24 Apr 2024

Zodiac Signs That Do Not Get Along Together

How a person interacts with parents, peers, friends, and loved ones depends on his or her zodiac placement. What a particular person can achieve in his/her life and the model of his/her behavior in various situations are usually predetermined by their zodiac houses too because they form the main features of the character. That is why it is useful to understand the variety of zodiacal signs and check with a horoscope from time to time.

There is no positive correlation in pairs of Water-Fire, Water-Air, Earth-Fire, Earth-Air elements. Moreover, it is clear from the very nature of these elements that some of these pairs are warring. Therefore, they are considered to be the least compatible in love and family life. But there are a number of features that depend on the relative position of the pair of signs.

To understand the compatibility of two specific people, you can use the help of a professional who will draw up a detailed horoscope of your future relationships and calculate the ways of their possible development. However, not everyone will be satisfied with the cost of such a zodiac forecast, and it will be absolutely disappointing if the chosen astrologer turns out to be a charlatan or an amateur.

But there is another way to find out about warnings from stars and planets. The necessary information is quite easy to find on the Internet, and most of it is provided to site visitors for free. This option is much simpler and accessible to anyone who wants to make sure of the fate.

How It Works

Astrology is a little-studied science, and it is perceived skeptically by many, but it has already been verified that learning detailed characteristics of sun signs is useful in all areas of human life. You can find out what your sun sign is and get information about its outlook in every sphere. A correctly drawn up horoscope will take into account all aspects of a person’s life – love relationship and friendship, abilities and tastes for certain types of activities, a tendency to a particular behavior, the reasons to form some habits, and much more.

Generally, all the zodiacal members are divided into 4 elements:

  1. Air includes Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. All representatives of these constellations are air-headed and freedom-loving. This does not mean that it will be a wrong decision to choose those people for marriage. They just know the value of their freedom. Astrologers say that the greatest compatibility in love occurs with the Fire element. But you should be careful since this alliance is explosive.
  2. Water comprises Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces. They seek family life from an early age, craving to gain self-confidence. But at the same time, they can be incredibly demanding and selective in picking a mate. The easiest way is to find a common language with Earth members.
  3. Fire covers Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries. Representatives of these constellations are frequently combined with all other elements, but best of all – with Air. Relationships between Fire people and representatives of their own group are not that good.
  4. Earth is represented by Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus. Those ruled by the Earth element like to control any situation and do not tolerate any pressure. They have the most harmonious relations in their own group. Difficulties can arise with Fire people since they are problematic to interact with.

Why Is It Important for You to Avoid Incompatible Signs?

Naturally, love is completely absorbing a person, so you pay no attention to your partner’s zodiac sign. But over time, it becomes possible to look a little ahead and to find out how the relations can develop and what difficulties can be encountered. The compatibility of zodiac signs allows you to predict the future with a high degree of probability, to project the situation for some years to come and to find out if it can subsequently move to a new level turning into family ties.

Determining the compatibility of different signs in marriage is a continuation of the compatibility in love. Long-term and stable relationships make it possible to know a person deeper, while individual traits, inconspicuous and insignificant at first glance, can develop into the main source of conflicts and mutual misunderstandings in the future. The compatibility of different signs in marriage allows you to know about all the possible difficulties in advance in order to build a model of your own behavior more efficiently and to exclude tense situations as far as it is possible.

Sometimes, even a man and a woman who passionately love one another just cannot get along together. In the end, these people understand that they’re just absolutely dissimilar – they like and want completely different things. For example, one likes noisy companies, while another partner prefers home evenings. Even watching TV together can provoke a scandal with the two signs struggling for a remote panel.

This situation can be explained by the trivial non-coincidence of two lovers based on their zodiacal signs. After all, it is precisely the influence of various planets and elements that largely shapes the character of a person at the moment of our birth.

Recommendations for Each Zodiac Sign


This sign gives the people born under it some peculiar character traits that are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, for Aries, it is important to understand with which signs it is better to find a way to building love relationships. Having the inherent disregard of others’ opinion, a straightforward, imperious, and generous Aries will not be able to get along with Pisces and Scorpio. Representatives of these signs are too complicated in their characters, so the straightforwardness and presumptuousness of Aries turn them off. Aries and Cancer will not get along together either. A long-term marriage is possible for Aries with Libra, Leo, and Sagittarius. The leader in everything, Aries will also try to dominate in the marriage, so the partner should be softer and more compliant.


People born under this sign prefer reliability and stability; they do not need experiments and surprises. Restraint, constancy, and crazy intuition are inherent in the stubborn Taurus, who is not inclined to expansiveness. Tolerant and calm Taurus will feel good in a love affair with Pisces, Gemini, Cancer, and even Aries. However, Taurus has an unfavorable prognosis for relations with Leo, Scorpio and another Taurus. Taurus and Aquarius will not get along well too.


This sign leaves its mark on everyone who was born under its auspices: on the whole, they are positive, very sociable, yet able to change their mind even on the eve of a wedding. A good forecast is for a love combination with Taurus, Capricorn, and Aries. It is not worth building illusions about a long-term marriage with Pisces and Gemini.


Young representatives of this sign are air-headed and too carefree about love, but when getting matured, they begin to value constancy. The compatibility of zodiacal signs in love shows that such an affectionate leader as Cancer will definitely feel like in heaven with Aquarius, Pisces, and even Taurus. Unfortunately, that cannot be said about Cancer and Virgo, and Cancer and Capricorn will not become a love match either.


A haughty Leo will be happy next to a calm, humble partner in everything. Gentle flirting is natural to the sign, which does not affect deep feelings the person can have to Virgo, Sagittarius, or Capricorn, provided that the second half takes on all everyday worries. At the same time, it doesn’t mean stopping to constantly admire a fabulous elect. You will not get a strong love connection with Aries, Cancer, and Aquarius for this reason.


A picky representative of this sign should not turn his or her attention to Cancer: they are too pragmatic. A Virgo and Pisces alliance will not work out too, since the latter is always in the clouds, and this cannot stop annoying Virgo. Unable to detect passionate impulses, a person born under this constellation is trembling in a strong bond with Aquarius, Virgo, and Sagittarius. But Virgo and Taurus can become a wonderful couple.


This constellation gives its supervisees a huge number of friends-buddies, but not the ability to empathize, which makes them consumers in love. Libra and Gemini are an extremely undesirable combination for a representative of the Libra sign, but Cancer and Libra can get together for a long-term love alliance to get a selfish, yet such an affable partner.


Scorpio, complex in character, jealous and barely restraining his passions, will not stay in a love outburst with a straightforward Aries for long, as well as with Libra and Gemini. However, passion will unite representatives of such a tough sign with Pisces, Leo, and Aquarius in the long run.


Studying the compatibility in love, it is safe to say that Sagittarius is good for unrestrained and scandal-prone Aries. Being fire signs, Sagittarius and Leo will create a strong alliance as well. It is unlikely that something will come out for a representative of this sign with Pisces, who is sick of selfishness and impulsiveness.


The question of a serious relationship for Capricorn is too complicated. They want not just marriage and love, but also a sufficient level of intelligence coupled with peace of mind. Idealizing a future partner, Capricorn is in no hurry to marry. Anyway, an alliance with Pisces, Scorpio, Gemini, and Aquarius may be unsuccessful. On the other hand, Leo and Taurus are the closest ones to Capricorn’s ideal.


This sign adds constancy, restraint and a complete lack of a sense of humor to people born under it. A love relationship between Aquarius and other Aquarius, as well as with Virgo and Cancer, will work out perfectly, but failure can be expected when building love with Leo and Libra.


Love prevails over other feelings of this sign, while greed is simply unknown to them. Their intuition rarely fails, so betrayal almost always puts an end to a love affair – Pisces cannot forgive. Sensitivity and a certain detachment is their usual state, therefore it is better to forget about getting together with Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo. But you can build love with Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn.


Bonus: Bad Qualities of Each Sign

Here are some flaws you should be aware of when searching for your best half. 

Aries: Control

Arieses can’t stand others’ leadership and prefer keeping circumstances and people under their control. The power of Aries and its dictatorial streaks bring a lot of inconvenience and even tears to their loved ones.

The slowness of Taurus 

If Tauruses set their hands to something, they do it thoroughly, not missing out on any little detail, but they do it slowly. New things are not easy for them, but their natural tenacity helps overcome difficulties.

Gemini and gossip 

Gemini doesn’t always know how to keep their tongue between the teeth and refrain from expressing their opinion, which is often the opposite to that of majority, especially when it comes to someone's private life. This leads to conflicts, and a Gemini seems disgusting to the person who was the subject of the discussion.

Cancer: Lack of impartiality 

Cancer can twist a situation in such a way that they are always right, even having offended another person. It seriously angers representatives of Earth, who find it difficult to fend off again and again.

Pride of Leo

Leos will not communicate with a loved one for years if a serious offense is caused. It is useless to beg Leo and apologize: you have to wait for the right moment to make peace.

Boring Virgo

Virgo is too scrupulous in everything from household chores to job duties. Their perfectionism annoys others, and the excessive meticulousness seems nasty. 

Inertness of Libra 

Libra carefully avoids responsibility, and the sign is not in a hurry to make important decisions. But if they get down to business or promise something, they will try to keep their word.

Scorpio: Manipulators

When a close person of Scorpio realizes that he/she is skillfully controlled, they are disgusted. The ability to manipulate helps Scorpios in their careers but often harms in life.

Sagittarius’s activity 

The excess of Sagittarius’ initiative annoys others, especially when they try to involve their relatives and friends who have other plans.

Stubbornness of Capricorn 

Capricorn doesn’t know how to give up. To achieve a goal, the sign can sacrifice personal life, loved ones, and interests.

Indifference of Aquarius 

Fascinated by some idea, Aquariuses forget not only about their loved ones but also about their needs. They become indifferent to everything except their dream.

Pisces: Lack of discipline

Pisces are ready to help everyone but sometimes it is impossible to fulfill these promises. Those let down by Pisces think they are not disciplined.

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