13 Jul 2024

Trine in Astrology

There were times when people tend to entrust their lives to either gods or the universe. These days, we are used to referring to them as to ancient people who lacked access to so many things. When you think about the modern era, it seems that you have everything brought to you on a silver platter if you work hard enough for it. However, has it ever occurred to you what makes some people more successful than others?

Many of you may say that their success has nothing to do with astrology or any things related. However, we beg to differ. The truth is that people are not born into success – they gain it. Like it or not, but astrology can point you in the right direction should you dig in a little deeper than your daily horoscope.

Has it ever occurred to you why various zodiac signs are claimed to define your personality and why in the majority of cases you find that terrifying resemblance to the sign you were born under? All thanks to astrology! We know that astrology dates as far back as to thousands of years ago, and there is a reason for that too. Even though our ancestors didn’t have all the means that we have at hand these days, they managed to spot the connection between the sky and everything that goes on up there and every event that takes place on Earth. 

These days we know that Earth revolves around the Sun and that there are other planets in our solar system. We are trying to reach out to some species that we think exist somewhere in the universe, but we mainly leave one important aspect out. When a child is born, we know the day, the month, the year, the minute and even the second – and what if you look up at that exact moment. The chances are that you are not going to see anything out of the ordinary in the skies – but people trained in that will. We, of course, have astrologers and astronomers in mind. 

Those scientists that center their attention on the sky and the changes taking place out there know about a direct connection between the universe and us. That is why every single person born is assigned with something we call a birth chart. It is true that not every person on Earth has access to this data, let alone being able to read it. That is why we are going to try and define in a few words what your chart stands for. 

To put it simply, your natal chart reflects a map of the sky at the precise moment when you were born. The position of planets, constellations, and other celestial bodies is what we are driving at. If you are completely new to astrology, such a revelation may mean nothing to you. However, those who know a little more on the matter may get just a tiny bit more interested in it.

All the positions of the planets and objects related to them have a direct impact on each and every one of us. We are not going to tell you that your birth chart is a precise and definite map to success. There are no explicit references but subtle pointers at what you should improve and work on to get on in life. Once you learn to decipher those pointers, it will be easier for you to succeed.

You may know about zodiac signs and horoscopes, but you may be clueless about houses, orbs, and aspects. All of the mentioned elements are present in your birth chart, and the more aware you are of their meaning, the closer you will get to discovering your destiny.

We have talked about aspects before, in case you have forgotten – they are angles between two planets on your zodiac wheel. Each planet has its own influence upon humankind, but the aspects represent a combined impact of two planets involved. Sometimes these forces coincide, and sometimes they don’t. If the flow of energy is contradictory – your fate is about to give you some hard times for finding a way to make those forces cooperate with a positive result for you.

So far, we have discussed a bunch of aspects, and today we are going to pay attention to the aspect that goes under the name trine. It is one of the major aspects in astrology, so you can expect a lot coming your way if you have it in your chart. By the by, the trine aspect is observed when two heavenly bodies are 120 degrees apart in a chart.

Trine Aspect: The Basics

When spotting two planets four signs away from each other in a birth chart – there are in trine. As you may already know, some aspects are soft while others are hard aspects. The thing is that soft ones are claimed to be extremely good for you while hard ones – on the contrary. Trine is one of the soft aspects, and it represents complete harmony. 

We know that harmony may be something vague. However, people with a trine aspect in their charts are incredibly creative and active. It does not matter what planets form the trine – all of them will work in complete balance. For instance, if you have Venus trine Neptune, the planet of love combined with the planet of imagination will influence both spheres equally well, so that you are going to be successful in those fields.

Of course, the way astrology presents it seems incredibly easy. However, you won’t succeed in anything without knowing where to head. People who are unaware of what a trine is and which planets are trine to each other on their zodiac wheel may be unsure what they are doing with their lives until someone points them. We are going to try and help you decipher the trine aspect in the easiest way possible.

Before you start to interpret your trine, there are a few simple steps to take:

  • Define trined planets
  • Define the signs they are in
  • Define the houses affected

Step 1

When finding planets that are trine to each other, be it Venus and Saturn or any other planets, you need to be aware of the spheres they represent. The truth is that every planet has both simple and more complex explanations. Since we are most interested in the trine aspect and how it works, we are going to have a look at the simple one today:

  • The Sun represents your ego;
  • The Moon is responsible for your inner feelings, emotions;
  • Mercury is the planet of communication and deep thoughts;
  • Venus is the planet of love and passion;
  • Mars is an aggressive planet;
  • Jupiter represents luck;
  • Saturn states all the achievements as well as the duties of yours;
  • Uranus is a rebellious and revolutionary planet;
  • Neptune represents your imaginative and creative side;
  • Pluto brings catharsis in your life;
  • The ascendant represents your attitude.

For instance, if you have Venus trine to Mercury in your chart, you now know that the love planet complements the planet of communication. What does this mean? It may mean that you are a perfect orator, and people love you for the way you express yourself through words. Or you are that one person who merely communicates love, and this is great. 

Step 2

You have already learned that planets trine to each other always point at a particular zodiac sign, and those signs matter too when you are trying to figure out the code that the universe is sending you. The truth is that interpreting each zodiac sign is a little more complex when compared to the planet's meaning, so we are going to talk about it in detail some other time. When finding your trines and the sun signs they are in, you can do a little research of your own to find out their particular meaning and combine it with the planets’ meaning.

Step 3

Lastly, you need to find those houses your trines interact with. There are 12 of them, and each house also has its own peculiar meaning. For instance:

  • first house represents your own self;
  • The second is the house of your possessions;
  • The third house is the one representing communication;
  • The fourth stands for your home;
  • The fifth is the house of love;
  • The sixth house represents health;
  • The seventh house is responsible for your relationships;
  • The eighth is the dire house of death;
  • The ninth house symbolizes exploration;
  • The tenth is a career-connected house;
  • The eleventh represents groups;
  • The twelfth house stands for completeness. 

Now, when you have passed through all the steps, you can finally have a look at the complete picture formed by trines in your chart. Some of you may think that this is a hard task to complete on your own, but we say that astrology is as complex as you decide to view it. Once you find all the missing pieces, it will be as clear as day as to what you are destined for and how you should achieve the main goal in life! 


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