16 Jun 2024

Druid Horoscope

The ancient Celts believed that a person’s life is predetermined and depends on his or her patron tree. This is how tree astrology signs emerged.

Druids were priests in Celtic tribes. They lived in forests and used the Ogham tree alphabet for cryptography. They were engaged in healing, refereeing, communication with gods, and making predictions. While the widely known Zodiac is based on twelve constellations, Celtic tree astrology is built on the lunar calendar, and its horoscope corresponds to a number of powerful trees. It is very ancient and boasts more than 2 thousand years of history.

For a druid, a forest is a holy place, and any tree is a living creature that has its own soul and its own character. And, according to their observations, each person’s date of birth is associated with a certain Celtic tree sign, which influences some personality traits and affects fate. These druid signs are connected with our whole living. The perfect option is to plant your tree in the garden or courtyard of your house and take care of it; in turn, it will help you cope with difficulties. 

Apple (December 23 - January 1, June 25 - July 4)

These are open, delicate and very charming people. Being selfless, they can give the last of their money if they see someone needs it. This tree astrology sign lives for the day, almost without thinking about tomorrow. When born in June-July, these people are often homebodies, especially when they have their own families. They belong to curious signs and like to philosophize and read a lot, but they don’t stick out their knowledge. They stand out for their analytical mindset and, as a rule, lead an active lifestyle.

Fir (January 2-11, July 5-14)

Those born under the fir sign are cultured and intelligent people with a lot of dignity. They prefer loneliness and silence and often shrink into themselves. They refer to very smart signs and tend to do things in a big way. For the sake of loved ones, these people are ready to make any sacrifices. Being honest and responsible, they rarely trust others and prefer doing everything on their own. Besides, this sign has a weakness for art and antiques.

Elm (January 12-24, July 15-25)

As a rule, these are people with intellect and charisma. They pay little attention to their appearance, giving primary preference to comfortable, rather than fashionable clothes. These people are level-headed, but they don’t like challenges since they are too concerned about possible failures. However, this sign has a good sense of humor. Besides, they prefer to lead rather than obey and often try to unobtrusively correct disadvantages, yet sometimes stooping to overt moralization. At the same time, people of this sign are good organizers, and their activities are often accompanied by financial success.

Cypress (January 25 - February 3, July 26 - August 4)

These are balanced and self-sufficient people. Usually, they are fatalists who do not rule over their own fate, but calmly take it as it comes. Their only desire is to be happy. This sign likes dreaming and hates arguing. They are friendly and always ready to help. These July-August people are faithful in love and friendship, yet they are not sentimental at all. They refer to flexible signs that are easily adaptable and easy going about turmoil in their lives. 

Poplar (February 4–8, August 5–13)

At first glance, these people are successful and brave. However, they are very sensitive and hesitant deep inside. Therefore, this sign usually requires the support of loved ones. People of this sign are distinguished by a pessimistic attitude that prevents them from enjoying all the charms of life to the full. From an early age, they tend to think that their days are gone. They are vulnerable, which makes them painfully take any, even the most harmless, jokes, as well as any restrictions on their freedom – they get upset quickly and begin to feel sorry for themselves. 

Cedar (February 9–18, August 14–23)

Cedar people are incorrigible optimists. They love to be the center of attention, and they are ready for anything since cedar signs are really confident in themselves. This sign adapts to any situation quickly and features a good sense of humor. Being sentimental, they are also proud-hearted and straightforward. They are easily influenced, which often becomes a stumbling block in both personal life and career. People of this sign lead an active lifestyle, completely diving into a chosen activity. Due to their artistic and sensitive nature, they can have the ability to clairvoyance. 

Pine (February 19–28 / 29, August 24 – September 2)

These are rationalists with an analytical mindset and also good organizers. Pine people are courageous, persistent, disciplined, and always ready to risk. Little can stop this sign on the way to their goal. Therefore, as a rule, they can achieve success in any field. Women born in August-September are especially gifted by the ability to create beautiful, harmonious interiors. People of this sign are sweet and welcoming, but their own well-being is still above anything else. People born under this sign have a clear understanding of what they want from life. Their only weakness is a romantic relationship. They equally easily lose their hearts and interest in the affairs, so it is difficult for them to establish a committed relationship.

Willow (March 1–10, September 3–12)

Claiming that they are loners and do not like crowds, willow people can behave just the opposite and enjoy other people’s attention. They look defenseless and helpless, but don’t judge a book by its cover – in fact, they behave like this purposefully: for personal gain or just for fun. This sign is moody, yet romantic. However, as partners, they are not easy to deal with because they do not like compromises and have a tendency to love suffering, sometimes to their own detriment. In everyday life, people of this tree tend to see the world in the most beautiful paints. They have rich imagination coupled with artistic vision and can appreciate beauty.

Lime (March 11–20, September 13–22)

Lime people are even-minded and generate sympathy effortlessly. At the same time, they are prone to flattery. They easily make contacts, trust other people and pour their hearts to them. People ruled by this tree do not always fulfill their promises, and discipline is not among their strengths. In general, they belong to lucky signs, but their main enemy is boredom. Therefore, they often abandon old affairs to get into new ones. The monotony of family life is also a burden to them. This tree doesn’t have the constancy of either principles or entourage. They are hard-working, but, as a rule, do not have clear goals. 

Hazel (March 22–31, September 24 – October 3)

Hazel signs are distinguished by almost magical charm, which attracts other people to them. Being satisfied with a little, they adapt to life easily. These September-October people are kind and patient. At the same time, they can be evil and dangerous – it all depends on their mood, which often changes. Each of them is quite a character, often thinking out of the box, so it is almost impossible to predict their actions. Usually, people ruled by this tree are honest and have certain principals, but sometimes they are too critical. They tend to run to extremes: they either get enthusiastic about something or let things go hang. Those born under this tree often go against the flow and like experimenting. 

Rowan (April 1–10, October 4–13)

These are very charming people. At the same time, they are very courageous. You can see their smiles having no idea of how many tears are hidden behind it. They refer to signs that are hyper responsible with every little thing being important to them. People of this sign strive to live independently, but they constantly suffer from a guilt complex. Those ruled by the tree are unselfish and friendly, also having a keen sense of right and wrong. They give love but require reciprocity. If they are not satisfied, they just leave. They have a nice taste and know how to emphasize their merits.

Maple (April 11–20, October 14–23)

They always strive to stand out, emphasize their individuality, and want to be admired. Astrology believes that they like when people talk about them, love compliments and surprises. There are always a lot of ideas in their heads, especially extravagant ones, but, as a rule, they do not put these ideas into life because of the lack of perseverance and patience. On the contrary, they tend to build castles in the air. People ruled by this tree are curious about everything new, intelligent and well-read. They have an analytical mindset and a good sense of humor, good memory and imagination. Maple signs do not condemn other people and punish them for mistakes made in the past, as well as they are not afraid of criticism. However, old contacts are cut off easily, and new ones are made also effortlessly. 

Walnut (April 21-30, October 24 - November 2)

Having contradictory traits, these people can be both fair and ruthless, faithful and fickle. They have many friends, but no fewer enemies. People born in October-November like to make life hard, suffering themselves and making others suffer without any remorse. They are emotional and very jealous. Ruled by the walnut tree, the people are not afraid to take risks and do not seek compromises. They are self-confident and rely only on themselves, protecting their independence. At the same time, they tend to put pressure on others driven by a sense of duty. All in all, the sign craves recognition and respect.

Jasmine (May 1–14, November 3–11)

Jasmine signs are easy going, funny, and noisy. There is always a lot of people and communication around them, although they do not strive for this purposefully. They look like people who are not burdened by problems and even seem somewhat superficial, but, in fact, they are very sensitive, reasonable and partly melancholic. Based on Celtic astrology, they are diplomatic, although they do not like restrictions. Being hardworking and, as a rule, making good money, they are not materialists either. The horoscope tells that people ruled by this tree are often disappointed in people. They love children, and they are always happy to spend time with them.

Chestnut (May 15 - May 24, November 12 - November 21)

Based on the Celtic Zodiac concept, the sign is both attractive and out-of-ordinary. These people are independent, have their own views, ideas and style, so sometimes they can shock others with their actions and judgments. To some extent, they are idealists, believing in higher-order justice and defending their principles without thinking about consequences. According to astrology, they do not focus on material problems. This sign is persistent and loyal. Most often monogamous, they are afraid to admit their feelings. The druid horoscope reads that a supportive environment is very important for them. Those ruled by the chestnut tree have a sharp mind, but prone to daydreaming.

Ash (May 25 - June 3, November 22 - December 1)

These people born in May-June and November-December are beautiful but hard to get on with. They are independent, although they demand unlimited devotion from friends and relatives. Combining pride, selfishness and moodiness, they know exactly what they want and how they want to live. Besides, this tree likes to be in the spotlight. However, they overcome any difficulties with ease, while their intuition, wit, and imagination are well developed. This Celtic Zodiac sign is also generous and happy to share with friends. As maximalists, these people stick to the ‘all or nothing’ scheme. According to the druid practices, when making a choice in family life, they weigh all pros and cons and make decisions following the mind rather than listening to the heart.

Hornbeam (June 4–13, December 2–11)

These are people who are primarily interested in form than in content. This tree is prone to discipline, diligence, and obedience. Almost non-initiative, hornbeam people give preference to order execution and even subordination. They are afraid of making a mistake; therefore, they always avoid taking decisions: what if they make the wrong choice? Celtic astrology tells that they rarely backtrack, and they are very responsible and fair. The same is true for a relationship – they are faithful, but life with them can be boring. If they are given a choice between duty and love, most likely, they will prefer duty. They do not like changes and value stability.

Fig (June 14–23, December 12–20)

In the druid practices, such people are very sensitive and thin-skinned. As a rule, they are lazy, but they realize this and try to overcome their weaknesses. The environment is important to this tree. In favorable conditions, it blooms right in front of your eyes, but they wither away when facing troubles. Celtic astrology says that fig people have a strong family commitment, so they need constant communication with loved ones. They are realistic and appreciate simple things, feeling fine without unnecessary fantasies and romance. However, fig signs love nature, and they are affectionate, good-hearted, and emotional.

Oak (March 21 - Vernal equinox)

Oak signs are proud-hearted (and even overly), hardy, persistent, uncompromising, and independent. If you push them, the answer can be very aggressive and sharp. They refer to signs that always achieve their goals. But they could have done more if they had been at least a little more flexible and diplomatic. However, this tree is hospitable, and people ruled by it respect others’ thoughts. They value friendship, but they are fickle in love. According to Celtic astrology, they do not like changes and pay a lot of attention to their own problems. Oak signs have good health and rarely visit doctors.

Birch (June 24th - Summer solstice)

In Celtic astrology, these are people with a pure soul, modest, gentle, friendly, and balanced. They are completely devoid of aggression, very tolerant and attentive to their loved ones. This tree is sentimental and sensitive, sometimes even passionate. For all their kindness, they are uncommunicative people, and the main thing for them is to have a good book and a sweet one nearby (if necessary, they are ready to sacrifice themselves for his or her sake). They like to work and do not shy away from any labor. Besides, the sign can easily adapt to any conditions while appreciating all aspects of life.

Olive (September 23 - Autumnal Equinox)

Olive signs are kind, patient and reserved. They do not like disputes and aggression, but they will not allow anyone to sponge on them. Based on Celtic astrology, they have a sharp sense of justice and responsibility. They refer to patient signs who are able to control themselves and avoid wasting their nerves in vain. If they suffer, they do this silently. A smile is their constant attribute. They are responsive, always ready to listen to friends and help them. Celtic astrology describes them as very delicate and good psychologists. People of this sign are highbrows who like reading, studying, and thinking.

Beech (December 21–22, Winter Solstice)

Beautiful and dexterous, decent and thoughtful, the druid concept reveals this sign as black-and-white thinkers. They are self-confident and take everything from life. Being thrifty and prudent, they know how to manage a family budget. They belong to signs that always weigh pros and cons, leaving nothing to chance. As for avid materialists, individual happiness is far from the first place for them. Most often, this sign strives for a certain ideal – their house, children, and spouse should be perfect. They keep fit, and therefore, they look very good in old age. Due to Celtic astrology, longevity is almost guaranteed to them by fate.

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