27 May 2024

How to Change my Zodiac Sign

Many of us consider our Sun sign to be an important part of our personality and life. We read horoscopes in order to have a direction of some sort in our day-to-day lives and rocky times. Some might rely on their horoscope entirely, basing all important decisions on whether the day is favourable for their sign or not. Others like to read daily and monthly predictions for fun and in case they need comfort. Anyhow, many people depend on their zodiac constellation in one way or another.

Taking into account the importance of our zodiac placement, it is hardly surprising that some individuals might want to receive other star signs. There are various reasons for wanting this change, but is it possible at all? Let us find out.

Is it Possible to Replace a Zodiac Patron Ourselves?

The short response is no. For better or worse, we are assigned a specific sign right at our birth date. Your zodiac sign is determined by the positioning of the Sun and stars on the sky at the time and place of your first appearance in this world.

Obviously, it is impossible to change the star pattern and planet location that were seen above us during the birth time. However, you can research further into your own placement and maybe reconsider wanting to switch signs.

Usually, people know only about their Sun placement because it is the main one. This is what everyone tells when being asked about their signs. For example, if your birthday is between December 22 and January 19, you are a Capricorn, which is also what you call a Star sign. This describes your core identity, values, and behaviour.

But what about the Moon and rising signs? Moon sign reflects a more private and hidden portion of your being. This type has a deeper connection with our emotions and secret thoughts. It represents our deepest desires and vulnerabilities. Your Moon placement can be different from the main one, check it and see – it can very well be the zodiac sign that you would actually want to have.

Rising signs, or as they are also named – ascendants – rule the first house included in your birth chart. They serve as a reflection of your self-expression and how surrounding people perceive you. In other words, when you meet new people, they would see your rising placement and build their first impression from it. They will see your Sun-shaped side only if they get to know you better.

This being said, even if you feel like your main sign received at birth does not suit you very well, there is no need to switch it. First of all, astrology is not a rule, it is flexible. Even if astrologists say that Cancers are often very intuitive, it does not have to suit you necessarily. And secondly, there is so much more to your personality than your Sun placement. Your Moon and rising zodiacs can be drastically different from the first ruler and represent various parts of your soul.

In order to get full information about your zodiacs, you will have to read your natal chart. It can be made exclusively through the use of the exact place and time of birth. The easiest way is to find your chart online. However, consulting with an astrologist will be much better. They will calculate the chart correctly and explain every aspect of it. There is actually a lot of explaining required, which is why you should consult with a professional.

Do you still want your zodiac sign to be changed? Well, we have established that you cannot do it yourself. But what if it has already changed without you knowing about it? As a result of recent discovery, this might be the case.

The Zodiac Shift and a Mystery Sign Appearing

The whole world knows zodiac signs paralleling the same number of figures in the sky, which also signify their respective months. However, only a couple of years ago specialists from NASA itself have made an announcement that the initial star pattern had shifted and now the dates of each zodiac member are different. This means that more than 80% of the population might have another zodiac patron instead of that they are accustomed to. Moreover, NASA says that there is actually a thirteenth new star sign on the chart – Ophiuchus. Let us discuss this news in more detail.

Scientists say that citizens of ancient Babylon invented the zodiac chart about two thousand years ago. Apparently, they wanted to match stellar patterns with their calendar. But because they had a twelve-month calendar, they dropped Ophiuchus. Moreover, each constellation occupies an unequal space in the sky owing to the shape and size. It takes different amounts of time for the Sun to traverse through each formation. On this account, the division in twelve equal parts is even more incorrect.

Another thing to focus on is that the sky above the ancient kingdom was unlike to that of nowadays. Over twenty hundred years that have passed from the time the zodiac chart had emerged, many things became different. The Earth’s axis is pointing in a completely opposite direction right now. This makes the original range attributed to zodiac signs inaccurate.

According to this information, it is possible to pinpoint a new time frame for all astrological signs:

  • Capricorns: Januar.– Februar.(20 –16) 
  • Aquariuses: Februar. – March (16 – 11)
  • Pisces: March – April (11 – 18)
  • Aries: April – May (18 – 13)
  • Taurus: May – June (13 – 21)
  • Gemini: June – July (21 – 20)
  • Cancer: July– Augus. (20 – 10)
  • Leos: Augus. – Sept. (10 – 16)
  • Virgos: Sept. – Octob. (16 – 30)
  • Libras: Octob. – Novem. (30 – 23)
  • Scorpios: Novem.– Novem. (23 – 29)
  • Ophiuchus: Nov.– Dec. (29 – 17)
  • Sagittariuses: Decem.– Januar. (17 – 20)

Despite how shocking this discovery might appear, it does not actually mean that from now on we have to live by it. We can believe it if we want, but there are diverse approaches to astrology.

The Reasons Why the Old Zodiac Chart Is Still Relevant

You might think that if NASA made a statement, it must be 100% correct. However, there is much more to it. The scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration have only made astronomical calculations, not astrological. Their math is still correct if we refer to astronomy. Despite that, astrologically, it is much more complex. Moreover, they consider astrology a pseudo-science and perceive it as a fiction close to a fantasy novel.

Here are some of the reasons why you will be perfectly correct to think that your zodiac constellation remains the same:

1. Despite the stars are relocating, the placements are static

Astronomers should not be mistaken for astrologists. Every now and then, the first ones tend to publish announcements about constellations moving and new signs appearing, which clearly messes up the timing of traditional zodiacs.

Nevertheless, the Western astrology, which we normally use, is connected to the Tropical zodiac rather than to the true-to-fact star location.

The constellations of this system can be called “man-made”, because they coincide with twelve equal segments of a 360-degree circle.

The Western type relies on the Sun’s route, which we can observe from Earth. For this reason, the number of signs and their dates remain untouched.

2. Ways to approach astrology

There are actually three different approaches to this science:

  • Tropical Zodiac – this is the type we normally use in the Western system. It depends on seasons;
  • Sidereal Astrology – this kind is tied to the current location of the space bodies meaning that in this case, constellations are really important;
  • Constellational Zodiac – this one includes the newly added by NASA Ophiuchus.

The last type is rarely used by astrologists. But if someone says that there are thirteen signs now, they are simply using another type of astrology. Which one you believe is completely up to you.

3. Four seasons rule the Western astrology

Four seasons determine our placements in the Tropical system. Spring and fall equinoxes plus summer and sinter solstices – these important days in every season are tied to four placements. Each of them starts a new trio of zodiacs, making it twelve in total.

Traits linked to the placements also come from the times of year. This is precisely why the original stellar positioning is not essential.

4. The star formations do not have an influence on the signs

Quite often people are confused because the placements are named exactly after constellations. However, the connection ends here.

The person behind creating the zodiac band many centuries ago is Claudius Ptolemy. He took the names of the real star formations and assigned them to twelve equal portions of the circle. This is why they are fixed. They exist only on this wheel, and the days are set.

Even though the stars and zodiacs corresponded during the ancient Babylon times, Ptolemy decided to make them settled. Now, hundreds of years after, living under different skies, we still have the same zodiac wheel.

5. Ophiuchus is anything but new

This mysterious constellation has been shining from the skies for at least three thousand years. The general confusion is caused every couple of years upon the announcements claiming that an entirely new star pattern was found.

If this new member was incorporated in the system we all use, people born between Nov. 29 and Dec. 17 would be not Sagittariuses, but Ophiuchuses.

In addition, there are almost 90 stellar formations covering our sky! The twelve stellar patterns and Ophiuchus as well happen to cross the ecliptic. This is why misleading information about 13 signs appears from time to time.

In the end, astrology is the source of comfort and guidance. It was never meant to be something to fight over.

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