24 Apr 2024

The Perfect Mantra to Attract Love, Abundance, and More

Do you know what mantra is? Mantras are combinations of sounds and syllables that are used to achieve anything you want. Everything in the Universe has a sound that vibrates at a certain frequency, and mantra is the sound of the language of the Universe. It is quite magical!

When you repeat mantra to yourself, it’s like you enchant the energy in your living and make it work for you. In today's world, people prefer to contact fortune-tellers to help them improve their lives. However, a mantra is a more effective and less expensive way to change your life and bring into it everything you could only dream about. With the use of such a simple and powerful magic, you can make real friends, find the love of your life or get rich.

In order for your thoughts to take shape, they must be written down. For this, choose a beautiful sheet of paper, decorate it and write on it the mantra that you invented for yourself. 

The magic will begin as soon as you start to read your mantra aloud and feel a surge of unusual energy in every cell of your body. This is the beginning of the action of the mantra. You may need to take a break at some point.

If you want to feel the power of the mantra as much as possible, trust the number 3 (read it 3 or 9 times). 

By reading the mantra aloud, you allow it to gain strength and fill the space with magical vibrations. You need to read the mantra constantly to evaluate the results. During the day, you will definitely feel the moment when you need to do this again. Reading the mantra for 3 weeks in a row (21 days) is a perfect solution. But remember that reading the mantra is not so difficult; it is much more difficult to write it using the correct words.

5 Steps to Write Your Perfect Mantra

Step 1: Off with doubt. You deserve what you ask for

The big problem of people is that they constantly consider themselves unworthy of their wildest dreams. Stand out from the crowd right now: you deserve the whole world. If you dream of having a million – yes. If you want to find true love and die on the same day with him/her – yes. If you want people to finally notice you – yes, yes and yes! 

I know a girl whose dream of a lifetime is to find a true love. But she has always been unlucky with the good guys and surrounded by people who often deceived and betrayed each other. Then she invented a mantra according to our scheme. Her father encountered a polite young man at work and invited him to dinner. At dinner, this guy said that the delivery service in which he works accidentally mixed up the order, so he delivered it to this company. He also said that he is an orphan, and this beautiful young lady reminds him of his mother. Needless to say, this was the same guy whom she dreamed of meeting all her life. He turned out to be exactly what she wanted when she wrote her ambitious mantra. After a while they got married, and this is one of the most successful marriages that I know.

Step 2: Be able to admit everything to yourself

In order for the mantra to work, you have to really want what you ask for. And you can achieve everything only if you honestly admit to yourself what you want. 

If you want to become attractive to others, think about why you need it. Maybe you really lack good friends?

Maybe you want a job that could be called your hobby? Or do you need a job where you can earn a lot? Be specific, details matter.

Imagine that you are a magician who could conjure virtually anything for himself. What could it be? It is very important to understand your true desires while writing the mantra.

Step 3: Good can never grow out of evil

If you want to get something, and it could hurt another person, forget about it. I'm serious. 

Do not treat other people like toys. Do not associate their names and fates with your mantras. Everyone is responsible for their fate and their actions. You cannot claim to be the ruler of the world. 

This is especially true for people who want a specific person to fall in love with them. Do not tempt fate. You wouldn’t want to feel like a slave to another person, would you? Even if your venture is successful, you will encounter the consequences of this mistake. And it is unlikely you'll like them. 

Your thoughts towards others should be kind or neutral. The energy of the Universe should serve for the good, and not fill the sources of evil.

Step 4: Trust in the Universe is the key

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or not, and what religion you profess. You can call this power as you like, but the essence is the same: trust is everything.

The man is arrogant, it always seems to him that he knows himself better than anyone and anything, and therefore doesn’t leave space for higher wisdom in his life. 

For example, you have preferred men with blue eyes all your life because they seemed more reliable to you. And you are sure that you would never fall in love with a man with brown eyes. But in the end, you can meet a wonderful person with any eye color, even with brown eyes, and he may be the most reliable and worthy. Because it was his personal quality what mattered for you, not a symbol. 

Step 5: Let your soul speak

You feel the energy of words and know exactly what you would like to write.

Use this wording as if the desired is already happening to you. You can write: "I want to be healthy." But "I will be healthy" sounds much more convincing. Or "I'm already healthy and full of energy."

So, this text is filled with a positive charge. Take a pen and beautiful paper, as we agreed, think over everything that you would like to send to the Universe, give free rein to creativity and create your own working mantra. Everything conceived will certainly come true, so use this spell wisely!

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