13 Jul 2024

Retrograde Mercury

The planet Mercury changes its direction a few times a year (at least three times, but sometimes it can be changed four times), and this lasts about 20 days, affecting people on Earth. During the periods of the retrograde motion of this planet at a certain Universal Time, the conductivity of nerve impulses deteriorates in people, and due to this, attention weakens, absent-mindedness intensifies, and response decreases. It is more difficult for people to gather their thoughts and get involved in work, and during such retrograde periods, they make mistakes. This is especially noticeable among children. They multiply 5 by 6 and get 35 in their tests.

Any astrologer knows that during the retrograde period of moving Mercury, it makes no sense to start a new business and projects, arrange transactions, meet people and move somewhere. The purpose of astrologer’s observations is to establish what happens when all these actions take place during the retrograde phase of heavenly Mercury and, most importantly, to understand how it all ends. To that end, when this or that event occurs, astrologers note the degree where the planet Mercury was located during the retrograde season in an ephemeris and watch how events develop when Mercury passes the same degree for the second time during the direct movement.

The influence of the Mercury retrograde cycle is manifested in almost all spheres of human life. It is believed that when Mercury goes retrograde, it seems like a person sees everything through a veil, in a distorted way. It is like we barely have any information; important details fade; we consciously or unconsciously hide them, and that becomes obvious when Mercury passes the same point at which the information arrived in its direct motion. We don’t see a situation completely; it might seem very attractive and alluring to us, but we will reveal its true goal only when Mercury regains direct movement.

How the Phenomenon of the Retrograde Can Be Explained

The planets in the sky shift slightly eastward every night. However, sometimes they mysteriously change the direction of their movement and move west before turning back and starting to move east again. This phenomenon is called retrograde season.

Astronomers could not explain the strange behavior of the planets for a long time. However, 400 years ago, Nikolaus Copernicus proposed a heliocentric model of the solar system. He explained that all planets revolve in circular orbits around the Sun, as well as around themselves.

A phenomenon called the retrograde season of the planet happens when the Earth “catches up” Mercury in its orbit and passes by.

Then it may seem to the observer from Earth that Mercury is moving in the opposite direction, although this does not happen. Therefore, the planet, in fact, doesn’t move retrograde.

Such an optical illusion can be compared to a car, driving at a higher speed, which overtakes another one. At the moment of overtaking, it may seem to the driver of the car, which moves at a higher speed, that another one has shifted back.


When Mercury is retrograde, it means disruption of communications. What is clearly conspicuous is the fact that when Mercury turns retrograde, especially in the points of static, all means of communication begin to shamelessly act up for unknown reasons.

Suddenly, strange things begin to happen to phones. It is impossible to get through to a person because something is wrong with a cable; international lines are constantly busy; calls disconnect; extraneous voices often join in conversations.

Weird things happen to faxes too: you dial a number, send a paper, a confirmation comes that everything is fine, and then they call and say that they haven’t received your fax. Steer clear of letters: you can make sure that a letter sent during Mercury turning retrograde will be lost.

It is extremely difficult to make a modem connection; even a message sent by e-mail may not reach the addressee. The conclusions are obvious – Mercury rules all means of communication in the world.


The second one of the most important areas in people's lives is work. Most of all, the shadow phase affects the moments of the beginning of work, the transition to a new position, hiring, as well as interviews about new activities. The traditional situation is when we are offered something frivolous and uninteresting, something we don’t want to work with.

If we take a deal, then later we will find out some fundamental points that are impossible to agree with. For example, a crummy salary which a self-respecting person cannot accept or nightmarish working conditions in which a normal person will not be able to work.

In the case when they offer exactly what we dream of and what we count on, we do not know many facts and conditions. Most often, the following happens: if during Mercury retrograde, we are offered one thing that suits us, then when we get to work, and Mercury moves to a post-shadow phase, it becomes obvious that our responsibilities are completely different which haven’t been initially discussed.

For example, you are offered the post of an “advertising manager”; and it turns out that the responsibilities include things which should be done by an advertising agent. 

So, if you had a job interview during the pre-shadow phase of the planet reverse running, then it’s worthwhile to clarify all the conditions when its movement becomes direct or to be prepared for the fact that additional duties will be imposed on you or you’ll be forced to engage in a completely different activity. If we are talking about temporary work, this means that it will go belly up soon, deprived of any prospects.


The heavenly body Mercury has a very strong influence on the sphere of new contacts. Let’s look at friendship and love dating. We see a mask of a person during Mercury retrograde, the image that he/she shows for us.

When Mercury passes again the point at which the acquaintance took place in the direct movement, we see the true face of a person. We learn what he/she really needs from us, what is the meaning and essence of our relationship with him/her. For example, at this moment, a man asks a woman for a loan. Everything becomes clear there; the prospect of these relations is obvious, and you can end them.

As a rule, people we met during Mercury retrograde come into our life for a short time – a month or three – until the next Mercury retrograde. What is remarkable in such acquaintances is the fact that no matter how much we like the new person and what efforts we put in staying together or gaining close contact, at all times circumstances develop in such a way that meetings with the person are postponed.

Everything happens in some mystical way as if fate is against our communication with this person. It seems like the person is taken away by something at all times. As a rule, after 3 months, such a person disappears without a trace (he/she moves to another country, city, or apartment and changes the phone number, leaving no contacts, or this relationship becomes obsolete, and we are left disappointed).

You should not put any hopes on acquaintances made during Mercury retrograde, and you should not even wait for a call from this person. If talking about friendship, something similar to it may happen, but the relationship will not be close and deep. When it comes to love, the maximum you can count on is a short-term friendship. In general, people who come to us during Mercury retrograde remain at arm's length to meet with them only once in a while.


According to astrology, the influence of the Mercury retrograde season is also reflected on the mental abilities of a person, on the speed of reaction, agility, and eloquence. In addition, the knowledge that we begin to receive during Mercury retrograde will not be beneficial for us in the future. We will not find how to apply it in life and will not be able to earn money with it. Moreover, the countdown goes from the first day of classes rather than from the moment of making the decision to go to courses or to enter a particular university or from the beginning of entrance exams.


You should not make any important decisions during Mercury retrograde. Subsequently, we will find that such an impulsive solution is completely wrong: this is something that we absolutely don’t need, and that distracts us from the main task. We can safely conclude that at such a time, especially during the planet going retrograde in Leo, a bold and decisive sign, crazy ideas come to our minds. Even those proposals that we received or that were made by us at this time will not gain any development.


When it comes to purchases, Mercury does not have such a strong impact on them as on other events in our lives. It has even been noticed that during the planet retrograde in Scorpio trading is going well and the chance to sell a thing that has been with you for a good time or to make a successful purchase is increased.

However, purchases such as a car, furniture, a computer, or a stereo system may also be unsuccessful. It seems that it is better to wait a bit with such decisions, especially if you are buying or installing things related to communications at home: a telephone with a display or answering machine, a modem, fax or Internet connection.

Can We Overcome Such A Phenomenon?

Everything that happens during this season becomes a regularity. However, many people are interested in whether it is possible to overcome the rule and conditions of the game, imposed on us by this astrological event. For example, is it possible to continue a relationship with a person who you met during such a period? Practice has shown that it is doable but in very rare cases. And you need to put a lot of energy, effort, and diligence to maintain the relationship; after all, nothing comes from nothing there. The maximum you can count on is lukewarm, distant relationships with rare contacts and meetings. It is noteworthy that such relationships are revived just during the periods of the retrograde movement of Mercury when the person appears from nowhere and offers to meet.

But things can’t be so sad. If by going into reverse, Mercury brings obstacles and confusion into our affairs, then, by the principle of opposites, there is surely something for which it is intended and necessary, which will do well during this time. So, it is quite obvious that in such periods it is possible to start and carry out activities that don’t require much time to be implemented.

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