16 Jun 2024

Most Sensitive Zodiac Sign

Has it ever come across your mind that some people react to similar situations differently because of the sign they are born under? While some of us are easily moved, others remain indifferent when they face the same circumstances. The fact that someone is more emotional than the other can tell you a lot about the person.

Very often, when you learn that someone is highly sensitive, you may expect the person to be a crybaby, but that is not always the case. Being sensitive doesn’t mean that you are weak, on the contrary. In the majority of cases, it is hard for people to express themselves well due to the lack of emotional sensitivity. When you can’t be empathetic, you can’t experience the whole palette of human emotions either, and that is something to fear or feel negative about.

If we take astrology, the science has it all figured out already. According to it, some zodiac signs are more susceptible than others. Usually, these are water signs who feel things on a deeper level. Today, we are going to try and open up the veil over the emotional range of all the signs.  

It may seem that knowing who is high-pitched and who is not may be not the most helpful feature. However, this may help you figure out why your loved ones feel so sad at times. Also, when you know that someone else is highly vulnerable, you will try to act differently around them since you know how simple it is to hurt them and how difficult it is to fix what is broken. Besides, it is never a waste to learn something new about yourself too. 


We are going to start our list with the last sign depicted on the Zodiac wheel. There are quite a bunch of reasons why it is said to be the most thin-skinned. Firstly, the fact that it is situated at the end of the Zodiac list makes it absorb all the emotions of the previous signs. You may not see it on the surface, but Pisces will feel all that is going on around then on a deeper level than everyone else. Be it a loss or happiness, they will experience it twice as hard compared to other people. Being aware of this, you should treat such a person correspondingly. If there is a fight or some misunderstanding between you, you needn’t rush out and leave him or her alone. This would only make things worse. You should talk and talk before you are able to patch things up. This may seem like a tiresome deed, but if you care about the person, you will do everything it takes to avoid making him or her cry, whether on the inside or outside.


If there is any other sign that gets as emotionally charged as Pisces, this would be Cancer. In the case of Cancers, they are among highly sensitive people who rub through both the emotions of those surrounding them and their own feelings. That is why it is twice as easy to fall apart for Cancers. It is true that they act in strange ways, and sometimes it is hard to spot that your close friend is slowly losing his or her mind over something you have done without even noticing it. You should always talk to Cancers and show how much they are appreciated and what they mean to you. When representatives of this water sign know they are adored and appreciated, it would be easy to deal with all that is going on in their heads. 


As we proceed with our sensitivity list, the bronze medal goes to Libra. When it is required to make a decision, Libras feel like it is extremely difficult for them to tick the right boxes. The longer they weigh all the pros and cons, the easier it is to make the wrong decision. When something goes south, Libra is easy to fall to pieces. You should come in and support them when they are having a hard time. It is difficult to predict what Libra can do when he or she falls into despair. Leaving them alone so that they could brood upon those bad decisions is certainly one of the worst things to do. Of course, you may say that they want to be alone, but this is not the case – it is just unlike Libra to ask for help even when they need it most.


It is hard to name Gemini one of the most responsive people out there, but when something goes wrong, they will let you know about it. At times, it is annoying how personally Gemini tends to take things. If a party they are throwing is a real mess, they will never let you forget about it. Surely, they will blame themselves for this, but it is done to get some sympathetic reaction from you. We say that you should give it to your friend or family member so that things would not get even worse. Also, it should be added that Geminis are poor decision-makers, and if there is something important to decide upon, it is best if you reach out a helping hand.


It may seem that out of all Zodiac characters, Virgo is the least soulful. It is true that they are very logical, practical, and goal-oriented. At the very same time, their attention to detail is what brings the emotional side up. They will notice the simplest change about your appearance, and the first touches of spring will bring tears to their eyes. Meanwhile, a heart-piercing movie may not affect Virgo at all. Why is that? With Virgo, it is hard to predict what they will consider touching the next time you see them. If you are building a relationship with a Virgo, you should be ready to deal with their annoying habit to see negativity in places and situations where there is none. What is more, you should be ready to do your best and overpersuade a Virgo that finds you guilty of something. It may seem like a tough task to be with a Virgo, but we say that the result is worth the effort since every Virgo is incredibly devoted and attached to those they see worthy of their strong passion and love.


When you think about the most misunderstood Zodiac member, Scorpio is the one that comes to mind first. Scorpios may not react the way other people do to the same situation. They have their own view of the world, and it is best if you do not even try questioning it. It needs to be added that the sign is highly intuitive, and sometimes it is enough for you to just think about something while a Scorpio has already done it for you. Many people do not realize that not everyone is great at multi-tasking and that Scorpios are better at concentrating on one thing at a time. When a Scorpio does something, it is best not to get in their way since the explosion of aggression may turn on you. It is true that Scorpios usually regret those outbursts, but they can’t hold it when emotions overfill them. It may seem that it is smart to leave them alone when they get too excited, but this is not true. Use your body language and gestures to soothe an angry Scorpio, and the anger will turn to tears of love pouring out of them.


Very often, people say that Taurus is anything but expressive. Until you get to know a Bull, you will think that he or she has an emotional range of a teaspoon. However, this is only a mask they put on. It matters to a Taurus what other people think when their hearts are bleeding. They will come to your party and smile all night long so that no one would even guess about the way they feel. What is more, among all the other signs, Taureans are the ones who are in tune with other people’s emotions. They are very compassionate since they tend to re-live any situation with you. That is why when a Taurus says that he or she knows what you are feeling like – he or she does not lie. It is great to have a friend like that at your side, but you should learn to read them well in order not to miss the time when Taurus is feeling down, though keeping up appearances.


If you want to hurt a Capricorn – just criticize them. Yes, it is that easy to ruin a Capricorn’s day. Some people do not do this on purpose when they slip a comment on one’s new look, but Capricorns are very sensitive to criticism. Tell them that they are perfect workers, and they will try to outdo themselves. If there is the slightest connection between you and a Capricorn, he or she will feel it and will try to merge with you. Capricorns are also very intuitive; that is why they work well with other people. 


Some signs are just too controversial to be described as either tender-hearted or insensitive. The rule applies to Leos better than to any other sign. When a Leo falls in love, he or she will give their heart and soul, not to mention the body to you unconditionally. However, if they do not care about you, it is easier than easy for the king to step on your throat and crush you. Very often, Leos hurt those they do not care about, but they do anything to protect those they consider close to them. So, it is safe to say that Leos turn their sensitivity on and off whenever they see it fit. 


Some people just do not care about the way you feel after they tell you a cruel joke or some unpleasant fact that everyone knows about though keeping it secret. Sagittarius people simply do not want to know the outcome of their habit to tell truth. It is hard to call them empathetic, rather on the contrary. Very often, when you get hurt by a Sagittarius, you take it personally for obvious reasons, but a Sagittarius himself or herself does not see what is so offensive about it. In the majority of cases, Sagittarians hurt other people’s feelings due to mere thoughtlessness and inability to absorb emotions the way other people do. It is hard to get used to such behavior; however, if the person is dear to you, all that you can do is get used to it or walk away – there is no third option to grasp for. 


Another rather insensitive representative on our list is Aries. Just like Sagittarius, Aries does not care about your feelings. That is it. Period. Aries loves to be in the middle of the action. They adore a good challenge and do not care about the means they use to achieve their goal. Usually, Aries forgets about your birthday, but such an approach is unacceptable coming their way. Even the simplest birthday card is better than nothing for them. This is the sign that adores his or her own self, and you are expected to do the same. If you don’t – then you are not a friend. On the bright side, Aries will never lie to you just because they do not care about putting too much effort into composing a lie when they can spit it out and watch the way you react to that. 


Aquarius people hate emotions. It is true that any Aquarius would do anything but show compassion and empathy to other people. Surely, they have some emotions, but they rarely care to show them. When other people express their emotions, Aquarius tries to flee since he or she sees no use in trying to walk in someone’s shoes. If you are close with Aquarius, this may feel a bit awkward and weird at times, but you will get used to it after a while.

To sum it all up, we are all born differently. Some of us are extremely sensitive while others prefer to shut all the sensitivity out. When you have a better understanding of why someone close to you does not react to a certain situation the way you do, it is easier to accept and deal with it. 

As you can see, some signs are not that susceptible to emotions, and it makes it easier for them to cope with everyday life. Those people who can feel the world on another level get hurt easily. If there is a Cancer or Pisces within your close circle, now you know why they react so emotionally to almost anything. Besides, it is explained why a Sagittarius or an Aquarius may seem so cruel at times.

Hopefully, this knowledge will come of great use when something unexpected heads your way, and you need to interact with people who either belong to a sensitive zodiac sign or seem to pay no attention to the feelings of others at all. Lastly, you should not treat emotional people as weak ones; at times, it takes greater courage to express the way you feel rather than hide under the mask of toughness.


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