16 Jun 2024

Types of Relationships Between Zodiac Signs

We were all assigned with a specific zodiac sign exactly at the moment we were born. Each sign represents its own personal traits, peculiar colors, crystals, zodiac animals and so on. For the longest time, people have been curious to comprehend the signs attributed to their lovers, besties, and acquaintances since this is a key to their horoscope compatibility.

This compatibility is a kind of chemistry between you and another person. Of course, it does not mean that you should forget about building a loving family with a person who is considered to be not compatible. The rules of astrology are not set in stone. This knowledge is something that can assist in finding a better understanding of your inner world and emotions of other individuals as well.

Types of Compatible Couples

We can distinguish several ways explaining how one zodiac member can collaborate with any other. Each combination will have a peculiar dynamic amongst the participants. Surely, there are various best matches among all the kinds:

  • Identical placement – individuals assigned with the same stars are often considered kindred spirits. They are similar in many ways;
  • Just one away – sharing neighboring places on the wheel is great. You will most likely enjoy completely different things and yet adore each other;
  • Two placements apart – you have many things in common. This scenario is very promising in the sense of chemistry;
  • Three placements apart – this is not an easy connection for both people. It will require a ton of effort to keep going;
  • Four placements away – such combination is just sweet and cozy. You will love it;
  • Five away – you will seemingly have little in common. And yet, it will be great for both;
  • The exact opponents – this can be the deepest and purest connection of all. You will have something important in common.

Best Matches for Every Horoscope Placement

You should remember a rule of thumb: each person becomes compatible with those placed in the same zodiac house. Aside from that, there are some couples, which usually click best. However, do not forget that astrology serves only to guide you, instead of dictating your future. Now let us discuss the love compatibility thoroughly and review all the signs for finding your perfect match to get along. 


  • Ideal matches: Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius.

Arieses are strong personalities with great leadership skills. They attract each individual around with the help of their restless energy. Even though they are often competitive, it does not make them any less attractive. They rarely express their fears because of their bold and courageous nature. Aries will not hesitate to take any obstacle by storm.

An Aries will never become bored in a relationship, including with a Gemini. The latter will always spark your joy and enthusiasm in any situation. Leos will recognize your true self and support you no matter what. Aquarius signs will continue to surprise you each time because their traits of the air sign work excellently in combo with yours. You can both rely on the partner and grow personally. And you will share your courageous character of explorer with a Sagittarius.


  • Ideal matches: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Leos appear cheery and bright. Occasionally, they become a little too passionate. People love them for liveliness and zest for life. Despite them being amiable and devoted, these can be demanding in a relationship. The listed signs happen to have the lucky capability to coexist with highly demanding Leos.

A Libra might become a perfect partner due to the interests you both share. A slight tendency towards being expressive and dramatic is observed in both signs. Arieses are enthusiastic and inspiring – this is what Leos like. Sticking to a Sagittarius, you can expect to have an extremely fun time. In addition, you will be in complete sympathy with each other. You can share all your energy and creativity with a Gemini, without taking a break. And you will find many attractive traits in Aquariuses and vice versa. You both can improve thanks to each other.


  • Ideal matches: Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius.

Folks placed in this zodiac constellation are continuously in a search of new experiences, impressions, and knowledge. They become bored really quickly, yet they are a far cry from being boring, which makes them an interesting match for other signs. They are truly open-minded and approachable, attracting everyone around them.

Aquariuses will always keep you busy and hooked. In such an alliance, you will have a room for captivating conversation and new experience. An Aries provides the space to be adventurous. You are both open to exploring everything new. Leo and Sagittarius promise to be a perfectly warm and genuine pair. Your romance will be hot because both of you belong to fire signs. Libras are easy to achieve the highest harmony and deepest awareness with. You can transfer your wisdom to one another.


  • Ideal matches: Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Taurus is definitely the top determined among all signs. Some might think they are stubborn but this judgment is not exactly true. In reality, they are sincerely patient and committed.

Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn, each couple of the three would be an incredible combination. You are actually well-matched with Virgo since both of you are diligent overachievers. While going all in with a Capricorn, you can enjoy this sign’s practicality and mutual understanding. A person with the Pisces placement will definitely have your back just as much as you need it. With a Cancer as a love interest, you will build a secure and trusting family. This couple is a winning combo. And as for Scorpios, there will be special compatibility: as opposing signs, you will complete each other perfectly.


  • Ideal matches: Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer and Scorpio.

Virgos are down to earth and rational individuals. You can rely on Virgos in any situation and be certain they will stand behind your no matter the circumstances. Virgos are always trying to improve doing away with their flaws. They frequently point out downsides of others, but only with the best intentions of helping them.

The earth signs like Virgo will obviously connect flawlessly with Tauruses and Capricorns. All three members share practicality and perseverance. A Capricorn might help in creating a firm and sustained alliance. A Virgo and Taurus combination will bring an amour and sensitivity into personal life. With a Cancer, you will feel free and relaxed, as if they can protect you from anything. Scorpios are only two zodiac placements from you, which results in special intimate bonds. Such partners will be extremely loyal.


  • Ideal matches: Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer.

Capricorns are generally frank and conservative, yet truly caring. They can overcome any obstacle on the way to their goal. They protect those who they love and also provide for them. They are natural-born rulers due to their strong personalities.

A Virgo will definitely find a true and reliable way straight into your heart. With a Taurus, you can build a strong relationship based on mutual trust and loyalty. Such a couple will only become stronger with the passage of time. Capricorns and Cancers always respect each other when in a loving couple. A person born under Cancer constellation will provide you with the security and determination you need. With a Scorpio, you can feel cautious at first. But your romance will bloom after opening up to each other. Pisces are usually quite the opposite of Capricorns in terms of character, which is why such a couple can work well. The opposites attract and complete one another.


  • Ideal matches: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius.

Geminis are smart and witty, with quick thoughts and replies. They represent an interesting duality. They are both intellectual and carefree. Geminis love to share their thoughts and opinions with other people. But more than that they appreciate knowledge. They always try to receive as much information as possible.

With Aries, you will have a fun, refreshing and never boring romance. Both of you are so energetic. You can share your creativity and general optimism in an alliance with a Leo. Your compatibility with a Sagittarius is just insane. Together, you can overcome any obstacles both in life and love. You and Libra are knitted with interesting conversations and sharing information. You will never have a boring time when face to face. With an Aquarius, you will have a deep mental connection, as well as personal freedom you both enjoy.


  • Ideal matches: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius.

Libras are the most collected and peaceful individuals of all other signs. The harmony they achieve is unique, and people ruled by other constellations will gladly have a Libra as a partner and friend. Libras often think about others in the first place. They are exceptionally honest and fair, trying to do the right things in life.

In case you want a very romantic and fairytale-like connection, a Leo would be a great choice for you. With an Aquarius, you will take it slow at first, but then your romance will bloom and become strong and long-lasting. Aries is the opposite zodiac placement, which is good because having opposing qualities, you can complete each other. A harmonious long-term relationship is waiting for you and a Sagittarius. You are only two signs apart, which means deep spiritual compatibility. You and a Gemini can swap ideas and benefit from this intellectual cooperation.


  • Ideal matches: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra

People having Aquarius placement are very self-sufficient and often need to take their time to be alone. Their character helps them to make friends pretty quickly. Aquariuses are such an inspiration for others. They are bright and love to share their creativity with everyone else.

An Aries could be an excellent selection for you. Bearers of this zodiac placement will be forever drawn to all your quirks and peculiarities. They are independent just as you are. Geminis are optimistic, which is something you appreciate. Libras can understand your ideas and share your true passions because both of you belong to the air signs. Your creativity will reach its full potential in an intimate connection with a Sagittarius. Both of you are idealists, and this is a phenomenal coincidence.


  • Ideal matches: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.

Being truly sentimental and empathetic, Cancers are also extremely passionate and vigilant over their beloved. They are primarily guided by heart, and the logic comes second. With that, they value security and comfort. Cancers are in the lead of the water zodiacsigns, which explains their deep connection with Scorpios and Pisces. 

A Taurus will appreciate your caring and protective nature in family life. You can count on Virgos when it comes to adapting to your personal needs. It might be challenging to start bonding with a Scorpio. Nevertheless, if you manage to grasp each other, you will have the strongest compatibility. As for Capricorn, you will build a family based on trust and mutual reverence. Both Cancers and Pisces are emotional in a similar way. However, a Pisces can spark your creativity.


  • Ideal matches: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer and Pisces.

Scorpios take pleasure in uncovering the truth and shedding the light on secrets. These folks are full of devotedness and energy. Their personality is appealing, attracting others like a magnet. Every person keen on astrology knows that the strongest point of each Scorpio is their gut feeling. Their determination and strong will make them some of the greatest leaders.

Your opposing constellation in the horoscope is Taurus. These guys can share your sensuality like no other. While even the strongest of us still have their weak spots, Cancers can understand your softer side very well. Virgos are placed only two zodiac signs from you, which creates a special and powerful spiritual connection. With a Capricorn, you will receive the opportunity for incredible personal growth. A romance with Pisces will bring you deep respect and joy.


  • Ideal matches: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer.

Deeply benevolent and emotional Pisces care about others’ needs in the first place. Their sparkling originality and vivid imagination are impressive. They are generally balanced in their needs and wants. Their warm and caring disposition is what their close ones truly appreciate.

You value harmony in relationships and so does a Taurus. A reliable earth sign like Taurus can balance your dreaminess. Following the horoscope, you and Capricorns usually have an opposing set of personal traits. However, this is the factor, which makes your couple work because you add to your partner. Cancers are kind and open-minded like you. Your bond will be mutually fulfilling. Scorpio represents the same water signs you belong to. For this reason, you both share the same element and can connect on a deeper level.

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