13 Jul 2024

What Signs of the Zodiac Are Prone to Depression and Sadness?

Life is great. On the other hand, it is tough and full of unexpected surprises. Many people think that life is incredibly difficult, and we need to accept that fact to be able to enjoy it and live to the fullest. You may wonder how it can work. The answer is very simple: when you deal with the fact that your life is not all unicorns and roses, it gets a lot easier to accept all that is coming your way, especially the negative aspect. False hopes and delusions can play a trick on us, and you need to remember that.

It is true that when you face a problem, there is a small chance that someone else is dealing with it at the moment and that you are going to manage the situation similarly. While some of us are ready to fight with a smile on the face, others fall into the despair at the sight of the smallest issue. Why is that so? When you think about it, you may come up with lots and lots of psychological facts behind every type of behavior, but we want to center your attention on astrology today.

It may seem that there is nothing that astrology has to do with depression and other mental issues. Since, in case you do not know, depression is a serious mental condition that requires treatment in some complex cases. What astrology does is predicting your behavior and reaction to certain things, for the most part. Whether you believe it or not, but the way you react to any unexpected situation is closely related to your zodiac sign. 

In fact, astrology claims that the Zodiac can point out which one of us is more likely to feel depressed. If you think that there is some magic knowledge behind it, it is mere observation. The chances are that the more emotional is your sign, the more prone to depression you are. What is more, there are also key traits that define every sign, and those traits can determine how depressed you can get and due to what reasons. People with low self-esteem, high dependency, self-criticism, and pessimistic thoughts are the ones who are more prone to depression when compared to those who do not feel that way.

So, today we are going to discuss all the weak points of every sign so that you know what to pay attention to. However, you need to realize that this type of zodiac definition is presented to head you in the right direction since personal birth charts define many individual factors.


If you are friends with Aries, you probably already know that these people are almost never depressed. It is hard to say whether it is the upbringing or something else, but Aries is constantly on-the-go. They are active and always seek new adventures. If you think about it, being that busy may be exactly the thing that keeps depression away. However, there are still some small things that may make even the happiest Aries feel a little sad. This happens when they are ignored. Nothing can beat Aries’s thirst for approval. They do anything to remain in the spotlight, and they happily take credit for what they do. Take that away, and you will get an unhappy and depressed Aries. So, be especially encouraging to your loved ones if they are born under this constellation. 


Speaking about Taurus, it is safe to say that it is a level-headed sign. What should that mean? It means that it is quite hard to find something that excites Taurus too much. You can’t say that they are senseless; on the contrary, they are very sensual, but their temperament is calm and balanced. When it gets to feeling down, the sign just doesn’t get to the point of depression. It remains a step above it.

Nevertheless, some things might force Taurus to feel a little blue. It is nothing dramatical, but mere stagnation. Even though Taurus likes things that are constant, at times, they bore the sign. And that is when a Taurus can get depressed, but just a little (nothing that a hot bath and a glass of good wine wouldn’t fix).


Those Twins are one of the toughest zodiac flip-floppers. Very often, it is hard to tell whether it is a real face or some kind of a mask you are addressing to. On the one hand, Gemini gets bored easily and, at times, this makes the sign feel depressed. However, such a depression rarely lasts more than two minutes. On the other hand, there may be terrible traumas hiding deeply inside and poisoning the life of Gemini. Also, Gemini may suffer from depression because of unfortunate love. As time passes, the sign overcomes the loss but never to the full extent. To sum it all up, there are not many things that make this sign feel down, but those that do are very intimate and hidden somewhere in the depths of the soul.


Cancer is one of the moodiest signs that you can find on the zodiac. It is not that difficult to guess that moodiness is the key to depression, and so it is with Cancer. There is one thing that makes Cancer unhappy most of the time – nobody loves him. Even though the reality may be not that dim. Until proven otherwise, Cancer will suffer in silence. Well, actually, any self-respecting Cancer will try to show that. This particular zodiac representative does not like to be alone when feeling down; they usually need a shoulder to cry on. In the majority of cases, friends and family of the sign know this weakness and try to surround Cancer with love. This is the easiest way to bring them out of the shell.


This would be one of the most contradictive signs that we know of. It is not just that Leos like to show off how strong they are, because they rarely skip a chance to do so. The key to understanding this particular zodiac sign lies in the fact that Leos can’t tell themselves when they are depressed. We are not driving at the fact that Leos are unemotional or have no feelings at all. They just don’t feel down when people surround them, and that happens most of the time. However, when a Leo is left alone for a while – that is when all the demons come out. You need to really know the person to tell that there is something bothering him or her since Leos never let others observe their pain.


There is no room for depression when it comes to Virgo. Since this is one of the most organized signs, Virgos always put lots of attention to details and perfect order of everything. This usually makes everyone around them think that such a rational approach annuls depression. The assumption is partially true but not to the full extent. The fact that a Virgo overthinks her life too much often brings sad feelings in. And where there is sadness, there is usually some space for depression. Sometimes Virgos go as far as to coming up with certain negative scenarios they create in their head – and that what brings them down. The best way out for any Virgo is to be more involved in the present and worry less about the future.


Librans are real intellectuals, and there is rarely anything better than a spicy dialogue or some interesting news for the sign. However, there is a secret to every Libra – their need for constant control. When anything goes sideways, and Libra can’t control the situation, which makes the sign anxious and may lead to depression at times. The good thing is that such situations happen not that often. All that Libra needs in order to deal with depression is to go shopping.


If we claim that Scorpio is one of the most easily depressed signs on the list, we won't exaggerate. The fact is that every representative of the sign is highly emotional, and this makes them depressed easily. Another reason that would make a Scorpio feel down is their intimate relationships. We are not talking about broken hearts here but rather about the loss of luster. We should not forget that Scorpio is one of the water signs, and if there is any better master of emotions – we do not know about it. This means that for people born under this particular sign, the only thing that can take them out of depression is their own will. If a Scorpio wants to be depressed, so will it be and vice versa.


All of the other signs need to learn to be as positive as Sagittarius usually is. There is rarely any other sign that does not feel like being depressed. Whenever a Sagittarius feels that someone else is depressed, they will do anything to help a person deal with it in the fastest ways possible. Sagittarius is truly a cheerful person; nevertheless, at times, everyone needs to be alone, and Sagittarius knows how to enjoy that loneliness. However, there is a dark side to it too. The thing is that as long as Sagittarius does not think about the loneliness, it is fine. The moment when the sign realizes that he or she has been alone for a while now is when depression may strike. The possible way out is to think about it less while spending more time with friends.


It is official – Capricorn is the most depression-sensitive zodiacsign ever. There are just too many things making the sign feel depressed. It seems that they can’t do anything without thinking about it too much. There is no risky decision a Capricorn would make without thinking about it twice – the sign needs to make sure that it is the right one. If there is a hint of doubt, Capricorn will start from the beginning, and this is where depression comes from. Also, more than often, Capricorns do not like their own looks. The fact that aging is natural seems unnatural to Capricorn. Every new wrinkle makes the sign fall into despair.


No matter how hard you try, it is not that easy to come across a depressed Aquarius. Truly, this is one of the most optimistic zodiac signs. No matter how dull a task may be, Aquarius will always make it interesting, and that is the key as to why they do not sink into depression easily. Also, every Aquarius has a very sharp mind, and they can spot the signs of depression miles away and run from it. However, when they realize that some people close to them do not really understand them, it may make them feel depressed. In order to avoid that, Aquarians surround themselves with people who think alike.


Pisces is very emotional. However, this does not mean that they will let you see them suffer. They live to serve others, and there is no other way for Pisces. It may be difficult for the sign to bear the situation, but there is no chance they will ask for help since they prefer to suffer in solitude. Pisces stick to the idea that everyone has the right to feel bad but not them. One of the best ways out of this vicious circle is to understand that you are not entitled with the task to save the world, and it is time to stop and think about yourself a little.

As you can see, many things can make any sign feel depressed. Some of us deal with them better, while others are not so successful in this. However, there is one rule that works for all – as long as you have strong support on your side, you can deal with anything!


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