27 May 2024

Dos and Don’ts About the Growing Moon

Watching the Moon phases and dedicating some actions to them is something people have been doing for a long time. The Moon, as a celestial body closest to our Earth, affects our life. The Moon causes the rise and fall of the tide and other natural phenomena.

But it doesn’t only affect the water in the ocean. People believe that different Moon phases impact our biorhythms, metabolism and overall physiology. The different phases are the days when the Sun and the Moon interact intensely. This interaction can cause accidents, disease aggravation and crisis.

And it’s not only words people tend to believe in. There have been some studies and surveys, proving that Moon phases do affect people’s lives. For example, in December 2009, a number of media reported that a group of analysts at an Australian bank, based on their own research, concluded that the lunar phase influences the dynamics of the global financial market. In Europe, representatives of the British police connected the lunar phase with the level of violence. They suggested reinforcing police patrols when the Moon is full.

What Moon Phases Are There?

Let’s do a quick recap of what Moon phases there are. Scientists define four main periods, connected with the growing and waning moon:

  1. The first one is the phase of the New Moon. At this time you can’t see it in the sky, as it doesn’t reflect the sunlight. After this, the Moon starts its waxing;
  2. The first quarter Moon looks like a crescent, which is basically a half of the full-viewed Moon;
  3. The Moon is illuminated and can be viewed as a circle at the Full Moon phase. Then it moves to a stage of the Waning Gibbous, which can also be called disseminating Moon;
  4. The third quarter is the last part when you can observe a different part of the Moon. It ends with a so-called ‘Balsamic Moon’. This and the last quarter give a start to a new cycle of the Moon.

These phases of the Moon look different on different continents. For example, people in the Northern Hemisphere first enjoy the right side of the Moon becoming illuminated. Vice versa, people that live in the Southern Hemisphere observe the opposite side of the Moon. So, on different sides of the planet, people can see either the Waxing Gibbous Moon or a small waning crescent.

The stages of the New and Full Moon are believed to be the critical points of the lunar cycle. According to statistics, this Moon period is rich in traumas and accidents. The functioning of your physiology and psychology can be quite unstable. Mood swings, irritability and rapid change of intentions become usual when the Moon wanes. It’s been known for ages that these critical days can be harmful and bring bad luck.

What Is the CrescentMoon and What to Do When it Comes?

The time when the Moon grows corresponds to the round of waxing, when the Moon can be seen as a crescent. This is the New Moon phase, and it goes on for about a week. This period is believed to be the most favorable one. It symbolizes new beginnings and development. It’s a time when you feel additional forces, all undertakings sprout and bear fruit. This is a phase of creation, changes, luck and great achievements. At the crescent stage of the growing Moon, you have enough determination to start playing sports, go on a diet or begin a home renovation. You might want to implement a complex project that seemed impossible a couple of weeks ago. Life opens up a lot of possibilities with the growing Moon.

There are some general and specific recommendations on what to do and what not to do at the Waxing Crescent Moon. Let’s start with advice on what to do to get the most results. When the Moon is growing, astrologists suggest: 

  • improving your financial and work situation. It’s an amazing time to look for a new job or ask for a rise or offer some new projects. Growing Moon is able to make you feel more confident and persuasive, when you can easily find common ground with others, including your boss;
  • trying out a new hobby – something you’ve been wanting to try for a very long time. The New Moon favors artists, so if you feel like painting or sculpting, embroidering or practicing palmistry, go for it. If you have the potential, the Moon will help it to manifest itself;
  • striking up new acquaintances. This is a great Moon period for finding new friends, partners and starting new relationships. Like every other deed done in the new phase, it will be productive and will bring you joy;
  • changing something in your appearance. Women are strongly advised to change their hair color or to do a haircut at the growing Moon. A haircut made during the crescent Moon phase will look very good, and your hair will grow quickly. Dyeing or tinting hair will give excellent and lasting results. You can also try out massage or going to a bathhouse;
  • Planting and sowing seeds, fruit trees when the Moon is waxing gives good results. Everything planted within this period will grow fast and bear fruits, as the Moon gives it energy and strength.


Overall, it is advised to work on significant areas of life when the Moon grows. For example, if you’ve been dreaming about moving to a new country, you should start looking for a job, an apartment, the best places to live in there, etc. The growing Moon gives activity and luck, so you should plan on doing the most important things for this period.

However, there is one stipulation – do not try to fit everything in just this week of the favorable Moon. Choose the most significant things and start with them. If you disperse attention on everything you ever wanted to try, you will not succeed in all of them. Remember, this period will come again in a month.

‘Spells’ to Put on the Growing Moon

Some people who obey astrological forecasts try to put different kinds of ‘spells’ on the waxing growing Moon. These spells include rituals like praying to the new Moon or buying amulets and lucky charms. Some people take a symbol that represents their problems or sphere of life they want to improve and ‘show’ it to the Moon to get some luck for it. You can always find lots of Moon rituals on how to find love, to attract money and financial stability, to recover from an illness, etc. 

If you’re not one of those people, but you still want to try something new and attract good luck, here is a moderate option of a new Moon spell, that will help you concentrate on your wishes for the future. You can do it in the first few days of the growing Moon.

  1. The first step is to find a nice and cozy place, maybe turn on some calming music to get distracted from everyday routine. Light up some candles to help you relax.
  2. Think of the people and situations you feel thankful to. Choose about 5-7 people, things or situations that have happened over the past month and taught you some valuable lessons. Think of them and mentally send each of them some positive thoughts.
  3. Choose around 5-7 wishes for the next month. Write or draw them down or simply keep them in mind. Think about actions you can take to help these wishes come true.
  4. Close your eyes and try to visualize them. Imagine they are happening right now; think of your emotions when you realize your dreams are coming true. Think of your life like it’s filled with only good things.
  5. End with meditation if you feel like it. Don’t hold on to your thoughts and let them fly into the world while focusing on your meditation. Take as much time as you need. When you’re done, open your eyes and go back to your day, knowing the Moon has heard your wishes.

As you can see, this is not some magic ritual, it’s simply a technique to see your wishes more clearly and be thankful for everything good in your life. Of course, you can do it every day, but the New-Moon phase can give it a nice head start.

What You Should Not Do in the Waxing Period of the Growing Moon

People often concentrate on what to do in some Moon periods. But there are also some things that astrologers advise not to do in waxing, including:

  • quarreling and fighting with your friends and family, as it can escalate very fast because of the increase in energy potential that the Moon gives. It is important to control strong emotions and avoid doing things you will regret;
  • being lazy and indifferent. During the waxingcrescent period, it is especially important to maintain an active lifestyle, so that the accumulated energy wouldn’t find a way out in bad emotions;
  • postponing the important and urgent matters, because it can result in their failure. If you can’t do everything, just try and take some initial steps towards it;
  • negative thinking and self-criticism are especially harmful in this phase. It is better to use the potential and energy the Moon gives you for creating something good.

Should You Try the Moon Rituals? 

Believing in astrology and Moon periods is a personal preference for everyone. Nothing stops you from trying something you haven’t tried before in any given period, not just in the growing Moon. However, if you know the waxing period is coming, why don’t you try it just for fun? Who knows, it may actually be quite successful. 

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