13 Jul 2024

Voodoo Magic: Rituals and Spells

When you hear the word Voodoo, the first thing that comes to mind is zombies and killer-dolls. This shallow knowledge was given by American cinema popularizing a mix of ancient African beliefs and practices with Catholicism. Of course, such films were shot exclusively in the horror genre. However, there is a lot of scientific literature in which Voodoo is seriously investigated. However, even today Voodoo words like gros bon ange can scare anyone who doesn’t know the meaning.

And although there are many sites on the Internet dedicated to Voodoo, you can fully master it only by visiting the tribes in which the Voodoo cult still exists, because it is a special way of life.

Moreover, you will succeed only when you are accepted by the natives and consecrated to the “rank” of a priest. Therefore, we will not brainwash you, talking about how to carry out rituals, but we will simply tell you where the Voodoo cult came from, what it is aimed at, and how the peoples of West Africa and Haiti achieve their goals.

What is Voodoo?

The Voodoo religion has existed for more than 5,000 years. It originated in Africa and was practiced in Haiti by respected priests and priestesses to protect their tribes, to provide those people with food and to satisfy their own ambitions.

The most interesting thing is that Haitian Voodoo is not a religion of one god. According to African religions, the God who created all living things is too busy to listen to people’s requests, so those who practice Haitian Vodou turn to several “common” spirits for help, as well as to the souls of deceased ancestors and tribesmen. All rituals in the beliefs of voodoo are addressed to Loa, a creature of a lower order, who can be “reached” through spirits.

In general, the Voodoo cult is very syncretic. At first, it absorbed the rituals of various tribes and then the features of Roman Catholicism. For example, in one of the West African tribes, to this day, a deceased senior ancestor is cremated and the ashes are mixed with food or drink and eaten by relatives in order to gain strength and health of the clan. Moreover, until the “main heir” performs this ritual, he is not allowed to hunt and generally protected in every way, since it is believed that if he dies before he receives the power of his ancestor, the clan is doomed to extinction as the connection of times will be lost.

Voodoo is considered to originate from the ancient state of Dahomey, where Benin is now located, a country that arose out of the slave trade and colonization.

The voodoo cult gained huge popularity after the slave trade began to develop. Slaves brought from West Africa to South and Central America began to practice Voodoo in order to somehow feel free, and when the authorities forbade them to pray to their gods, they simply adapted their totemic spirits and endowed them with the names and features of Christian Catholic saints.

But they did not change their rituals. Religious people continued to make talismans, go into a trance under the influence of specific music and hallucinogenic mixtures of herbs, take revenge on enemies and quietly destroy those who had deprived them of their freedom.

One of these rituals looks like this: a Voodoo priest follows his enemy, deprives him of consciousness, and then pricks him with a needle or sharpened wood chips that are soaked in a certain composition of herbs. Then he says a spell and leaves. When the victim comes to his senses, he does not remember meeting with the sorcerer. It seems to him that he just fell asleep for 5 minutes, and he also does not experience any pain. And after a few days, he dies for no apparent reason.

“Catholicized” saints in the Voodoo cult also look very interesting. Santeria – a mix of Catholicism and Voodoo – originated in Cuba as a protest against the forced conversion of slaves to Catholicism, and at the same time as a cover for the practice of Voodoo. Imagine a statue or rather a kind of mannequin dressed in national clothes, but at the same time having European features. They sacrifice tobacco and rum to this idol, and they don’t even build a special sanctuary for it: it moves around the houses, and the next guardian of the statue is chosen by an election process.

There is a hierarchy of priests in the Voodoo cult, although it is not extensive – there are only four ‘titles” in this world: Houngan – a priest, Mambo – a female priest, Bokor – a black sorcerer, Babalawo – a white sorcerer, also known as “the father of secret knowledge”.

Each of these people is engaged in their specific activities, for example, Houngan is responsible for spiritual practices, and Babalawo is responsible for healing, assisting in childbirth, making talismans designed to ensure health, well-being, protection, and love.

Specialists distinguish three varieties of Voodoo with their inherent rituals and practices:

African (traditional) – Voodoo in its “classic” form, the one that is practiced precisely in African countries;

Haitian – this practice continues the tradition of the Voodoo cult that originated among slaves in Haiti. It includes elements of Catholicism and popular beliefs;

Louisiana is a ritual practiced by black slaves in the south and west of the United States. This type of magic was greatly influenced by the Spaniards, French, and Creoles. Marie Laveau is a famous high priestess who represented New Orleans’ voodoo.

What Voodoo Consists Of


The already mentioned talismans of the Voodoo cult are called “gris-gris” and basically represent a canvas bag with stones, herbs, oils, and particles of the person (hair, nails, teeth, blood, saliva, etc.),  for whom this talisman is made, mixed in certain proportions. Such talismans are very short-lived: a gris-gris must be removed and buried after the goal is achieved, and then a new one should be made.

But gris-gris are not only talismans; they are also all kinds of tinctures, including love potions, very powerful and effective, as well as various poisons and powders that turn a person into a zombie – another “attribute” of Voodoo.

Moreover, the use of gris-gris is officially prohibited now. Such Voodoo practitioners will be punished in African countries and Latin America, and you can see gris-gris only in a specialized museum. However, there are people who continue to practice gris-gris, calling themselves healers.

Not only Babalawo is engaged in the production of gris-gris. He or she makes gris-gris aimed at creation, but if it is necessary to destroy an enemy, get revenge, put the evil eye on somebody or cause enmity between two people or tribes, a Bokor takes the lead.


Volt is a notorious Voodoo doll, which is made of black wax by adding a “part” of the person they want to hurt. These are nails, hair, or clothes with traces of sweat, saliva or blood. The doll is made as similar to the one they want to “reach” through the witchcraft as it is possible; it must have both portrait and body similarities.

After a sacrifice, certain manipulations and the establishment of an energetic connection with the person being cursed, the doll receives various kinds of injuries. It is pricked with long needles and has its arms and legs twisted. It is believed that the one against whom the Volt is made experiences extreme pain feelings at this moment and may even die if, for example, the sorcerer simply breaks the doll’s neck.

If a sorcerer is strong enough, then he or she can not only cause physical harm to a person through a Voodoo doll but also completely bend this person to his or her will.

It is interesting that the ancient Slavs practiced similar rituals, but they made dolls not from wax but from yarn or straw. And basically, this “puppet magic” was of love nature although huge harm could be done through such a doll as well.


A zombie is a dead person raised from a grave by Bokors – black sorcerers – and forced to serve their purpose. In some African tribes, this ritual is still practiced according to their religion. It is known that sorcerers often do not use a person who died of natural causes, but a purposefully killed victim – an enemy, a person from another tribe, or an accidental traveler.

The victim is put into a trance by injection or drink containing substances that cause coma. After that, the person “has his/her soul taken away” so that the victim cannot resist violence, and after a number of manipulations, he/she is forced to carry out various kinds of tasks.

Such a zombie can work tirelessly by order of a Bokor and can kill other people, though in rare cases (for example, if a tribe is in danger). The zombies become defenders of the sorcerer or those specified by the Bokor.

Rituals and Spells of This Religion that Can Help You

No matter how mysterious the rituals of this religion with sacrifices, dancing and blood seem to you, there are quite harmless among them that everyone can practice. Do you want to try?

Spell #1 that will provide you with wealth

Everybody wants a pocketful of money, trips abroad and designer clothes! This ritual of voodoo can help with this.

1. To get started, prepare:

  • 40 thin candles. They don’t need to be bought at a church; you can also get them at a regular hardware store;
  • a white thread of natural material, for example, cotton or silk;
  • saucer. Its color and shape don’t matter;
  • 5 coins made of yellow metal;
  • ordinary chalk, available at any children-goods or office supply store. Color is not important;
  • handkerchief. 

2. Wait for the full moon and get closed with everything you need in a quiet room where no one will disturb you.

3. Place 10 candles around the perimeter of the room, tie the rest with white thread and put them in the center of the room.

4. Now kneel down with your back to the tied candles.

5. Draw the number “8” with the prepared chalk so that you are in the center of one of its rings, and the bunch of candles is in another one.

6. Put a bowl with yellow coins in the center of the figure (at the intersection of the rings).

7. Light each candle and say a Voodoo spell: “Iam aui mumsam gaipi baor som!”

8. Wait until the candles burn out (you shouldn’t puff them out!).

9. The coins must be hidden in a safe place after this ritual, wrapped in a handkerchief. From now on, this money will be your talisman.

10. All the other things (thread, cinder, saucer) also need to be hidden and kept in the house for at least a year, and then you can just throw them away.

Psychics specializing in this religion say that such a spell works almost instantly: the person who performed the ritual always has money. This may be a win in a lottery or an unexpected inheritance and promotion.

Spell #2 to punish an offender.

It seems that retired old ladies from your district, pupils in the kindergarten and even your labrador have heard about voodoo dolls. As a rule, a spell on a doll (volt) from Voodoo practice is carried out in order to take revenge on your enemy:

  1. First of all, you need to prepare natural wax, a piece of tissue worn by the offender and his/her organic material (hair, nail trimmings, sweat, blood, a piece of dead skin, even dandruff!).
  2. Now you need to melt the wax over a pan of simmering water and mold something similar to that person from it.
  3. Then you should add organic material. For example, if you have a couple of hairs, then you need to stick them into the head of the doll, while blood or sweat can be added to the wax.
  4. Wrap the doll in a piece of clothing that your enemy used to wear.
  5. That part of your offender’s body in which you will start to stick needles will be damaged if everything is done correctly.

IMPORTANT: If carried out by a novice, this ritual of black magic can harm an offender exactly to the extent he/she deserves to be harmed. That is, if your boss unfairly dismissed you, it can only lead to his/her financial loss or mild illness.

However, in this case, you need to think twice about whether you should get involved with the magic because life boomerang can return to you.

The Voodoo practice also uses such dolls for a completely different purpose – to make an “object” fall in love.

Practice #3 to attract the spirit of love

If you are 100% sure that the person next to you is the love of your life, and you are ready to always be his/her sweetheart, you can perform a strong ritual of this religion to attach your loved one forever:

  1. Make a voodoo doll as described above (read practice #2).
  2. Prick yourself in the ring finger of your right hand, and when the blood goes, write your name on a piece of paper.
  3. Attach this piece of paper to the doll’s left side where the heart is located.
  4. Then focus and, looking at the doll, say a small spell: “Ara kotu imho. Taba koru tilka. Zoru chaza terpu!”

Hide the doll: while it is with you, your other half will also be next to you with all the heart and soul.

As you can see, voodoo rituals are not so scary and dark as Hollywood filmmakers show. However, you must also use them with utmost caution when you are strong in your desire to take revenge on a person or attach him/her to yourself for a lifetime.


Add to this faith your own strengths and optimism – and you will certainly achieve your goals!

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