13 Jul 2024

Solar Eclipses, What Is It And How To Use It For All Purposes

If an eclipse was visible in each locality quite often, people would get used to it as quickly as they did to changes in the moon phase. But eclipses happen so rarely that not every generation of local residents can see them at least once: at one point on the earth's surface total solar eclipse can be observed only once every 300-400 years. Lunar eclipses, especially total, frightened people no less than solar ones. After all, this night star sometimes completely disappeared from the vault of heaven, and the darkened part of the moon pretty soon took on a gray color with a reddish glow, becoming more and more blood-dark. 

To understand why solar eclipse occurs, priests have been counting total and partial eclipses for centuries. At first, lunar eclipses were noticed to occur only at the full moon, and the solar ones only at the new moon, then – not all the full moons mean that there will be a lunar eclipse, and not all the new moons mean that there will be a solar one. Even during a solar eclipse, when the light was completely dim, and the stars and planets began to peek through the unnaturally dark twilight, the moon was nowhere to be seen. This aroused curiosity and gave rise to a thorough study of the place where the moon was supposed to be right after the end of the solar eclipse. 

Horoscope says

A solar eclipse – even if we are talking about partial solar eclipse – is a symbol of new beginnings. You can learn new things at this time, expand your knowledge and start reading a new book or start, for example, learning a foreign language. At this time, knowledge is acquired better.

During the eclipse season, you can predict your immediate future, which you would like to see in your life. Do not forget to use the practice of the first lunar day and make a wishlist that you would like to fulfill during the year. During a solar eclipse, these desires are put in your subconscious, and it will be easier to fulfill them. It is very important to set yourself up for success.

It is also right to have a good time with your family, and most importantly, try to meet the eclipse day in a good mood. 

Eclipse in Cancer

In general, this is a good sign, since the solar eclipse on July, 2019 was proclaimed as one that helped people be kind and caring. People want to take care of each other, partners are tuned in a romantic way, parents become softer and more accommodating, at work your colleagues also wake up with the warmest and kindest emotions. Astrology warns: therein lays the catch, because someone can exploit your vulnerability, and you can lose a lot. Some Zodiac signs had to be especially careful – Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces.

In addition, on the night of July 17, people could observe a lunar eclipse over most of Europe. Full moons are generally considered quite mysterious phenomenon, especially when the eclipse falls. On July 16, the nearly full Moon reached the descending node of its orbit and covered Saturn with visibility in South America and the Pacific Ocean. 

Solar eclipses in action

The use of solar eclipse astronomical phenomenon for the purpose of transformation is a kind of visiting card of astrology methods in general. In any case, this is a well-known method, which has nothing to do with astrology. Its effectiveness is very high. During all seminars where people spoke about it, they came up and told real miracles (yeah, they mean it) caused by its use. And the situation with this technique is generally very indicative, since only a dozen and a half years ago the situation was the opposite. 

For example, in 1991, there were no informative publications on this astrology subject at all. Then, Pavel Globa made description of this technique, and there were noticeable discrepancies with what we got earlier. 

The procedure of solar eclipse use includes technologies that are already described (fasting, affirmations, etc.) in a single ritual complex. 

If you remove all the discrepancies and focus on the main thing, relying on the basic principles of astrology, you will get the following scheme.

Therefore, traditionally, three days before the solar eclipse, fasting is held – the restriction applies to rough animal food, squandering energy in empty communication. The goal is the same as in all Leverage techniques – to accumulate energy, intrinsic motivation.

  • On the right day, closer to the time of the solar eclipse, you need two hours of silence and solitude. 
  • An hour before the solar eclipse, take a contrast shower from hot to cold water and remain silent. It doesn’t matter which water to start with and which to finish the pouring, since both versions exist. For example, you can start and end with hot water for the solar eclipse and cold water for the lunar one. But there should be at least three changes of water, traditionally five, and the cycles should be “open” – we begin and end the dousing of water at the same temperature. 
  • It is better not to wipe the water completely; it should dry on the body.
  • Clothing should be free, fresh or fumigated with smoke. 
  • Take a relaxed body position, better lying down, with head to the East.
  • Stop any thoughts except one – for the sake of which all this was conceived. It must be “kept” with the maximum attention and body relaxation for about an hour around the exact moment of the eclipse. 
  • Falling asleep is not recommended, although the condition can be very similar to a lucid dream.

Goal formulation 

  1. Firstly, the desire we affirm should not relate directly to another person, it is better to articulate the intention directly on your own behalf, although it is not necessary to do this verbally.
  2. Secondly, it is necessary to focus on the result rather than the process of achieving the goal. If you include the process – when, where and how our desire can be realized – then the price of such implementation can be very high.
  3. Thirdly, the goal must be formulated and visualized as concrete and realistic as possible. The general life-affirming statements of the classical type, such as “every day my life is getting better and better in every way”, are good for daily use as an affirmation, but are completely unsuitable for the powerful eclipse procedure. It is necessary to take what is happening very seriously – we can form an intention for, at least, six months of living that will be supported by the strongest factors of astrology.
  • Exit the procedure one hour after the eclipse, also through a contrast shower.
  • From this moment you can talk, but after completion you need to maintain a state of silence and peace within a few more hours so that the new program can be "strengthened". 
  • Discussing what you just did is highly discouraged at this time.

Solar and lunar eclipses: what is the difference?

There is a difference in the use of the lunar and solar eclipses. Lunar eclipses are recommended to bring wealth into your life and to improve your health – it can be partial lunar eclipse or a total one. The moon is generally considered very mystical. It is impossible to see when the old moon has already gone out, and the new one is about to appear. It is so located in relation to the Earth that people can’t  see the moon’s surface illuminated by the Sun. A new moon is comparable to a solar eclipse, but it happens more often and less spectacularly. Solar eclipses are used to correct character traits, to change behavior, habits and abilities, as well as to correct relationships. However, you need to be more careful with topics that relate to other people. The fact is that the formulation of desire should come from the first person – from you. If you ask for someone, then nothing will work. In addition, a number of unpleasant ethical issues arise.

The new program begins to operate in different ways. Sometimes – just a few hours or days after the solar eclipse. The ancients believed that the influence of a solar eclipse lasts for as many years as the hours of an eclipse; the effect of a lunar eclipse lasts as many months as the hours of eclipse. However, in practice, the period is often measured in weeks and months. It is believed that visibility is not significant. For example, if an eclipse is visible only in the Southern Hemisphere, it can nevertheless be used by residents of the Northern Hemisphere. According to some observations, this statement is too bold. Apparently, it is worth bearing in mind in which transit houses a solar eclipse occurs. Therefore, if the solar eclipse is visible, then its effect is more on the upper hemisphere of houses, associated with society and social realization. If eclipses occur “underground”, then its effect will be less pronounced and associated with other themes of the Houses, which may be worth considering for more successful practice.

The effect of eclipses 

For a short time, the two main signifiers of our spiritual energy in astrology – Sun and Moon – enter into a strong interaction with each other and with the axis of the Lunar Nodes. This is the moment when our desire and our feelings can create almost irreversible changes. As elsewhere in astrology, we pay attention to how eclipses reflect the natal chart and which houses they fall into. In these exact areas the impact will subsequently be the most noticeable. There is one more nuance: astronomically considered eclipses are situations that no astrologer will take into account because of the orbits. For example, it is considered acceptable if the conjunction of the Sun with the Lunar Node during an eclipse exceeds 12 degrees in the orbit (sometimes more), and it is even possible that in this case the Sun and the Node are in different signs of the Zodiac. The effectiveness of such eclipses for our purposes is very low. It will be more reliable to rely on situations, where the orbit with the Nodes does not exceed 8 degrees, and all three signifiers are in the same signs. 

Interesting facts

Herodotus describes the famous Salamis naval battle between the Greek and Persian fleet, which took place in the Saronic Gulf off the southern coast of Greece. This battle is famous for the fact that the Persian fleet of 800 ships was completely defeated by the Greek fleet, consisting of 350 ships. That day, a total solar eclipse occurred on the southern coast of Greece and the date of the battle was calculated on it – October 2, 480 BC. In ancient times, during solar eclipses, the fear came to ignorant and superstitious people,who constituted the vast majority of population. Even though,those who knew the cause of eclipses did not feel any fear and used their knowledge for certain purposes. 

In 1504, Christopher Columbus, during an expedition to Jamaica, fell into a predicament. Food and water ran out, and local Indians refused to supply white people. If Columbus did not have an astronomical calendar, the expedition would never return home. The cunning Genoese knew that a total lunar eclipse would take place on February 29 – and threatened the Indians that for their greed, he would "take the Moon from them." At first, the leaders did not believe it, but astronomy is an exact science. When the lunar disk turned blood red, the Indians ran to Columbus for forgiveness. Of course, he "replaced anger with mercy." The provisions were delivered, and the expedition was saved.

May 22, 1453 during siege of Constantinople (the capital of the Byzantine Empire)by the Ottoman Turks a lunar eclipse occurred. The city, which successfully repelled attacks from the beginning of April, was taken in just a few days – its defenders believed that the red moon is a sign of ancient prophecies predicting the death of Constantinople.

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