01 Feb 2023

Colors According to the Zodiac Signs

There are specific colors attributed to each zodiac sign. We all know already that different palettes can influence many aspects of our lives, especially if they are connected to the constellation under which we were born. The most meaningful hues are those related to our Sun placements. Each sign is accompanied by particular unique features like a crystal, animal, aura color and more. Learning about your color scheme will help you have a better comprehension of the signs.

Of course, each sign is not limited to one color or even a selection of different shades. The information can differ from book to website because everyone has a different experience. Knowing about the shades belonging to your Sun sign will only enrich your knowledge of symbols associated with you. It is always important to remember, that Astrology is not a restriction, but a tool you can use to seek comfort and new color meanings.

In this table, you can see the most common and usual tones connected to the zodiac signs. We will discuss other tones and meanings more thoroughly below. Remember, that it's all relative, and your personal experience with each hue and its energy can differ greatly. This depends heavily on your ascendant and other factors as well.







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Scorpio Gemini Virgo Aquarius Cancer  

Fire Signs


The zodiac is ruled by Mars, which means hot hues like red, fierce orange and so on. Aries people are frequently compared to fire, which is obviously not only because of the placement but because of their unique characteristics. They are leaders and people of courage. The color red can also mean your inner strength and the power to find that fire and passion inside even in the darkest times. The bearers of this zodiac sign are always ready to share their warmth and energy with others. Quite often they can serve as a beacon of hope and source of inspiration for everyone around them. Their activeness should also be mentioned as they are one of the most energetic people. They are not afraid of taking the risk.


Leos are generally such charismatic and bright personalities that it is obvious to correlate them with yellow and various tones of orange. This is the color of the Sun, the brightest star shining upon us. Such people have a heart of gold, which is another favorable color for this placement. Leos can be the source of radiant optimism, often affecting the others as well. Just as the planets of our system revolve around the Sun, many people tend to get closer to Leo. They rarely keep their feeling to themselves because of the constant urge of sharing. Wearing yellow color in clothes can help them appear even more charismatic.


The people under this constellation are ruled by Jupiter. Their respective colors are purple and darkish shades of blue. Sags are constant explorers, willing to absorb any information they could find. But this does not mean seclusion, as these people are unique personalities. They tend to be outgoing and social, feeling comfortable around others. Everyone else loves them in return. The color purple means enlightenment, which is what Sagittarius people are usually seeking in their lives. One of the most valuable things for them is pure knowledge.

Earth Signs


Just like their zodiac animal, Tauruses are consistent and determined. Sometimes they can also be stubborn. Being an earth sign and having a bull as their animal, Tauruses are closely connected to the color green. Green means stability, wealth and personal growth. People sharing this zodiac placement take pleasure in many things like food, art and beauty in general. This brings us to their planet – Venus. Being ruled by Venus, this placement indicates femininity, leading to another prominent color, which is pink. The pink shades are also important because of the gentle disposition and kindness stored in a heart of Taurus.


The earthy tones like brown and multiple hues of green are connected to Virgos. They are ruled by Mercury. Stability, incorporated in the brown shades, is important for this sign. Virgos are hard workers and perfectionists. They always want to achieve perfection not only in themselves and all their beginnings but also in others. The color green steps forward when it comes to productivity and personal growth. Virgos never stop improving and growing in their desire to become better people. Nevertheless, even with all the imperfections in other people, those born under Virgo often provide the support needed.


Capricorns are often viewed as conservative and determined. Their colors according to their strong will and dedication are green, grey and brown. People living with this sign are tender and protective over their close ones. They usually tend to be providers in the family. You can always rely on a Capricorn and be sure that they will do anything to live up to the trust. One of the strongest points for this placement is its practicality and the desire to always take the most trustworthy path in life. They are often independent, which makes them some of the greatest leaders. As for fashion, there is an easy tip – wear comfortable clothes in one of Capricorn’s colors, as they will suit people of this placement well.

Air Signs


The sheer curiosity and wit running in Geminis are most commonly associated with a yellow palette and light tones of orange. This placement is energetic and quick, always having a lot of ideas to share with the entirety of the world. The urge to unveil more about everything is admirable. They appear to be constant learners, and this is also disclosed in the color meaning. Yellow identifies intellectuals and bright personalities, which is an exact description of people with Gemini placements. Another important trait of this sign is the craving for finding stability and harmony, corresponding to the orange color. This color helps with expressing yourself and staying true to the adventurous nature. Moreover, wearing clothes in this color palette can boost self confidence as well.


Their shades are pink, blue and green. Libras are genuinely caring and loving. They can find the required balance easily. This means that they tend to find harmony between the opposites like good and bad or right and wrong. Light blue is what helps with finding balance, while pink tones represent this calmness and kindness. Being natural healers, Libras are connected to green shades as well. Green is exactly what pushes any Libra to continue with personal growth and fighting for what is right. People born under this zodiac sign possess a great ability to figure out the best solutions.


With Uranus in the lead, people with the Aquarius placement have this electricity and pure energy to them. No wonder their lucky colours are blue and aquamarine or turquoise. Aquarius people are both thinkers and outgoing personalities. Their dual nature comes as a unique blend of personal traits. The different tints of blue portray all the possibilities and open-mindedness inherent in almost any Aquarius. This color is also what brings enough calmness to even energy blasting from this placement. This spirit is sufficient to take the world by storm with the intention of making it a better place. They always care for other people and fight for empowerment.

Water Signs


Summer signs start with warm-hearted Cancer (June – July). It is often coupled with such soft tones as grey, white and light cream. One of the most loving placements will for sure protect anyone close and dear to their heart at all costs. The innocence and pure intentions towards the others are represented by the light color scheme. The sea is a symbol important to Cancers, which is why their color is silver as well, like the water surface touched by the moonlight. Cancers are highly sensitive and often rely on their intuition to find the true path in life. They can be overprotective sometimes, although always with good intentions. This protectiveness comes from their desire to nurture their close ones.


Folks born under the Scorpio stars are extremely passionate. This is why their colors are intense. They include deep red, maroon, and even black. One of the strongest desires in every Scorpio is the willingness to discover the truth and unveil all secrets. This placement is closely connected to transformation, which means bringing something hidden into the light. Red is a power color and its shades signify the expressiveness of Scorpios. They like to share their feelings but in a unique way. Nevertheless, you can be absolutely sure that you can trust them any of your secrets. Another important trait a person under the Scorpio sign can have is leadership. Featuring such a strong personality and a lot of dedication can easily result in leading other people.


Being one of the water signs, it’s no wonder that Pisces rock those hues you can discover in the sea. These are different blueish and greenish shades. Those bearing the zodiac sign of Fish are truly kindhearted and empathetic. Quite often they prioritize the needs and feelings of others. Pisces are healers, which is represented by the sea green color. This is the color of life and imagination, which is an important trait commonly found among the people of this zodiac placement. Their mind is always wandering and overflowing with ideas. Yet, they do not live only in a world of fantasy. They are actually close to reality when it comes to taking care of other people and sharing their inner warmth and empathy with others.

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