27 May 2024

The Phase of the Moon – Astrology

The Sun and the Moon know much more than we think. They can not only predict the fate of a person but also help manage daily life and domestic issues. This article is about how the Moon affects people and what needs to be done throughout the moon’s phases.

In popular astrology, there are 29.5 lunar days. This determines the qualities of a person born on these days, as well as special events occurring during the transit. A lunar cycle, which we perceive on Earth as a change in the moon phases, is among most powerful natural factors. This celestial chronometer has served humanity since prehistoric times. Observing the monthly change in the lunar cycle, you can find certain patterns that connect them with your own internal and psychological states. 

The phases of the Queen of Heaven are universal factors affecting the whole world. Nevertheless, it can work as a tool for your individual fine-tuning and, appropriately, for harmonizing your inner rhythms with the global pulse of the galaxy.

The descriptions of the lunar phases proposed below are not so much a guide but some knowledge for an individual rethinking and for creating your unique plan of navigation along the boundless lunar sea.


Our forbears did not know the word astrology, but they knew very well what and in which phase of the Moon should be done. The first calendars known in the history of humanity were created precisely based on the lunar cycle. For obvious reasons, people could not make complex astrological calculations, and the Moon was the main measure of time.

The second is the Moon during a night hunt when the cold silver moonlight makes colors and distances indistinguishable, changes the shape and shadow of objects within a few minutes. This is Artemis' Moon, which we inherited from ancient Greeks. This Moon is a symbol of inconstancy, cold, variability, and unpredictability.

The Moon became a symbol of transition from life to death and further revival due to its monthly disappearance from the sky on the days of the new moon and the constant reappearance of the new Queen of Heaven. This Moon is a symbol of other world, which is reflected in dozens and hundreds of myths and tales of all time. 

How Many Phases Are There in a Cycle? 

There are eight moonphases. You can see them in the picture. The characterology of the eight lunar phases can be considered as a dispersion of the two main trends formally designated in astrology – the new and full moons. 

The New Moon is the first moonphase. The time in the first period of the young Moon is best spent on planning goals or projects, as well as on transition to their implementation. You have more than enough time for the implementation of your ideas, right up to a new cycle.

It is the best time to start all kinds of global, long-term projects, both in business, scientific and even personal spheres. During this time, do not limit yourself to physical work, sports activities, and other things. 

  • Waxing Crescent Moon is the second phase. This stage gives a drive to desires and adds energy, which, however, does not guarantee any success! People want to have their cake and eat it, but most of them do not succeed because much depends on personal strength here. At that time, the weak perish. As for leaders, they may turn out to be not strong enough in the long run. It is advantageous to go along the road, but not too far; to make plans, but not too ambitious. In general, this phaseofthemoon plays in favor of the curious and refreshes senses.
  • The most harmonious phase of all eight is the third one. The first quarter moon is a good time to advance most of ordinary, everyday projects related to business, science, art, and training. Sure, fortune favors the active rather than the lazy, but they will not be left with nothing since the moon's radiation is so favorable. Within this period, life flourishes in all its abundance and diversity. In general, the first quarter represents a male type of consciousness; women are better off trusting their men. Prophecies of these days will be the most faithful.
  • Waxing gibbous moon is the fourth phase. The crescent grows and approaches the full Moon. The intensity of life reaches its maximum, which cannot be said about harmony. In this phase of the Moon, all secrets become apparent. The discoveries are rather unpleasant than enjoyable, which is bad for criminals, yet good for criminologists. During this period, it is good to publish books and give speeches. And this is a great time to make money on stereotypes. Luck awaits masters of reincarnation, both literally and figuratively. This is the time of futurism and the embodiment of dreams. The disadvantage is that it is easy to provoke conflicts.
  • The fifth lunar phase is the full Moon. In this state, the celestial body influences a person even more than any other phase. During this period, the activity of our brains reaches its peak, never stopping even at night. You are bursting with energy, and the sky is the limit. This state of mind must be used to achieve your goals. Under the full Moon, only lovers of exotic and extreme sports can bank on having a fun time. If you want to relax, it is better to plan your vacation for other phasesofthemoon. Also, these are unreliable days for partnerships. However, in the full moon phase, dreams reveal the influence of those people around you very accurately.
  • Waning gibbous is the sixth phase. The Moon light begins to wane. It is advised to protect the acquired, but not from intruders – this refers to maintaining the achieved success. This phase does not favor active expansion in the social field. It is best to engage in debugging of business processes and building interaction with subcontractors; in personal life – to pay attention to family ties; in marriage – to adjust mutual obligations and rights.
  • The seventh phase is the third quarter. It is also one of the most balanced compared to the rest phases, with the only difference being that in this phase the processes of inhibition begins to slightly exceed the processes of excitation. It’s the ideal time for making important decisions when the boundaries of good and evil are blurred. In general, the last quarter moon correlates with a female type of consciousness. To listen to arguments of the beautiful half of the human race will be useful for both parties.
  • The moon's last phase is Waning Crescent. This phase personifies the approaching finale, while life brings an intermediate result. Making plans is unproductive, except those activities that are required to complete various projects, in particular, associated with raw materials and supply. Nothing is surprising in this, the final phase destroys hopes – this must be outlived. Crowds are the least controllable, mass culture offers the poorest examples of their creativity. You can feel the maximum burden of the past on the shoulders, but a sense of humor helps these days a lot.

How Do Zodiac Signs Correlate with the Moon?

In astrology, there is the concept of a person’s moon sign, which is predicated upon the birth chart and which governs the person’s character. With that, there is also the vision of the Moon traveling through zodiac constellations and influencing a daily horoscope of a person. The celestial body stays in each sign for 2-3 days, but this connection is no less important than moonphases. Let’s explore this bond.   

The Moon is in Aries. At that point, you can make requests and petitions to authorities. If the Moon is also growing, this is a good time for business endeavors.

When the Moon is in the constellation of Taurus, you can get a job, purchase real estate, move to a new place of residence, buy clothes and visit beauty salons, using the whole range of services provided there.

The Moon in Gemini is a good time to conclude contracts, conduct business negotiations and send correspondence, begin training and teaching, arranging holidays and parties, as well as short trips.

While the Moon is in Cancer, you can buy antiques, invest in a business, speak in public, get married, or start out for sea voyages.

When the Moon enters the sign of Leo, the time comes to buy cars. You can also get a job, start a building project, change your place of residence, host guests or visit your friends, theaters, exhibitions, and restaurants. You can borrow money, especially at the stage of a waning Moon – you will be able to repay easily and quickly.

The Moon in the sign of Virgo is an opportune time to get a higher education, including the second one, to start a business and grapple with bad habits, as well as to go on a diet and turn to therapeutic fasting.

The transiting Moon in Libra creates favorable conditions for social activities, dates, engagements, and purchase of beautiful things and objects of art. You can undergo plastic surgery and get rid of excess weight.  

While the Moon is in the constellation of Scorpio, you can collect information, sign documents, open bank accounts and deposits. However, force majeure and extreme situations are possible.

When the Moon enters the sign of Sagittarius, it’s good to travel, buy and sell, and it’s a great time to get animals. You can also remove teeth and lose weight, but any bleeding can be dangerous to your health.

When the Moon stays in the sign of Capricorn, it is recommended to buy real estate, make bank deposits and pursue a career. It is undesirable to overload the musculoskeletal system since, at this time, bones become extremely fragile, so there is a high probability of fractures.

The Moon in Aquarius is the right time to visit a hairdresser and tattoo salon. It is good to communicate with government officials and public organizations, meet friends, make and repair clothes, take water procedures, for instance, to go to a bathhouse or a pool.

While the Moon is in the sign of Pisces, you can speak in public, get married, meditate, administer the divine service and buy perfumes. You need to drink as little liquid as possible – especially alcoholic beverages – and abandon drugs.


There is a certain influence of the Moon on well-being, thinking, social processes, but it is not as strong as it seems. Fate develops under the influence of many flows of planetary and stellar energies. Popular astrology believes that among all the celestial bodies, the Moon is second in terms of the power of influence, but someone can be more moonish. For others, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, and other planets may go to the second, third and subsequent places. It all depends on the characteristics of the birth horoscope. The Moon is an exclusively karmic planet; therefore the degree of its influence on a specific person depends on the nature of both individual and tribal karma.

For purposes of illustration, let's see a lunar calendar for September. 

According to the lunar calendar, September 2019 is a month with one new Moon and one full Moon. The new moon occurs on September 28 and will last until the morning of the next day. Astrologers, compiling the moon calendar for September 2019, noted: this is a good month to start implementing plans and completing ongoing projects. Act boldly, and you will succeed.

A lunar calendar is traditionally divided into bad and good days, but in many ways, this is a convention. It's just that these periods are fundamentally different in energy. Do not worry if an unsuccessful lunar day comes. It’s enough to plan your time correctly, choose an activity that corresponds to these days, and you will succeed.

To determine a favorable day, first of all, the active zodiac sign is usually taken into account. Then, pay attention to the moon phase, lunar day and day of the week. However, many things are individual here. Keep track of those days when everything goes smoothly and those when you face many difficulties. Based on these findings, you can determine the most suitable sequence for yourself and create a personal lunar calendar. 

Good luck!


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