24 Apr 2024

What Is an Aspect in Astrology?

When you start thinking that you know all about astrology, a new notion hits the stage. We have talked about the sun and the moon, zodiac signs, horoscopes, houses, and so on, but it turns out that there are also aspects to be aware of.

If you take it mathematically, aspects describe the distance between two celestial bodies. Aspects are measured by angles; however, this is pure geometry, and it does not interest us at the moment. What is interesting is the way those aspects affect you since, as you may have already guessed, everything in astrology is related to your personal life and fate.

If you try to put it simply, all celestial bodies interact with each other as they move. That particular point when they meet together and the way they influence your sign is the power of an aspect, in a nutshell. Of course, it may seem all too confusing at the moment, but it will get clearer as we proceed with our review.

For those of you who are interested in numbers, we need to point out that there are seven aspects distinguished by astrologers. However, since astrology is never that simple, not all of them are equal. Those seven are divided into two groups: soft and hard.

The Basics 

As it has been already mentioned, aspects are all about relationships and angles between heavenly bodies. Any natal chart compiled has a center, and that center is Earth (this is quite obvious since that is where we live). It is surrounded by 12 sectors that we know as signs of the zodiac. 

Now, imagine yourself drawing a line from each planet to the center. Every line that forms an angle with another is that particular aspect we are interested in. It does not take a genius to figure out that all these angles come with different meanings and effects on human lives.


For centuries people weren’t able to draw a line between astrology and astronomy. Nowadays, we can clearly distinguish the two; however, as you can see, there are still some things that connect the subjects as well. This covers not only planets but mathematical calculations too. Astrology is not about predictions based on nothing. The issue of aspects shows that at times, the requirements are quite strict and precise. All this may bring you to the assumption that it is close to impossible to accurately calculate the mutual arrangement of astronomical bodies. It needs to be clarified that there is some room for error or, putting it in another way, allowable deviation measured in degrees. These degrees are named orbs in astrology.

To explain the notion more plainly, we are going to provide an example. Let’s take a sextile aspect: it has a 60-degree angle, and there is a 6-degree orb to it. This means that celestial bodies having an angular distance between them in the range from 54 to 66 degrees still fall under the given aspect. However, you need to understand that the larger is the deviation, the weaker the bond between the celestial objects gets. 

As we proceed with our astrological exploration, we need to note that major aspects tend to have 5-6 degrees orbs, while minor ones have only 2-3 degrees of allowable deviation.

Major and Minor Aspects 


There is a reason why a conjunction plays a major role in astrology. It signifies that two celestial bodies are 0 degrees apart based on their ecliptical longitudes, and they are in the same sign. It is not that difficult to guess that when two planets are close to one another, they tend to exchange and combine their energies. However, the fact that the two mix their energies can work both ways: it can have either a positive or negative effect.

For instance, if Mercury conjunct Neptune, you can get overly creative, or you can be so distracted that it is hard to imagine. Why is that? In case you do not know, Mercury is the ruler of communication and brain activity, while Neptune is responsible for your imagination. When you combine both, you get either of the mentioned results.

What is the best way to embrace a conjunction and make the most use of it? The answer is quite simple – you should learn how to plan. If you know when two planets, Mercury and Neptune in this case, are in conjunction, you can postpone analytical tasks and dive into some creative process since the chances are that the latter will come out more productive.

Let’s not forget that there are conjunct planets in your birth chart too. This means that judging by the sign and house they are located, you can plan a lot of your hobbies and involvements. However, you need to realize that the result of a certain conjunction depends upon the heavenly bodies involved. At times, it may be not the most pleasant period when some of them are blended together. Uranus and Mars would be the best example. In this case, you should expect no relaxation but an increased amount of tension brought up into your life.


As you may have already guessed, a semi-sextile stands for two planets that are one sign apart. We may be delivering bad news, but it is not the best connection. Very often, semi-sextiled planets are too different from one another. It usually does not matter which energy one planet possesses since the chances are that the second one will be its opposite.

To make it a little clearer, let’s view it this way. One planet is in Scorpion while another is in Sagittarius. Those who do not know, Scorpio is a feminine water sign; thus, it is emotional and stability-seeking. On the other hand, Sagittarius is a fire sign; thus, ever-changing and extroverted. The only kind of energy that comes from such a combo is oppositely directed. However, there is nothing you can do about this uneasy situation, except wait it out. It is sad, but some things can’t be altered no matter how hard you want it.


Two planets are sextile when they are 60 degrees and two signs apart. When compared to a conjunction, a sextile is not that strong. However, that does not matter much since the vibes it brings are more important – these are happy and cheerful interactions.

To describe the sextile well, we need to talk about yin and yang. As you may already know, these are two pieces of a whole, which are opposite but mutually complementary. In astrology, this means that the energy of planets forming a sextile is compatible and won’t bring any conflict. Taking this into consideration, astrologers claim that a sextile is the best period you should use to solve all conflicts and difficult tasks. For the most part, planetary energy affects all people equally; so, people you are going to deal with will be a lot more relaxed and less likely to take things personally. If you are going to work during the phase, you will be surprised at how easy and fast you carry out your tasks without unnecessary stress, yet in a great mood.

A good example of a sextile relationship is when Venus is in Aries, and Uranus is in Gemini. During this period, couples will find easy ways to resolve their issues and give each other more space. At the same time, single people will be quite daring as to taking risks in finding their love. Surely, you shouldn’t expect miracles to happen, but the overall pleasant experience is granted.

As for your personal birth chart, when there are sextiled planets, they point at the areas in your life that are stress-free and extremely easy for you.


As we proceed along the ecliptical longitudes, heavenly bodies move further away from each other. When two planets are 90 degrees from one another, and three signs separate them – they are square. It is hard to say whether good or bad the result of such a relationship will be. One thing stands clear – it is all going to become contradictory. Some say that a square defines a battle of wills. Let us explain what it is supposed to mean.

We take Jupiter in Virgo, and this allows us to suspect an analytical talent in you. Jupiter will square Venus, and the planet is in Sagittarius correspondingly. What we get, as a result, is a combination of analytical abilities and a taste for adventure. If you think about it, you will understand that there is nothing great that can come out of it. On the one hand, you will be craving to control every word said, while on the other hand, you are ready to jump into the arms of a complete stranger.

It is advised not to make some important choices during this period. It is best to consider all the pros and cons so that you are ready to make a decision when the phase passes. If there is a square in your birth chart, it can mean only one thing – two parts of you are always contradictive to one another. You can resolve the issue by paying a lot of attention to discipline and self-discovery. Your natal chart indicates where it is the hardest for you to find a balance – don’t underestimate it.


There is one peculiar thing about astrology – it teaches us how to become better. Many people do not see it this way; so, they struggle to find a purpose and balance in their lives. However, when you learn all about a trine, you will anticipate this phase to start and will be able to use it to your greatest advantage.

When you compare a trine to all the above-mentioned aspects, it is safe to say that it is the sweetest point two planets can reach. If celestial objects form a trine, they are completely synchronous with each other, and this influences us in a great way. Very often, these objects refer to identical elements. It does not matter whether it is fire or water, earth or air – the planets pursue the same aim and deliver the same energy.

If we take Jupiter, which is the planet of luck, and Mercury, which is the planet of communication, you will get a killer match. These trined planets will bring conversations and insights that will easily change your life completely. If both of them are in an earth sign, then you can expect a conversation that will change your financial status. When they are in a water sign, then big love is coming your way.

It may seem like this is the best aspect of all. However, you need to be careful about it as well. The fact is that when there is too much good is heading towards you, it is easy to lose grip and let the success destroy you. This means that you need to be able to control and balance even the best events and relationships in various areas of your life.

If you have a trine in your birth chart, you can call yourself lucky. It does not take you a lot of effort to gain what you want or succeed in anything. If the trine is in an earth sign, then you are a great planner and a good worker. When the trine is in an air sign, this makes you an excellent speaker. Nevertheless, the fact that everything comes easy for you may make you too lazy, so you had better watch out for that.


Another common thing about astrology is its unpredictability. When it seems that everything works out well, a quincunx comes along. There is no more awkward aspect we know of. The fact is that celestial bodies which are quincunx have absolutely nothing in common. There are five signs and 120 degrees separating them, and it may look like this is the reason for such a feeling.

When we are describing a quincunx, it is safe to say that the planets involved are like complete strangers to each other. This means that when the phase begins, you need to be extra cautious and put in a lot of effort to make it work.

The missions carried out by the objects are facing different directions. There are neither signs nor elements to unite them. The only thing left is to serve both to reach the least possible balance. 

In case it all sounds too strange, we are going to try and explain this planetary aspect through a suitable example. Let’s say we have Mercury in Virgo. Thus, the mental intertwines with a detail-oriented attitude. On the other side, we have Mars in Aries where ambitions mix with an impatient rush. As a result, we have one planet forcing us to seize the opportunity as fast as we can, while the other needs time to think things over. It is like one planet sets rules while the other breaks them. Your task is to make it work somehow so that you do not get stuck or make silly mistakes.

When you have a quincunx in your personal chart, it points out the spheres of your life that merely don’t add up. All this supports the idea that there is more than just one self in every person. At times, the quincunx works in such ways that it may drive you crazy until you spot a pattern, discover all the details, and figure out how to balance the unbalanced.

One more thing is that in life, such quincunx relationships also exist. We tend to fall for partners whom we both loathe and adore at the same time. However, if you find a way to combine the two, you will always make it work.


This is as far as astronomical bodies can get from one another – 180 degrees and six signs away. When you think about it, applying all the knowledge you got after discovering all the previous aspects in astrology, you can easily assume that an opposition is tough stuff. 

The opposition acts like a magnet attracting two things that are extremely different. However, if you think that it is bad, we will tell you not to jump to hasty conclusions. In this case, you can easily make it work with the right approach toward the matter. You should learn about the basics of compromise. You need to view it this way – two powerful people are sitting in a room talking about some major problem, and if they don’t find a compromise, the inevitable will happen.

Since we are talking planetary aspects here, you need a proper example too. Let’s say that Mars is opposite Saturn. The first one is impatient while the other is overly too cautious. Is there anything you can do to revert the catastrophe? In fact, there is. What you should do is to make them cooperate, listen to each other, so to speak. There is a lot that one can learn from another, and when applied to practice, such a union can help you achieve a lot.

If there is an opposition in your birth chart, it means that there is a counterforce inside of you, and you are the one to balance it since no one else can do it for you. When it feels there is not a chance you can cope with this on your own, you can turn to your partner and seek help there, sometimes this works.

Predominant Aspects in Your Birth Chart

  • Conjunctions – if they prevail in your chart, this means that you are one of the most focused people who get motivated on their own. 
  • Sextiles – an astrology chart with sextiles defines a creative and expressive personality that you are. You shouldn’t hesitate to have it discovered.
  • Squares – you are an extremely energetic person who does not care about any obstacles since you always know how to overcome them. Your strength and will inspire many people.
  • Trines – you are a talented person who is comfortable where you are without any will to change it.
  • Oppositions – where there is an opposition – contradiction comes. You are looking for greater meaning in life. However, one of the surest ways to arrive at it is to find a good partner.

To sum everything up, it is safe to say that astrology is both complex and simple. Of course, if you are not an astrologer, it is hard to make predictions and decipher calculations. However, we are lucky to have it done for us; all that is left to do is to apply the knowledge to life and see it changing. Everything happens for a reason, though sometimes the reason is hidden in the skies, and you need to put a little effort to understand it!


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