13 Jul 2024

Electional Astrology

So far, we have discussed many branches of astrology, and we are more than sure than most of them are new for you. However, if you think that it is where this science stops – it brings in another topic for discussion. Well, it is not that much of a topic, yet another way to succeed in life with the help of astrology. The branch we are talking about bears the name of electional astrology. Those of you who assume that it predicts or has anything to do with elections of any kind are mistaken. This field is usually related to a specific person and his or her plans.

To put it simply, this type of astrology centers on the perfect moment for some action, event, or project. You surely know that whatever project you have in mind, the first thing to appear is an idea. When you have an idea, you proceed with a plan to make the project come into fruition. After you set a date or, astrologically speaking, elect a chart when the action should take place, there is rarely a chance that you are going to step away from the plan if there is no obvious reason in sight.

Some astrologers claim that the electional branch of astrology is that of a choice. It may sound a little vague at first, but as we proceed with this exploration, you will get why it is so. Most astrology fields are entirely rational, or at least it is the way they work for us. With electional charts, all seems to work on backward. If you want an event to take place with the best outcome, the first thing you should do – select a fitting chart.

Very often, people don’t understand where these charts can be applied. Well, it can be anything starting with a wedding and ending with a party. You can choose charts for a successful business start, a new career, buying a house and so on. As long as you know how to find a question to the answer you already have – you can achieve anything. 

It should be pointed out that this branch of astrology is not a new one. People tend to believe in anything that has its roots deep in the past, and when it comes to electional charts, there is nothing to worry about. Many years ago, kings were enthroned, queens were crowned, churches and cities were built, and new nations were begun with the help of properly chosen election charts.


How Do You Ask The Right Question?

We have said that this field of astrology works from the back to the front, and it is pretty confusing, at least in the beginning. So, before switching to charts, you need to possess some basic knowledge about an event. For example, what you need is a chart for a new job. There are some points you should put down in the first place. You need to decide on whether you want a new direction in your career or more income from what you do. Also, it is always a great idea to figure out what are those things you expect from the event. The clearer the issue in your mind is, the easier it is to provide a positive outcome.

After you are through with the basic points mentioned above, you should continue with the practicalities. What does it mean? You should specify when and where the action or event will take place. Keep it in mind that there are some suitable hours and days for certain things, so it is unlikely that a job interview will take place at 5 am on Sunday or that you will get married at 4 am. 

Only after you have completed all these preparation actions, you can carry on working on charts, not sooner. 

Primary Steps to Electing a Chart

It is easy to assume that only positive factors are to be considered and defined in the process, but that is not true. There are always some negative factors that can occur, and if you are able to predict them – you are a step closer to success. It is important for you to realize that while today is great for a party, it may be a complete failure for a business launch. This brings us to the point that planets play a major role in any astrology chart. That is why it is so essential to choose the one that suits your purpose. Let’s have a closer look at the planets and the principles they are said to represent. When you spot a principle related to your project or event, you can see the planet behind it, and that is your start:

•The Sun – the planet represents power and leadership, talent recognition, possible awards.

•The Moon – it is great for property investment.

•Mercury – the planet is always related to all sorts of communication, be it media or some educational institutions or courses – all will work out as planned. However, you should remember that Mercury is also a tricky planet since at least 20% of its time it spends in retrograde. Mercury in retrograde is sure to bring a negative outcome to anything you may plan. When the planet is retrograde, the best thing you can do is to look through all that you plan once again and wait until the phase passes.

•Venus – the goddess of love is all about beauty and harmony; anything connected with women, affairs of the heart and relationships are closely associated with the planet.

•Mars – this is a quite aggressive planet. That is why contests, sports, and related activities usually have a positive outcome with the planet in the chart.

•Jupiter – if you are interested in cooperation or establishing something, this is the planet you need. However, you should not forget that with Jupiter, there is always some room for exaggeration and lousy weather.

•Saturn – long-term deals and investments are about Saturn and so are order and durability. There are some restrictions, but the chances are that in the long run, they will do you more good than harm.

•Uranus – invention and innovation, especially in the sphere of technology, are claimed to relate to the planet.

•Neptune – there is a thin line between illusion and delusion, and at times it is hard to spot the difference. While illusion is great for your artistic nature, it may turn out quite negative in real life, so beware of fraud.

•Pluto – when you are thinking about a renewal or rebirth, Pluto is your planet, no doubt.

In general, both Mars and Saturn are malefic planets, while Jupiter and Venus are benefics. As to the outer planets, they can be both malefics and significators, but mostly they are viewed as malefics. When you are trying to elect a useful chart, you should pay immense attention to the significators. Significators are the planets, zodiac signs, or houses that have significant power over the issue you are interested in. Also, it is advised to pay great attention to the Moon, and we are going to tell you why in just a minute.

Why Is the Moon So Important for Electional Charts?

For those of you who do not know – the Moon represents everything in any way related to changes and the way you receive them. The Moon is the ruler of mothers and women in general; that is why it is often referred to as ‘she.’ There are certain signs the Moon rules over, like Cancer and Pisces, while Scorpio and Capricorn are beyond her reach for the most part. The reason why the Moon is so essential for electional charts is that it is the closest to Earth, and it moves the fastest too. It passes through all the signs of the zodiac within a month so that she stays in one sign for about two and a half days. When comparing the Sun and the Moon, the latter describes a day while the first represents a month, for instance. When speaking about the relation of a planet to aspects, it is advised to keep hard aspects and the planet away from one another.

Moon Phases

When it comes to the Moon’s phases, the basic assumption is that a new moon is great for the beginning of anything, although you need to wait the first 12 hours out and proceed with your plan within the next 72 hours. It is not that difficult to guess that since a new moon is a good phase, a full moon is the one to be aware of and refrain from staring anything anew. When you start an action during a new moon, you should expect the first quarter to be the time to adjust all that needs adjustment since the full moon will be the time to reap the fruits of your endeavors. To put it even simpler, the first cycle half is for growth while the second is for maturing.

Strengthening and Weakening Factors

As we have figured out the importance of the Moon for any significant elections, you need to be aware of the factors that may weaken its position, and it is best to avoid them:

•When the Moon is combust, it should be at least 12 degrees away from the Sun. If there is no way to ensure the distance, then you need a conjunction to separate the two.

•You should never place the Moon within 3 degrees of Scorpion.

•The Moon should never be in opposition to the Sun.

•When it comes to the relation of the Moon to Mars or Saturn, avoid the following aspects: conjunction, square, and opposition.

•The Moon shouldn’t be within 12 degrees from either of the nodes.

•When Mars or Saturn is in the latter degrees of a sign, the Moon should not be in this sign at the same time.

•As to Libra or Scorpio, the Moon is not advised to be placed within 15 degrees of either.

•A void of course Moon is helpful only if you want something to be failed. 

•If there is a position that weakens the Moon, it needs to be avoided at all costs.

•When the Moon slows down, you need to slow down too or avoid this phase in general.

To sum up, the Moon is supposed to be very strong in your charts. There are also certain aspects between planets, such as Moon-Venus or Moon-Jupiter, that can introduce more strength into your endeavor. The Moon as an ascendant is not advised, but the Moon in an aspect to the ascendant is good. Sometimes, there is nothing you can do but deal with a weakened Moon. In times like this, it is suggested at least to keep it away from the angles. 

Let’s not forget about houses too. They are more than important when it comes to the electional chart issue. If you can do it, make sure that the Moon is in the house that rules over your planned issue. Astrologers have it that when placed in the ascendant, Jupiter and Venus can introduce some missing speed into any scenario.

Zodiac Signs

Now, let’s discuss interactions between the Moon and all zodiac signs the way astrology views them:

Aries – when you are seeking promotion, this is the sign for you. However, you need to realize that this is a one-person job to carry out. If a group of people will be involved in the event, it will most likely fail.

Taurus – if you are planning on increasing your material possessions, or you develop a farming or gardening business, then you are bound to succeed. However, any rapid action or hasty decision can disrupt everything. Besides, it is best for you to avoid group activities as well.

Gemini – salespeople should praise the sign since it is destined to assist them in their ventures. Also, if you work in a communication sphere, great success can be achieved in this area. However, you should avoid heavy loads and any actions that repeat themselves all the time.

Cancer – if you have been planning and postponing some domestic chores, this is the perfect combo of the Moon and the sign to help you to be done with them. Mostly, it is a family-oriented relation, so there is rarely a chance for any business offers or group actions.

Leo– once again, it is a one-person task relation. If you are seeking attention, you can play your best drama act and receive it. Nevertheless, in the majority of cases, the connection lacks creativity and originality even though you will most definitely achieve what you want.

Virgo – unlike in the case with Aries and Leo, it is an excellent connection for anything that involves machines, especially computers. However, machine work does not mean that you do not need to monitor the process. On the contrary, attention to detail is crucial.

Libra – planning a wedding or proposal? Good for you! This is that perfect timing you have been waiting for. This concerns other influences too, especially when you need to balance them and create harmony. It should be added that if there are some materialist goals or benefits in mind, this will not end well for you.

Scorpio – the way the Moon relates to this sign is quite peculiar since their connection is great for one thing – destruction. So, if you plan on house demolition or pest control, this is the time.

Sagittarius – it all depends upon what you wish for, and we are not trying to exaggerate here. The fact is that the connection will bring you what you want, but you will have to wait for it.

Capricorn – any social event will be a fiasco if planned with the sign involved. However, any systematic process will be more than successful. That is why it is advised to use this time for organizational purposes.

Aquarius – that is when you plan your parties and other social gatherings. At the same time, if you think about some fundraising, wait for another sign – use this time for friendly interactions instead.

Pisces – all down to earth goals will perish while creative and artistic will thrive.


Now, when you know all about the connections between the Moon and zodiac signs, it is vital for you to consider houses too. Each house is supposed to be evaluated when it comes to a specific election type. We have mentioned it already that astrology is not a simple matter, and there are lots and lots of details to be put together so that you could achieve what you set your mind on. So, here is what each house rules:

•1st – this house is all about the appearance, meaning that anything you plan related to the matter is ruled by it.

•2nd – when it comes to finances, this is the primary house to refer to. Whether you are planning some expenses, incomes, and so one – each action is ruled by the house. 

•3rd – this is the house of short travels and communication. That is why when you think about traveling somewhere in your car, or you need to send an important message to someone, it would be wise to check with the third house.

•4th – when you are about to buy or build a house, plant a garden, or open a gardening business, you should know that the house is the ruler of the mentioned spheres.

•5th – when thinking about pleasure, the fifth house is the one you need. Anything starting with a party and ending with a love affair is ruled by it. Gambling and stock marketing fall under the house’s jurisdiction as well.

•6th – if you are an employer, feel free to refer to this house whenever you are looking for new employees. However, that is not all. Alongside employment, the house is responsible for matters of health and illness.

•7th – this is the house of partnership. You need to realize that a partnership involves not only your work or business relations but also your marriage too.

•8th – some houses have both positive and negative vibes. The eighth house is the house of income, but it is the benefit you receive in case of someone’s death. All in all, anything related to inheritance fall under this category.

•9th – unlike the third house, the ninth is related to long journeys. Also, it is a religious house ruling anything related to spiritualism or religion.

•10th – the tenth house is the house of a profession. This means that promotion or some reward you wish to claim should include this house in the chart.

Planetary Hours

One more essential thing you need to know when working on electional charts – planetary hour. It is one of the basic points, but not everyone knows this. Any astrological day starts at sunrise and ends precisely at sunset. The sunrise and sunset are different for various zones and countries, and that is why you need to have local coordinates. Just like in the case with a regular day, a period between the sunrise and sunset is divided into 12. Those 12 parts are what we call planetary hours. Every hour is ruled by a certain planet, and that is closely related to planetary rulers of the days of the week, which are:

•Sun – Sunday

•Moon – Monday

•Mars – Tuesday

•Mercury – Wednesday

•Jupiter – Thursday 

•Venus – Friday 

•Saturn – Saturday 

As you can see, some planet names are closely related to those of the days of the week. Let’s return to the hours. Any first hour of the day is ruled by the planet that is said to rule the day. After that, all the hours follow a set order: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Moon. To avoid confusion, we are going to present an example. If we take Monday, for instance, the first hour will be ruled by the Moon. Judging by the order that we have at hand, the second hour will be ruled by Saturn, the third by Jupiter, and so on.

When you know the planetary hour and its ruler, you can plan your actions better. Every planet has a positive influence over one matter and negative over another:

•Saturn – great for dealing with people, bad for dealing with money;

•Jupiter – great for dealing with money, bad for surgeries;

•Mars – great for dealing with doctors, bad for travels;

•Sun – great for dealing with influential people, bad for marriage;

•Venus – great for marriage, bad for surgeries;

•Mercury – great for buying and selling, bad for marriage;

•Moon – great for social activities, bad for taking meds.

There is a reason why people used the electional branch of astrology for centuries, and we hope that we explained it well! 


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