28 Feb 2024

Star Sign for Christmas Day

One of the greatest long-awaited holidays for lots of people is definitely Christmas Day when believers and even atheists around the world from Cele County in China to Alaska celebrate a miracle — the birth of Jesus. It is when we say “Merry Christmas” to each other, exchange gifts, have tasty meals, and, generally, enjoy a wonderful time. 

But some people have even more reasons for celebrating since they also hear “Happy birthday!” It is really amazing to be born on the same day as Jesus Christ, and if you are one of not many people celebrating their birthday on December 25, you must be feeling special! If you also belong to those people who just love astrology and like reading about their zodiac signs, then you should find this article interesting. 

What Is Your Star Sign If Your Birthday is December 25? 

Everyone born on December 25 has the sign of Capricorn. It is the tenth sign of the Zodiac, which is relevant to all those born between December 22 and January 20. On December 21, the sun shines right overhead the Tropic of Capricorn, so this is when the Capricorn period begins. 

People of this sign are hard workers. When combined with their great ambition, it is no wonder that they usually have a good carrier. At the same time, they are also patient, attentive, and reliable. 

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns know how to reach their aims. In Greek mythology, the ruler is associated with the god Cronus. In astrology, this planet is in charge of such traits as responsibility, limitation, discipline, etc. So, since Capricorn has it as a ruling planet, people of this sign possess these traits.

Usually, this sign is presented as a goat. This is because the upper part of Capricornus resembles this animal; however, it is more accurate to depict it as a sea-goat since the lower part of Capricornus is like a fish's tail. 

Capricorn goes after Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) and before Aquarius (January 20 – February 18). It is one of the earth signs along with the signs of Taurus (April 20 – May 21) and Virgo (August 23 – September 23). Capricorns can successfully manage finances, which makes them great economists. It is interesting to know that the winter solstice, the shortest time between sunrise and sunset, takes place every year on December 21-22.

Astrological Background of Christmas

As it is believed, three wise men followed one of the stars searching for the New King when Jesus was born. There have been different ideas when this happened. It could likely be Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn in Pisces. 

In the Roman period, when Saturn was celebrated as "Saturnalia" at the time of the winter solstice, it was later shifted to December 25. This date was decided to keep as the date of the birth of Jesus.

What Are Those Born on December 25 Like?

If you wish to read more information about those born on December 25, then you will find it here. Those people are quite pragmatic yet altruistic. It is quite difficult to combine those two traits, and it is a big challenge for Capricorn. Nevertheless, they successfully manage this most of the time.

While they usually set goals and do not hesitate when it comes to accomplishing the set tasks, Capricorns stay cool and patient. They have a pretty clear idea of their capabilities, their responsibilities, and the rules that they have to follow. This allows them to go straight toward their dream without risking much. Also, they are reliable, so if someone is dealing with them, Capricorn will not let him or her down. 

December 25 falls in the 1st decan of Capricorn. People born on this date are also considered dependable. It is believed that their good and bad traits are even greater than of Capricorns born in other decans.

Also, people born in December have a great combination of creativity and hard-work capabilities, sensitivity and persistent nature. The number of those people is seven in numerology, which means that they have high moral values. People born in December are outgoing, proud, reliable, and attractive. The gemstones of those folks are Turquoise and Zircon, while their plant is Narcissus. 

Positive and Negative Traits 

It is important to know not only good but also bad things about those born on December 25. While being persistent, they are very patient as well. They make a good impression for different reasons, particularly, for being honest and helpful. However, they usually show such feelings to those whom they respect and especially to loved ones. If you are born on December 25, you are likely to be a charming and very skilled person who aims at learning lots of different things. Moreover, such people know exactly how and when to use their knowledge and experience. 

 Now let’s discuss what makes the life of such people more difficult. Everyone has bad times in life, and those born on December 25 tend to become pessimistic. Also, they can go way too far trying to control everyone and everything. While one of their positive traits is patient, they can still do the opposite at times, forcing other people to do something. That is not that scary as it may sound as all they need is to have some rest and fun, which will be the best cure for their frustration. 

 Who Are Compatible with Those Born on December 25?

People of this December zodiac sign are great lovers. If you are looking for a romantic and supportive woman/man, consider those born on December 25. Usually, they are looking for energetic people to build trustworthy relationships. If they make it to a wedding, their marriage will likely last for a lifetime. 

Being intelligent and reliable, they also look for the same traits in their other half. If you wish to win Capricorn’s heart, you should be a supportive and sincere partner. They are sensitive and carrying lovers who have a clear idea of how to treat their significant others. So, if your partner is born on December 25, you can be sure that this person will offer the world to you. 

Unfortunately, sometimes they suffer because they cannot take a step forward. While they are friendly and cheerful people who easily attract attention, they can make a long lonely way because of waiting for something to happen instead of making things happen. 

Taurus and Virgo have good chances to win the heart of those born on December 25. Since all of them belong to earth signs, they have a similar mindset. Usually, Capricorn is looking for a charming and reliable person, and Cancer can make a great couple. It is believed that the worst choice for Capricorn is Sagittarius.

What Is Your Best Treat?

Would you like to know which treat should you get for yourself? If you are Capricorn, then a candy cane is what will make you happy. People celebrating their birthday on December 25 are ambitious and hardworking, and tasting a candy cane requires hard work. During winter holidays, it can be found virtually everything from trees to store shelves. Such treats have been around for years, and they are unlikely to disappear in the nearest future. 

The Horoscope for 2020 

Just in a few days after your birthday, a new year comes, and you will likely want to know what to expect. It will be a turning year when you will be unstoppable. If you have been planning on certain big changes, 2020 will be the right time for that. It does not mean that you can just relax and wait for the changes to happen, so be ready to work really hard. 

2020 is a good year for your carrier. Surprisingly, you and Scorpio will reach a mutual understanding. The best month of the year will be March so get ready to be on a roll at the beginning of the year. Although astrology is considered a pseudoscience by many, we hope that you will take this prediction seriously and spend the next year achieving the most daring goals.  

Interesting Facts Behind Astrology

  • Capricorn is in the 8th place in terms of popularity (1st place — met most often, the last 12th place — met most rarely);
  • December 25 was originally celebrated by pagans;
  • Famous people who have their birthday on December 25: Sir Isaac Newton (a mathematician, physicist, astronomer), Justine Trudeau (a Canadian politician), Mary Elizabeth “Sissy” (an American actress), Humphrey Bogart (an American actor), and Annie Lennox (a singer and songwriter).


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