16 Jun 2024

The Best Sex Position for Your Zodiac Sign

People often believe that hot and unforgettable sex could happen only under special circumstances. This is quite rare, so it seems to us that even the stars must stand in a certain position. Fortunately, success in sex life also depends in on the sign of the zodiac and can be easily predicted. If you want to get new and sweet sensation but you don't know how to achieve it then read our guide to sex positions for zodiac signs. Don't forget that you need to experience in practice all the advice you are given. Only you know what suits you and your partner best. So, here are our recommendations for sex positions for zodiac signs:

Aries: Rider girl

If your partner is a woman Aries you are very lucky. They love to take the initiative and be a boss in bed. The greatest pleasure for them is when they see how they influence the feelings of the partner. So don't be shy to moan and to talkabout your feelings during sex.

In a bedroom with Aries ... You need to take the initiative in your hands and caress your partner. Do not overdo it with the taps. Simply hold their hands during sex. The best option is to caress them with your mouth, but not bring to orgasm.

Taurus: Classic

They prefer to have sex in a traditional manner and in a familiar scenario. However, you can always add a little spice to the sex routine. Try to understand what pleases your partner. As we know, even a slight rough touch to the neck can give fireworks of new emotions. Try to be a little more sassy with Taurus.

In a bedroom with a Taurus... In this case, you should try a bathroom for your lovemaking. No other zodiac sign gets such pleasure from sex under the shower as Taurus. We strongly recommend the use of lubricant to enhance sensations. We guarantee that if your partner is a Taurus he or she will be pleased.

Gemini: The game

This is not a new idea. However, aGemini always gets emotional. You may not believe, but a Gemini gets excited by the thought of having sex with a stranger. So, don’t hesitate to take the initiative. Believe that hot sex is going to be worth the effort. You can use wigs, new clothes, new underwear, or even someone else's apartment. There are a lot of options to pretend to be someone, so all you need to do is choose what excites you more.

In a bedroom with a Gemini... Your partner loves new adventures. You can try some unusual place to have sex. A good idea can be a new vibrator or another sex toy. Believe me, even if you just talk about the visit to the sex toy shop your Gemini partner can be excited. And that the result will not keep itself waiting.

Cancer: Coital Alignment Technique

This zodiac sign is very emotional. Cancer needs to feel that their partner is immersed in the process 100%. Coital Alignment Technique is not new. It is quite simple. The main task of a woman is to keep legs together so the man struggles to penetrate her. It is important to have eye contact. A man will stimulate the penis and G-spot, both partners will get an unforgettable pleasure.

In a bedroom with a Cancer ... don't try to bid your time. Catch Cancer by surprise where they least expect it. For example, when visiting friends. Start canoodling in the clothing and continue until the arousal reaches the maximum level. Your Cancer partner will be grateful for this emotional experience.

Leo: Doggerel style

Many of the zodiac signs like this position. But a lion is a king of beasts, his animal nature is reflected even in humans. So, this dirty and sexy position will take you to the top. Forget about limits of decency, or discomfort and just enjoy sex. Leos also need emotional intimacy, often they just need a good shake-up session.

In a bedroom with a Leo ...All you have to do is let them use your body. Leos know well what they want. Their pleasure guarantees pleasure to you. Your task is to allow them to dominate . However, at first, you should tease Leo a little. Do not forget that such sex could be very tough so choose a safe place for this.

Virgo: Oral joys

If you are a Virgo then you know very well how important it is for you to please your partner. You love slow sensual sex with long foreplay. In the beginning, try playing with cream, strawberries or honey and enjoy yourself. Try to bring your partner to orgasm by oral caress and he will not answer you back.

In a bedroom with a Virgo... A good idea would be to use a blindfold so your Virgo partner can only focus on sexual feelings. The best strategy is to be gentle and affectionate with a Virgo to get sensual and long sex.

Libra: Sexting and talk

Libra is a sign that is always in zero gravity. If you are a Libra, then you know how much time you spend in the fantasy world. Therefore, sex for you should also be something fabulous and unreal. Phone sex will suit you ideally. You will not be overcome by shyness and you will be able to share your most secret desires with your partners. We recommend paying attention to the dirtiest fantasies. Perhaps this is how they will come true. Use your favorite position for sex during a conversation and give freedom to your imagination.

In a bedroom with a Libra ... This zodiac sign pays a lot of attention to sounds and all auditory sensations. Therefore, the main element of phone sex will also be a story of what is happening now. Feel free to talk about how you caress yourself and what happens next. Libra is incredibly keen on these phrases.

Scorpio: Say no to bed

Scorpio is an incredibly hot sign. They do not pay attention to tenderness but also do not behave like an animal. If you are a Scorpio, then most likely you love to switch positions. Also, you are keen on having orgasm several times during sex. Your ideal solution would be to explore your enjoyment using different positions. Do not forget that you will get the thrill in a new and unusual place for you. You can try the beach, your parents' house or a tent in the forest. The most important thing is the uniqueness of the situation.

In a bedroom with a Scorpio ... If your partner is a Scorpio, then you can forget about the habit of holding condoms in the bedside table. A more reasonable solution would be to carry them in your pocket, because your partner may offer to have sex anywhere in the city.

Sagittarius: Let's drive

Sagittarians are very passionate and are constantly looking for new sensations. So, sex in your car can be a great idea to make your sexual life more diverse. You can even try to do it immediately after a trip with a partner. You don't need to leave the cabin of a car to have hot sex. If you are afraid that someone would see you through the windows then do it in the car garage.

In a bedroom with a Sagittarius ... Sagittarius, like some other zodiac signs, enjoys playing with sex toys. You may use a vibrator, a butt plug or a penis ring. The main goal is to make sex new and diverse so you will remember it for a long time.

Capricorn: 69

Capricorn is the sign of the zodiac distinguished by rational thinking. That is why they prefer the position in which both partners get pleasure. Their highest goal is to reach orgasm at the same time. However, you don't have to devote all the time to 69. Enjoy the foreplay and then take the time to classic sex with penetration, as you and your partner are already quite excited.

In a bedroom with a Capricorn ... You are lucky that your partner is a Capricorn because this sign loves to make others feel pleasure. You are in a situation when you need to show some authority.

Aquarius: Your car

Aquarians always love to be unchained and look for new adventures. So you can try this position from the Kama Sutra collection. It goes like this: during penetration, a woman’s feet are in the hands of a men and she lies on the bed. Even if you can't call yourself an athlete, this pose is for you. However, even if you will not success you can still laugh about this together and experience emotional intimacy.

In a bedroom with an Aquarius... You need to be constantly interested in what an Aquarius feels. Believe me, they'll love it if you are going to initiate some innovations. In response, an Aquarius will do anything to please you. Thus, you will both receive harmonious and good sex which will lift your mood.

Pisces: Additional stimulation

Pisces is quite a calm and cool zodiac sign. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult without a thrill. However, there is a solution to this situation. During sex, you need to help yourself come with a vibrator or fingers. It can also be the task of your partner. Your body will be very grateful if it will be stimulated in several areas.

In a bedroom with a Pisces ... Even though they are difficult to achieve a sharp emotional response, they have a huge number of erogenous zones. Pisces get an orgasm from their stimulation. Therefore, try to stimulate the clitoris or the penis simultaneously with the neck. Your partner will reach orgasm very quickly.

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