13 Jul 2024

Black MoonLilith in Astrology: Lilith and Zodiac Signs

All religious people (and not only they) know the tale of Adam and Eve, who gave birth to humankind. It is said it was Eve who caused their banishment from Paradise, and it was her who cursed people to live on Earth. However, if you dig a little deeper into history, there is another legend that claims that Eve was not the only one and not the first woman who existed at that time. There was also Lilith. The old Hebrew legend stated that she was equal to Adam. They were made from the same matter, unlike Eve who was made from Adam’s rib. The fact that Lilith was equal to Adam and that she desired to rule over him triggered her banishment. She refused to listen to anyone, and God was not really fond of such behavior. 

There is one more peculiarity about Lilith you need to know about. It is claimed that she was highly sexual and beautiful. She knew that and wanted to reap all the benefits from it. She didn’t want to belong to anyone. She wasn’t created to be a mere slave: she saw herself as a companion rather than Adam’s first wife. After she paid her price for such a desire for freedom, it is said that she was that serpent who seduced Even later on.

The Connection Between Lilith and Birth Chart

There is rarely any connection between religion and astrology; that is why the tale is not what we are interested in most. We wonder what Lilith actually is in astrology and how it affects us. In fact, there are special online calculators that will help you determine where Lilith was in at the minute you were born.

Lilith we are talking about does not have a physical body, unlike planets and castellations, although there is an asteroid named after her. Astrologers call the notion Black Moon Lilith since it is what she is closely connected with. Astronomers in their turn call Lilith differently – they name it Lunar Apogee – a point in space where the end of the perigee-apogee axis of the moon is directed.

Since a birth chart and this particular phase of the moon axis are entwined, you need to know the way it may influence you. Astrology claims that the sign, as well as the house Lilith stays in when you read your natal chart, represents the unity of sex and spirituality of every person. It is neither good nor bad in its core, but it contains those dark secrets that anyone usually chooses to keep hidden. However, if you do not accept this side of yourself, that may lead to repression, and no one can predict what the outcome would be.

Lilith in your chart points at that particular place or situation when you can cross the line. Usually, when the phrase comes up, it means something dark, vile, and black to its core. Nevertheless, this is not always true. You need to remember that the apogee of the moon’s orbit is about instincts and intuition; it is never about logic.

Now, when you know the pre-history and scientific definition, it is time for us to learn the way this apogee of the moon’s orbit influences different zodiac signs.


When Lilith is in Aries, you are ready to act even if you are not really willing to. This means that people born under this particular phase are very passionate and sensual. If you think something to be fair and worth fighting for, you will do that no matter the chances. It is worth mentioning that those with Lilith in Aries are very freedom-loving, and they will always stand their ground.

The Dark Moon Lilith makes people reveal their primary instincts, and this leads to direct ways of expressing your love. Sometimes you may try to prove your feelings quite violently, and this makes the one you desire to reject you, so you should better learn to control that.

Not all people are equally positive, and for negative people, a certain position of Lilith may result in unexpected violence and cruelty. Very often, people like that are unhappy in marriage since they are simply tired of things going in circles. The best way to deal with your instincts is to research, understand, and try to control them at times.


When Lilith is in Taurus, your situation is all about sex and money. However, this does not mean that you strive to have both. You can be either too greedy or too poor; you can depend on sex badly, or you can deny it. This particular apogee of the moon’s orbit is hard to interpret without contradiction.

The only way out is to reconsider your preferences and values. You need to understand that love is not about sex only, and vice versa. Also, you need to come up with a personal scale of life values. You should make it clear what you are heading for and what is that you need most. The key thing you need to realize – people are not possessions, and you should treat those you are close with accordingly.


When the apogee of the moon orbit is in Gemini, one of the main difficulties arises when you try to communicate with others. It is not like you do not know what to say and when to say it. On the contrary, people born during this phase are highly intellectual. The only reason why it is difficult for them to interact with other people is due to their desire to benefit from any situation.

When Lilith is in Gemini, it means that those men will seek pleasure only for the thrill of it; there are rarely any deep feelings behind that. Men will pursue their prey until they get what they want. After that, they lose all interest.

As for women, they are better at calculations, so they use their intellect and charm to achieve material benefits.

The only way out of this is to think and think a lot. Until you figure out what you should use your wits for – building relationships or merely showing off – you will keep on living the way you do.


Those who have Lilith in Cancer usually suffer the most when it comes to family. The truth is that you may be attached to a group you call family, but you may be hesitant when it comes to making it bigger. This means that having children is usually postponed.

When the moon apogee is in Cancer, people born under it may be a little too jealous since they treat anyone around as righteous owners. However, they can easily marry someone out of guilt and then suffer from it for the rest of their lives. Such misery leads to poor sexual life, and this adds up to sexual tension.

The best way to escape all of that is to set yourself free of all possible burdens. You need to build your relationship is such a way that it fulfills you instead of making miserable.


If you come across the fact that your Lilith is in Leo, then it only means that you haven’t fully discovered yourself yet. As long as you do not know who you are and what is that you are a king for, you will press towards people recognizing you for your physical features.

This phase of the moon states that people born under its influence can love only one person – themselves. Yes, they are narcissists.

When it comes to your sex life, it is safe to say that you can only take and never give, and that is not the strongest basis. This means that you are prone to infidelity and lies.

The only way to fix it is to search deeper to discover your true self without the need for recognition from others.


Having Lilith in Virgo, it is more than important for you to find the right direction in life. It is easy to get lost with all the perfectionism on one side and messiness on the other.

When you fall in love, the moon phase you were born under affects the way you perceive it. It would be unfair to claim that you do not give, but you always expect more in return.

Speaking about sex life, you are great at it, but you may lose your head just too easy, and that may be your downfall.

To deal with all the problems effectively, you need to figure out what is holding you back. Once you overcome the obstacles, there will be nothing to stop you.


It does not hit you as a surprise that relationships are always difficult. However, those who are born under the Lilith sign in Libra feel it on a deeper level. The fact is that if your moon works well, then all will be great, but a slightly darker shadow can twist things dramatically.

Lilith in Libra states it as the bare truth that sex is of high importance to you. It takes little to trigger your desires, and sometimes this may lead you into trouble.

At times you may expect more from others than you can offer, and it would be best if you realize this and fix it before it gets too late.


With Lilith in Scorpio, there are many dark issues you should overcome. This does not refer to all those born under the particular moon phase since you need precise natal chart information to determine that. However, if there is a slight chance that increased negativity goes through your chart, it may turn you into a kind of a sadist, and that is something you should try to escape at all costs.

In term of sexuality, all depends greatly upon your personal chart since you may be either highly erotic or unexpectedly violent. The key way to control this negativity in you is to embrace the fact that there are also good things in this life too.


For those who have Lilith in Sagittarius, it may be quite hard to reach harmony between the thirst for adventure and a need for a settlement. Very often, this moon phase leads to the assumption that all can be bought for the right price. It does not scare you that you can pay to purchase love, but this may ruin you. Sometimes it may seem that you always need to try something new, and that infidelity is the right means to achieve that. However, practicing some moral standards wouldn’t be a waste. The key point for you in to find balance and something that fulfills you to the fullest.


When we observe Lilith in Capricorn, it affects the career field the strongest. When you find it difficult to move forward with your career, this is the position of Lilith affecting you.

Unlike with other signs, those born under Lilith in Capricorn are usually experiencing repressed sexuality. At times, they just feel that close friendship is of more importance than intimate relationships.


The moon position when Lilith reaches Aquarius defines that those born under it need to be able to express themselves freely, or they will rebel. Such a thirst for freedom applies to all areas, especially their sex life.

At times, it seems that you have never known the greatness of the act until you try it now. As appealing as it sounds, the craving for sexual discoveries may result in something traumatic, for example, sex addiction. Very often, you reach that point when you see no difference where, when and with whom to have sex. That is an extremely thin line you need to be careful with.


There is an insatiable thirst for knowledge burning within those born under the Lilith in Pisces phase. Your imagination, as well as your intuition, are the sources of your success. However, at times they may lead you to destruction too.

While some signs are overly sexual, you are totally in eternal love. However, sometimes your partner may reject you for this reason. That is when your dark side emerges. Blackmailing and even threatening is not a taboo for a lovesick individual.

One of the most effective ways to deal with the negative instincts of yours is to dwell on your spirituality.


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