13 Jul 2024

How to Choose a Place of Residence Judging By Your Zodiac Sign?

Has it ever felt like you do not belong somewhere? The chances are that it certainly has. To be honest with you, such a feeling has nothing to do with the bad energy of the place or anything remotely related to it in the huge number of cases. The essential reason that provokes the feeling is nothing else but a zodiac sign affecting you. Your sign defines where you should live to progress and prosper. As you may have already guessed, this is something we are going to discuss in detail today.

When you decide to move somewhere, there should be a lot of thought and consideration put into. However, many people consider climate, sightseeing, and work possibilities in the first place when it comes to switching their residence location. It would be unfair to say that the mentioned details do not matter, but your chemistry on the astrological level is of great importance too. You shouldn’t leave the fact out. In the vast majority of cases, this particular fact will result in your future well-being as such.

It is also true that there is no one and only place for every zodiac sign – there are a couple of those. Besides, in some cases, a particular location can be a welcoming location for more than one zodiac member. If you think about it, it totally makes sense since very often we migrate in couples. This is only natural that if a place is bad for your partner, there is rarely a chance that you will feel great at the partner’s expense.

It is also true that some people can’t stay for too long in one place, and they choose to migrate all over the globe for the most part. If you think about it for a while, it is a lovely way to see lots of exotic places and to spot your perfect one. We all agree that the time comes when you wish to settle as well as put down your roots. That is when you should better evaluate all the areas that are fit for you.


Starting the review by stating the obvious may not be the greatest idea of all, but that is something we are merely bound to do – all zodiac members are simply split into four categories according to elementals. These elementals are named fire, air, earth, and water signs.


The Fire elemental defines why Aries, Leos, and also Sagittarius are usually on fire. They are constantly moving around, yet that is not enough in a number of cases. It matters greatly to remain in the center of all the action wherever they stay. Such energetic behavior and endless craving for attention and action bring such people to cities. Large cities with non-stop dynamics would fit these signs best. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t leave the fact that open space also matters to these signs. So, it is safe to assume that the right balance of open areas combined with the busy city lifestyle would satisfy the needs of fire sings completely.


Geminis, Libras, and Aquarius – air signs. Those born under the given elemental simply seek to be surrounded by others. They seek to use people around them as perfect sources of inspiration. That is why they strive to be right in the center of various cultural societies that will bring something new to their attention on a regular basis. Constant improvement is the credo of air sign representatives.


Capricorns, Virgos, and Taurus are the Earth signs. It goes without saying that people born under the given signs seek to be as close to Mother Nature as possible. This can only mean that area with lots of fresh places to discover and to conquer are like magnets to them. Whereas, this shouldn’t drive you at the assumption that stability and good income mean nothing to the Earth signs. On the contrary, people born under this sign are quite practical and hardworking too.


Scorpios, Pieces, and Cancers are on a water sign list. These water creatures crave to be close to the source, and all sorts of islands and coastal cities are simply perfect to be the place of residence for these signs.

Every category has something special about them, there is not a drop of doubt. You can easily use this simple division as your perfect guide when changing the area of residence, or you can read on and learn what every sign requires in particular. We have already mentioned it that there are certain places that draw you like magnets, and there are also other areas that push you away no matter how hard you try to adjust to it. You should better write those down!


Aries are often great at expressing themselves, and everything they seek is a path to succeed with that without any limits or boundaries set. That is why Aries prefer the surrounding that allows them to be individual, work hard as well as party hard. Countries with rich cultures and love for freedom, let’s say Argentina, are the places that attract Aries most. If it is your sign that we are discussing and you always wanted to move to Texas or Alaska alongside Argentina – go for it. You will be amazed at how the place completes you! You will feel at home the minute you move in.


There is a reason why they call Taurus the Bull. The fact is that just like the Bull, Taurus people are hard-working and strong. However, the key point, which makes a Taurus who he or she is, is a deep understanding of that perfect balance between work and real life. Taurus likes to pretermit work at times to merely enjoy nature, not to mention the weather. Perfect places for Taurus to reside in are the ones with gorgeous landscapes and ecology. Taurus people do not strive to interact with people much, and they choose nature instead. That is why living somewhere in New Zealand or Tahiti would be a real blessing for Taurus. It wouldn’t be a problem to find a place of solitude to meditate and to enjoy the view in any of the given places.


When compared to Taurus, Gemini is surely a people’s person. In the vast majority of cases, Gemini will prefer an overcrowded city to the solitude of remote villages or suburbs. It should be mentioned that Gemini is simply fascinated with the ever-developing technology, cultural growth as well as the economic one. This means that countries that have all the described elements combined in one are most likely to attract Gemini’s attention. We think that Tallinn, Chicago or Hong Kong are the cities to at least visit on every Gemini’s to-do list.


Many things define Cancer, and one of them is a close allegiance to the places they tend to call home. What does that mean? That proves that it may be quite hard for a Cancer to switch places. To tell the truth, there may be a very attractive opportunity on offer, but any Cancer would still be reluctant to take it and move. At the very same time, no matter where Cancer is headed to, he or she wants to fit in immediately, and that may be quite an issue at times too.

It should be noted that Cancers are highly emotional people, but it takes them long enough to get used to someone new. That is why they try to keep the ones they trust close, like best friends and family.

All this brings us to a purely astrological conclusion that Cancer would feel safe and secure somewhere where the people are open and friendly. Besides, it is best if the area is near the water. We think that Greece, Jamaica, or Hawaii fit any Cancer perfectly.


What enters your mind the minute you think about a Leo? King of all the animal world, isn’t it? The very same refers to people born under Leo sign. It would be unfair to neglect the fact that they are natural-born leaders, and they are drawn towards areas where the party never seizes to end. If you are a Leo, you should definitely consider cities that demand you to look your absolute best 24/7, all year round. If you asked us, which cities these would be, we’d say, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or Rio de Janeiro. Whether you like it or not, but the festive lifestyle is the definition of these cities. Trust us, while other people would get easily bored and tired of a never-ending festival – Leos wouldn’t.


There are many myths and tales surrounding the Earth sign. While some are true, others – not so much. The truth is that very often, different astrology charts claim that Virgos are crazy about logic, order, and let’s not forget about cleanliness. You see, that is completely true. That is why when deciding where to move, Virgos should give a lot of thought and consideration to the location that would satisfy all their needs.

Apart from super clean places, Virgos also like locations that can combine both fast-paced and relaxed lifestyles in one. In case you wonder if such a place exists, we are going to point out the Netherlands, Austria, and New England, just to name a few.

Moving to any of these countries will make any Virgo a lot happier and help him or her to express themselves to the fullest.


When you think of Libra, you always imagine happy and open-hearted people who are not able to spend a day being alone. All that is true. However, when it comes to deciding where to reside, there is rarely a Libra that could answer the question straight away. Libras can’t choose just one place in the majority of cases, and often, they should be guided in the right direction.

The fact remains that all Libras love beauty and luxury. That is why a place of their residence should necessarily contain all those harmonious and fabulous things. In such a case, it is best to opt for Paris or Italy. Prague or Stockholm will be more than fitting too.


There is rarely a more complex sign than Scorpio. It happens so that Scorpio is that particular sign that contains all possible traits in just one bottle. Scorpios are highly determined about what they need, and they are eager to get what they need, no matter the cost. On the other hand, they are overly sexual and sensual at the same time, and this can only mean that the perfect place of Scorpio residence should present it all.

Scorpios are born leaders. That is why a city they move in should have enough opportunities on offer. If we ask astrology specialists, Washington DC, Shanghai, or Amsterdam should make a perfect environment for Scorpios.


We may be stating the obvious, but if you wonder who is the greatest traveler among all, we will say straight away it is Sagittarius. It is difficult to say which side is more appealing for this sign – big cities or quiet villages. There is a thin line that connects the love that Sagittarius carries for the metropolis culture and beauty of nature.

Sagittarius prefers to make new acquaintances every now and then, to eat great food and merely have fun. If you sum it all up, it is easy to point out a bunch of places where an average Sagittarius could live – Norway, Canada, Costa Rica or South Africa. All the mentioned locations have a good share of nature and developed cities to conquer.


Those who have met a Capricorn at least once or twice will say that there is never a more serious person than a Capricorn. However, we are not going to dwell upon this trait. On the contrary, such a serious approach enables Capricorn people to achieve their goals in no time. That is why when thinking about the perfect locations that would suit a Capricorn, we name business as well as political centers of the world. However, there should be lots of mountains to conquer, too, since professional heights are never enough for a Capricorn.

London or Berlin are the perfect old cultural capitals that any Capricorn would like to live in, there is no doubt about that!


If it happens that you aren't closely acquainted with an Aquarius, it is natural to assume that the sign is shy and too withdrawn. However, place an Aquarius in their natural habitat, and you will see how things change dramatically in a matter of seconds. Very often, you can hear from Aquarius people that they were born too early and that they belong to the future. All this brings them to that constant search of futuristic places as well as professions to take up with.

It is a lost cause to try to convince an Aquarius of something. Take them to Iceland or Tokyo instead and let them breathe the air of inventions and innovations instead.


Surely, each person (not to mention zodiac signs) is special and peculiar in their own ways. Pisces is probably overly impressionable and emotional of all. At that time when others choose to live closer to crowded areas, to be the center of attention, Pisces dreams about a perfect world somewhere away from the masses. To put it simply, a personal paradise is something that every Pisces would like to live in. One important detail is that the place should be close to water, and the location should carry that particular spiritual vibe that is strong no matter the decade.

Taking all that into consideration, we say that Wales, or New Orleans, as well as Bali, would make any Pisces unbelievably happy.

To sum it all up, it is safe to state that regardless of whether you trust astrology and astrologers in general, there are places that feel like home no matter what. In some places, independently of how much care and attention you pay to feel at home, they still push you away.

The truth is that birth charts are created to assist people in finding the best path in life, so there are times when it is better to concentrate on what other peoples may have to say. After all, you can switch back to where you have come from straight away, can’t you?

New York or San Francisco, Helsinki or Moscow – don’t be afraid to try out something new, you never know what you may find in a new land!


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