13 Jul 2024

Clothing Style Based On Your Zodiac Sign

In astrological terms, selection criteria for clothes and style depend on the main element, Zodiac house, and ruling planet greatly. And this means that knowing and taking into account astrological rules, it is possible to draw conclusions about a person’s traits based only on his or her manner of dressing. This knowledge can be rather useful, especially at first acquaintance with a person.

  • Aries (March – April)

Probably, you have spotted trendy girls, shining bright with their clothing and makeup. They are happy to catch admiring glances while totally ignoring sidelong looks. As a rule, their clothes are catchy and extraordinary, often with shocking-the-crowd elements added. Those bold girls usually stand out for their proudly held heads and royal bearing, and they walk along the street like on a catwalk. And most likely, they belong to the fire sign of Aries. Venus in the sign of Aries is in the fall, so it can cause extremes in the choice of color or style, including the length of skirts. Aries (especially a man) does not like pastel colors, giving preference to bright and saturated ones. Mars, the planet of Aries, makes them love a power color – red, as well as all of its shades, ranging from pink to maroon or brown. 

  • Taurus (April – May) 

Among all the earth Zodiac signs, Taurus is the greatest sybarite. It is controlled by Venus, which gives a nice taste to people ruled by this sign, as well as love to expensive and beautiful things, including jewelry and precious gems. Taurus always chooses quality over quantity. This sign feels the texture, the quality of material, so no one can match its representatives in combining different materials beautifully. For them, the determining factor in choosing a style will not be based on what is fashionable now, but on what never goes out of fashion. For example, if talking about men's suits, it should be quite austere and neutral in color. 

  • Gemini (May – June) 

Gemini is one of the signs that have the largest wardrobe. This is due to very frequent mood swings typical of those born under it. Therefore, it is not surprising that this sign has the need to change clothes several times a day. Besides, Gemini may react to changes in trends faster than other signs. They quickly switch to new things in vogue, promote this stuff among their friends, and then suddenly lose interest in them, shifting attention to something else.

  • Cancer (June – July) 

Cancers prefer multi-layered clothing. You can often meet women who have a skirt sticking out from under their coats with a long sweater stopping a little higher and a scarf covering the coat. Be sure that such a woman is also wearing a shirt and some vest over it. Cancers are very fond of flower decorations, wooden jewelry, and accessories made of natural stones. They are quite happy with the minimal processing of stone or wood since they can see the beauty in the simplest things. 

  • Leo (July - August)

Though also belonging to the Zodiac Trigon of Fire, Leo is more conservative in the choice of clothes, but the sign boasts a really sophisticated taste. No wonder that France, the world’s trendsetter, is considered to be ruled by Leo. Leos love the classical style in clothes; however, the range of their preferences is quite wide. Leo is perhaps the only sign that equally knows onions in textures, colors, and styles. It is amazing how Leos mix and match things – even the most unpretentious shirt and jeans look good on them. This Zodiac sign is ruled by the Sun, and therefore their best color is gold. They prefer expensive and high-quality materials, though not heavy and thick like satin, velvet, or brocade.

  • Virgo (August – September)

Virgo is very practical in choosing apparel, and when buying it, a person under this sign primarily thinks of versatility in use. If you meet someone with a lot of pockets, small buttons and rivets on the clothes, you can suspect a Virgo in him or her. Virgo pays special attention to details and does not have the concept of "secondary" elements. So, there is a risk of overloading the costume with a large number of details. Apparently, Virgo was the author of sets of clothes, where different skirts and blouses are attached to one jacket or vice versa. The rationalism of Virgo finds an excellent ground for creativity in Zodiac fashion.

  • Libra (September – October)

Libra is the most conservative of Zodiac signs. Having made their fashion choices in youth, they often remain faithful to them until old age, not paying attention to the time passing. The ruler of Libras, Venus, makes them put together various colors and shapes, so their innate ability to synthesize color in clothes is amazing. Libras dress in delicate pastel shades – pink, blue, or light green. They are very fond of natural hues, almost never running the risk of putting on bright saturated tones that can "kill" them. The fabric they prefer is usually light, silky or fluffy with a pile. Libras can easily wear long modest skirts, and at the same time, they do not look unfashionable and poorly dressed. On the contrary, even with a minimal set of jewelry and accessories, they look great to be a star to steer by. 

  • Scorpio (October – November) 

Scorpio is the most active of water signs, which naturally affects clothing. Mars and Pluto create a very interesting combination influencing the way Scorpios dress. Mars forces them to demonstrate themselves to the world and to always keep moving. Pluto allows them to see nuances invisible to others and create completely new outfits from parts of used clothes and rags.  For Scorpios, old clothes never get old. Unlike Cancers, they use it in every sense: they either sell it and buy something new on the money earned or combine old things in different ways, getting a completely original mix.

  • Sagittarius (November – December) 

Those born under Sagittarius are very enthusiastic and purposeful people, and if they have a goal, it will be very difficult to turn it off. Those Sagittarius people who do not sublimate energy in work, scientific activity or in any kind of creativity will eagerly follow fashion. Such a Sagittarius will never dress like everyone else. More precisely, they will not claim any stunning style or color, preferring to go without extremes. But certainly, the things they wear must be the most fashionable and of the best quality. For Sagittarius, it is very important to impress others by buying a new-fangled thing. However, carried away by the prestige of the purchase, they often leave out of account how this thing fits them. Therefore, quite often you can see a person in a beautiful and expensive outfit looking rather weird and inappropriately. 

  • Capricorn (December – January)

Unlike Taurus, Capricorn is not so demanding when it comes to clothes and rather ascetic in this regard. The sign does not like to stand out either in a bad or in a good way. However, it is important for them to be properly dressed and give a good account of themselves always and everywhere. Capricorns have a nice, yet austere taste: Saturn allows them to see things in their entirety, including clothing. Most Capricorns prefer dark colors: Wearing them, these people feel psychological comfort, although the practical factor of dark colors is also seen as a plus. Capricorns do not really like to wear jewelry, but if they do, they prefer vintage things inherited “from grandmothers” rather than modern pieces of jewelry. If this is a modern accessory, it should at least look antique. Some Capricorns with a penchant for mysticism like wearing talismans made of precious metals and decorated with mystic signs. Generally, their clothing is characterized by minimalism and conservatism.

  • Aquarius (January – February)

Aquarius has the most specific taste of all air signs. They are attracted to everything bright and unusual. Sometimes, their choice can leave others deeply shocked. Aquarius people keep track of fashion, but that does not mean that they follow it. A small percentage of Aquariuses are avant-garde artists who are ahead of fashion, but most of them are not inclined to obediently go with the crowd. Intellectuals of this sign pay little attention to clothes at all; they can get into jeans and wear them all year, taking off only at night.  Like Gemini, Aquarius is attracted to bizarre key chains, pendants, bracelets and talismans, the unusualness and mystery of which has a scientific explanation or scientific value.

  • Pisces (February – March) 

Probably, the most controversial of all the zodiac signs is Pisces, and this inconsistency naturally affects their clothing. Classic Pisces do not tolerate any attempts to push them into any limits, regardless of what the limits are: whether these are strict requirements in family life or job duties with a regular schedule. In the manner of dressing, this is reflected in the fact that Pisces do not like hard-lined clothes – a snag uniform, a jacket tight at the shoulders, or close-fitting belts. Sometimes such items are useful, as they help keep the shape. However, it is difficult for Pisces to constantly wear such things. 

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