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The Role of the Sun

The Sun in astrology symbolizes orange color, ruby and gold metal. It is considered the most important planet in the horoscope of every person. The Sun affects individuality, self-awareness and personality development in astrology. The planet Sun goes through a cycle of all Zodiac signs in a year's time and then returns to its original position. It stays in one sign for about a month.

Planet Characteristics

The position of the Sun is a determining factor for the time of birth in astrology. It indicates your personal Zodiac sign. The Sun has a direct connection to the human spirit, to that part of God that everyone has.

Symbol of the Sun and How It Is Designated

The symbol looks like a point in the center of the circle, which is a designation of the Sun. This sign shows how much a person strives for self-knowledge. Since ancient times, the circle has represented unity, integrity, and personification of infinity. It shows the endlessness of a life cycle. A point in the center of the circle indicates that it is just a drop in the universe. Everything that exists in the world is interdependent, thus, every human has a certain purpose he must fulfill. 

The Sun in the Signs of the Zodiac 

When the Sun appears in a birth chart and enters into a sign, it influences our actions. According to astrology, the mighty Sun helps you discover yourself and makes you strive for independence. Each Sun sign completely changes at the time of the Sun’s entry. 


Aries is constantly trying to bring new ideas to life. The energy is breaking over the edge when the Sun is exalted in Aries. These individuals often prefer to work alone, seeking to become independent. 


Slow and patient people, trying to get to the bottom of things, they prefer to live in comfort and convenience, while often being lazy. 


These are witty and curious people who quickly change their activities and hobbies. In general, they feel happy when they learn something new. 


Emotional and sensitive people who need support from loved ones. They treat their families well, and they know how to love and sacrifice. However, Cancers tend to go into their shell when they feel lonely.


Strong and idea-driven personalities, open and sincere, they adore being in the spotlight. 


All their actions are performed with great caution. These people want everything to be in order and demand the same from others. 


Love to have fun in companies while requiring approval and sympathy of others. However, they are reluctant to make decisions because they are afraid to make a mistake.


These are very emotional personalities but prefer to avoid public exposure. They often shrink into themselves and became lonely; also, they are capable of sophisticated revenge against their offenders.


A mobile and restless personality who constantly wants to spend time outside. A representative of this sign dreams of freedom without any conventions and restrictions. They love traveling and educating themselves. 


These serious people are confident that nothing comes easy. 


These are sincere and honest individuals who seek respect and attention from others. Sometimes they are too stubborn. 


They are influenced by other people’s mood, so they can’t communicate with depressed and sad people.

The Sun in the Houses of Horoscope 

According to astrology, the powerful Sun in the houses shows certain personal attitudes and spheres of interest where you can succeed. It is necessary to determine in which area you can realize your potential. 

1 house 

A person seeks to solve only his/her problems and wants to live a full life while being able to gain strength and move forward. He/she is narcissistic and envious, but the person copes with all life troubles independently.

2 house 

A realist, confident and morally stable. These people make and spend money quite easily. Usually, they are engaged in art and creativity and achieve success. 

3 house 

Infantile personalities, easygoing and straightforward, strongly influenced by others. 

4th house 

Such people prefer to stick to family traditions, respect their parents and spouses and often show interest in occult sciences and mysticism. 

5th house 

They are prone to freedom and creative self-expression, yet can’t imagine their life without love. They are also excellent parents and very attached to children. 

6th house 

Hardworking and bright people who quickly build a career and always save some money for a rainy day. 

7th house 

Highly influenced by society, these people can achieve popularity and recognition. Sometimes these capricious individuals require a lot of attention but give too little in return. 

8th house 

Fatal personalities who are drawn to secrets and mysticism, take risks and adore dangers; sometimes they are very reckless. They can achieve stunning success in life and become famous. 

9th house 

These people are active, constantly traveling and expanding their opportunities. They strive for romance and a busy lifestyle.

10th house

They love to be in the spotlight; they like to win and achieve their goals.

11th house 

A person is much ahead of the development of society. He or she strives to achieve everything independently and doesn’t ask anyone for help. 

12th house 

These people prefer to engage in meditation and strive for spiritual development and knowledge of the secrets of the universe. They know how to keep secrets and love to be alone.

The Sun Interacting with Other Planets

Sun and Moon

When a person needs to make a decision, his/her temperament does not allow this. The person feels insecure, scared and uncomfortable. It is important to come to terms with others, to see who depends on the decision. Such people constantly want to be in two places at the same time, regardless of the fact that this is impossible. The Moon sign affects their lives too. Others strive for one thing, dreaming of the opposite at the same time.

Sun and Mars 

These people seem to be created for rebelling and going against generally accepted rules. They worship those people who possess the inner fire and follow them blindly. Astrology tells that they are narcissistic and adore similar personalities but constantly challenge them. Such individuals are very dangerous; people shouldn’t openly affront them and engage in battle with them, because the latter have no habit of fearing an enemy. 

Sun and Jupiter 

Such people have nothing sacred. They are conceited and proud, and they know how to get out of the most difficult situations. According to astrology, they value only their own well-being. Such a person often speaks thoughtlessly and incorrectly and therefore, gets into trouble. 

Sun and Saturn 

These personalities seem to be always wound up: they can’t let themselves relax. Such people need to make only the right decisions, otherwise, a disaster will happen. No one pays attention to their achievements. They are fearless and ambitious and therefore, very dangerous. 

Sun and Uranus 

These are independent individuals interested only in their own well-being. They love to take risks and often succeed. Others consider such a person heartless or even abnormal, yet very attractive. 

Sun and Neptune 

They tend to show compassion and like to save others. They often lie to get out of difficult situations. Also, these people frequently make the dumbest things and then experience a crisis of conscience. 

Sun and Pluto

These people are excited by things that others do not understand. These individuals often take risks and become victims.

Vedic Astrology and the Sun 

Surya is the personification of the Sun in Vedic traditions, the true Sun-God. Many are convinced that the Sun is the real God, so you should look at it as often as possible. The Sun is also considered to be the source of knowledge, warmth, and light. In Hinduism, the star is venerated as the king of Graha. 

This planet has a gigantic dimension and the shape of a ball. The Sun represents the total mass of all cosmic bodies in the solar system. Myths say that Surya, a symbol of light in astrology, was born to defeat Asuras, beings who personify the darkness.

Surya symbolizes human determination, the ability to achieve a goal. If a person lives in accordance with his own spiritual world, then everything turns out well for him. The Sun is responsible for temples cleaning human souls. 

Surya is the king of all planets in astrology, noble, having its own dignity and high rank. The king is obliged to rule his kingdom. For him, it is important to develop the best qualities in subjects, to help them succeed. Sometimes you have to give up something important to please others, but then everything will only get better. 

Surya is the pure energy of God, endowed with creative abilities. 

It also represents a father in the natal chart. In ancient times, a father was the head of the family; he was respected and obeyed by other family members. Nowadays, everything has changed, but astrology laws remain the same. 

The Sun also shows the physical condition of a person, since it affects our health and souls. Many may be perplexed by this, however, we should bear in mind that a human has both spiritual and physical nature.

The soul is in the heart of every person, and the Sun occupies the central position in the natal chart. The Sun creates immunity, which protects from diseases. Surya is also responsible for human vision. After all, people perceive the world primarily with their eyes, and light helps them in this. No wonder people say that it is not worth looking into the eyes of evil people, while good people will cheer you up with their inner light.

Psychology and the Sun

The Sun gives a person endurance and physical strength, longevity, generosity, and procreation. It shows where we can take vitality and health and where success and prosperity may also await for us. In astrology, this star shows a person’s attitude to troubles and difficulties he might face, as well as his relationships with others. 

The day star position is the center of the solar system; therefore, it tells about human potential given at the time of birth. The Sun is a vital spark that makes you engage in self-development. Only the Sun has a truly global impact on a personality. 

The Sun shows consciousness in psychology, while the subconscious mind is represented by the Moon. 

Those individuals who consciously follow the energy flow of the Sun feel their integrity, know their destiny and understand the aim of their existence. Their self-esteem is high. 

Those who prefer to go against solar energy lose their individuality and cannot find their place in life. They are full of illusions that cannot become true. As a result, such people become conceited and tyrannical, headstrong and pompous, while trying to assert themselves at other people’s expense. They descend lower and lower on the evolutionary ladder. 

The Sun always casts a shadow, therefore, shows both strong and weak sides of a character. We are not able to reveal ourselves fully, but at least we can try. 

Elective Astrology and the Sun

Sunny hours are successful for all affairs. For example, a person attended an interview. It seems that everything went well, the company’s representative promised to call, yet nobody called back. It is worth calling the company for feedback, but only on a sunny day. 

When it’s sunny, it is better to start playing sports in order to improve health or to make changes in all areas of life. Communication with authoritative people who have political power will also be the most effective within sunny hours. 

Horary Astrology and the Sun

The Sun passes through the Zodiac circle within a year. It makes an arc of 59’8 per day, sometimes around 57’16 or more, but the maximum arc is 61’6. It constantly moves along the ecliptic; there is no latitude. The Sun is never retrograde. However, sometimes it moves slower, while in some cases – faster. This planet represents the male principle and daytime and it has only virtues and beneficial qualities. 

If the Sun is exalted, a person is a devotee and always fulfills promises. He/she really wants to achieve power and recognition.

If the Sun is debilitated, a person is very arrogant and proud. The weak Sun makes them consider themselves to be better than other people and treat others with disdain. However, such individuals lack common sense in deeds and actions. 

Sunny people usually have a large forehead, big eyes, yellow complexion, and impressive physique. They have a friendly and healthy appearance. Such people seem domineering, but they are self-confident and keep their promises.

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