13 Jul 2024

The Role of Pluto in the Horoscope

This is the ruling planet of two Zodiac signs: Aries and Scorpio. According to the canons of Roman mythology, Pluto is the Roman god of the afterlife and underworld. In astrology, its revolution around the Sun symbolizes the birth and death of a person. In addition, the dwarf planet that needs 248 Earth years to orbit the Sun controls power, collective problems, uncontrolled outbursts, hidden processes, and secret plans. This planet rules destructiveness, powerful sexual energy, irreversible transformation, abduction and espionage, radiation and rehabilitation. 

  • Intellectual level: analytical mindset, amazing insight, grasp on complex phenomena and relationships. 
  • Emotional level: cruelty and lack of pity, unmet needs, increased suspicion and paranoid moods, a tendency to fanaticism. 

According to astrology, Pluto is the chief of all popular mysteries, meetings, rallies, demonstrations, etc. It rules the sign of destroying everything that is old, rotten, outdated in political world systems, creating new ones for each people and state, as well as Uranus. Pluto generates new international laws of coexistence, new rules of the internal life of state and people, new traditions for each society, forcing an individual to voluntarily or forcefully adapt to them. Pluto is considered to be completely neutral in astrology. It doesn’t accept a personality cult, nor idols or dictators. Law is its one and only king, its god; the law is strict, merciless, but always fair. 

On the one hand, the planet Pluto shows a person as an integral being, on the other – as a particle of the cosmos and this society. The Pluto symbol is the terminal stage of the process of individualization, death and rebirth in astrology, after which a person becomes more accomplished. This planet is a symbol of the world’s conscience, clearly reflecting the cosmic zodiacal order.

Map Designations in Astrology

The kingdom and power of Pluto appear and take effect only after filling human consciousness and mind with the ideas of Uranus and Neptune, forcing a person to voluntarily give up senseless resistance to what we can’t escape, what can’t be avoided. 

The interpretation of the influence of Pluto in astrology is still very problematic because too little material has been discovered about its influence over the short period of time that went by since its discovery. So far, it has been found that Pluto has very little influence through the position of its constellation among the signs of the Zodiac. However, it has a much more powerful effect through its local determination in the houses of the horoscope, and especially through its aspirational connections with other planets and elements of astrology.

In addition, its influence is reflected in several generations of people. Plenty of prominent scientific astrologers-researchers began a detailed study of its influence after the discovery of Pluto. They accumulated especially great material during and after World War II. After the first speeches of these scientists at international congresses and conferences, and after the first publications of their works, it has become clear that Pluto has an effect similar to the mixture of Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury in a wide variety of versions, both happy and unhappy. That is the highest octave of the influence of Mars in astrology, and it symbolizes a collective crowd, masses of people; power, violence, and coercion; criminal actions, the quality of which depends on its aspectarium with other planets and horoscope elements. It has already been precisely established that people with potential will and spirit, with exorbitant, inexhaustible energy are strongly influenced by the actions of Pluto.

Cosmic patterns confirm that all planets of the solar system influence the Earth and the lunar sphere, humans, and wildlife, as well as inanimate nature only collectively, and Pluto is not an exception. Therefore, its harmful influence (in conjunction, quadrature, opposition) on a person can be much mitigated as a result of joint action with the virtuous planets Jupiter and Venus (which also take a long time to orbit the Sun), and enhanced by joint actions with other wrecking planets in astrology (Mars, Saturn, Uranus).

In one case, it can bring brilliant success and career to its ward along with unexpected wealth or world fame, influence on the masses of people, and social growth with the speed and brilliance of a meteorite. On the other hand, it represents total losses or incurable diseases, disability, isolation, violence, untimely death. An individual will be clearly out of his or her world, environment in all cases when Pluto is determined in the cardinal (angular) houses in astrology.

Pluto gives its zodiac sign excessiveness expressed in inclinations, impulses, potential will and energy, strong desires, determination and purposefulness, arrogance and ruthlessness, passions and addictions, mania and phobias, fanaticism and fatality, destruction and self-destruction.

According to astrology, all the natural disasters occurring on our planet, all catastrophes and mass events should be categorized as an effect of the direct action of Pluto in conjunction with some other wrecking planet. Pluto's atrocities are insidious, life-threatening, and most often irrevocable. Studies and analysis of numerous horoscopes of individuals and entire groups, nations, and states have shown that Pluto is responsible for many misfortunes in their fate. It can drain entire generations by exhausting revolutions and wars, epidemics and pandemics. It can destroy entire empires and nations with all material values ​​and spiritual reserves.

On the other hand, on the ruins of the old empires, it revives new ones, which are even stronger and more powerful. It creates new, even more viable, talented nations instead of annihilated ones. Along with Uranus, they are the main participants in all the reforms and perturbations of the old world. They create a new one for more than one generation of people to work on, igniting new ideas in them and at the same time creating all the necessary conditions for their implementation. They are the main instigators of sudden and unexpected, original and unusual events on Earth, the quality of which depends on their cosmic status and aspectarium with other planets and elements of astrology, as well as on the qualities of planetary transit aspects.

Pluto rules and directs fanatics of any kind or rank: various types of anarchists and terrorists, criminals who have neither logic nor principles, immensely thirsty for blood and spreading unrest and panic, fear and death around.

People with a higher spiritual level can be favorably influenced by the constellation of Pluto in their natal chart, raising their spiritual and idealistic aspirations, deepening and expanding the spiritual horizon, directing them to the path of science and technology or into the world of art. The strongest influence of Pluto is found in conjunction with any planet or element of astrology, or with the cusp of any house, but especially with the Ascendant and Meridian (Mid-Sky), Descendant and Nadir, or when it reaches the middle of the horoscope’s house. Its influence can be very mediocre or even imperceptible in all other things.

Features of Aspects 

  • Strong Pluto and positive connections 

A person with a sign of the Zodiac ruled by Pluto can become an outstanding oncologist surgeon, a famous psychoanalyst, or a healer of human souls under the beneficial influence of the planet regardless of the profession. The harmonious combination in astrology is represented by the ability to forget hardships and losses quickly. Such an individual boldly enters a new phase of life. He or she has no doubt that everything will turn out better there than before.

  • Afflicted Pluto 

An afflicted Pluto gives rise to a truly devilish desire for power in a person. The ruler is ready to do anything for the opportunity to control every area of life and the time of death of its subjects, for instance, destroy some features of his people or start a war. The sphere of the negative influence of the planet is associated with the dark sides of society: secret police, black market, arms and drug trade, organized crime, corrupt bureaucracy.

If Pluto in your natal chart is slightly afflicted at the household level, a type of chronic loser is formed, who is supported through hard times by friends or relatives, while experiencing the severity of the plutonic effect. The culprit of the situation stays away.

Harmonious Aspects

The planet Pluto provides an excellent understanding of yourself and other people. An individual makes a brilliant career thanks to valuable connections, eloquence, self-confidence, and competence.

The chosen one by Pluto is constantly striving to transform reality for the better, to update it.

Sometimes, they have to play the role of a “shadow government” in a team at work, and they cope with it excellently.

The positive impact of Pluto also is manifested in self-knowledge. People objectively assess their capabilities, know what they want, while they are rarely mistaken in choosing a profession and life partner. Others appreciate their opinion, and it is not in vain. They give really useful tips.

Challenging Aspects

The tendency to go straight to a goal by sweeping away everything on the way creates endless conflicts. Colleagues will not help an innovator and enthusiast if he or she is excessively demanding, impatient, arrogant.

The habit of criticizing everything or unceremoniously pointing out flaws also does not help gain the love of others. This can lead to dismissal from work, and to divorce in personal life.

Pluto is a planet with a harsh character in the Zodiac system. Fighting its effects is useless. It will cut off anything. The only way out is to humbly accept new conditions and try to adapt to them.

Aspects of Pluto with the Ascendant in Your Birth Chart

  • Pluto in conjunction with the Ascendant

People can notice the impulse you carry out your activities and pursue your own interests with. They see you as an attractive, very strong person and as an obvious and open threat sometimes. People can’t understand which way the force they feel will come, whether this will be for their good or against them. Since Pluto in astrology is a planet of great power, you may face situations that require or force you to use will and power. Other people may try to use these qualities against you, so it’s better to remember that “for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword”. In addition, you can spend a lot of time trying to eradicate or correct some of your negative character traits. You are able to intuitively know or understand thoughts of other people, their feelings or incentives. You are endowed with a detective flair by nature.

  • Pluto in harmony with the Ascendant

You tend to be a serious person with a touch of magnetism. You are curious and try to behave diplomatically in relationships with other people. Also, you have leadership skills you can develop if you put your mind and will to it. Sometimes you are quite emotional, which helps prevent an explosion of the powerful energy inside you. You feel comfortable with it. You are interested in the philosophy and difficulties of social reform.

  • Pluto in dissonance with the Ascendant

You are intolerant to other people and their beliefs. People see you as a threat to their normal existence. They will test you again and again, while you will be testing them. You don’t run away from competition, and you can even turn off the road in search of a “good fight”, verbally or in some other way. Perhaps, you should learn how to collaborate with people. You like tension in relationships, and the more is the better. You keep your feelings secret from those you are related with. Most likely, they would like you to be more direct. 

Other Aspects 

  • The alliance of Pluto in 1 house of the Zodiac with the Sun gives the deification of a father and the desire to become a superhero, while the opposition – a rebellion against a parental model of behavior, painful resistance to others’ will, and fear of the evil eye. 
  • Pluto trine Mars gives an iron will and the ability to get what you want; quadrature – the danger of traumatic situations, attacks, violence.
  • Pluto sextile Moon is characterized by healing abilities and clairvoyance, yet it leads to breaking an emotional connection with a mother and dictatorship in the family. 
  • Pluto sextile Venus results in an artistic gift, success in the fields of art and show business.


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