28 Oct 2021

Countries by Zodiac Signs

Have you noticed that while you are uncomfortable in one country, you feel like at home in another? Each area has its own energy, culture, rules, and traditions. There is a country for each zodiac sign.

Relocation – this is the name of the ideal place of residence in astrology because all signs of the Zodiac have their own character, type of perception, needs, and environment. Which country suits you best?


Geography: South Russia, Kazakhstan, Palestine, Africa, Spain, Crete, Turkey, South Africa, Mexico, Cuba, Uruguay


As a rule, the territories of Aries are saturated with metallurgical industrial enterprises, sports facilities, military institutions, and defense industry corporates. These are the areas where society is to some extent active or spends time actively. The transport network in Aries regions should be well developed. The people from this group of countries may have a glorious military past, which is often reflected in the names of cities, towns and even streets. In addition, the district should be organized in a simple and straightforward way.


Geography: Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Switzerland, partly Norway, Taiwan, Australia


The countries belonging to the Taurus sign value beauty, prosperity and earthly joys. But these are not the only indicators of the national character. The population in these countries often has a special attitude to love, up to the cults of gods and goddesses who extol romantic relations. How can one fail to remember the Swedish love and Romani romance of Moldova? But no less vividly is the national character manifested in those times when the countries are in the fire of war. Ethnic groups related to this Zodiac member are so fierce in the struggle that they are capable of anything, up to self-destruction.


Geography: USA, Paraguay, Scotland, Greece, Belgium, Armenia, Italy (modern), Greece, former Yugoslavia, Korea, UAE, Singapore, Madagascar


Gemini people are not devoid of some slyness, they have an entrepreneurial mindset and do not consider it shameful to play jack with a neighbor if such an opportunity is provided. Gemini signs value intelligence, mobility, and ability to work with hands. As a rule, these countries are saturated with transport communications, while the cities have a good open street plan. In settlements, there can be transport service enterprises, motor shops, bookstores, fairs, developed networks of markets. In architecture, light and open forms prevail. In central areas, earthquake-resistant buildings will have an increased number of floors. The houses are designed so that they may also be rebuilt and adapted to the needs of residents. Bright and colorful elements are used in the decoration.


Geography: India, Uzbekistan and partly Central Asia, the Netherlands, Scotland, Denmark, Canada, Paraguay, New Zealand


The national character of Cancer is influenced by the environment and the desire for individualism. Nations under the influence of this sun sign have a developed system of spiritual beliefs, philosophy, focused on the priority of spirituality over materialism In Cancer’s character, there is respect for teachers, gurus, mentors, masters, clergymen and, in general, the highest social and spiritual authority. The preferred architecture style in the cities is low-rise buildings without wide highways. The local population gives preference to small ancient alleys with squares, parks, and ponds. There should be a network of childcare facilities, and it is desirable to have any monuments that will remind of connection with the ancestors.


Geography: Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Iran, Hungary, Poland, Brazil


In the national character of these countries ruled by Leo, there are royal grandeur and inner pride for belonging to their people, as well as affection for bright events and theatrical performances. Settlements abound with cultural enterprises and sports facilities. The houses have a majestic style of prestige and national pride, although often only outside, where the facade faces the main road. The architecture of interior spaces and backyards is not so interesting for Leo.


Geography: Japan, Belarus, Baltic States, Germany, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Canary Islands


The character of the population under the patronage of Virgo is distinguished by accuracy, consistency, concern for the environment, high intellectual level and constant curiosity. In these countries, all urban elements are successfully combined with each other, giving the opportunity to work even for the smallest enterprises. Special attention is paid to a developed network of household services, as well as to medical institutions of various profiles, from preventive, sports and health-improving facilities to high-tech medical establishments. There is functional simplicity in the architectural traditions of the Virgo regions: no unnecessary decorations, but all the details that make life easier. Thus, housing is often saturated with technical improvements. In the Virgo regions, particular attention is paid to every detail of both interior and exterior design.


Geography: Great Britain, China, Burma, Austria, France, England, Syria, Saudi Arabia.


In the national character of countries under the Libra sign, there is a strong desire for beauty and completeness of forms. At the same time, a form means more than its inner filling. Great importance is attached to the social status of a person, and the level of his/her relations with others. As a rule, in urban architecture, Libras prefer elite areas, harmoniously planned, with comfortable living conditions. There are elements of ornamental finishing, many decorative bushes, lawns, and other landscape elements. The housing style is open and light. A tourist visiting the Libra areas has a general impression of comfort and harmony.


Geography: Azerbaijan, Turkey, Indonesia, Iran, Afghanistan, Switzerland, Hungary, Cuba, Iceland, partially Norway (this country is gradually emerging from the Taurus influence in the postwar years), Cambodia, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia.


The Scorpio countries usually have an ancient history associated with peaks and valleys. A typical representative of this group has an intrinsic sense of belonging to the wealth of the nation, regardless of his real wealth status. People in these countries have pronounced collectivism both in making all corporate decisions and in holding festivals and rituals of any level. They like to be in the center of social media attention. As a rule, these people are emotional, mobile and thoughtful. Collective aggressiveness is an important feature of the national character. Each person is more emotional than aggressive, but when people come together, they resemble a disturbed beehive.


Geography: France, Poland, former Yugoslavia, Brazil, Cyprus, Georgia, Portugal, China, Argentina, Australia


The character of Sagittarius countries includes the initial militancy, breadth of flowers and plants, and desire for luxury. At the same time, these people under the sign of Sagittarius enriched the world not only with great conquerors and generals, but also with philosophers who have made a great contribution to the world culture development.


Geography: Nordic countries, Germany, Tibet, Nepal, Mexico, Ireland, Israel


The national character of the countries influenced by Capricorn outstands with a desire for clarity, consistency, achievement of specific results, as well as the high importance of career achievements. In architecture, as a rule, classical style prevails. Houses are often built by an individual project. High walls cover the interior spaces from prying eyes. The interior design has dark brown and dark green shades. In general, the architectural style makes an impression of severity and simplicity.


Geography: Russia, Canada, Sweden, Argentina, Peru, Chile, gradually Japan


In the national character of the Aquarius countries, deep inner knowledge is combined with frank recklessness. These people have developed individualism; they are interested in everything new and often disregard the traditions and values of the past. As a rule, they value sociableness, friendship, and their freedom. Their philosophical concepts are imbued with ideas of equality and brotherhood.


Geography: Portugal, Indonesia and Oceania, Iceland, Romania, Finland, Nepal, Philippines, Ceylon, Palestine, Venezuela, Hawaii, Colombia


The national character of countries influenced by Pisces is distinguished by some secrecy. The charm of mysticism, the special role of rituals, as well as the amazing intuitive sensory abilities of people in these countries create an aura of mystery around them. They are musical, artistic, and they appreciate beauty. At the same time, they have an inner unrestrained passion and desire for material wealth. These people value recreation and fun more than everyday work. Well, as for romantic adventures, they simply have no equal.


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