27 May 2024

How to Flirt with Any Zodiac Sign

Being lonely is sometimes the worst thing ever that can happen to us. That is why we tend to seek others’ attention all the time. In the majority of cases, it is more than just some attention that we need. We need to be loved, and falling in love at times is inevitable. However, it is not a secret that different people fall for others in different ways. What is more, every sign has some particular way of showing that he or she has feelings for you.

While some signs are more secretive, others can’t but scream about it. How would you recognize if someone from your inner circle has feelings for you? Well, it is quite simple. All you need is to figure out their zodiac sign and then read through this guide. You may be surprised at what you will find out, there is no doubt about it. Besides, you may learn how you yourself flirt and how others perceive it, not to mention the fact that you will know how to flirt with particular zodiac signs too. We assure you that it is going to be quite a thrill!


When Aries has a crush on you – you will know it. The truth is that this particular sign does not like to keep things hidden for a long time. Besides, people born under the sign of Aries are very confident about themselves, yet, a person they like will make them feel uneasy and nervous when around. 

Very often, Aries is the one to make the first move. However, that does not mean that they do not like a good chase. That is why even if you know that Aries has a crush on you and you feel like you would return it, it is best to wait for a little and let them fight for you. However, you shouldn’t go too far with playing hard to catch since Aries may get bored and switch their attention.

On the other hand, Aries would give anything to win. That is why he or she will make sure that they look their absolute best whenever you are around. They are going to wear their best clothes and perfect makeup – all to impress you. 

All in all, it is safe to say that Aries will be glowing once they are falling for someone, and that is something that you will not be able to miss.


Taurus is the complete opposite of Aries when it comes to flirting. First of all, for this earthly sign ruled by the planet of love, it is hard to display their feelings. What is even harder for Taurus is to find the person they feel like falling for. There is going to be a lot of consideration before Taurus starts showing you some signs of affection.

You need to be aware of the fact that very often, Taurus is monogamous, so when they find someone, they think it is for life. That is why they are so careful about whom to pay attention to. When on their own, Taurus is quite closed up, and they really like the feeling of personal space. All this changes dramatically when Taurus feels like he or she has found someone they are ready to spend the life with. Taurus will be close to you, trying to have a little touch of you. Holding or touching hands is the first sign that Taurus is into you. People born under this zodiac sign are very sensual, and you had better be aware of that. However, Taurus will not overcrowd your space and will expect the same in return.

As for those that Taurus is attracted to, they would be open-hearted and easy-going people. What is more, someone who cooks well may steal their hearts straight away. You shouldn’t forget that cleanness is also very important to Taurus. Smelling good and looking neat appeals greatly to this sign. 


We are not going to hide it from you – Gemini may be hard to read. The fact is that this is a dual sign, and there is no sure way to predict how a particular Gemini will show their attention and feelings off. They may open up all of a sudden, or they may turn inward. It depends upon every Gemini. 

However, if you know a Gemini for a while, and you can predict their behavior in a certain situation, and then you notice that they change dramatically, that may be the first sign that they are into you.

Very often, Gemini will try to get as close to you as possible. This may be a little overwhelming at times because all of us need some personal space sometimes, and Gemini may neglect that need when they are in pursuit of you. If you feel like you want to share the feelings, then it is best to let them overcrowd you for a while. As your relationship will develop, it will get better. However, the relationship with Gemini will be full of surprises, and at times it will be hard to predict what to expect next. If you love the person, you will have to get used to it, since there is no other way.


There will be no problem spotting that Cancer is into you. There will be a lot of physical touching from the sign’s side, because there is no better way to show affection rather than hug or fondle someone, at least in Cancer’s mind.

The body language that Cancer uses has no secret meaning to it. It is what it is, and you had better get the point straight away. Firm eye to eye contact sending chills down your spine is another powerful weapon Cancer usually practices. Besides, there is usually that string vibration coming off Cancer in love so that it is hard to miss it. 

Another peculiar thing Cancers use as the sign of affection is a sassy naughtiness in their speech. You need to know that Cancer is one of the highly physical signs, and they want to grab every hold of you they can. On the other side, if there is someone Cancer falls for, he or she will be loyal to you to the end of the days. It is safe to state that this sign is full of love. It may be annoying at times, but in the majority of cases, it is merely cute and adorable. You will never feel bored with a person like that on your side; besides, Cancers are skillful lovers too.


No matter which astrology chart you take, each and every one of them will point out one undeniable leader – Leo. Just like any leaders, Leos tend to take what is theirs right off the bat. You may not even realize that you have been captured, and that is the beauty of the relationship with a Leo.

No matter the occasion, Leos are going to be in the center of attention –there is simply no other way for them. As for ways of figuring out if a Leo is interested in you, that is quite simple. If you are introduced to the inner circle, then the sign is highly into you.

Even though Leo is always a leader, it doesn’t mean that he or she is not warm or lovable. On the contrary, they are deeply affectionate, to the point that it may be annoying at times. However, Leo knows how to make you laugh as well as to please you, but you should be ready to return the favor. Leos like some suspense too. At times you may be unsure as to where certain behavior may lead. Leos may trick you into thinking that they are going to take you straight to bed while they will take you for a romantic walk. That’s a whole Leo in a nutshell.


Virgos are orderly and secretive every so often, and that may trick some of you into thinking that this sign is incapable of showing attention. That is not true: when Virgos like someone – they show it. If you know a Virgo well enough, you will notice it. The fact is that Virgos are incredibly touchable when they like you. Otherwise, you won’t find Virgo touching anyone.

It may be something insignificant, like running their fingers through your hair or rubbing your hand, but Virgo does not do that to those they do not like. Besides, everything Virgo does will be to attract your attention. When a Virgo falls for someone, he or she will do anything to be closer to you anytime, and the more, the better.

They like to share a good gaze. It does not mean that they will send you hundreds of butterflies through the look. Usually, it is an intent look with a note of fondness to it. It should be added, Virgos like to help those they are having some feelings for. To sum it all up, when a Virgo flirts with you, this won’t escape your attention. 


If there is any weirder sign in love, we do not know about it. Libra is an absolute weirdo when he or she falls for someone. At times it seems that this good sign has lost senses. They will do the strangest stuff in front of you. All that will be to impress you, and you should better appreciate the courage if you are interested in Libra.

It is true that Libra flirting style leaves much to be desired, since, as a perfect sign of affection, they may ask you to touch pimples on their face. If you are feeling grossed out, you had better overcome this attitude assuming you really like this person.

On the bright side, Libras are endless romantics. They like long strolls, picnics, and all other sweet things people in love do. We say in love because that is what it is – Libras never go through the ‘like’ phase but jump to the ‘love’ one right away.

To put it simply, a Libra in love is quite an insane person. They will try their best to impress you no matter the means. Besides, you need to make peace with their weirdness as long as you want to be together. If you feel uncomfortable – Libra will intuit it, and nothing good can ever come out of it.


Scorpios are hunters, and you are a prey – there is rarely any other way around. Scorpio is a perfect seducer, and you will not see how you get trapped by its charm. They look their best, not to mention how they smell when they are about to capture you. Once a Scorpio has hugged you – you will remember that hug to the end of your days. 

Not everyone knows this but Scorpios are real pros of attraction. They feel the art like no other sign does. Once a Scorpio has feelings for you, he or she will make you feel desired and one of a kind. Apart from the incredible hugs, Scorpios are masters of kisses too. If they decide to lash out the full force of their seductiveness, there is no way you could resist it. You will fly like a moth to the flame, and there will be nothing capable to take you off the course. 

We have discussed the physical side of Scorpio, but there is a spiritual one too. Even though Scorpio likes the hunt, he or she will feel disarmed in front of those who are truly innocent. The sign is overly protective over those he or she loves. Besides, when he or she feels safe with you, you will have a glimpse at their sensitive side too.

To capture Scorpio, you need to play by their rules. Be possessive and indifferent at the same time, and you will feel that magnetic bond forming between you. Even though Scorpios are masters of seduction, they love to be seduced at times too. Once you find a perfect balance between innocence and naughtiness, you will feel happy with a Scorpio forever.


There are not so many zodiac signs which are incredibly comfortable about themselves, but Sagittarius is clearly on the list. It seems that there is nothing fancy about this sign, and that makes them free and easy-going. The fact that Sagittarius is equally comfortable around different people may be confusing at times since it is easy to confuse mere friendliness for affection. You need to be careful to avoid misreading the signs.

If you see that a Sagittarius is trying to impress you though, that is one of the main signs that he or she is actually interested. Showing off their body or some other things is a clear hint that you can expect something more.

It needs to be clarified that Sagittarius is known as a sign who likes flings more than serious relationships, but that is not always the case. They may act as it is just a temporary affection, but they will scan you deeply to see whether you are fit for something more. Even though they will not state it loud and clear, but long term relationships are very important for Sagittarius. They may even propose when you do not expect it.


Once you get to know a Capricorn, you will change your opinion about them straight away. Very often, Capricorns seem to be very reserved and righteous. To be honest, that is what they really are, but there is a hidden side to them too. Capricorns are not that expressive when compared to other signs. They like to take things slowly since when they decide to start a relationship, it is going to be a serious one.

The best way to figure out if there is a spark between you is to pay attention to the way they act around you. Clearly, Capricorns won’t try to attract attention to what they do. They will merely come to your aid anytime you need it. 

In the majority of cases, a Capricorn will offer you to spend some quality time together, so if you are feeling attracted to a Capricorn, you had better agree. There is nothing out of order to happen on your first date. They will take things slowly, but at times, that is exactly what you need to figure out whether you click together.


No matter how hard you want to know whether Aquarius is into you, the sign is the toughest to crack. They will not let you know about their feelings, nor will they keep it hidden. Those of you who have come across an Aquarius once or twice in your life know how secretive the sign is.

The truth is that Aquarius can repress their feelings for years without slipping a hint that there is something more between you. You may forget about Aquarius making the first move – that is not going to happen. That is why, if you want to check whether there is anything, you should not wait – take the initiative into your hands.

However, rushing will only make things worse. Instead, you need to show your own signs of affection bit by bit and see if the person reflects them. If there is a mirror effect that you can track, then it is worth continuing.

Aquarius is that one sign who wants friendship before commitment, but in the long run, it is worth the wait since Aquarius people are always the best.


It is hard to find someone else who is more romantic than Pisces. If you notice Pisces trying to look their best in front of you – that is a clear sign that they are into you. At times, they say that Pisces is the easiest to tell when they are in love. The fact is that they will do anything to please you, and they will always be a step ahead of you when it comes to satisfying your need. They will bring you coffee a minute before you think you want one. 

It is all about love when it comes to Pisces, and that is great. However, some people may consider it a little overwhelming. This means that before you enter a relationship with Pisces, you need to be ready for tremendous loads of attention and love coming your way. If you think that you are not ready to cope with this, it is best not to give Pisces false hope, since it may hurt deeply. 

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