27 May 2024

Aspects and Orbs: What Is It

It is in human nature to search for something new all the time and try to discover fresh horizons as often as we can. Explaining the inexplicable seems to be the favorite task of anyone who thinks deeper than an average person. That is why so many people are still drawn to astrology. If you believe that astrology consists only of sun signs and daily horoscopes – this would be a misleading assumption. There is so much more to this non-science, and we are trying to peel it off layer by layer so that you can get a fuller picture.

Today, we are going to discuss the notion of aspects in astrology. 

It is not a secret to most of you that aspects play a major role in reading a personal natal chart. However, some people do not even realize that they might read their birth charts to find some answers they have been searching for. Your birth chart is a map of the skies at the exact moment when you were born. The more precise is the time and location, the more accurate your chart will be. When having the chart at hand, you need to be able to read it correctly. Of course, there are many astrological forums to offer you a helping hand. However, it is always better to rely on yourself than on someone who is not that interested in the precision of your readings.

Planetary Aspects – What Are They?

As it has been already stated, everything that goes on in the skies at the moment you are born has a direct relation to you. All the celestial bodies, their locations and interactions with each other play a major role in your destiny. It is obvious enough that there is some special connection between those planets that affect you. In fact, an angle formed by two planets at a certain period of time is that particular aspect we are trying to tell you about. Since Earth is the center of any astrological manipulation, any two planets are supposed to form that angle with Earth as the vertex of the angle.

When you know the definition, it is natural to wonder what they represent in people’s charts. To put it simply, some planets work in coordination with each other, so those aspects represent the areas of your life you are going to succeed in easily. On the other hand, not all the planets are that great in cooperating, and this is why there are also some struggles to face and overcome.

Aspects and Orbs

It would be just too simple if everything boiled down to learning the meaning of all the aspects. If this were the case, you would have the knowledge of the universe at your feet. But astrology combines many things, and to reveal its mysteries, you should also know what orbs are. It shouldn’t be a secret that the planets are not always as close to one another as an even number or degree at that point. That is why there is a notion of an orb in astrology. An orb is that deviation allowed between the planets involved. Very often, the deviation between two planets should not exceed 6 degrees if we are talking major aspects and 2 or 3 degrees if these are minor ones. However, when it comes to the Sun and the Moon, astrology makes an exception. There can be a deviation of up to 10 degrees between the two, but they will still form an aspect with one another.

It shouldn’t take you long to figure out that the smaller the deviation, the stronger the effect of the planets in aspect to each other. One more thing: if it is difficult for you to figure out aspects from a mathematical point of view, judging by angles and degrees, you can differentiate the aspects by the number of signs they are apart on the zodiac wheel. You can split the wheel in twelve, according to the actual number of zodiac signs. Each sign stands for 30 degrees. Thus, if you know that two planets are 90 degrees apart, this means that they are three signs apart and square to each other.

Major Aspects

There are five major aspects that are described in astrology, and we are going to have a closer look at all of them.


We are going to start with one of the most powerful aspects in a chart – conjunction. Even though it is a potent aspect, it does not have any particular representation of its own. Very often, the conjunction aspect in astrology is claimed to be a subjective one. There are a few reasons for that. Firstly, when two planets are as close as 8 degrees to each other, they tend to influence each other in such a way that each basically loses its identity and form some planetary union that is mostly positive. However, you are going to need a lot of time and effort to figure out what the aspect can bring into your life.

For instance, if we take the Sun and Uranus, which are in conjunction with each other, it is safe to say that a person with this aspect in the chart is anything but ordinary and predictable. Any feature that you consider your natural gift of charisma is heightened by the energy of the Sun. When you think that you are unique, you can represent this uniqueness in either a positive or a negative way, depending upon your intentions and general circumstances.


An opposition is one of the aspects that are called hard. When you have this aspect in your chart, it may seem that two different energies are living in you and pushing you in opposite directions. Sometimes it seems that you cannot find necessary harmony in life, and this bothers you. If you start thinking that an opposition is quite a challenging aspect, you are right. However, where you see difficulties, astrology sees opportunities. The main challenge here is to work on yourself. You need to conduct serious research and to find those things that might be putting bounds to your endeavors. Once you spot the weak points, it will be easier than easy to eliminate them. But if you leave it unaddressed, the aspect will bring more erratic and challenging tasks into your routine.


When two planets are three signs away from each other, they are trined. Rumor has it that trine is one of the best aspects to have in your chart. According to astrology, the planets that are trine merge with each other seamlessly, and this means that the energy of one planet complements the other very often.

Even if your knowledge of astrology and all the aspects related to it leaves much to be desired, you will feel it on a spiritual level as to how to make this aspect work. Some people may envy you since it seems like you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Anything you do turns out to be a success. However, there are hidden dangers here too. At times, those with trines in their charts take everything for granted, and instead of constantly developing and working on themselves, they choose to be indifferent to everything around them.


It is obvious enough that all the aspects have something peculiar about them. While some aspects are quite neutral or complementing, the others may come with a more negative effect. The square aspect is one of those blocks you face in life, being unable to pass through them.  

The relationships between planets that are 90 degrees apart are anything but stable. It feels like the energies of both planets involved are trying to connect, but instead, they are pushing each other away. On the other hand, if you try your best and overcome the block, this aspect may bring completely different vibes into your routine. The fact is that a square is also a very potent and energetic aspect. 

If we take Venus and Saturn that are square to each other, most difficulties arise in the romantic sphere. People with these planets in the square aspect feel like they can’t express their romantic felling due to certain blocks they set for themselves. While being unable to tell someone that you love them, you feel like no one loves you, and that is where the difficulties arise. However, if you manage to face the problem and let your guards down gradually, you will be able to deal with the challenges and find the love of your life. As you can see, there are answers hidden in astrology you haven’t even thought about.


There is one more harmonious aspect on our list – sextile. Sometimes people say that there is a lot in common between sextile and trine aspects. However, if you think that the planets involved share the same energy, this would be a misleading assumption. On the contrary, the planets that are sextile to each other often possess different energies, but they are able to complement each other rather than contradict one another. You can say that both planets develop their influence individually, and this usually plays out well for those who have sextiles in the chart.

Minor Aspects 

Of course, five main aspects are not the only ones you need to differentiate. There are also minor aspects, and if you want to understand astrology to its deepest, then you need to take them into consideration as well.


A semi-sextile is a mild aspect, which is almost always left out. However, when you are trying to understand your chart to the fullest, it is best to pay attention to it too. The fact is that this aspect connects signs related to different elements, which also possess various qualities.


Just like a square aspect, a semi-square is an aspect leading to conflicts, usually internal ones, and tensions. All of this can result in constantly feeling dissatisfied.


A sesquiquadrate stands for a square and a half, and it is similar to a semi-square. However, if the semi-square aspect revolves around inner conflicts, the sesquiquadrate is mostly related to external ones.


A quincunx is often viewed as something completely negative since it may bring some difficulties and stress into your life. However, this is a controversial judgment since it depends upon major aspects as to how to determine the meaning of this aspect in your chart.


A quintile affects your creative and artistic nature. Even though it is a beneficial aspect, it is a minor one, and you should consider it as such.


Unlike quintile, this aspect is not related to a person directly but associated with the person’s environment. A decile refers to what is around us, to unexpected events related to our loved ones.


A biquintile is associated with completely unexpected creative transformations that are happening around us. Under its influence, human rhythms are harmonized, often as a result of participation in spiritual communities.


A tridecyl is a weak aspect pointing to additional motivation that helps us balance a situation and comprehend it creatively. This aspect may determine the possibility of making an unexpected decision. It manifests itself as some uncontrollability and the ability to dramatically change the situation.

The Main Difference Between Related Aspects

So far, we have learned that some aspects are quite similar, and it may even seem that they are completely identical. However, you need to be able to draw a separating line between them.

Sextile and trine: in either case, these aspects are considered as forming a positive planetary relation. Yet, while the trine aspect works in such a way that each planet involved takes the energy of the other for granted, with sextile, the planets act like actual ‘friends.’ The sextile helps the energies of the planets flow and complete each other instead of making use of one another. The trine aspect ensures that the energy flows the way you need it automatically while you are bound to take pains for making the sextile aspect work in your favor.

Opposition and square: when it comes to a square, it usually brings out conflict and requires some action to deal with it as befits hard aspects. An opposition, in its turn, requires people around you to help you deal with any tension or conflict. Also, it should be added that the opposition aspect usually occurs between two zodiac signs with compatible elements, and the square aspect involves signs with incompatible powers.

Domineering Aspects in a Chart 

When exploring your natal chart and observing that some aspects are predominant among others, you should be aware of what they may have in store for you.

Conjunctions – you are a focused person who gets motivated from within. Even though it sounds great if there are no oppositions in your chart, you may end up losing the perspective since there is nothing that can point out the other side.

Sextiles – very often, those who have a couple of sextiles in the chart are very creative people. If that is your case, then you are an incredible communicative and expressive personality, and people are drawn to you.

Squares – many things can describe people who have a few squares in the chart. Basically, these are crisis-oriented individuals. It means that you have just enough motivation to deal with any sorts of obstructions coming your way. However, you need to discover the strength that lies dormant within.

Trines – as a rule, people with trines in their charts are gifted individuals. However, you need to do something for your talent to be noticed. If you just keep it within your comfort zone, success may never come your way.

Oppositions – an opposition is one of the most contradictive notions distinguished by astrology. If you have a bunch of those in your chart, this means that you are constantly looking for a perfect balance and meaning in your life. Very often, you end up projecting your ideas and even some qualities on those who surround you. Your relationship with the loved ones is the most important thing to you.

Lacking Aspects in a Chart

Just like some aspects can be domineering in your chart, others can be absent, and you should understand what this means too.

Conjunctions – if there is a conjunction missing from your birth chart, one can say that you are flexible. However, the truth is that you are fine with the way things are, and you do not even intend to look for any answers even if you need them.

Sextiles – without sextiles, you tend to avoid anything even vaguely related to creativity. You do not thrive on expressing yourself since you do not want to attract unnecessary attention. You try to interact with other people only when you need it.

Squares – you have your habits, and you are comfortable the way you are. There is rarely anything that can motivate you to get out of your comfort zone. Easy ways out are what you like most.

Trines – it is hard to say that the trine aspect is intended to bring the most balance into your life, but without it, you are most likely to become a person who lives off conflicts. 

Oppositions – people close to you will suffer from your behavior the most. The lack of opposition in the chart makes you self-absorbed. It does not matter to you how other people may feel since you are focused only on your own perspective.

We have shared with you all the information that you need to know about aspects. However, the issue is not just as simple as to know which aspect occurs when two planets are two or three or four signs away. It is never enough to know the name of the aspects to be able to understand astrology. You need to learn to broaden your mind when you are trying to implement something this complex into your life. No one says that all the horizons will open up in front of you just because you know which aspect are present in your birth chart and which are missing from it.

Very often, behind a complex picture, there is even more complex one hidden from your perception. It is very important for you to hold off on stating that your chart does not work. Sometimes, people make one common mistake that makes it difficult to decipher the code sent by the universe. You should not think of yourself as of one aspect you will relate to or the one that is domineering in your chart. It does not work that way. It is essential for you to identify yourself with every aspect. Once you match and research each aspect and its possible influence on you, you will be able to come up with certain life-changing conclusions. Neither sooner nor later.

Lastly, it should be said that the universe works in quite mysterious ways, but with the right means at hand, you can break any code. All you need is proper information and your desire to discover some new sides of yours. Also, some people think that astrology is only about something good that is going to happen to them – but that is not always the case. You need to be able to absorb all the bitterness that the universe has in store for you. Only after you face your inner demons, you will be able to say that you decoded the message correctly and that you are a happy person.


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