13 Jul 2024

How to Get Rid of Negative Emotions

Completely free from negative emotions... Is it possible? Many of us are so accustomed to them that immersion in depressing emotional experiences has become a common state, a daily routine. However, any negative sensations and thoughts take a huge part of our life energy.

Therefore, by treating them as inevitability and giving ourselves to the power of negative experiences, we are doomed to experience such sad consequences as a decline in strength, the disappearance of joy, the loss of interest in life – all that is originally so alien to human nature, and it cannot and should not be part of it.

Experiencing various stressful emotions is the main cause of almost all diseases. It is negative thoughts that contribute to the emergence of such feelings as anger and depression, and also deconstructive psychological patterns. Any negative emotion has huge power, capable of bringing destruction in human life. With due time, people who often experience such emotional states develop depression, leading to failures in all spheres of life, especially – to failures in interpersonal relations.

According to psychologists, every person should make efforts to get rid of such exhausting pressure. First of all, a person who has taken the path of getting rid of negative emotions should try to refrain from condemning other people. Of course, it will be difficult to achieve. But, after all, as a result of the condemnation, the behavior of the condemned is unlikely to change for the better. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to avoid associating someone's personality with the current situation. You should always try to analyze what is going on as if from the outside, that is, to take the image of an outside observer, revealing the true causes of the situation, without showing unnecessary emotions.

The unanimous advice of psychologists is to learn how to relax, thereby restoring the psychological balance, because when in a relaxed state, devoid of tension, a person is not subject to negative emotions and their destructive impact. Actions aimed at helping other people will also be very useful. It is important to understand that by supporting others, a person primarily helps himself. So do not hesitate to praise other people, giving them hope of the positive outcome of any challenge they take on.

Throughout life, everyone accumulates a large number of different experiences. If you do not get rid of them at the moment, you can only aggravate the situation, becoming increasingly resentful of your life. It is necessary to make an effort and forget all the insults, all the bad, because each of such memories is a new portion of a devastating experience.

The next step in the fight against devastating emotions is the rejection of all sorts of disputes. In the process of contesting their rightness, a person gets a large portion of negative vibes. In case of proving his correctness, he also continues to feel negativity towards his opponent, but, most often, the person fails to prove his point of view, and therefore he loses precious time spent on the dispute and acquires the same adverse feelings. Therefore, the most reasonable attitude is to avoid imposing your opinion on others, while using it for your own benefit.

Each of us can feel negative emotions like anger in certain situations. But why fully give in to uncontrollable emotions when you can learn to keep them down? Modern life dictates its own pace, and each sign of the Zodiac copes with it in different ways.

Negative Experience You Can Expect with Various Signs

Let us try to figure out what exactly makes a person mad, depending on the sign of the Zodiac, and how to cope with this. We hope sincerely that this article will help you not only to better understand yourself and others but also to overcome such difficulties and feel better with time!


Aries is a typical representative of fire signs. They are always impulsive, so you have to be as careful as possible with them! Losing calm is a piece of cake for them. Windstorms explode like a volcano, and everyone who stands in their way will get a lot of trouble. Do not try to find a balance in communication with these people, because their emotions are very unstable. Actually, they move the first sign of the Zodiac!


It is not common for Tauruses to lose their temper, but if they are offended by you, get prepared for testing by silence from their end. Passive aggression is all about them. All anger and hurtful words will be buried deep inside for a short time, so do not press them even a bit more. If you notice that Taurus has stopped communicating with you for some reason, find out what the reason is. Just ask them! Tauruses are very proud, and therefore, they will not take the initiative.


Gemini people don't like to show their anger in public. But if that happens, you will find out. In case of conflict, be patient and let the Gemini confront you. But if this is not the case, you need to take control of the situation. Pride and selfishness are the traits that make it difficult to reconcile with this sign of the Zodiac.


Representatives of the water element fully correspond to its common features: they are sensitive, and they like to care about someone else and be loved. That's why it's easy to hurt them even within an ordinary conversation. Cancer does not seem to show anger, keeping everything inside while plunging in self-compassion. But once they reach a certain point, they can express everything right to your face. This is one of the most passive signs of the Zodiac regarding aggression. Therefore, in order to solve a conflict, you just need to be close to them and try to find a common language. But you don't have to be too insistent, because they will slip away even more!


Leo is another representative of the fire element. This means that this is another hot temper, which scandals fiercely if it comes to its self-esteem. But unlike Aries, Lion calms down quickly! Just make sure to find something to switch their attention to another topic. Leos are not spiteful; that is why reconciliation with them will not take long. They are fantastic at coping with their anger and can go through any difficulties with the dignity inherent in this sign of the Zodiac.


One of the calmest and most balanced signs is Virgo. They choose common sense over emotion. Virgos like to reason and think logically, which makes them a little lost in the tumultuous stream of modern life. If you have quarreled with a representative of this zodiac sign, it will be habitual to expect some silence and isolation from them.


Scales, as an indispensable measuring device, evaluate any conflict accurately and thoroughly. They do not give in to emotions, but any resentment can provoke them to break the relationship. Of course, this is a rare case, but it can also happen! And be careful in your expressions, because Libras are vindictive and can pay you back for every offensive word or mistake.


Scorpions are pretty passionate, but they don't like to show off their real anger. They can be worth a lot of thought, and you'll never know what they are. This sign loves straightforward people, and those who play on emotions are immediately put on a black list. Therefore, do not force your way to Scorpion. It is better to wait a little while, until the fury subsides.


Sagittarius will give you a clear idea of what anger is! They have absolutely no control over their emotions and can harm not only themselves but also others around them. So run away from Sagittarius, if they are caught in a bad mood.


These representatives of the earth element show due calmness in any situation. But that doesn't mean you have to relax and feel like nothing is happening! All emotions accumulate deep inside Capricorns and can catch you in the most unexpected moment. Their anger is long-lasting, but they never get stuck because of minor problems. However, it is very difficult to accept Capricorns when they are angry with you. Therefore, do not let the situation get to this stage.


Aquarius loves discussions yet without any emotions. They are quite balanced in their inner world, and one of the solutions to a conflict may be to break off relations. When offended, Aquarius keeps silent and demonstrates indifference to everything. Therefore, stay in close dialogue with Aquarians during a quarrel; otherwise, they will simply disappear.


Pisces are deeply emotional people. They do not experience anger, and they do not try to find a solution by talking. Pisces won't even talk to you about the abuse they have caused. You can find them in your room reading a book or watching a movie in case of conflict. And don't be afraid to be the first to make peace with them, because they will do the same! For them, their close environment is their whole life.

How Elements Influence Signs’ Temper

It is known, that every zodiac sign has its element, and if you want to escape negative thinking, you need to know about your element. There are four of them:

  • Element of Fire
  • Element of Earth
  • Air Element
  • Element of Water

The Element of Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius 

The desire to be the first always and everywhere, the leadership qualities and dictatorial propensity of Aries, Leos, and Sagittarius – all this leaves its mark. They accumulate such a flow of negative energy that it will be enough to destroy relations, career and ... Yes, anything. These signs need to learn how to control their outbursts of rage and blow off steam in time to avoid going bonkers. Fortunately, ominous thoughts and feelings can easily be transformed into positive emotions that can be directed towards creation, not destruction. For example, these people can let off anger and aggression at a training session at a sports club or stadium. The Fire signs will feel good when engaging in boxing, gaming sports, power classes, dancing, which will help them to recover. For meditation, use the affirmation "I am successful, and I have the best result in all my endeavors." When you meditate, imagine how you are enveloped in a bright golden cloud that protects you from trouble and irritants. Learn to restrain aggression in order to go straight to your goal, but not with a negative attitude in your soul, but with a positive one.

The Element of Earth: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo 

These Zodiac signs, which are protected by the Earth element, are characterized by conservatism and perfectionism. There is nothing wrong with striving for perfection, but along our way to the ideal (not only for Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo), there will be many twists and turns. So, disappointment and bad mood are guaranteed. To overcome the negative, these signs need to learn how to switch their focus in good time. Your favorite things can become a real escape during evil days and make you feel much better. What to do? Whatever you want – the key thing is to make your activity a real pleasure rather than to engage in something under pressure. Someone dances; someone paints in watercolors; someone punches a punching bag, and someone writes poems about love. Any hobbies and especially those related to creativity will help transform the negative into good energy. For meditation, use the affirmation "I want to achieve my goals with ease and get success and recognition." When you say this affirmation, imagine yourself gaining your niche in the temple of fame, being proud of your accomplishments and basking in glory. This practice will allow you to achieve a state of inner satisfaction and peace of mind.

The Air Element: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 

The weakness of these signs lies in their uncertainty, constant doubt and frequent mood swings. They cry, laugh, then cry again, and do not know how to make decisions. If they make them eventually, they will be doubtful about them for a long time to come. This is how these signs accumulate negativity, and it needs to be released somehow so that it could not interfere with their normal lives – otherwise, they just sink like a stone. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius need to talk about their experiences, both good and bad, and to communicate their thoughts to the world. If they don't want to tell anybody about their life's twists and turns, they can pour them out on paper, for example. Just write down in a diary what is going on and say it out loud. And if you're just overwhelmed with anger, you can turn on the tap in the bathroom and just yell at the water. For meditation, use the affirmation "I make the right decisions and do the right things that bring me success." You can say it in the morning, over a cup of coffee, during your favorite meditation or some breathing practice, or in the evening, before bedtime. In general, avail of this meditation practice every time when you need to cheer yourself up, balance your inner "swings" and recover. 

The Element of Water: Cancer, Scorpion, Pisces 

The main disadvantage of the signs that are patronized by –this element is the struggle of feelings with the voice of reason. Because of this, they often find themselves in an unbalanced state. Their heart says one thing, and their mind advises quite another one. On these grounds, there are various negative feelings arisen, most often irritation and aggression. For the transformation of the negative, they need to use their spiritual force. Practices that are based on contemplation of beautiful and harmonious things work well in this case: go to theaters, ballets, art galleries, museums or read books for recovering the serenity of mind.

Whichever sign is yours, only by learning how to throw away everything negative and how to avoid aggressiveness, you can achieve success and a sense of happiness. You should remember that your happiness depends only on you. So, never expect anything from others – do it by yourself!

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