27 May 2024

Facial Features and Personality Analyzer

So far, we have already learned that when it comes to personality reading – stars are the map. However, this is not the only map you can use to learn something more about yourself or someone you care deeply about. The fact is that astrology recognizes such a tool as a face and other physical features personality analyzer. It may sound strange, but the shape of your face or some other physical features speak louder than words when you know how to read them. 

Today, we are going to discuss all the main face shapes defined along with a list of some other features that can predict what kind of person someone is. The information you acquire will not always be 100% true to life since there is some room for alteration too. You should be able to combine all your knowledge of astrology with the results obtained through a personality analyzer to get the full picture. Judging by the fact that we have already learned so much about astrology, this shouldn’t be a problem.

One more thing: not all the face shapes we are going to discuss today are well-defined. What does that mean? Some people can have mixed face shapes, and that is why when you are trying to read them, you need to combine the definitions of both to learn the truth you need. Let the discovery begin! 


We are going to start our review with a rectangular face shape. It is just as it sounds: this shape looks like a rectangle due to the squareness of the forehead and chin. When you think about something rectangular, you view it automatically as something correct, logical, and precise. The thing with rectangular faces is quite the same. People with such facial features are very logical, and they prefer to think about every tiny step they are about to take. While some view it as a great feature, you need to be aware of the dangers lurking behind it. If you think too much – you tend to overthink things in the end, and that is where stress comes from. People with such faces often need to work out physically to release that stress and carry on with their lives. In case you wonder if there is anyone famous with such a face, we will name Sarah Jessica Parker or Demi Moore in the first place.


It will not take you long to figure out that the rounded shape resembles a circle. However, it is not that simple, and you can barely meet anyone with a ball instead of a face, right? To define this face shape, imagine a wide hairline and add some fullness to the cheekbones. Here you are! Once you see a person like that, you do not even need to analyze his or her facial expression to arrive at the conclusion that you have met someone extraordinarily kind and reliable. And you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that: people with rounded faces, in their majority, are just too generous and kind, and they can rarely say ‘no’ to other people. While it is certainly an advantage if it is someone you date, but if it is you we are describing – you need to stop letting people make use of you. Sometimes, putting yourself first is the right thing to do.


This sounds precious, doesn’t it? Just like all the mentioned shapes, this one is quite self-defining. However, we are going to specify that if a person’s face is diamond-shaped, it is the widest in the middle, while the forehead and the chin look quite pointy. People like that are very precise about every detail, and anything they are involved in turns out to be quality work, and thus, success usually comes their way. On the other hand, these people are good at communicating, and that is an additional positive trait.

Nevertheless, you should realize that even positive personality traits may have a darker side to them. This means that people with diamond facial shape can hurt those who stand in their way. They can hurt with words only, but the wounds will be the deepest and almost never-healing. Taylor Swift is a celebrity having this face shape.


The best definition of an oval shape would be the correlation of width to height. When you see someone with a face a bit longer than wider, then it is an oval shape. Some people claim that the given shape is the most attractive one, and if you think about its famous owners – Beyonce, Elisabeth Taylor, or Grace Kelly – you can’t but agree with the statement.

Chinese face reading states that people with such a type of face are extremely practical. However, it is hard to recognize this practicality straight away. The fact is that their words are like honey, and it feels that there is no one else who would understand you better. But you need to keep your eyes peeled – not all of the said is true. These people say things to please you, but their intentions may be far more selfish than you could have ever thought. 


If you do not get into details, you may take someone’s personality for not what it really is. People often confuse square and rectangle shapes, and that is where some troubles may come from. Actually, people with square faces are a lot different from those with a rectangular bone structure. Their main traits are stamina and wits. When you see a wide hairline coupled with the jawline of the same width – a square-faced individual is before your eyes.

Based on the mentioned personal features, it is safe to say that people like this are fine with taking on challenging projects since they love to win. In fact, most born leaders own this shape. Think about Angelina Jolie as a well-known person by way of example – hard-working and successful not to mention a strong lady she is, don’t you think?  


Admittedly, this is one of the most beautiful-sounding shapes. Besides, people who have it are also described positively. According to a study, such facial structure defines individuals who are incredibly strong, though not necessarily in physical meaning. Their main strength comes from within. Usually, a heart-shaped face indicates personalities who are very strong-willed and stubborn. However, being stubborn is not always a bad thing as long as it assists you in achieving the set goals.

It needs to be pointed out that these people are very intuitive too. That is why if someone with this face shape tells you that something will either work out or not – you should better trust their gut feeling. Scarlett Johansson’s face would be the one to give you a better idea of how it is supposed to look like.


It is believed that triangle shape is the exact opposite of the previous one, at least visually. Individuals with a narrow forehead and wide jawline are classic representatives of the triangular face shape community. There is one peculiar feature you need to be fully aware of when it comes to the shape: the narrower the forehead is, the more control-seeking the individual is supposed to be. 

It is not necessarily a bad trait since, in the majority of cases, people like that strive to gain success. If you help them along, they will share the victory with you too. Very often, these individuals are prone to be well-known artists and highly creative folks. Jennifer Aniston is among the famous people with the described facial appearance. 

We have discussed people’s faces in detail so far. However, you should know that other physical traits sometimes speak louder than people’s actions, and we are going to talk about them too.

Tall People with Rectangular Faces

Well, if you are friends with a person who is tall and has the mentioned face shape, you may consider yourself lucky. Such individuals are extremely successful people, and they are great leaders too. Besides, the length of the face triggers something in our minds that leads us to the assumption that those people are smarter compared to others. 

Strong Jaws

It is incredible how powerful our subconscious self and intuition can be. All that we need to do is to listen to what the inner voice has to say. Just imagine that you see someone with strong jaws – what is the first thing coming to your mind? The chances are that you view such a person as someone physically strong and quite fit. That is a correct assumption. However, there is something else to those jaws: the stronger they are, the more mentally stable the person is. People with those features can endure a lot without showing anyone how deeply they are hurt. 

Large Eyes

We tend to adore men and women with large eyes. They seem extremely beautiful and other-worldly with those gigantic eyes staring deep into your soul. Nevertheless, there is one thing that may never enter our mind – people like that are the most agreeable type you can ever come across.

Continuing on the topic of eyes, we can point out the following:

  • People with round eyes show their emotions and the way they feel to almost anyone interested.
  • Those with wide-set eyes are usually the adventurous kind of people, and you will never get bored in their company.
  • Almond-shaped eyes speak about great passion. However, you may need to dig a little deeper to find it.
  • Pessimists have downturned eyes for the most part. 

Large Lips

You may already know that while some people like to be surrounded by the public, others prefer loneliness and solitude to anything else. That is a typical division between extraverts and introverts. If you are seeking the company of people who are more extraverted and fun to be around – look for large lips. It is a proven fact that larger lips indicate a more sociable nature of a person.

Large Noses

We have talked about larger lips, and it is time to discuss bigger noses. These days, a slim-nose trend is overwhelmingly popular. However, those who know what a large nose stands for would rarely opt for plastic surgery. Let us explain why. According to studies, people with larger noses have higher ambitions, and this means that they are more successful since getting what they want is their thing. When you are in search of a great job and your interviewer happens to be good at physiognomy– there are high chances for you to be hired and then promoted if you are lucky enough to have a king-sized nose. 

Eye Color

Eyes are clearly the windows to the soul; however, the color of the frame, so to speak, can say a lot about what can be found in the depth of that soul. For instance, the stronger the color of the eyes is pronounced, the kinder and more open the person is. On the other hand, people whose eyes contain specks of many shades are mysterious and even strange at times.

Facial Width and Aggression

It is never a waste to foresee an aggressive individual than to deal with the dire consequences of our ignorance later on. If we are to trust science, then a wider face implies more aggression in a person. There is a simple scientific explanation for this: the higher the levels of testosterone produced in a body, the wider the face seems to be. In case you do not know, testosterone is a hormone responsible for an aggressive response.


We all smile, yet extroverts are more smiley. Besides, countless studies prove that introverts are prone to smiling a lot less sincerely when compared to extraverted personalities.

Bright Clothes and Accessories

At first, it seems that the way you dress has nothing to do with the kind of person you are. However, this is a misleading assumption. The fact is that narcissistic individuals are the ones who love to attract attention. One of the best ways to make people see you is to put on bright clothes. Besides, narcissists tend to smile more often, but once again, their smiles are likely aimed at attracting attention rather than at showing genuine emotions.


The first thing that enters your mind when you think about selfies and all those people endlessly taking them would be a silly trend. However, there is a deep psychological connection between this trend and our personalities. Those who can’t make a move without taking or posting a selfie are always open to some fresh experience. It is stated that the love for selfies defines quite positive people, and positive people are not scared of opening new horizons. Nevertheless, there is always a catch, and it is essential to avoid getting into the trap when you find out that there is nothing to discover anymore, and you have tried it all already.

Good Appearance

Whether you admit it or not – first impressions matter. The fact is that well-dressed and groomed people with attractive features are always perceived to be nice. Well, we haven’t stated that making a good appearance hides nothing behind, have we? There is a reason why they warn us about judging the book by the cover, but it is just the way our brain works.


It is hard to say that someone’s voice is a physical feature, but it plays a greater role than you think. Whenever you listen to a stranger on the radio or the phone, the only thing that can tell you something about the person is the voice. Thus, the more pleasant it is, the more trusting we get. The fact is that our brain decides that a person with a beautiful voice is good-looking and can be trusted.

To summarize, it is safe to say that many people can read others by their ‘cover’, i.e. facial features and other physical characteristics. Is it a good or bad thing? It depends, and there is no way to answer the question with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. When you are trying to discover some hidden talents of yours, you can gather everything you have at hand to come up with a conclusion. You can look at your birth chart and then look in the mirror to find out what is missing. With other people, things are never that simple. There is always the baggage of the past that affects a personality in a certain way too. Nevertheless, it is still an advantage to be able to tell an introvert from an extrovert, a control freak from a successful leader, and so on, don’t you think?

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