27 May 2024

Sport Stars: What Sport is Ideal for Your Zodiac Sign

Do you persuade yourself to start a new life every Monday by signing up for pilates, buying an annual subscription to the nearest gym, or just trying to do everyday jogging? Well, we all do that. However, enthusiasm level drops just because dragging weights or running long distances is not quite yours. It doesn’t mean that you are lazy –you just feel like this sport doesn’t fit you. Read now about the best inspiring sports for all Zodiac signs.


Aries are characterized by mobility and unwillingness to sit still since birth. This fiery sign copes well with heavy and long-term loads. With proper preparation, Aries is good at withstanding a high pace. The sign also feels great in a team and can be a good leader. Given the above, Aries may prefer any active team sport:

  • football;
  • basketball;
  • water polo;
  • hockey;
  • volleyball.

Aries are also very assertive, courageous and decisive people, thus, hard single-player sports, such as boxing or wrestling, can be a great alternative for them. More calm Aries would love elegant rhythmic gymnastics or athletics. If you have no big sporting ambitions, then, a simple morning run or swimming in the pool will serve Aries as a source of strength and energy.


Physical activity for Taurus should be as calm and measured as representatives of this zodiac sign. Taurus likes to do everything without rush and pressure, so competitive sport is definitely not for him. Taurus won't appreciate any kind of racing, but leisurely rafting is likely to please him. Taurus will also feel comfortable doing rhythmic gymnastics or powerlifting, where he should approach the training seriously and wisely. For everyday activities, stars recommend Taurus:

  • any kind of dance;
  • pole-dance;
  • kayaking;
  • canoeing;
  • pilates.


This air sign cannot live without speed, activity, and drive. Gemini prefers sports where he can use his good reaction and coordination. That's why Gemini will succeed in:

  • tennis;
  • swordplay;
  • shooting.

Geminis also have good chances to try themselves in athletics or acrobatics more than any other Zodiac representative does. Some Gemini might enjoy more relaxed rowing or even mountain climbing. These sports can pacify their changeable nature and give them a new palette of emotions. For daily activities, Gemini will feel great when riding a bicycle or running.


Cancer’s changeable and vulnerable nature is generally not compatible with competitive sports at all. Defeat can drive this sign into a long depression, and the element of competition will not cause anything but stress. Therefore, Cancers should choose sports closely intertwined with spiritual practices or art. Dancing, rock climbing or figure skating will be a good choice for calm and peaceful Cancer. Martial arts, which require both physical preparation and inner spiritual development, as well as philosophical views on the fight against an enemy and inner weaknesses, are also quite suitable for Cancer. He will be able to reach his full potential. Yoga, breathing practices or cross-country skiing are quite suitable for Cancer's everyday training.


All signs can be jealous of Leo's iron willpower and physical strength. These are innate athletes who consider any sport as easy as a piece of cake. Leo can freely engage in team sports such as basketball, volleyball, water polo, as well as solo competitive boxing, fencing or wrestling. Leo can also be a great leader who will inspire others to achieve sports stardom. There are the following best sports for Leo, who can actually do anything:

  • ice skating;
  • run;
  • swim;
  • football;
  • tennis.

However, Leo should not forget that amateur sports are just a game, and there is no need to accept defeat as a challenge or insult.


Chess can become the best sport for practical and logical Virgo. However, when it comes to physical activity, Virgo needs something more rational than competitive. A good option would be swimming or rhythmic gymnastics, where this Zodiac representative can show more of a technique than speed or strength. Virgos also feel very comfortable in equestrian spots — not in races, but, for example, in horseback riding. Virgo lives in her own world and can easily plunge into her thoughts during rock climbing, which helps to escape daily routines and worries. Without rush, stupid demonstrations of power or constant repetition of the same actions, Virgo will be fully satisfied with the sport chosen. For everyday activity, Virgo would prefer meditation, stretching, table tennis, dancing or horseback riding.


Libra is one who always strives for harmony, thus, any sport with a hint of violence will be the worst offer for the sign. Fighting or boxing won't make Libra happy either. As well as traumatic hockey or motorbikes. However, Libra will like the sport where an athlete or an object remains in the air, so tennis, basketball, parachuting or diving is what Libra needs. Those sign representatives who are more prone to loneliness can safely try themselves in ballet, figure skating or dancing. Libra-men may like archery, rugby, or basketball.


Scorpio does not like weakness. His main goal in life is to show himself and others that he is strong and hardy. Any sport requiring incredible endurance can help Scorpio gain unprecedented success. Marathons, bicycle races, motorcycling, auto races and other competitions for endurance and fortitude were most likely created for Scorpions. The violence of some sports activities or martial arts do not scare Scorpio away — he can steadily endure all the difficulties of boxing, wrestling or rugby. All in all, Scorpio is a toughie.


Vanity and excitement — these are the main Sagittarius' sports characteristics. He needs to show himself, to win a title and to be able to boast of his achievements. However, the competition process itself is not very interesting for Sagittarius, if he cannot single-handedly reap the winner’s laurels at the end. Different racing types of sports are what Sagittarius needs. It can be a regular cross, moto- or auto racing. Sagittarius would also prefer parachuting, diving, skiing or snowboarding. For each day, Sagittarius can do a cross, athletics or single rowing.


Capricorn's persistence and perseverance are those qualities that help him become the best in such sports as cycling or long-distance running. However, Capricorns’ reaction is not so quick, so they may not like fencing or tennis. Incredible calm is one of the key Capricorn's features. That’s what helps Capricorn to prove himself in any kind of struggle where natural composure and analytical thinking help to triumph over an opponent even in the most difficult moments. For everyday activity, Capricorn can choose boxing, running, or martial arts.


Cheerful and energetic Aquarius cannot sit still. Besides, this Zodiac representative can get bored quickly of monotonous cycling or running around a stadium. Aquarius can’t stand strict rules and a lack of changes. That's why he will be delighted with hiking, climbing, biathlon and any other open-air sports. Aquarius would rather prefer climbing into any caves than exercising in a dusty gym. Mysticism can also captivate Aquarius, for example, the theory of Hatha yoga.


Pisces are those people who keep aloof from sports. They like quiet pastimes, such as golf or curling. These water signs prefer physical activity in a fitness club, but not in a sporting arena. Pisces can also succeed in artistic sports — figure skating, for example. Representatives of this water sign also have great potential in various water sports: diving, swimming, water polo. Pisces is a very creative and spiritual person, so he may like yoga and any other practice where the physical body harmony emerges from the training of the spirit.

Physical fitness and strength are generally not very important in amateur sports. The main idea lies in consistency and persistence. Only then you achieve the desired results. Therefore, choose a sport type you need, exercise regularly and let each new activity make you happier and stronger.

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