24 Apr 2024

I Saw a Prophetic Dream

Sleep is one of the most essential and necessary processes in human life. There are so many physical processes that take place while we are asleep. However, there’s more to it. There are other things that sleep brings, for example, dreams. It is true that some people dream more vividly than others; some people do not remember what they dreamt of when they were asleep. But the fact remains that we all dream. In the majority of cases, our dreams consist of something we think about a lot or something we experience during the awake time, but there are also prophetic dreams. When someone has a prophetic dream, it means that the incidents he or she dreamt of are going to materialize. Today we are about to discuss the issue of prophetic dreams in detail so that when such a dream occurs, you could know how to interpret it and what to expect from it.


Some people may think that prophetic dreams stand for something that only prophets dream of. This is not entirely true. Research proves that almost half of the earth’s population has seen a prophetic dream at one or another point. To tell the truth, there is rarely anything divine about prophetic dreams. What we are hinting at is that everyone can experience such a dream, but not everyone is able to define as well as interpret it.

We will start with the precise definition of a prophetic dream. Very often, it is that type of dream that you see before something happens. That is, you dream about some future event that comes to life within some time after the dream has taken place.

Prophetic dreams may include particular images and also events or symbols. There are times when prophetic dreams are precise, and in your real life, you experience the same situation that happens to you while you are in the dream. However, this is not usually the case. The truth is that sometimes, you need to be able to interpret the dream since the symbolism in it is not that straightforward and easy to decode.

It should be added that in some cases people hear prophetic voices in their dreams telling them about future events. Actually, it is a rare occasion when a prophetic dream predicts positive events. Usually, it is something dangerous on a personal scale or even on a world one. That is why it is so essential to treat those dreams correctly. That is when dream interpretation comes in.

If you think that there is a one-for-all interpretation journal – that is not the case. You need to realize that all dreams differ just like people who see them. What is more, it happens so that sometimes one prediction spreads across a couple of dreams, and you should not only remember them all but also spot the recurrence as well as the connection. The truth is that interpreting prophetic dreams is as challenging as it sounds. Surely, there are people who decode dreams professionally, but for a regular person, it is best to put everything down. Even if the dream turns out to be not a prophetic one, it is still nice to track the connection between your conscious and subconscious life.

If you think that a prophetic dream may be happening to you, you should write everything down. All the events, symbols, dates, and any other detail that seems important to you are best to be fixed on paper. If you have such a journal-book, it is easier to interpret it on your own or even to do that with a trained professional.

To be honest, decoding a prophetic dream may take a while, and many people get frustrated by the process. That is why it is essential for you to remember that patience is the key. What is more, sometimes you cannot spot a pattern not because it is non-existent, but due to the fact that it hasn’t been revealed to you yet.

Also, very often, people mistake a prophetic dream for a vision. You need to differentiate the two. Even though both are somehow connected with fortune-telling, visions happen to people while they are awake, while prophetic dreams happen only when a person is asleep. That is one of the main differences between dreams and visions.

Types of Prophetic Dreams

We have already mentioned that not all the dreams are the same. There are various categories of prophetic dreams, and we shall have a closer look at all of them.


If you wonder what type of prophetic dream is the common one, this would be apparition-related. What is more, that is one of the most ignored prophetic dreams. Surely, you may wonder why it is so. The thing is that an apparition dream involves dead people, usually those who were close to you when they were alive. These can be your relatives, friends, loved ones. The sole goal the deceased pursue is to bring some message to your attention. However, in the majority of cases, we ignore these dreams explaining them by simply missing the people close to us. Just imagine how many times your beloved granny has tried to tell you something, and you just wake up thinking how much you miss the nanna.

Clairaudient Dreams

It has been already stated that there are cases when you hear voices in your dreams, and these voices are the ones that indicate future events. When compared to visual dreams, clairaudient dreams are a lot harder to decode. The truth is that in some cases it takes a few dreams for a dreamer to understand the voice as well as the meaning of what is being said. Some people say that those who hear prophetic voices have access to beyond the veil, and the voices heard belong to either spirits or angels.

Clairvoyant Dreams

Usually, it is emphasized that prophetic dreams are all about the future only. That is not always the case. The fact is that clairvoyant dreams are centered around the present. What does that mean? We think that a simple example is going to help you understand this type of dreams better. Let’s say you dream about a plane crash. It could signify that you may be on board some time in the future. However, it could mean that the plane crash already took place while you were dreaming about it. Or you see an erupting volcano in a dream, and then, when you are awake, you read the news that somewhere in the world a volcano erupted while you were asleep. This is precisely how it works.

Empathic Dreams

As you may know, empathy is the sense when you can really feel what someone else is feeling. Empathic dreams allow a dreamer to experience something that another person is going through at the moment. Be it grief of loss or some other tragic feeling, the dream allows you to feel it to the fullest extent so that you can understand why the person behaves the way he or she does. What is more, such experience can help you predict how the person will behave or what he or she will do. In the majority of cases, such dreams are closely connected to the people you are close to, your family, friends, loved ones.

Shared Dreams

As a matter of fact, the name of this dream is quite self-explanatory, even though such a dream is very rare. A shared dream defines the fact that you experience the same dream on the same night with someone close to you, among friends or family, or a person you are in love with. When you enter the spiritual world in a shared dream, you can behave in it with your friends the way you do in real life.

Telepathic Dreams

Just like with a shared dream, telepathic one can happen only to people who are extremely close and connected on a deeper level than just a physical one. When you are having a telepathic dream, you may either receive or send some urgent message to a different person, even if you are miles away from one another. What is more, in many cases the sender does not even know that the message has already been sent.

Warning Dreams

A warning dream is that type of a prophetic dream that everyone knows of and thinks of when prophetic dreams are mentioned. It does not take a genius to guess that a warning dream is there to warn you about something. We have mentioned above that there is rarely a positive event that a prophetic dream warns you of, so if you fail to interpret the dream correctly, the consequences may be grim.

These are the main categories all prophetic dreams fall under. However, the idea that there are various kinds of prophetic dreams shouldn't lead you to the assumption that they rarely intertwine. In the majority of cases, a prophetic dream contains elements of all dream types.

Prophetic Dreams Throughout History

If you think that prophetic dreams belong to the number of recent inventions, it is a false assumption. The truth is that you can track examples of prophetic dreams throughout history. There are cases when a dream helped an emperor or king tremendously.


The Egyptian culture is very interesting for many reasons, and prophetic dreams are surely added to the list. The thing is that in ancient Egypt, people who were able to memorize and retell their dreams were thought to be the blessed ones. Surely, the dreams were supposed to be related to the country and its well-being, but the fact remains. All the vivid and memorable dreams were to be put down. Those who saw them were cherished as prophets or oracles, and their dreams were the way for God to communicate with the people.


The very same goes for the people of Mesopotamia. They thought that when you are asleep, your soul is able to visit other realms and see the future. What is more, in some cases, when you are having a dream about the future, gods guide you through all the realms to that particular one that shows you the future events. The people of Asia still think that such an approach is true. However, they believe that there is a personal part of it meaning that what you want to happen will take place if you see it vividly in your dream.


Islam is a complex religion, but even in Islam, there are references to prophetic dreams too. In fact, they say that those who see prophetic dreams are not only blessed by the god but hear his voice. Thus, those who dream prophetic dreams speak the word of god.


Hinduists went even further since they distinguish three states a human can enter. Clearly, waking and sleeping states are the most common ones, but a dreaming state is that particular one that far from everybody can enter.

Native Americans

If you take Native Americans, for instance, they thought that prophetic dreams were more than just a way to talk with gods but also with their deceased ancestors. Native Americans believed that via their dreams they could gain the knowledge as well as the experience that the deceased carried. That is why they tended to use all sorts of hallucinating items that could be stumbled upon in the wilderness to induce those dreams.

Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were controversial times, and dreams, in general, were thought of as being vile and forced by the devil. That is why speaking about any prophetic dreams was like stating directly that you belonged to a group of devil worshipers.


Despite the fact that during the Middle Ages, people used to believe that all prophetic dreams were the work of Satan, in the Bible, there are many instances when prophetic dreams occur to be sent by God. We are going to discuss the matter deeply in the next chapter.


There are many examples in the Bible that God speaks to prophets via their dreams. However, it is noted that there are times when a dream is easy to interpret, but there are also cases when you need some help with decoding it. In the majority of cases, God helps godly people escape the dire fate that God sends to those who do not believe in him.

Prophetic Dreams in Modern Life

If you think about the modern era, the only name that comes to mind is the technological era. We have access to so many miracles of technology that it is easier than easy to neglect something as important as prophetic dreams. The truth is that many people treat vivid dreams as the era tells them – they do not pay attention to them. Such an approach may result in many unpleasant situations that could have been avoided. That is why we always suggest doing the following:

Keep a journal-book

If you write down the most remarkable dreams, you can easily spot the pattern, if any. Every time you check the journal, you will remind yourself about something you have dreamt about, and you may reveal the connection that hasn’t been there before.

Reality checks

If possible, it is a good idea to remind yourself that it is just a dream you are having. In such a way, you could remember the dream elements vividly, and it will be easier to distinguish between the dream and reality.

Symbols and signs

Just like with writing down what you were dreaming about, it would be nice to memorize signs in case you see them in real life.

Going back to sleep

Very often you may wake up right in the middle of your dream, so it is essential to go right back to sleep straight away. Not everyone knows it, but if you do that, you will dive back into the dream you have been dreaming of before. If it is a prophetic dream we are talking about, this will help you see all the things you are supposed to get without missing any detail. 

To sum everything up, it is safe to say that prophetic dreams occur to us every so often. It does not matter whether the holy spirit or your own consciousness sends them – it is best to pay attention to them. The truth is that prophetic dreams are rarely positive, but that shouldn’t scare you, since, in the long run, they are still very helpful. There are different kinds of prophetic dreams and no matter the interpretation – all of them are aimed at helping you!

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