between yesterday and tomorrow while the Libra Moon encourages us to moderate all extremes.

We may be so concerned about other people when the Moon visits sociable Libra that we forget about ourselves. But we are also attentive to maintaining our identity as Luna forms conflictive squares to confining Saturn and relentless Pluto. Still, interpersonal interactions are complicated by an anxious Mercury-Venus connection, making it difficult to express what we want. Thankfully, rough edges are smoothed by the Sun’s trine to healer Chiron.

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