16 Jun 2024

Astrology and Business

Has it ever occurred to you that something you do for a living is not what you are destined to? The truth is that many people are unhappy with what they do, but they think that they have no other choice. But it is not true. The universe has a plan for all of us. However, not everyone is aware of where to look for that higher purpose. This is where astrology comes in. This science is not only about your zodiac sign, the house it belongs to, and your daily or monthly horoscope. 

You may be surprised, but astrology is deeper than just all the notions mentioned before. We are not trying to say that your horoscope is not important – it is, and so is your business destiny. Very often, people tend to neglect business astrology, and this is one of those fatal mistakes that make people miserable. Today we are going to talk about how astrology can help you find the meaning of life and make you a successful businessman according to your date of birth and zodiac sign.

Business Chart Based on DOB

If you are just at the beginning of your business path or you are willing to start over from scratch, the first thing you are going to need is your birth chart, the precise date when you were born. All the dates are divided into 9 categories, and each category has a particular business sphere it is responsible for. Depending upon your birth date, you can find a direction to follow – that business direction the universe and astrology have in store for you.

1, 10, 19, 28

Those of you who are born on either of the stated above dates are ruled by the Sun. In case you do not know, Sun is not actually one of the planets, but it is a potent ruler. Astrology has it that those born on the mentioned dates are natural leaders. You should do your best to avoid repressing that intuition you are gifted with. Any risk you take will turn out to be a success; that is why people born on any of these dates will be able to run a business effectively, no matter the area they choose. If you wish to know who of famous people is ruled by the Sun and succeeded in business – Bill Gates is the one among many.

2, 11, 20, 29

The Moon rules over these dates, and it makes those born on the stated dates very creative individuals. However, if you feel that a business related to creativity does not attract you – you can become a successful diplomat just as easily. According to astrology, people born on these dates are usually great artists, actors, or fashion designers. Think about it! 

3, 12, 21, 30

Apart from the Sun and the Moon, other planets rule over us, and Jupiter is the planet that governs these dates. People who belong to this category are usually strong individuals, and one peculiar feature that distinguishes them from the rest is their passion for numbers. Those born on any of the mentioned dates can start a business without the slightest fear of failure – gall due to their great financial foresight. 

4, 13, 22, 31

If you are born on any of the dates, then astrology points it out loud and clear that gaming and gambling are the spheres to keep away from. You are unique, and your creative way of thinking would make you a prominent actor or artist. Also, you need to learn how to rule over your thirst for risk since, in the majority of cases, that risk-taking won’t bring you anything but failures.

5, 14, 23

Unlike the above-mentioned category, people from this group are great in decision making. Besides, your communication skills would bring you success no matter what you are opting for. You convince people easily, and that is your greatest gift. As astrology puts it – a routine work is not for you. Yet, anything that implies action and a bit of risk-taking in it will interest you. That is why people like that are very good at sports, sales, and marketing.

6, 15, 24

Your natural charisma is granted to you by Venus. It is said that people born on the given dates would build their business empires in the spheres of entertainment. Besides, anything that can bring you fame attracts you like a magnet.

7, 16, 25

You do not think the way other people do. This nature-born skill will make a great use if you decide to connect your life with any type of research. There are always many innovative ideas popping up in your head, and you should use them to succeed in your business life.

9, 17, 26

Very often, those born on the stated dates tend to get disappointed with life before they reach 35. It seems that no matter how hard you work, there is barely anything good coming out of it. A word of advice would be – keep going, and you will get what you deserve. The fact is that these people are ruled by Saturn, which takes longer to come in full force. The metal industry or politics will bring you success, though a bit later than you might have expected. As you can see, astrology is all that you need to avoid falling apart since it sets things straight!

9, 18, 27

Mars gives you courage, and this is all that you need to know. Whether sports or real estate is the sphere you choose, you will succeed in any.

Successful Business Areas for Zodiac Signs

One of the greatest things about astrology is that it can guide in the right direction in the darkest of times. It is very easy to underestimate the simple fact that astrology is not mere fortune-telling as many may think. It is a quite precise science that speaks the language of the skies. There is a greater purpose you are destined for, and it is encoded in your birth date. 

Sometimes we make poor choices and decide to build a career and business that are completely alien to us. At times, you just follow your parent’s footsteps; at times you think that a certain business sphere will bring you more money. However, unless it is not what the universe has planned for you, it will be difficult to succeed with anything you are involved in. It is time to realize that astrology is not only a daily horoscope that you read for pure entertainment. Your business horoscope is as important (if not more), especially when you feel down, and you have no clue where to head next.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Aries is that it is a highly competitive and stubborn sign. And we have nothing to say to the contrary. It is hard to single out one particular business sphere where all the representatives of the sign would succeed. To head you in the right direction, we would say that any profession related to risks and activity, which gives you the satisfaction of being worthy and important, is the one to pursue. At the same time, your tenth house can grant you more detailed information on the business field where you can succeed most. 


It may hit you as a surprise, but there are two sides to the Bull. Some people may notice the lazy side in the first place. However, there is also a persistent and thorough one to pay attention to. What may seem to some of us like mere laziness is just a preparation phase before Taurus charges and gains success in business. No matter what their horoscope, or natal chart, or job-responsible house might say, there is one thing that remains – Taurus people love routine work. They are never bored with office jobs, and they love what they do. Add a pinch of creativity to the scene, and you will get one happy Taurus! 


Astrology has it that Gemini is truly great at communication. However, it does not mean that you are good at talking only. Ruled by communicative Mercury, an average Gemini can turn out to be a great author too. You can always check your house of jobs for more detailed information, but the direction is clear. Your horoscope proves that desire to express all that is coming from within always prevails, and instead of repressing it, you should let it out.


It does not matter which horoscope you take, most of them state that Cancers are very sensitive and emotional people. However, just before you view it as a disadvantage, let’s think about all the benefits of these traits. If there is one thing that astrology is strict about, it is a deep evaluation of both sides of the coin. The fact is that Cancer can be great at anything as long as it brings other people joy. 


There are many rumors related to Leo’s pride and sense of leadership. What is more, whatever successful person you take, it seems that all of them are Leos by zodiac signs. Why is that? The answer is very simple – as long as a Leo is appreciated, he or she would do their best to lead others to success. It is a false opinion that Leos cannot work in a group – they can, and they most often like it. However, they need to be given that particular amount of credit for anything they do which would satisfy their ego. 


There is rarely any other sign as organized as Virgo. It is all about perfection and order. However, a typical Virgo would not take a chance to show off their practicality and commitment to a cause. Instead of gossiping with co-workers, he or she will do the job and head home to have a relaxing evening with those they feel close to. At the very same time, a Virgo would not miss the chance to get patted on the shoulder every now and then. It needs to be pointed out that although they feel well in the office environment, they reveal the fullest capacity when working remotely from the safety of their house.


It does not matter what kind of business you own, a Libra should be on board. Why do we say that? The natural charisma and adaptive features that any Libra possesses will attract people you need. It should be added that the sense of justice is strong in Libras. Thus, legal spheres are the best ones to build your business in. That particular dedication a Libra is full of mesmerizes other people and makes them co-operative.


You are beautiful. This is the phrase that defines any Scorpio. It may be either inner or outer beauty you boast, but people notice it in any case. Very often, Scorpios end up on the screen or podium. Despite this natural gift, most Scorpios mistrust their own powers and usually get angry with themselves at the sight of the tiniest mistake. They will never show it to others, though. Only those who are connected with Scorpios on a deeper level would sense it, and only close people would be allowed to comfort a Scorpion in times of need.


Anyone who knows a Sagittarius well would admit that they are restless souls. They are great at almost any business since they are not only willing to take necessary risks, but they also know when to take them. However, the minute you reach success, you become bored with the given sphere, and you start seeking something else. So, it is safe to say that switching from one business field to another is typical for a Sagittarius.


You like power – that is that. However, we should not leave out the fact that it is you, Capricorn, who has achieved that powerful position through hard work and determination. Capricorn’s determination deserves particular attention since there is nothing that the sign would not achieve when setting their mind upon it. Politics, finances, legal spheres are the best to give a try to.


Aquarians are otherworldly creatures. We can hardly say that they are attracted to any kind of business that exists at the moment. Very often, it is hard for an Aquarius to choose a career path simply because they do not view careers as something vital. People like that love to be volunteers in almost any sphere. Nevertheless, those who choose to build a business empire would definitely succeed in the sphere of math and science.


People who appear to be the dreamiest of all are usually Pisces by the zodiac sign. If you are born under the sign of Pisces, the chances are that you feel other people on a more complex level. Thus, the best career to pursue would be the one steering your abilities on the right course. You can help others understand themselves better and deal with their problems effectively too. That is why becoming a counselor or therapist is a great idea.

Eventually, there are no people born without a higher purpose in life. All you need is to find yours. Your business and career are the areas adding up to your general happiness and feeling of fulfillment, and therefore, these fields should not be neglected or treated thoughtlessly.


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