27 May 2024

What is a natal chart

Astrology has existed for many centuries, much longer than many sciences, and its roots go back to ancient times. The history of Astrology is rich with bright names of personalities, who studied, defended and glorified it.

From the depths of history come such names as Michel Nostradamus, who was a brilliant astrologer, prophet, doctor and scientist. The popularity of his works and predictions has not lost its importance to the present day.

Johann Baptiste Maureen (1583-1659), personal astrologer of Cardinal Richelieu, was famous for his accurate astrological predictions. 

And many others...

Astrology attracted many world famous writers. Among them are the great Goethe, Walter Scott, and Stendal. All of them were interested in astrology, made horoscopes and checked them in various life situations.

There were times when, due to various reasons, Astrology was banned and persecuted. 

Nowadays the interest in this science is high, astrological knowledge is even used by doctors and psychologists to help their patients.

A natal chart is a personal birth horoscope. It is based on the moment and place of birth of a person. The birth map shows us the location of the planets in our solar system at that time. By interpretation of this data, we receive a horoscope, which consists of almost all information about a person: inherent abilities and aptitudes, the initial life conditions and personal development.

For the most accurate description, it is necessary to specify the date of birth, the time of birth and the place of birth. If your city is not in the list, please choose the closest city, the difference of 50-100 km is acceptable. It is necessary to indicate the city in your time zone in this case.

The planets in the signs show the destination in specific life area. The most important planet, of course, is the Sun, which indicates your birth sign. When asked what your birthmark is, you should have in mind your zodiac sign. In India, this means the lunar sign of the zodiac, i.e. sign in which the moon was born.

Usually, monthly horoscopes for zodiac signs are printed in mass media. However, only general forecasts are given to many people at once. In fact, the planets change their position every minute, and their influence on each person is completely different. Thus, there should be different forecasts too. No one has the same natal chart as you, you are unique.

The natal chart shows the position of stars and planets relative to the time and place of birth of a particular person. The diagram is always made in the form of a circle, which has two parts: external and internal.

What are the symbols of the natal card?

The natal map consists of three groups of symbols.


There are ten planets, each designating a specific type of energy in our nature; each birth map includes all ten planets. For example, the Moon represents our emotions and intuition, how we care about others and how much we need to care for ourselves.


 There are twelve segments in a perfectly round (360) field of the natal chart, which resemble pieces of a cake. Each sector reflects a specific life experience. The seventh House, for example, reflects experience related to interpersonal relationships, including marriage.


 Twelve zodiac signs are filters applied to the planets and Houses. Signs cast a shade and change the intensity of the energies of planets and Houses. They work like camera lens that filters out both the light that enters it, and the photographed outer world.

The map itself is conditionally divided into 12 sectors, the so-called "houses". They are responsible for different areas of our lives:

  • The first house is a person;
  • II-nd house – material acquisitions;
  • III-d house – relationship with the people around us;
  • IV-th house – home;
  • V-th house – creativity;
  • VI-th house – work and health;
  • VII-th house – relations and marriage;
  • VIII-th house – detachment;
  • IX-th house – ideals;
  • X-th house – social status;
  • XI-th house – aspirations;
  • XII-th house – achievements.


These aspects are analyzed based on zodiac signs and planets located in a particular house.

The planets position in the sky at the time of birth is marked inside the circle of the houses. The lines connecting different planets are called aspects. They reflect the nature of interaction between stars and their influence on a person’s life. The aspects can be either harmonious, complementary, or tense, contradictory.

Events in your life, stitched together in your birthday chart

The natal chart covers events that may happen to you by fate, including risky ones: fire, traffic jams, changes in marriage, diseases. However, there are also compensation events stored on the map, i.e. which help to avoid bad events. For example, you have a chance of a bone fracture, but you can compensate it by consciously helping elderly people or caring for an old animal, so this unpleasant event bypasses you. Everyone has his own ways of risk compensation.

One should bear in mind that there are not only risky events, but also pleasant ones. Therefore, you can find out where, in what places and circumstances you can meet a woman or man to create a family, what important qualities a man or woman of your dreams should have to avoid romantic relationships with people who are not perfect for you. Well, have we convinced you that meeting an astrologer is your treasure chest?

An astrologer reads all this knowledge about your personality through the language of the planets in your birth chart. Let's get to know this language better!

Scope of the natal chart

With the help of the natal chart you can understand why you have drawbacks in this or that area of life, discover talents and hidden opportunities, find the answer to a difficult question.

Stars often show when it is favorable to set up a business, organize wedding, plan the birth of children, move to another city, etc.

The health horoscope on the natal chart shows the likelihood of disease, the weakness of your body systems, and provides measures to improve health. Moreover, with the help of an astrologer, you can find out the favorable period for surgery, IVF and other medical manipulations.

Determining compatibility is a very common use of a natal chart. This helps to avoid serious mistakes during the dating stage, and to understand whether it is possible to maintain a relationship in times crisis.

It is especially interesting to see a child chart, showing his capabilities and  purpose in life. This gives parents information on how to educate their children and what skills to develop.

What the natal chart doesn’t show?

There is a common misconception that the natal chart shows fate, destiny, and inevitable events in the future. In fact, it is not.

Individual birth horoscope shows character traits, the structure of the mind and personality, which is likely to lead to a certain outcomes. First of all, personal horoscope shows how a person is inclined to think and what ideas and beliefs he adheres to.

If the map shows that a person is hard-working, ambitious and energetic, then, it is very likely that his career success can be predicted. If the natal chart indicates an inclination to have secret romance, to dominate in relationships and oppress a partner – there is a great possibility of divorce. The natal chart has no indications of imminent death, car accident, fatal disease and alike horrors, which are usually predicted by inexperienced astrologists.

There is no specific date of death indicated in the natal chart, no terrible details of disasters, and so on. However, you can see the weak systems of the body, what treatment should be taken, when you should pay attention to prevention, etc. In addition to the astrologer’s ethics, which does not allow him to tell the negative attitudes to a client, there is also the will of God and the will man himself.

The natal chart shows a person’s way of thinking, which is the result of his actions and karma from the past life. Remember: a deed gives rise to a habit, a habit – to a character, a character – to a destiny. The natal map contains human karma, the law of energy conservation, and this is the material law of nature.

However, when a person turns to the spiritual path, he denies material, because in spiritual world there is a law that mercy is higher than justice. And if you turn to God, He can save you from your karma. The main thing is sincerity and firm intention to act and think in a new way. Changing and correcting fate begins with correction of thoughts and consciousness.

What the natal chart and astrology can give you?

Astrology calls us to take two important attitudes for granted. Firstly, you should recognize that astrology is based on a geocentric rather than a heliocentric picture of the world. From astrological point of view, the Sun revolves around the Earth, as well as the Moon and all other planets. Each of us has unique place on Earth, in the center of our natal chart, in the center of our own energy universe. 

Secondly, the energy emanating from the planets can affect life on the Earth. Find a place in your mind to accept these starting points, and you will open the veil of astrological understanding of life, based on the study of repetitive, predictable phenomena and accurate scientific calculations, rather than on "shamanism".

 Open these doors, and you will get another powerful, completely unique tool that will help to realize your potential and to live your life to the fullest. What's in heaven lies underneath.

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