27 May 2024

Astrology Synastry

Astrology is a captivating and fascinating non-science. It is incredible how many predictions and other useful information is encoded in each individual’s birth chart. However, the majority of the planet’s population chooses to ignore the importance of this heaven map which can be deciphered and used to discover new horizons and spheres of life. Luckily, most of you are a kind of curious students of astrology, and each step we take adds up to the experience you gain during this fantastic journey. So, today we are going to turn over another page of astrology and discover the notion called synastry.

Synastry may sound like an odd term, but it is a pretty simple notion when you learn the mundane definition of it. Synastry is nothing more but a branch of astrology that has a direct relation to the sphere of personal relationships between people. So, how does it work?

This branch of astrology is very simple at its core. When taking your personal chart, you can see how different planets affect you personally. It is not a secret that there are unique relations the planets form with each other, and this has its effect on each of us too. However, when it comes to interactions with some other people, the planets in your individual chart and those in theirs form completely different connections. This is exactly the field that synastry is supposed to help you decode. In the majority of cases, people use this branch of astrology when they are curious about the way their long-term relationship with other individuals will turn out to be.

The Planet of Affection and Synastry

It does not take a genius to figure out that love is something that both fascinates and lures us all, with no exception. That is why the first and primary planet on our synastry list is Venus.

Before Venus was discovered as one of the planets in our solar system, ancient people had already entitled it with powers that we recognize up to this day. If you refer to mythology, you will find out that Venus is the goddess of love. When you research the meaning of Venus from an astrological point of view, you will learn that the given planet is the one that represents romance and love in our natal charts. Coincidence?

When you decide to calculate your synastry with your loved one using countless online sources offering the service for free, you need to be able to interpret the interaspect relation between Venus and other planets. Today we are going to have a closer look at the relationships that Venus forms with other planets for you to have less, if any, unpleasant surprises left!

Venus and Sun Interaspects

When a Venus meets a Sun person, it is correct to assume that some positive connections are made. Astrology claims that these aspects complement each other perfectly. That is why if you and your beloved partner are Venus and the Sun, you will act harmoniously together. While the planet of love makes the Sun feel loveable and desired, it is not that wild sexual attraction other aspects or planets may represent. The way these celestial bodies interact is quite romantic and charming, even intriguing. Of course, nothing can be that bright and simple. Even though you and your partner tend to be mutually reinforcing in the majority of ways, there is still much room for frustration and differences in your life views. However, when you learn to accept each other for who you are, things will only get better.

Interaspects between Venus and Moon

Venus-Moon's relationship is also more harmonious than not. However, there are some traps and pitfalls to be aware of. Despite the excellent compatibility, these people can take lust for a perfect fit. Therefore, you are bound to be able to distinguish between the two when necessary. Astrology points out that these relationships are centered around the time spent together. Venus and the Moon are excited to do everything together and spend as much time as possible with one another. However, a Venus in the given relationship needs to be ready to turn her/his playful mood off when a Moon person needs attention and support. Otherwise, the Moon gets too overwhelmed and frustrated, and this is never good for any affair. In the majority of cases, a Venus does not intend to undermine the connection, but that relaxed approach to issues that a Moon views as serious ones may take its toll and ruin all that has been already built.

Venus and Mercury Interaspects

Not all the interaspects between planets are equally positive. Some hide plenty of challenges within. When we discuss Venus and Mercury, it is safe to say that common ground can be created, though both of the characters are bound to put some thought and effort into it. You should be willing to realize that the more interests you share, the easier it will be to retain your passion and to keep the relationship going. Venus and Mercury represent quite talkative partners. There is nothing wrong with it since both love a good conversation. However, if either of the representatives decides to grab the biggest piece of the pie, conflict is unavoidable. If you embrace the skill of being such a great listener as you are a speaker, you will be able to avoid a lot of misunderstandings.

Interaspects between Venus and Venus

The moment a Venus person meets another Venus person, it is only natural to assume that things will work out between you just great. When we are talking about the conjunction, trine, or sextile aspects, they represent absolute compatibility in your values and lifestyles. When two people with such synastry find each other, they feel incredibly comfortable being together from the second they meet. 

However, you need to understand that either the sextile or trine aspect means that each of you projects and expresses their feelings in a different way. You should not assume that it is something terrible. It is just that the two of you possess enough similarity to feel comfortable around each other and enough of dissimilarities to make things feel exciting and new. Your main task here is to be able to spot your partner’s effort put into the relationship so that no one would feel left out. The main thing that unites you is a deep love you share, and the difference in the ways and styles of you expressing it should not matter at that point.

Venus and Mars Interaspects

Venus and Mars are often viewed as an aspect that could not exist without inevitable friction and trouble-causing influences. It doesn’t matter which aspect you take, be it square or opposition, there will always be a sexual attraction between those two people. Sexual compatibility should not scare you away since it does not mean that there is no room for a romance between Venus and Mars, on the contrary. Yet, if you choose to build your relationship with either Mars or Venus based on sexual attraction only, things will go south between you very fast.

The given relation can be quite disruptive at times. It is related to the fact that a Mars person can get too harsh, and Venus takes things too personally. This is not always the case, but it is hard to predict when someone is ready to accept the naked truth and when he or she is not. It is vital for Mars to learn how to take proper control over emotions because insulted Venus is not that easy to win back.

Venus and Jupiter Interaspects

When you look at the aspects related to Venus and Jupiter, most of them are helpful ones. The relationship between those two is often based on the looks and interests they share. Usually, the activities they take part in together bring pleasure to both of them, so it means everything works out just great. Of course, it is only natural to have some ifs and buts in every relationship, and you should not be afraid of this. Even when either of you makes a mistake, you need to remember that forgiveness was given to people for a reason.

Venus and Saturn Interaspects

Some couples seem to fall apart at the slightest sight of a challenge. If you know a couple like that, the chances are that their Venus and Saturn. If the two do not work together to solve any arising issue, there is no way for such a relationship to be a successful one. Those who decide to not only listen to but also hear each other will achieve the consensus that will form them as a couple, and this is one of the main goals in any relationship.

In some cases, individuals in such a planetary synastry turn out to be co-dependent and not in a good sense. At times Saturn feels like he or she is the one who has the power to control and even restrict the partner. It does not take a genius to figure out that no Venus would decide to obey those unnatural restrictions and demands. Even if you do not notice things like that straight away, certain issues in your bedroom will speak for themselves. So, once you spot any related problem, you need to start looking for the factors that led to it.

Venus and Uranus Interaspects

On the one hand, the interaspects between Venus and Uranus predict a relationship that is incredibly thrilling and exciting. At the very same time, those individuals have a tendency to be mutually dissatisfied. When one partner (Venus in the majority of cases) feels all-loving or over-the-heard romantic, the other (Uranus) chooses not to notice the moods. With flowing aspects like sextiles or trines, for instance, the interaction between Venus and Uranus brings in some erratic behavior. Nevertheless, while some people see it as something negative, for the two involved it is the best route their relationship can head in.

Venus and Neptune Interaspects

When a Venus and a Neptune dive into a vortex of feeling, it often seems that they have found their true soulmates. It is all bright, shiny, and new. However, as time passes, the reality manifests itself, and those involved in the relationship start seeing it for what it is for the first time. Many couples can cope with the need to give up on a lingering dream and accept the reality, but not all of them are so lucky. Moreover, if there are such aspects as square and opposition in the synastry, these people are likely to end up feeling bitter and disappointed.

Venus and Pluto Interaspects

If you are willing to see how a deep-loving astrological connection looks like, that would be the one between Venus and Pluto. There is something magical and magnetic about the way those two people long for each other and tend to become restless when they are apart from one another even for the smallest amount of time. Meanwhile, the time spent alone brings in jealousy, and now and again, the levels of jealous grow incredibly high. If challenging aspects unite the planets, then the relationship is bound to go through many trials and obstructions. But once the people involved manage to get through all the difficulties, an incredible and loving relationship will absorb them, and there is rarely anything better.

Venus and Chiron interaspects

When combined with individual planets, some aspects turn out to be too intense and incredibly powerful. If there is a sextile aspect between Venus and Chiron – true love has found its way into your life, and that is amazing. The power both people in the relationship possess can heal the deepest wounds and erase the darkest secrets. This vibe between the two is what binds them together for what seems to be an eternity. However, you should not forget about challenging aspects as well. When you have one between you, all you can expect is the pain extracted from the opened wounds that you considered to be healed for a while. In such a case, if you continue to reopen your partner’s old sores, the relationship is doomed to fail.

Aspects and Relationship Astrology 

You should realize that apart from the planets that interact in your charts, their aspects determine an outcome. We will try to outline the basic meaning of the main aspects:

  • Conjunction is a potent interaspect with the influence that mostly depends upon two planets involved. Yet, generally speaking, the notion is all about your interests and similarities.
  • Opposition is a complicated aspect since it can define the polar sides of two people involved while also possessing the power to push the individuals to each other.
  • Sextile and trine are those named flowing aspects. This means that regardless of the energies the planets possess, the aspects can blend it all well. Usually, people with either sextile or trine in their charts find some common ground and understanding easily, and this results in a warm and devoted relationship.
  • Square is the aspect that requires two partners to work on their connection in synergy. Usually, the energies involved in such a relationship are too different. If you do not put enough effort into building it, you will end up in nothing but frustrating co-existence. Just a pinch of dedication and desire to listen to your partner will bring in a required spark of excitement into the relationship.

To sum it all up, if you think that your relationship is falling apart, it is best for you to check your synastry charts and explore their interaction. Maybe, you are not created for each other, it is undoubtedly possible, yet in the majority of cases, you should be guided in the correct direction to make things work between you. As it turns out, astrology has all the answers!

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