13 Jul 2024

Predictive Astrology – What Is It

We judge astrological forecasts by the trends we read about. However, many popular publications report only short and surface characteristics based on the aspects of solar zodiac signs. Astrology is capable of more. This science helps us to find knowledge about three groups of symbols: signs, heavenly bodies, houses; to find answers to questions about the upcoming times.

Astrology and fortune telling

Everyone can find interesting astrological predictions using portals and forums. It is difficult for an unprepared person to be sure, how relevant such information is. Universal forecast is a standard, common for each zodiac sign. This is, perhaps, the clearest example of fortune-telling. Even non-astrologer understands that circumstances or events for each Leo or Virgo cannot be similar.

Such mythical horoscopes demonstrate the accuracy of 70-80 percent. In general, an attempt to write a general forecast for people of the same astrological symbol is initially doomed to failure. Eventually, if we take into account only the location of the Sun sign, excluding degrees, other planets, that is not enough and is less than 5 percent of the facts.

Astrology is closely linked to star divination, but does not match. Attempts to calculate and predict the future relate to a section of star science called “predictive astrology”.

Even when you associate astrology with weekly predictions, you have to know that, with its help, there is a chance to discover new life opportunities, to predict an important event, or to understand your relationship with a partner. 

As a working tool for life design, astrology can reveal hidden secrets either with the help of astrologer, or for you personally (of course, after studying and practice).

But humans still don’t know exactly how astrology works. More often, we describe astrology as a knowledge scheme that detects how the planets move in the sky and how that force influences a person’s life. However, is this knowledge reasonable? The right and correct prediction will help to manage life and make it more successful, to open new opportunities and find hidden power.

There are several methods of astrological forecasting:

  • Natal;
  • Horary;
  • Mundal;
  • Synastry;
  • Predictive.

Astrology – is the art of prediction, a sort of landmark that helps us avoid undesirable situations or dangers. Thus, undoubtedly, this science is fundamentally important.

Natal Astrology

This forecasting model is constructed on the following data: the date, time and country of birth. The model is formed on the basis that each life aspect can be revealed by creating a birth chart by the exact date, time, and place of birth.

The same individual astrological map serves to predict the future and any aspect of life. Therefore, astrologer can shed light on the impending adverse effects of stars in your horoscope, give advice when and what to do to avoid danger, how to carry out an important business deal etc.. The natal chart marks the life potential and future perspectives for self-realization in society.

Horary Astrology

Another popular type is a horary star reader. The method is applicable when a specific question arises, and the person needs an answer. With the help of horary astrology, many important and urgent issues can be clarified. It is possible to figure out how the trial will end, whether to agree with a certain person or not, and whether to trust him/her, without delving into the long construction and sense of the natal diagram.

Horary astrology is practiced in all spheres of life. Horary horoscope gives a definite answer to specific topics and expresses questions.

Mundane Astrology

An alternative type of forecasting is called mundane. This model is one of the oldest and many famous ancient astrologers succeeded in it. Mundane astrology was used by palace forecasters, who “worked” in ancient times under each ruler, both in the East and in the West. Mundane astrology predicts the destiny of entire societies, cities and their populations; it answers important questions relating to a certain country. Thus, mundane astrologers can predict political changes in  particular country, including  security threat, the stock exchange, the epidemic diseases, etc.

Synastry Astrology

One more popular forecasting form in our time is the synastry astrology, aimed to assist in understanding the features of relationship. To make predictions for compatibility, it’s necessary to take the horoscopes of both individuals, and to put on top of each other. Astrologer concludes how two people are in harmony with each other comparing  the heavenly bodies and important points in both charts. This forecasting type is especially important for planning a marriage or a common cause. The astrologer can see all the pitfalls of compatibility and, based on the general forecast, either recommend a union or not.

Predictive astrology

Predictive forecasting allows making predictions of specific events in life. With its use, the astrologer can detect the correct time for event realization, which is embedded in the birthday diagram of a person. Also, it is used to trace the progress trend of the present event, or to see the most significant periods in a lifetime: career ups, marriage, moving, as well as potentially risky to avoid them.

This field of astrology allows to set the time of occurrence of certain events. After long analysis, it was concluded that the date of birth and geographical location at the time of the prediction have a special impact on person’s fortune.

The popularity of astrology today

Today, predictive astrology is well-known broadly. Indeed, most of us are so eager to know about the near future. However, here you need to be careful and not to rush to extremes, if some astrologer, say, predicted financial collapse or a divorce. Indeed, astrology prediction does not provide with categorical recommendations. The event may not certainly come true, but it is probable.

Our fate is constantly changing: we are changing it. Already at the time of birth, it is programmed that some events should occur in a given period. Astrologer should indicate them, and we can try to change these events, if we know about them.

Features of predictive astrology

The sun sign is an individual heavenly house, which, with the help of fields, can be tied to a specific geographical point. All this has a direct impact on fortune.

The astrological alphabet consists of planets, aspects, houses, and signs. Combined in natal data into a complex pattern, they carry a lot of information encrypted in deep and multi-level symbols.

Predictive astrology for newcomers should include long-term actions with the natal chart to indicate all features of a person’s life on it. As an example, a person has been lonely for a long time, and therefore, there should be a celibacy mark on the card. In general, it must determine his/her past and present. Only then can we proceed with predictions.

Predictive Vedic astrology can be carried out in two ways:

The purpose of prediction is to find out when a particular event will happen. For example, a woman wants to know when she will have children. In this case, it is visible for several years and determined exactly, when the time comes for conception.

The second version of the art of Vedic astrology involves a thorough review of each year and the determination of possible combinations and formulas.

In total, there are several predictive models:

  • Horar - means the definition of initiating events;
  • Solar - works only for a separate subject;
  • Lunar - close to the Solar method;
  • Transit - helps to find all answers;
  • Symbolic directorates - help to determine the time of events almost exactly;
  • Secondary directorates - help to determine annual events;

There are just over a few million of people of every sun sign worldwide. It is not serious to believe that those few proposals written in the forecasts will be valid for such a huge number of people. It would be a little naive to believe that.

Astrology works with methods that are close to official science. It predicts the future as a trend that may occur at a certain time, without accurate indication of events that will happen to a person.


Predictive astrology must show the best period for doing something. As an example, Uranus entered the 10th house place, is in charge of career and work. Most people in this period are fired.

On the other hand, this is a time when you can set up your own business, professionally engage in astrology, and create a blog that will quickly gain popularity. It is like a clock that displays that it is time for lunch or rest. The goal is to use this time to the maximum. You choose which path to follow yourself.

Transits activate what we already have. In other words, they emphasize and turn on or off our psychological traits.

By making predictions, astrologer is looking for more than one indication of event occurrence. Usually,  the presence of only one factor is not enough to predict a significant event that will happen in life. It is necessary to double-check and confirm the forecast by another method.

Solar Return (Solar)

Technically, everything is simple. A map is built at the time of the exact connection of your Sun with the transit. It turns out a certain snapshot of the star map, which is superimposed on your birth card. Solar return chart is used for year analysis; the starting point is your birthday.

The Progressed Lunation Cycle Progression

This is a rather complicated section of predictive astrology. The technical side of the issue: every day after your birth date is equal to the year of your life. Progressions are used to predict your future with a high degree of probability, and this method is also indispensable for correction and restoration of the exact time of birth.

The progression method shows well the global your life events and trends, important life-changing situations. Accuracy increases significantly if applied in conjunction with transit.

Even skeptics sometimes look at predictions. After all, horoscopes allow people to:

  • Hope for the best;
  • Find out future fate;
  • Distract from the material world;
  • Look beyond the ordinary.

Using this data, you will determine the most prosperous days for yourself and get a chance to prevent mistakes knowing about them in advance. Turn to experienced stargazers and your future will always be in your hands.

High-quality predictive analytics is the potential to make the right choice and succeed. Knowing the algorithm, you will quickly reach the path to success. Our experienced astrologers are always ready to help you with personal, love, children and other predictions. As a result, you get your life guide. Looking through it from time to time, you can avoid many serious problems, improve family life, and increase well-being.

Why does it happen that  astrologers’ horoscope predictions do not come true?

Users of astrological services note that not all forecasts come true. This even applies to forecasts made by an experienced astrologer.

The most common reason is incorrect information given by the customer for the horoscope correction. This happens when the visitor is not sufficiently responsible for filling out the questionnaire - he confuses the time of events, makes them not according to documents, but from memory, makes decisions about the importance or unimportance of an event.

Wrong customer expectations are the most popular reason. Often, astrologer talks about the possibility of an event (the likeliness of pregnancy, employment, buying an apartment), and not about 100%. Indeed, despite the relevant elements in the horoscope, the chance of pregnancy is zero, when you don’t have a partner.

Another reason is the individual features of the client, such as high conservatism and unwillingness to change anything in life (typical for people with the new Moon in Taurus). In this case, it is easier to endure a negative situation than to change it. Thus, there may be aspects of dismissal in the horoscope, but people will prefer to quarrel and endure, but not make a final decision. As a result, aspects of dismissal pass, but dismissal does not occur.

Fear is a strong emotion that includes powerful processes in space. Knowing, that a negative situation will arise, a person who seeks to avoid it, consciously or subconsciously performs several actions, thereby changing the line of events.

Nowadays, astrological software is very useful and accurate in making predictions. You can make any forecasts with its help. For this, you have to know the same data: day, time and place of birth to calculate your chart. Computer program will provide you with such info as individual sun and moon sign, dominant life aspects and other interesting data. The software is free and does not require special knowledge to download and install the program on your gadget. There are some free elements to predict:

  • Your lifestyle and detailed characteristics;
  • Match with other signs;
  • Baby name recommendation;
  • Love and career predictions.

Keep in mind that prediction is not a sentence and the future is not predetermined, it is multivariate. Prediction is just the potential scenario for current events.

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