13 Jul 2024

How to Choose a Wedding Date

Finally, the day came when you decided to tie the knot with your significant otherYou love each other and want to get married to start a family. So, it’s time to get some recommendations for choosing your wedding day and read your marriage prediction.

How to calculate the wedding date? What to consider? Do you need to learn vedic astrology?

Moon calendar

We all know how strongly planetary positions affect us, even a holiday like Easter is calculated on the basis of the lunar calendar. Therefore, we take note of this astrology knowledge if we want to get married happily.

Astrology and numerology

People usually use this information for analyzing their date of birth or even making a birth chart. But such knowledge is also needed to decipher the meaning of the chosen wedding day for the marriage horoscope and for you personally. A number contains a powerful energy that must be considered when choosing wedding dates. After choosing several dates for your wedding, you can contact an astrologer or numerologist to find out which date is especially favorable for you and your partner to fulfill your goals in marriage. You are finally getting married, and it is important that the planets are supportive of your marriage. So let's get started.

Favorable day on the lunar calendar

Favorable lunar days – 12, 16 and 17. 

  1. The 12th lunar day is a symbol of the Grail. It is best to make a donation to people or organizations that you think are worthy of help on a wedding day, then prosperity will come to your home. This is the day when God helps people. So let him do it with your hands.
  2. The 16th lunar day is the symbol of the Pigeon or Stairway to Heaven. This is a marriage of Supreme love. Partners will take care of each other’s feelings, seek compromises and remain loyal in such a marriage. Release doves into the sky on your wedding day as a symbol of your devotion to each other.
  3. The 17th lunar day – Grape bunch or Bell. It is a day of fertility and joys of life. Having played the wedding that day, you ensure good welfare and birth program for the family. And this lunar date is the best for fun. 

Unfavorable lunar days for the wedding

  1. Unfavorable lunar days – 9, 15, 19, 23, 26 and 29. According to astrology, these are satanic days – a time of seduction, illusion, deception and delusion.
  2. The time of the Black Moon needs to be calculated for your city or area where you plan to conduct a ceremony of marriage. You can use the online calendar for determining the Black Moon position.
  3. The date of the holiday which coincides with Venus in retrograde, the planet of love, is unfavorable, since Venus retrograde is undesirable for the date of the wedding. You can find out the time of the position of this important planet for the wedding online.

Astrology and auspicious days for the wedding

Let's start by choosing the best month for your future holiday date. We will consider the position of the Sun in the wedding horoscope.

The sun symbolizes an understandable sign of the zodiac for us. Usually people ask us: “What is your Zodiac sign?” And they get the answer, for example, “Leo”. What does it mean? This means that the Sun at that time of year was in the sign of Leo, and Leo is a date from July 21 to August 21. Can you see how simple it is?

The sun in each zodiac sign carries for the time of marriage almost the same characteristics of the behavior of partners in the family as in the individual horoscope. Accordingly, the Sun represents the inner strengths and creativity of the couple as a whole – what tasks newlyweds set for themselves as a family, as well as how the family will be represented in society, how people will see them as a married couple. According to the Sun, we can say who will be the head of the family, and get a prediction by date of your wedding.

Wedding in April

Dates from March 21 to April 21

Sun in Aries

Spouses are active in everything that concerns their life in marriage, even if it contradicts their individual psychological characteristics. It is proof of their stubbornness and ambitiousness.

Spouses are quick in decisions and actions, proactive, but superficial. They hold leadership in front of others without focusing on their opinions or interests, and express their own thoughts dynamically bordering on insolence.

Behind such external assertiveness, deep insecurity in the sphere of the given house, and dissatisfaction with it can be hidden if the Sun is damaged.

Wedding in May

Dates from April 21 to May 21

Sun in Taurus

Spouses show careful assertiveness, especially in the affairs of the house of the horoscope where the Sun is located.

They are struggling to adapt to new ideas in this area, and tend to embellish it. They feel a great responsibility for their marriage, work hard and bring any matter to the end, while maintaining an energy level. Spouses bring a solid base for all their undertakings, take care of financial security.

If the Sun is damaged in the wedding chart, they are stubborn in communicating with each other, and these people are able to get angry quickly. 

Wedding in June

Dates from May 21 to June 21

Sun in Gemini

According to astrology, these spouses are characterized by mobility in life and inconstancy when they act as a couple. They can maintain their individual psychological characteristics acting alone. When it comes to questions and problems of married life, they experience constant internal anxiety.

They are spouses-consumers of a wide variety of information. They are curious, read a lot, all in a row, have many fleeting hobbies. They strive to diversify that sphere of life for which the solar house is responsible by any means.

If the Sun is damaged, they are punctual and irresponsible, and if things don’t go anywhere, they often change roles, avoiding deep feelings and attachment to each other. 

Wedding date in July

Dates from June 21 to July 21

Sun in Cancer

Spouses are hardworking and caring, truly devoted to the affairs of the solar house. They often show detachment from reality. Also they are inclined to engage in intrigue, if necessary, in case of damage to the Sun.

This couple must have their own home to feel emotional security and calmness. They show a detached passivity in the affairs of the solar house, ridiculously giving in to the outside influence.

Spouses like to welcome guests; they know how to create coziness and emotional atmosphere. They behave in a constrained and somehow bashful manner.

Wedding in August

Dates from July 21 to August 21

Sun in Leo

According to marriage astrology, these spouses try to be leaders in the world, especially in the affairs of the solar house of the horoscope. They are optimistic, enthusiastic and look, as a rule, younger.

They are terribly afraid of seeming ridiculous – this is the reason for their self-confident behavior. 

They love children in general, especially their own kids. But they tend to dramatize the situation. This is a very constructive love marriage. Spouses love to give and get advice, and control the situation. They like to have fun.

Wedding in September

Dates from August 21 to September 21

Sun in Virgo

Spouses show modesty and thoughtfulness in common affairs, especially in the sphere of the solar house. Everything that they do in this direction, they do well.

Love for detail turns into pettiness, and it is harmful for relationships if the Sun is damaged. They may be characterized by some shyness in the expression of thoughts and ideas, and they are not talkative in the family circle. Despite the realism, spouses tend to be optimistic.

They are hardworking, responsible for their marriage, always ready to serve each other. They usually don’t achieve a high position in society.

Wedding in October

Dates from September 21 to October 21

Sun in Libra

Spouses are diplomatic in family relationships. The possibility of compromise for them means a lot. They feel uncomfortable in a tight framework. They strive to harmonize, add brilliance, beauty and sophistication to their relationships and married life. Spouses avoid dirty deeds. People want to have them as friends and partners.

Spouses love to be in society, and they are willingly accepted. They have a great time and enjoy having guests around. 

Unfortunately, this is also one of the indicators of the instability of the marriage, especially if the Sun is damaged, as this marriage date requires calmness and tolerance from both spouses, which may not be consistent with the individual characteristics of one of the spouses.

Wedding in November

Dates from October 21 to November 21

Sun in Scorpio

Spouses are decisive, sometimes bordering on aggressiveness, especially in solving the affairs of the solar house of the horoscope. Their family relationships are full of secrecy, suspicion and jealousy.

When they try to transfer such an attitude to others, it is clear that this doesn’t contribute to their prestige and love, even among close relatives. This marriage has amazing vitality, the ability to recover. Such ex-spouses often continue to maintain contacts, especially intimate ones.

They are passionate seekers and advocates of truth in family relationships, which can bring them a considerable authority. However, excessive straightforwardness can spoil both the relationship and the result of the marriage.

Wedding in December

Dates from November 21 to December 21

Sun in Sagittarius

This is a couple of enthusiasts and public figures. They love meaningless phrases, slogans and appeals. Moreover, they are ready to stand up for any idea if only the words fit beautifully to the music. But they are not unscrupulous, they always believe in what they are promoting.

They are preachers, lecturers, agitators in their circles; they love nature, sports, and travel. If the Sun is damaged, they show negligence, wastefulness, carelessness. Their social circle is great, due to sociability and straightforwardness.

They are supporters of sincerity in relationships; their couple is optimistic and meaningful. 

Wedding in January

Dates from December 21 to January 21

Sun in Capricorn

Spouses are serious, prefer an authoritarian style of behavior in the family and with others. Life seems very difficult for them, sometimes overwhelming, but they have confidence in victory deep down.

They are disciplined, responsible for their marriage, practical, and demanding. They clearly see the goal, choose the direction and move steadily with enviable constancy. If they begin to trust someone, including each other, then they become loyal and devoted comrades.

Wedding in February

Dates from January 21 to February 21

Sun in Aquarius

This couple seems to consist of independent, original, freedom-loving individualists. The spouses are stubborn and irreconcilable. They are attracted to everything unusual and unknown.

They attract many friends; often become the center of a circle or a group. These people are usually smart, even highly intelligent.

Wedding in March

Dates from February 21 to March 21

Sun in Pisces

They are cordial, striving for deep affection. Their family relationships amaze others with warmth, care and tolerance.

Spouses are easily influenced from the outside, which can bring them a lot of trouble, they are afraid to offend someone, but are irreconcilable if you want to harm their beloved one.

It is very good if from the first days of marriage, the couple lives in the conditions of wealth. It is difficult for them to make vital decisions, they run away from difficulties. They are charming, adore nature, animals, they are drawn to everything beautiful, sometimes mysterious. 

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