27 May 2024

How Does Full Moon Affect Pregnancy?

Lunar Effect Category

Astronomical bodies cast shadows on each other: for example, a lunareclipse appears when our planet is between the Sun and the Moon and blocks the Sun’s rays. There are different categories of celestial events: total, partial, penumbral. Each category differs in size of the Earth’s silhouette. Vedic astrology takes into consideration only the eclipse of total and partial categories, visible for an individual.

A mystic celestial event always raises many questions, myths, and doubts. Just like a solar eclipse, the full moon is considered to generate several phenomena, from high tides to lunatic moods. It is also believed that when the moon is full, women in the last month of pregnancy go into labor. Is it a fairy tale or unknown things we discuss a lot, still failing to recognize them?

If you ask any obstetrician about the increase in the number of births during the full moon, there are probabilities that the answer will be positive. The moon has long been believed to influence people — mainly women. Many things are tied to the moon cycles: menstrual cycle, conception, etc. 

Accordingly to superstitions, the full moon provokes murders, suicides, car crashes and other accidents. Hospitals around the world are more stuffed with patients on full moons than on other days — this is what we all have heard about many times.

Accordingly, it can be assumed that the planetary positioning touches upon energy tuning in human bodies and may harm our health. There are preventive actions that people generally perform during the moon eclipse. This refers to new mothers and heavily pregnant women, as it affects the vitality of both moms and newborns.

How Lunar Cycles Interact with Childbirth

The full moon produces mental health problems and makes some people acting strangely. Due to this, the sway of the planet was called a lunar effect. Many people believe that the gravitational force of the full moon can have an impact on pregnant women in the last months before birth. According to medical staff, more children are born on the full moon than usual.

As everyone knows from astronomy, the lunar attraction touches the water on Earth, and it is thought to affect the fluid in the womb of a pregnant prospective mother. Too much pressure on the womb can lead to labor beginning.

There is a logical theory behind this belief. The followers claim interaction between the moon’s gravity and water in women’s womb, just as it affects tides – the energy of the moon leads to rapid contraction. A large amount of research was conducted to find links between the energy the moon creates in the peak of the cycle and the increased number of births but no correlation was found. Nevertheless, the theory followers don’t trust scientific arguments, claiming that if some concept is not tested and controlled by astrologers, this doesn’t mean it is spurious.

The faithful followers report that modern technology sways the energy of the full moon. They also named pollution among other reasons, which cause it. However, if it were true, why wouldn’t the tidal force decrease?

What we have today is many stories from midwives about an increasing number of births under the full moon’s energy, yet we have no evidence to support this natural phenomenon.

Lunar Levels

There are nine levels the moon passes during a solar month:

  • Invisible level – New;
  • Growing level – Waxing Crescent;
  • Level, when the moon is as a half-circle – First Quarter;
  • Still growing level – Waxing Gibbous;
  • The whole cycle – Full Moon;
  • Dwindling level – Waning Gibbous;
  • Level, when the moon is as a half-circle – Third Quarter;
  • Level, when the moon almost disappears – Waning Crescent Moon.

When the moon is in the peak of the cycle, the astronomical body is fully lit, so it is visible in the dark sky. The full moon is more magnificent than other types, but no one knows how much energy it has within this period.

Why Do We Continue To Believe in These Superstitions?

The most correct answer to this question is our inherent belief in the connection between the moon cycles and women’s fertility, which has existed for a very long time as a popular trend in many cultures. Such a point of view sounds plausible just because it has been trusted for so long.

This established “truth” means noticing only what supports the belief and ignoring all contradicting proofs at the same time. The myth is harmless because the eclipse cannot accelerate a child’s birth. However, there are some facts, indicating that changes in atmospheric pressure may cause the start of delivery: like an upcoming storm. However, as life shows, you will meet your infant when he/she decides the time has come.

Eclipse and Superstitions

So, does an eclipse affect an expectant mother or not? The lunar eclipse has been observed for a long time. However, at first, people did not understand why this could happen and looked for different explanations: a bad omen or a terrible event. That is why old legends warned pregnant women against possible harm.

The most famous superstitions include the following: pregnant women can have babies with birthmarks or a lip deformity, if they go outdoors, take a bath or use cutting and sharp objects during the eclipse. There is no confirmed evidence about this, but the fear is deep-down in so many families that many expectant mothers choose to stay indoors during the astronomical event.

There are dozens of different things about the eclipse, which every new mother could probably hear from her family or friends: to completely avoid cooking, eating or drinking during an eclipse. The latter may cause nutrient misbalance and dehydration, or increased blood pressure, which may lead to ill effects for an unborn baby.

Full Moon and Zodiacal Signs

Depending on how the sun sign cooperates with lunar energy, the moon manifests itself in different ways. It can enhance or moderate the main zodiac characteristics. The phases affect each sign throughout every month with a different energy, which each human may feel different. You should know when and what to expect as to the character of the moon changes.   

  • In January, the full moon is in Cancer, a highly agitated zodiac symbol. Women giving birth within this period feel pain and discomfort more often than usual. This makes them worried about the process of delivery and possible troubles with the pregnancy. Once everything is finished, the cheerful new mom will still be agitated.
  • In February, when the Lamp of Heaven interacts with the Leo constellation, the star that increases demands attention. During this period, a pregnant woman is willing to tell the world about the gestation, and she is very much impatient about the upcoming event. Bossy and hasty, she will try to arrange a public show and to present her creation to the world as fast as possible. Nevertheless, as soon as the energy of the full moon goes down, she will possibly think about her actions. Maybe, she will want some privacy later.
  • The full moon of March is located in Virgo and symbolizes an analyst and warrior. A woman starts to analyze all labor experiences and the timeline of the pregnancy. Potentially, she will expect her labor as an emergency. There will be many queries to medical staff about all possible things.
  • April — the springtime when long nights are on the wane, so the moon’s energy becomes less active: the perfect time for pregnancy or childbirth. Within this period, the full Queen of Heaven is located under Libra constellation, which enhances its energy. If a woman is going to give birth in April, she will stay calm and peaceful even during painful contractions. Her morale will be retained right throughout the childbirth process. Nevertheless, this health criterion will disappear together with the energy of Libra after the stars will change their sky positions.
  • May is the time slot for Scorpio hitting the moon. Scorpio is known as the wildest sun’s symbol. The combination of Scorpio and the moon makes a woman wish impossible things from a midwife. Within this period, expectant mothers became passive-aggressive ladies. During both the pregnancy and childbirth time, they will expect that medical personal or relatives will divine their thoughts or they will prefer to endure their suffering in silence.
  • Time in June coupled with the full planet makes women cope with pain during childbirth and share everything about their feelings. Sagittarius in the sky means that the energy became the most voluble, hopeful and daring one. It is a mistake to assume that all the women will remain calm in the course of pregnancy. She will ask questions about everything happening to her both during and after childbirth.
  • The time slot of Capricorn is July. Capricorn is known as an ambitious symbol, thus, the process of delivery will be perfect. A woman, who is heavily concentrated on attaining her goal, can be waked up by her parenting instinct some time later.
  • When the space egg cooperates with Aquarius, a woman in labor tells all details about the process just because Aquarius is an inconsiderate sign, and so it enhances the same trait in the woman. After delivery, she can go on discussing all the major details.
  • In November, when the moon joins the constellation of Taurus, which is the most stubborn symbol, a woman will reach any goal by screaming during the delivery time, until the medical personal gives in. When a baby is born, the new mother will not have the desire to share the child with anyone. After pregnancy, she acquires a new status and becomes more flexible, as she starts to realize what motherhood is.
  • The middle of winter connects the moon with Gemini — the symbol of two personalities. Within this period, an expectant mother has mixed emotions during the whole process of childbirth. She can stay calm during the entire pregnancy but suddenly starts screaming from the slightest labor pains. After delivery, she may thank all the medical personnel and burst into tears looking at her healthy child.
  • Pisces is the most empathetic and intuitive constellation. Their energy during the full moon time makes a new mother stay cool, avoid hurry and express all her needs. Without any fuss, she will tell her obstetrician if she needs meds from pain. She will try to discover new emotions when a child is born. During this period, a woman has great sixth sense, so she will feel all the needs of her kid.
  • Aries is impetuous and impatient. The sign changes the moon’s energy during their cooperation and had a bad influence on pregnant women. In the middle of the term, a pregnant woman will be bursting with curiosity to see her baby. A woman in labor will be very impatient as well. 
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