13 Jul 2024

Is it worth to believe in astrology and horoscopes?

Humans are the most curious creatures in the world. There is no doubt about that. Think about all the technological miracles that we have recently discovered and achieved, and about the mysteries that are yet to be discovered. That is amazing how far we have already come, isn’t that? Besides, scientific research seems not to stop any time soon. However, at the same time the majority of world population remains superstitious. If you think we are talking about the  third world countries, no, we have  modern developed world in mind. You may wonder, how can science and superstition co-exist in this modern era? We will try to find answer to this question inthis review.

Let’s go back to the past as far as possible to figure out when people started to believe in astrology. At all times, there have always been people, who claimed to know something more about the future than the others. Oracles, magicians, sorcerers, seers consulted kings and queens, emperors and leaders. Whether you like it or not, people listened to those old-school astrologers of the time. How could they do otherwise, considering the fact that  someone knew what is going to happen to them? Some of you may say that such things were true because of mass ignorance. How would you explain the fact that with all the knowledge at hand that we have now, we still listen to astrologers? 

There are almost no kings and emperors left, but the oracles of new age continue their work, and they tend to make everything possible to prove not only the importance of what they do, but also the real power behind the knowledge. 

You may believe in astrology or you may not, but it is likely that you are fully aware of your zodiac sign and you are checking your horoscope once in a while. There is nothing wrong with it since it is always nice to assume that you know what is going to happen to you in the future. Think about it for a while, and you will realize that the true purpose of astrology is to reassure people. In the majority of cases, that is precisely what we need at a certain time.

Now, let’s discuss why so many people choose to believe in astrology.

To tell the truth, the case is the same as with superstition. Surely, many people are aware of various superstitions that vary from area to area, and they tend to stick to them. Do you keep your fingers crossed when you expect something to happen badly? If you do – welcome to the club, you are superstitious person. You may do those superstitious things subconsciously because your granny taught you to, but the fact remains. Very often, we let these things escape from our minds since we consider them insignificant, while in cases with astrology and horoscope things get real, or at least many people think so.

Very often, we say that we are the architects of our future. At the same time, we still think that stars and planets had something to do with the recent failure. All that is the impact of astrology.. No matter what  astrologer you ask, he or she will tell you about the tight connection between the cosmos and people’s lives, as well as the fate of the planet. Usually, you can see astrologers on the TV predicting the outcome of elections or some other important event on the Earth, yet at the same time no one can predict a real disaster. It’s weird, isn’t it? Well, there is the astrological answer to this  – the cosmos cannot interfere with the forces of nature. Some people continue to listen and to believe that. 

We are only humans after all, and it is natural that there are so many things that we wish we knew and astrologers may partially take advantage of that. How does that happen? The answer is simple, astrology is said to provide people with things they long for most – information about the future, probable solutions to current problems and the feeling that you are connected to something greater. Something that cannot be seen but it resides in space and drives our lives in directions that we are supposed to follow. Some call it fate or destiny.

All that may seem a little complicated, but when you start to take it piece by piece, everything falls into its place. The fact is that the main motto of astrology is “Everything happens for a reason.” What astrologers do: they try to provide us with answers why this or that happens. Besides, very often astrologers claim they can predict when certain events will happen in your life. That connection between the unknown and the desired is rather thick. That is why so many of us look for all possible ways to take a peek at what may happen tomorrow. Human nature is weak, what can we say. This weakness and unwillingness to accept the fact that no one knows the future fuels the astrological fire for centuries ahead, and we are not sure if the fire is ever to go out.

The next logical question would be – does it work, at least in some sense?

We know that some of you may disagree, but it does. Not in the way that planets and stars have written your future, and someone special can read it – no. The point is that once you decide to visit an astrologer, you may not expect what he or she will say. Astrologers are good at reading people, and in the majority of cases they will tell what you wish to hear.

In many cases, astrologers touch your hands as if reading your fate or anything of the kind, but mostly it is nothing but a good trick. However, let’s face it, such an approach means that you will leave astrologer fully satisfied and confident in what the future will bring. All that sets the processes in our brain that will program a person on a subconscious level to achieve the goals. However, a person who has just visited an astrologer will not get into scientific reasons behind the positive influence, he or she would rather think that astrology works. That is why so many people tend to go back to astrologers over and over again. Let’s not forget about that little fact that the services are rarely free. For the most part, positive prediction written in the stars costs a pretty penny.

If we dig in even deeper, it is simple to realize that there is one thing that astrology gives people that no other science can – reassurance. Why so, you wonder? Well, let’s take a really simple example: how many moral standards have changed over the last decade? Apart from being the era of technology, this is the most uncertain time of all. The truth is that when moral, religious, some other crucial standards change at the speed of light, you need a pillar to lean on. That is when astrology comes in. As was mentioned before, astrology has existed for thousands of years already, and it gives nothing but reassuring, if you think about it for a while. This is the simplest conclusion that can explain why so many people still believe. 

Now, when we figured out some aspects concerning astrology, it is time to discuss the horoscopes.

As a matter of fact, horoscopes are nothing else but same old astrology presented in a slightly different light. For years now, both astrology and horoscopes took up the front pages of all possible newspapers and magazines. With the introduction of Internet and social media to our lives, you can find countless predictions, monthly, weekly and even yearly online. What is more, judging by zodiac signs, you can also find your perfect match, if believe what the say. All that means only one thing – people believe. If there is such a strong belief in astrology, why shouldn’t it keep on developing? 

From an early age we are told, for the most part, what our sun sign is. There are only 12 zodiac signs, and it likely that you too know them all and you are Libra or Pisces yourself.Thus, from early childhood we are driven at the fact that there is something other than religion, some cosmic power that rules over people’s lives. As we grow older, we find horoscope articles and read them out of curiosity, at least  most of us. You may say it is fun to read the horoscope, but once you discover the connection between your real life and the events predicted, you start to believe that it is almost inevitable. Even if you do not check the horoscope daily, you still check it once in a while, and that is how you get hooked. This is a kind of astrological addiction, and is harmful as any any other addiction. 

To be honest, very often it seems that there is nothing wrong with believing in something other than religion. It is good to discover something new daily, to observe the planetary positions, there is certain scientific background to it, we can’t deny it. However, exceptions happen, and best of all, if you are fully aware of all the dangerous consequences that a mere horoscope reading can inflict. We mentioned that positive things may happen and positive feelings may fill you, when you visit astrologer, , but in case with horoscopes the result may be quite the opposite.

It would be strange if all the horoscopes were absolutely positive. That is why there are also some negatives included. Why astrologists do that?  This is quite obvious since no one’s life is that sugar-coated. At the same time, if you read your horoscope regularlyand follow all the instructions – you program yourself. Even those who say they do not believe into the horoscopes may fall into the same trap. For instance, you read that this month you will encounter serious financial problems, and the moment you finish reading it you start preparing yourself for that mishap. What is more, it gets even worse if everything is fine in your financial life. The more you think about the future losses, the more it eats you from the inside. This inner worrying often results in problems with your health, but rarely does anyone associate a simple horoscope reading with actual health problems.

Let’s move on. We assume that the month passed and nothing happened, your finances are alright, and you would like to blame someone for your worries. Well, there would be no one to blame, because every astrologer will tell you that astrology is not a precise science.

Another example: many horoscopes and sign readings say that certain star signs are led by various emotions. For instance, Virgo is considered to be very scrupulous, and Scorpio – jealous. Even if you are not a jealous person, the horoscope puts a thought in your mind that you should be, because that is how the planets stood when you were born.

Of course, it all may sound like nonsense for the most part, but it depends on whether you are a believer or not. Some facts stand in front of astrology denying anything it claims. 

The main question of this article was – is it worth to believe? To tell the truth, there is no single answer.

The answer may be different judging from your own experience. If you have visited astrologer and the reassuring words he or she told you changed your life for better – who are we to deny it, right? In fact, all astrologers are psychiatrists in a way. The way they read you and tell you what you want or need to hear hits some hidden triggers and results in a certain outcome. However, planning your life according to the horoscope and zodiac compatibility is a total waste of time, because there is rarely a proven record that such  compatibility test ever worked.

We admit that the feeling of belonging to something greater, something cosmicand unseen brings joy. However, you shouldn’t forget about real life and the way it unfolds. It would be wrong to accept the failures as something that was supposed to happen, that was irreversible. Very often, in order to gain something you must fight for it, and acceptance is not the best approach here.

All in all, it is safe to say that astrology and horoscopes are worth believing as long as they bring you positive feelings and peace. If all the horoscope can bring you is anxiety and stress, it is better to live your life not knowing the future.

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