16 Jun 2024

Criminal Zodiac Signs

You may already know that many things can be predicted by the precise date and time of our birth. However, in the majority of cases, we seek something positive to be predicted by the stars, leaving out the fact that criminals and murderers can also be revealed according to their zodiac signs. It would be unfair to state that, say, all Virgos are great people, and Scorpios are doomed to become serial killers. Nevertheless, we have past experiences at our disposal to round up those signs that are generally more or less prone to becoming criminals. Today, we are also going to discuss the most notorious mass murderers and the influence the Zodiac exerted on them.


It is hard to imagine that someone like an orderly Virgo will become a serial killer. It is more likely that people born under this peaceful sign are destined to fight crime instead. Virgos are those individuals who choose to do anything perfectly and according to rules. At the same time, while they can investigate crimes, they can plan them strategically as well. That is why the chances of this zodiac representative to become a serial murderer will depend upon other circumstances than just the date of birth.

If you wonder whether there is any mass killer in the world at the moment who is a Virgo according to the star sign, we could mention Bashar al-Assad. Since you may not know who he is, we are going to tell you that he is the president of Syria. The majority of Earth’s population knows the state of affairs in Syria, but not everyone knows that this man used chemical weapons on his own people and this relates to mass murdering. Such actions from the president drive many Syrians out of the country.


If you wonder who would make the least dangerous mass murderer, that would be Cancer. This sign is all about caring and nurturing rather than about killing. However, the house where Cancer resides may still become a criminal den. How is this possible, you may ask? It is all simple in its core: Cancers grow too attached to those they love and care for. Even if a Cancer knows that his or her loved one is walking down a dangerous path, the chances are that they will never abandon the person who seems to go to the bad.

As to infamous slayers born under the Cancer sign, the only person we can name would be Jodi Arias. It is true – women can be serial killers as well, but the sole person murdered by Arias was her ex-boyfriend. Psych professionals claim that the mental attachment to her boyfriend, who split up with her, was just too strong, and the woman chose to kill him rather than see him with anyone else. 


When there is a Taurus who you know well, it is certainly challenging to name him or her a dangerous zodiac representative. Yet, you do know how violent a Taurus can become when it comes to self-defense or property defense. You will hardly see a Taurus striving to rob anyone of anything. They love to live in high style, but they do anything they can to earn either material wealth or respect of other people. That is why Taureans are surely the worst serial murderers there can even be.

However, let’s not forget about such a ghastly figure that went down in history as one of the most notorious serial killers of all times – Adolf Hitler. It is true that Hitler wasn’t a Taurus per se since he was born on the cusp of Aries. Nevertheless, all the worst personality traits a Taurus can possibly have were added to Hitler’s chart, and there is no use denying it. It does not matter how much time is going to pass, but humanity will never forget the terrors of World War II and the murders of Jewish people that we know of as the Holocaust.


There are rarely such controversial serial killers as Libras. Why do we say that? Let’s discuss the sign for now. The first thing that comes to mind when you think about this zodiac representative is scales. This can only mean that Libra is supposed to be the fairest sign of all, and so it is. However, while being law-obedient, Libra understands that not all the laws are as righteous and balanced as they could have been. That is where they switch their fighting mood on. 

One of the most well-known gunmen born under the Libra stars was Harvey Lee Oswald. The man was known to be particularly interested in communism, and thus, he viewed J. F. Kennedy’s actions towards Cube as demoralizing and unfair. The story has two sides to the coin. It is immoral to persecute someone because of their beliefs, but on the other hand, no one should suffer due to your personal views and opinions. This is the perfect example of why Libras are so controversial when it comes to committing crimes. 


There are zodiac representatives who prefer to stay out of trouble no matter what. Sagittarius is precisely the sign that can hardly be described as a dangerous serial killer. However, Sagittarius people are often referred to as impulsive ones, and this can serve as a crime-triggering factor. Besides, most Sagittarius people are claimed to be unstoppable when it comes to getting what they want.

Among many serial killers, there is still room for Sagittarius no matter how reliable and presentable a person can seem. Ted Bundy is undoubtedly a notorious killer, but those victims who survived described him as a charming and charismatic man. The number of murders committed by Bundy is said to reach a hundred even though he admitted only thirty killings. Taking into consideration that we are talking about the 70s, it is safe to say that the man knew how to lure and seduce women at that point. 


Some people say that Leos are not serial killer material. It is true until Leo is pushed toward crimes. Surely, people born under this zodiac sign are said to be big-hearted and kind. Nevertheless, you should not overlook their craving for appreciation and fame. Besides, Leos can be easily affected should they meet bad associations. The ego each Leo is born with is just as big as the heart, and that is where all problems arise.

Neither this nor the previous century brought a serial killer who would fit the sign, but there is an infamous Elisabeth Bathory we should not forget about. Undoubtedly, the 17th century was full of crimes and superstition along with other unpleasant things. The belief into vampirism had skyrocketed, and the noble lady (or not so noble at that point) decided that she wanted to become a vampire and live forever. The myth and legends have it that she was using the blood of her virgin servants to bathe in for keeping herself ever young. She was killing the peasants for sport until her crimes became so despicable that the authorities had to step in, despite the high social position of the vampire-lady. To sum it all up, her thirst for drama and glory is the best definitive features of a typical Leo, but look where it led her!


It does not matter what it takes if a goal is achieved – this is something a typical Capricorn would tell you. There is barely anyone as great at calculation as Capricorn. This zodiac representative always knows what means are required to achieve the set goal, and there is barely a chance he or she will get caught.

We are more than sure that all of you know the name of Al Capone. So many movies were inspired by this sadly remembered criminal boss. It is true that the values the gangster spread were not positive ones, but no one would ever doubt his skills of a manager. The 1920s weren’t the simplest times for America, but Capone managed to keep Chicago in fear and obedient while doing his dirty business.

Those who knew the gangster claim that the control he had over his feelings would impress anyone and the same was his self-discipline. However, these powers were not exceptional because of the man he was – those are just the regular traits any Capricorn possesses, and that is why these people are so unpredictable and impossible to read.


It may seem that as we move closer to the end of the list, things will get darker and meaner just because of the signs described. Well, it is a two-edged sword, and you should take all the information through the prism of personal evaluation. Let’s say Pisces. If you have someone close to you who was born under the sign, you know how likable and great those people are. However, a Pisces person stands no criticism on the one hand and can be quickly involved in something illegal on the other. Isn’t it telling that both Richard Ramirez and Aileen Wuornos were serial killers born on the same day under the Pisces rule?!

But our infamous Pisces representative who deserved a death penalty is John Wayne Gacy. Just like any typical Pisces, Gacy was a husband and a parent praised in the society he lived in, and no one could have ever thought that he was a killer and a rapist. His victims were all males, and some psychologists claim that if given the freedom of not being blamed for his sexual preferences, Gacy might have never started the killings. However, things went the way they did, and instead of accepting his responsibility for those despicable crimes, the killer claimed to be insane and thus unfit to stand trial. Yet, he was sentenced to death in 1994.


If you wonder which sign would make the most intellectual serial killers, the history shows that Gemini is within the risk range. Why is that? Is Gemini more violent and attracted to murder than all the others? No, there is barely anyone who would claim that Geminis are natural-born criminals. They are rather naturally too curious and creative. Geminis can be insanely charming people, and they can find a way to capture anyone – they are well-aware of this trait and use it when needed.

It is not like Gemini people are extremely attracted to killings and other violent crimes, but there are dangerous murderers among them too. Jeffrey Dahmer had as many as 17 deaths on his list, and who knows how many more there would be if he weren’t captured on time. The killer’s biography states that he had some unnatural interests towards necrophilia and murder manifested when he was only a 4-year old boy. As his family began to fall apart, and he gave in to drinking, the interests only increased, and that is when the number of killings started to grow. As history has it, the man was never satisfied with an act of murder, so he continued with dismemberment, collecting bloody souvenirs, and even chemical experiments on his victims. Whether we like it or not, but the dark curiosity of this Gemini-man absorbed him and led to his death in prison.


When it comes to people thinking that he or she is above the law, it is not that difficult to figure out that they are going to start breaking it sooner or later. Aquarius people choose to live up to their own expectations rather than to deal with social norms. However, this does not make them doubt their goals or actions. People like that view justice in a slightly different light, and this is their main problem.

The Green River Killer, otherwise known as Gary Ridgway, killed up to 80 women according to his claim. He was captured in 2001. However, he turned out to be smart enough to cooperate with the authorities so that he would not be sentenced to death. His primary victims were prostitutes or runaways, and he, as a deeply religious man he claimed himself to be, only released them of their miseries and poor life choices. Though kept in prison and having a couple of life sentences, he is considered one of the worst and also the most intellectual killers in American history.


Some signs are more impatient than the others, and this takes them a step closer to that criminal world most people try to escape. There is rarely any more violent and impatient sign than Aries. It does not matter what has to be destroyed in the process, but Aries wants to get what he or she needs.

There is a well-known romanticized criminal whose name was Clyde Barrow. The majority of people recognize him as the male partner of criminal Bonnie and Clyde couple. Regardless of romance and love put into their story, the couple, especially Barrow, was merciless killers and robbers. Even the way they passed away is surely the perfect option to choose for such a stubborn and dramatic Aries as Clyde was.


As we have reached the end of our list, it is not that difficult to assume that Scorpio is the sign that is most likely to commit crimes. That is true, but only partially. It depends upon a lot of other factors that can drive this zodiac representative either toward law-obedient life or a spate of criminal activities. The fact is that Scorpios are deeply mesmerized by that dark side of humanity, and as long as there is nothing to hold them back, they will give in to the darkness calling to them.

You may know that ill-famed Charles Manson was a Scorpio. However, not everyone knows that poor conditions he was raised in, as well as his failure as a musician, led him to become a mass murderer and an occult leader he was. It is a peculiar fact that Manson didn’t actually kill anyone himself: he only planned and directed those high-profile murders that shattered America in 1969. 

To sum up, even though we have explained how various signs of the Zodiac can be more or less prone to criminal lives, it should be noted that the darkness within may remain dormant forever unless something triggers that chain reaction leading to unspeakable evil. Keep that in mind! 

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