22 Mar 2023

Sextile Meaning

What is the first thing entering your mind when thinking about astrology? The chances are that it is either your zodiac sign or daily horoscope you look through from time to time. We have mentioned it before, that astrology is not a scientific discipline, at least not yet; rather, a non-science. However, this does not make it any less complex than astronomy or other known science types.

Quite a bunch of people view astrology as mere fortune-telling and a sort of amusement, but this is also a false assumption. All the layers astrology consists of have a direct influence on everyone’s life. You may say that you do not notice them in your daily life, and this is not surprising – how would you notice something you are unaware of?

Let’s put the notion of zodiac signs aside for a while and think about the time you were born. If you think that the constellation you were born under is the only thing having a direct effect on you, even supposedly, this is a mistake too. When a person is born, the whole map of the skies matters. There are certain positions the planets occupy and also particular relations between those heavenly bodies. If you start researching the matter deeply, you will learn that all the connections, relations, and positions are depicted in your birth chart. Of course, reading a natal chart without proper background knowledge is like trying to decipher a dead language. If you begin to dive into the matter, taking one step at a time, you will start to see patterns affecting your everyday life. And that is when the full importance of astrology becomes revealed. The more you are in control of your life, the better it gets – you can trust us on that.

Today we are going to discuss the notion of aspects in astrology. To be more precise, we are going to try and understand one aspect in particular – the sextile aspect. Even if it seems difficult in the beginning, it is going to become simpler with every new detail you’re discovering.

Sextile Aspect: The Basics

To start with, an aspect in astrology is a certain angle between two celestial bodies measured in degrees and minutes. Usually, the further the bodies are from one another, the milder the effect of the aspect is in one’s birth chart. The angles are divided into soft and hard aspects, as well as into major and minor ones. As for the sextile aspect, it is one of the major aspects with almost no negative influence. When two celestial objects are two signs or 60 degrees apart from each other – they are sextile.

You need to be aware of the fact that energy between some planets is not always the most cooperative one, and at times, you need to put in some effort to make it work. In the case with sextile – the energy is more than cooperative. All you need to do is to use it to your advantage. To make things clear, cooperative energy means that each planetary effect inspires another, instead of holding it back.

Another definitive feature of sextiles is that they always form a union between only feminine or only masculine signs and two cooperative elements, either earth and water or air and fire. Such a combination explains the harmony of the aspect.

How Does the Sextile Aspect Affect You?

So, what to expect from this aspect and how to use it to your advantage? First things first, you need to calculate your natal chart with the best preciseness possible. Then, you can start looking if there are any two planets sextile. If you spot this kind of relationship, you need to be open to discovering some new ideas and talents related to your life closely. It is always a good thing to start discovering new horizons when you know that there is a success encoded by the stars.

Surely, all the harmonious energy that the aspect brings into your chart can play out in two ways. As you may have already guessed, there is the flip side of the coin. Typically, when finding the thing to make them happy and successful, people are quite reluctant to go and get it. There is a simple explanation to it – sextile is not one of those aspects that simply force you to take necessary action. Very often, people are merely satisfied with such a positive and promising relationship in the chart.

Now, when you share the basic understanding of the sextile, you need to know what it means for you personally. We are going to have a closer look at every possible sextile connection that can ever happen and to explain what it stands for.

Aries and Gemini 

You get bored easily, that is why you are always on the go for new adventures. There is no other person who would be as playful and fun to be around, and people are drawn to you. However, the trick here lies in the ability to avoid losing yourself in the game.

Taurus and Cancer 

You love everything and everyone around you. Your doors are always open to those you do not even know properly. Also, it is all about comfort for you. You will never hesitate to leave the place that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Gemini and Leo 

Confidence and popularity are the two things that define you perfectly. There is not that much to add.

Cancer and Virgo 

You may not take proper care of yourself but you will give anything for those you love. It is a great feature, yet at times, you need to see about your personal needs too.

Leo and Libra 

The key difference between sextile and other aspects is that it brings all the best features from both of the sun signs. In this particular case, it is safe to say that you are a highly charismatic person who longs to be a known leader in all. At the same time, you tend to show off your skills too much but people around you rarely view it from a negative side.

Virgo and Scorpio 

There is probably no better sign at investigation than Virgo. If there is something to find – it will be found in a matter of minutes. What regular people miss you notice at first glance. When combining it with the ambition of Scorpio, you will become one of the best investigators or quality control agents in no time. Try not to miss the opportunity to do something that you are actually great at. 

Libra and Sagittarius 

When the sextile connects these two signs, it means that you are a real social charmer. Even though you may lose the sense of balance at times, people around you simply adore you. Besides, the thirst you have for adventures seems to be insatiable. It should be added that you are a good listener, and your close friends value this gift above all. 

Scorpio and Capricorn 

There are many things you can say about Scorpio, but you will always admit the straightforwardness and ambition the sign has. When in relation to Capricorn, all that ambitious power gets the right direction. You can become a true social magnate if you choose to. Think about it! 

Sagittarius and Aquarius 

While some people live here and now, that is not for you. All that interests you most is the future. There is rarely a thought crossing your mind about what may wait for you in the future. You move forward without hesitation. Many may view it as something negative or too rebellious, but what does not work well for them – works perfectly for you! 

Capricorn and Pisces 

Not everyone understands the meaning of traditions and why people should keep them, but you do. If there were a job of a guardian of tradition, you would fit it perfectly.

Aquarius and Aries 

You are a genius, and you know it. There is never a gathering where you shouldn’t boast something that you have recently achieved. While it may turn out to be quite unnerving for others, you feel pretty great about yourself, and that is what matters in the long run. 

Pisces and Taurus 

If you learn to manage and control yourself, you will become a real success magnet, and that is great. However, no matter the success, you are a love-seeker, and once you come across love, you will give in to it to the fullest.

Strange is astrology, but once you learn to decipher it and apply it to your life, you will be able to achieve great things! 


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