27 May 2024

Astrology Houses

Not all people are ready to admit that they are always drawn to something that is hard to explain or is inexplicable at all. That is why astrology is usually the subject of heated debate in many companies. Some of you may say that there is nothing real behind astrology, there are no exact facts that support its accuracy. Well, the truth is that if you hear that from someone, it is easy to assume that the person is only familiar with the concept of the Zodiac and nothing more that relates to astrology.

If you dig a little deeper, you will be surprised how many parts and pieces fall into place to form a horoscope or birth chart. It is rarely enough to know your Zodiac sign to be able to interpret the fate designed for you. The fact is that there are three components that add up to something we describe as prediction or fate. They are your Sun sign, the planets, and houses.

When we say houses, we do not mean the actual buildings. The house is the section of your birth chart that every planet visits at one time or another. There are 12 houses. If you think about it, the number 12 is the most common in astrology.

For you to understand the importance of the houses in astrology as well as in the life of every sign, we are going to start with the basics. The truth is that astrology is the science that revolves around the patterns that planets and stars create. It is not a secret that those patterns change over a set period of time, and these changes have various effects on our lives.

In case you wonder how to decipher the term ‘house’ speaking in astrological terms, it is safe to say that you can view it as a clock. There are twelve components of the Zodiac, that is twelve houses. Every house comes with a sign that rules it. It should be stated that the houses move counterclockwise. It may seem like an insignificant detail, but who knows when you may need that knowledge to be applied later on.

The important question comes to mind – why should you pay attention to those houses, let alone study them? Those involved in astrology know that houses can help you determine on which area of your life it is best to focus your attention at a certain period. To put it simply, when you are looking through your daily horoscope, you read it for mere amusement since deep inside you know that it can’t be that precise. That is true. To be honest, the most precise and accurate is the birth chart. Why is that? The answer is simple, and you need to view a birth chart as a screenshot of the sky at the exact time when you were born. The birth chart is that one thing that can tell you anything about you, starting with your passion and ending with the time when you will get pregnant. When you think about it, it is difficult to say that astrology is not an exact science. All that is required is the understanding of how to read it.

As for the houses, the fact is that no matter the planet or the star you take – each exists in a certain house. The pattern those celestial elements form within a house predicts your future, as well as your past and present.

Houses – the definition

We have discussed the houses closely so far but not close enough. You need to realize the simple fact that the houses, not the Zodiac signs, make astrology as exciting as it is. Every house represents a particular component of your life. However, you shouldn’t conclude that every sign has a certain house to it, and that is all you need to know. The fact is that all the twelve houses interact with one another, and you can direct your attention on one and leave the other eleven houses out. Astrology and the birth chart do not work that way. The connection between all the components is far more complex.

It needs to be emphasized that the way houses move is different from the way the Zodiac wheel does. While the Zodiac wheel is closely connected to the movement of the Sun during a year, houses are the reflection of the Earth’s movement around the axis over 24 hours. The fact that houses move all the time requires you to state the exact time of birth so that an astrologer can view the precise chart and read it correctly.

Can you read your chart?

It goes without saying that if you are just a beginner in astrology and you see your birth chart for the first time, you will feel a little confused since there will be a lot to decipher. There are many symbols in some areas of the chart while the others are completely empty – so which ones matter?

As a matter of fact, it is all very simple. Once you find your Ascendant, you will read the chart like an open book. Another name for the ascendant is the Rising Sign. The ascendant is based far left from the central horizon line. It determines the sign that emerged right when you were born. As simple as that. The ascendant stands for the personal traits of every human. It needs to be stated that if you want to know which planet is the ruling one for your sign, the ascendant is the component that points it out.

When you have determined your Ascendant, you can spot the houses in your chart that you need to pay attention to in the first place. As it has been mentioned, every house is responsible for a certain aspect of your life. Today we are going to discuss what every house stands for, and which part of your life it is responsible for.

1st House – the Image  

It is only natural to start our list with the first house in the chart. First of all, it needs to be said that Aries rules it. This particular house is responsible for your image. To put it simply, the house defines the way others perceive you.

It is not about the feeling that you awake in others, it is merely your physical look, your appearance. As they say – first impressions matter, and people are usually judged by the appearance in the first place.

However, image is not the only thing that the house rules over. It has power over your mechanisms that are responsible for your self-respect. Also, the house reflects the way you react to different circumstances and environments.

Let’s have a closer look at a certain example for you to understand the house better. For instance, if Uranus is in your house, that means that you are a real rebel. You do not like to look like all other people. That is why you are always seeking the most unusual ways to express yourself, primarily through the way you dress or behave in public. Uranus is the planet governing all the rebels.

2nd House – Possessions

The second house is responsible for all of the things you own. In the majority of cases, it is money or any other material wealth. Sometimes the house is also called the house of money. This particular house reflects your financial state as well as the way you feel about it, your attitude towards your personal belongings.

In case you do not know, Venus is the planet of the money if you have it in your chart and the horoscope states that it is about to slow down or go retrograde in the second house, get ready to face financial difficulties. And vice versa, if Venus is stationary in the given house, you can make a lot of money rather fast.

3rd House – Communication

To tell the truth, the third house is responsible for more than one aspect of your life. For the most part, the house governs the communication sphere. It does not matter whether it is face-to-face communication or an online one, both are ruled by the given house. To put it simply, the way you articulate your thoughts in words is controlled by the third house.

However, this house is also responsible for your attitude and relationship with the closest people, be it your neighbors or family members – the house rules them all.

It should be added that if your destiny, or as they call it North Node, is in the third house of your chart, then you are a born writer, and you had better work hard on improving your writing skills.

4th House – Family and Home

There is no person without the roots that are slightly blurred somewhere in the past. The fourth house is the one that governs all that is related to your home or family and roots. Together with all the family-related items, the house affects your sense of safety and your attitude toward your mother.

It is safe to say that the house reflects the way you feel about your family connections and roots. 

There is a simple example to share so that you can understand the power of this house better. In case you see that Saturn is in your fourth house, it means that your childhood was anything but simple. The very same goes for the daily or monthly horoscope. Saturn, the planet of Karma, in the fourth house can indicate that there are some uneasy times that you are going through at the moment in relation to your family.

5th House – Creativity

The given house is the house entirely connected to all sorts of fun that humans encounter in life. For the most part, the fifth house represents your creativity. However, it is closely intertwined with love, sex, and romance; in other words, it is the house of affairs.

Different people see joy coming from different places, but be it gambling or romantic relationship – everything is covered. 

The given house governs your personal attitude to spheres, such as your love life, kids, drama, and all sorts of other fun activities that you prefer.

6th House – Health and Routines

It may seem odd to think that astrology has something to do with your day-to-day activities, but it is true. In fact, the sixth house is the one responsible for it. Anything on the scale from your daily routines, like brushing your teeth or walking your pet, to job responsibilities are governed by the given house.

Apart from all the activities and responsibilities that you take, the house also rules over your attitude towards what you do. 

As you can see, it is stated above that the house is responsible for your health too. The truth is that all the healthy, and not so much, habits, as well as diet and exercising, are controlled by the sixth house.

7th House – Relationships

No one exists separately in this world. You need to interact with certain people at one time or another during your life. As you may have guessed, the seventh house is the house that rules over the way you relate to others.

Be it your spouse, your business partner, or your friends, you have a particular attitude towards them. If you wonder how it is formed, it is formed under the influence of the seventh house. Even all kinds of competitions you take part in fall under this influence.

Many people do not realize the fact that there is always another side to any person, which can be revealed only through interactions with other people. This shadow side is the one that is affected by the seventh house.

8th House – Transformation

In case you wonder which house is the most mysterious of all – that would be the eighth one. Another peculiar fact about the given house is that it is also named the house of death. Don’t be afraid, death is not always referred to in its literary meaning, it can be used in a figurative one too. They say that an orgasm is also a death of some sort. Besides, the house governs a person’s sexuality too, so the two notions are closely related.

Apart from death, astrology defines this house as the house of rebirth and transformation. Very often, some charts exclude the fact that the eighth house has a close relation to money too. However, that is rarely used in terms of pure income, mostly this is money that you come into after some certain death. Let’s say you inherit money after some relative of yours dies, or you get financial benefit after your partner’s death, etc.

9th House – Higher Mind

It is common for us to say that someone’s view of the world is different from ours. What does that stand for? The truth is that every time you travel and discover new horizons, you give food for thought, so it grows. That is what we call higher learning or higher mind, and the ninth house is the one that rules over this particular area of life.

You need to realize that the simple fact that there are many spheres that affect your perception of certain situations and your attitude as a result. Those spheres that add up to your spiritual development are the ones ruled by the given house.

10th House – Career

No matter what some people claim, all of us want to leave a mark in this world, let alone in history. To achieve something that is worth remembering, you need to work hard, and your career matters here. That is precisely what the tenth house is responsible for – your career and everything that is related to it.

In many cases, this house is referred to as the house of fame, and now you can understand why. Anything that you do in this life is either to be famous or to achieve something that you desire most, but in the long run, the way you get there does not differ greatly.

The way you perceive authority and react to it is also influenced by the given house.

11th House – Goals

There is rarely a point in living if you do not have any hopes or goals set in front of you. All the personal goals and wishes of each and everyone on Earth are ruled by the eleventh house.

The goals you set and the ways you move towards them are predicted by the given house. For instance, if the Sun is the one in your house, that can only mean that the best way for you to achieve something is to work in a team. Usually, the team is formed out of the people who are close to you or those who share the same interests.

12th House – Spiritual Growth

 It is somehow symbolic that the last house is the one that is responsible for your spiritual growth as well as spiritual health. The twelfth house is the one that drives your deepest and darkest secrets at times. The truth is that all that is hidden somewhere on your subconscious level is difficult to access and this particular house can help you succeed by determining something that remains hidden from the naked eye.

Your self-development, growth, and even karma are defined by this house. What is more, your strong points, as well as the weak ones, are ruled by the house. For example, if it is said that Pluto is getting into the twelfth house, you need to prepare for the upcoming crisis the fastest you can. Besides, very often the crisis is closely related to the secrets you would rather not reveal.

To sum it up, it is safe to say that the house system is not that complex when you learn to differentiate and read signs and houses correctly. Astrology is yet another tongue to master, no more, no less. Besides, the houses that astrology cherishes are divided into twelve, and the number is one of the perfect ones! 

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