13 Jul 2024

Conjunction Aspect Meaning in Astrology

Astrology – what do you know about it? If you are not an astrologer or devoted astrology fan, then our best bet would be to name a daily horoscope and your zodiac sign among those few things you occasionally come across. Well, there is nothing to be ashamed of; that is what every average person knows. However, has it ever occurred to you why there are so many people interested in more than just these few elements of astrology?

Let’s try to view astrology as a separate science, even though it is not yet recognized to be the one. What does it study in the first place? If you say that planets and constellations are on the list – you are right. However, there is much more to it. Otherwise, there would be no direct difference between astrology and astronomy. The particular thing that distinguishes one from the other is that astrology is centered around the ways through which different planets and relations between them affect people.

There are indeed many charlatans these days that name themselves fortune-tellers and strive to cheat you out of money while trying to tell you a story of your future written in the stars. In reality, astrology can only point you in the right direction to find your destiny and achieve the goals you set in life. Astrology can find those relations between two planets that affect the way you act in this or that situation. It can also point at the positive and negative sides of your true self, but it is only you who sets all in motion.

Now, we have figured that zodiac signs and horoscopes are not the only things you need to pay attention to. There is also such a thing as a natal chart. In other words, it is your birth chart, which depicts a map of the sky at the exact moment you were born. To read it well, you need to get acquainted with plenty of notions and, in particular, to understand what role is played by aspects in astrology.

Aspects in Astrology: The Basics

We have already pointed out that every planet has its peculiar vibe and ambition. Each planet is assigned with a personality that has its impact over us when it is in its ruling position. However, you need to realize that every planet can interact with another celestial body and form a completely different relationship with its unique influence over humanity.

If you wish to learn a more astrological definition, then we are going to put it this way: when two planets involved are in a certain sign having a particular angle between them – they form aspects. There are major aspects and minor ones to differentiate between. 

It may seem that all those angles between the planets on a zodiac wheel have more to do with math than with astrology. That is where you are mistaken. There is a simple reason why it is important for you to be fully aware of those aspects and the way they affect you in particular.

We are going to try and explain the importance of aspects by presenting a simple example. You may already know that Venus is the planet of love, or so the majority of people view it. However, when you think that the planet of love will bring joy to your life, it is best to look at the planet connected to Venus at the moment. For instance, the relationship between Saturn and Venus has nothing to do with positive changes in your love life. On the contrary, very often, such a connection brings some upsetting issues into it. That is the easiest way to show you that the position of a single planet may have little effect on your life in comparison with the union it may form with another planet.

It has already been mentioned that there are major and minor aspects. In turn, the major ones are divided into soft and hard aspects. Apart from that, there is one aspect that does not belong to either group – a conjunction. The reason why it does not belong to either category is its flexibility. Depending upon which planets form a conjunction, it can act out as something great or a true disaster. As you may have already figured out, a conjunction is the aspect we are interested in particularly today, so read on to learn more on the matter!

Conjunction Explained

Now, when you know what aspects can bring into your life in general, it would be nice to learn about what each of them means. We are going to start with a conjunction because it is not only among the main ones, but it also forms the tiniest angle between two planets – 0 degrees. Of course, there can be a slight deviation from the stated angle. Sometimes, two planets get as far as 6 degrees apart.

However, this is not all you need to know about conjunctions. Not only planets can be in conjunction with each other but also other two separate points somewhere in our solar system. We should emphasize that apart from the planets, both the Sun and the Moon can form conjunctions together, and such luminary bodies as Lilith and Chiron can do it too. Surely, neither the Sun nor the Moon is considered to be a planet, at least technically, but they still carry on a tremendous effect on people’s lives.

In astrology, those points in conjunction with each other are considered to move simultaneously. The fact that both points appear in the same zodiac sign in a natal chart defines that their energies intertwine with each other the most. Thus, the impact they have on people doubles.

When you hear that two forces or two energies, whichever name you prefer, work together, you may think they are in total harmony with one another. However, this is not entirely true. Sometimes they are harmonious, yet sometimes they are not. We are going to show you this through a simple example. Let’s take two sets of planets in conjunction – Venus and the Moon and Mars and Neptune. In the first case, the planets are harmonious since the Moon is all about increased attention to feelings, and Venus is about love. So, when they work together, they form a tandem. In the second case, we have a union of dreamy Neptune and superactive, competitive Mars. When the two are in conjunction, they tend to push you in separate directions. 

Applicative and Separative Conjunction

When you think that you have learned all about the conjunction already and you are now proficient at reading your own chart, we are going to tell you that in astrology, they differentiate between a separative or applicative conjunction too. What does that mean? The thing is that all the planets rotate on a natal map not in a clockwise direction but counterclockwise. There are two ways for the planets to meet each other in conjunction: the fastest celestial body can approach the slowest planet or the fastest objects moves away from the slowest one. These two ways are named applicative and separative conjunctions accordingly. When you observe an applicative conjunction, you can say that the faster object manifests itself via the slower one and vice versa. There is another example to describe how it works. If we take the Sun and Neptune in an applicative conjunction, then we get universal interests in oneself as a result. However, if the two planets are separative to each other, then we have a dreamy and slow way to self-expression as the major effect of the union.

Conjunction and Your Personality

There are a few more things for you to know about the conjunction aspect if you want to use it to the fullest when trying to read your personal chart. We have said that some universal forces can impact you, especially the areas you are weak or strong at. The better awareness of those you have, the easier it will be to find out the areas that drive you forward, as well as those that keep stalling you. 

Those of you who have Mercury and Neptune in a conjunction are incredibly creative people who know how to express their creativity well. How do we know that? The answer would be simple: in astrology, Neptune is a planet responsible for the creative sides of you, while Mercury is all about communication. When you combine the two, you get the outcome described above.

It is easy to claim that since planets are harmonious, an outcome is always positive. So, we are going to have a closer look at another union. This time, we are going to discuss the conjunction of Mars and Mercury. While Mars is a planet responsible for strength, Mercury remains in control over communication. It may seem that there is nothing that would bind the two to drive them in a positive direction. We beg to differ. Many cases prove that such a relationship between the planets results in the emergence of a great orator with immense knowledge of war. When you combine two opposites, something great can also come out of it too.

Conjunction and Personal Planets

We are going to drop a few lines about conjunctions that you can spot in your personal chart and decipher them straight away. However, you should understand that deeper research should be conducted to have the whole picture in front of you. Conjunction to:

  • the Sun – affects the way of your self-expression as well as the ability to self-integrate yourself into society;
  • the Moon – influences your emotions and reactions toward various situations;
  • Mercury – impacts the way you think and also the way you perceive everything around you;
  • Venus – influences all the values you possess, your personal taste, the way you are attracted to others, and so on;
  • Mars – affects how you get what you want or need.

It is safe to say that after you have read the article, you have come to the conclusion that astrology is a far more complex non-science than many people think. All the aspects are peculiar in their own ways and have unique ways to interact with each and every person in particular. It is hard to find one definite meaning to them all. 

When we think about the planets in a conjunction, it could be assumed that the two energies that the planets bring into the union complement and nourish each other at times. However, the harmony is not always naturally achieved; very often, after reading your chart and learning about the controversial powers of the forces – you are the one to make them act harmoniously.

Astrology proves that the forces of the universe are not to be treated thoughtlessly. When you start to discover those new astrological horizons, you will start to discover yourself. In the vast majority of cases, people find out incredible talents hidden within until triggered. The main reasons why some people get lost in their ways is their inability to reach out and grasp what has been meant for them. We are hoping that when you are through with your research, you will be able to achieve any set goals and praise astrology for heading you in the right direction! 


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