13 Jul 2024

Silly Stereotypes About Zodiac Signs

The habit to label everything and the tendency to form stereotypes underlie human nature. It’s easier for us to structure the information coming from the outside world with such behavior, and it is okay. But you must admit that it is unpleasant when someone calls you a lazy person, an egoist or a weakling, relating solely to your birth chart based on your Zodiac sign. The influence of date of birth on our lives is much more subtle, it is too complicated to be described in unambiguous characteristics. We have collected the most common stereotypes about Zodiac signs in this material. 


There is an opinion that Aries is the most aggressive sign of the Zodiac, which is constantly trying to run into conflict, like the hero of “Die Hard”, walking around with a banner "I Hate Black" by Harlem. Of course, this is a myth. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac live according to the golden rule of morality: “Do not do unto others what you don’t want done to yourself”. Aries will find it difficult to just skip the insult, but if the interlocutor refrains from rudeness, the “lamb” will show restraint even in a heated argument. Aries is not the aggressor like people think.


Taurus is believed to be outrageously lazy in “amateur astrology”. Like the best leisure time for representatives of this sign is to lie in front of the TV and do nothing. No, that's not it. If you think so, it means that you simply haven’t faced the determination of Taurus, who can move mountains. It’s just a typical Taurus knows the value of time. He is an opponent of futile efforts and will weigh the pros and cons a hundred times before getting down to business. 


Representatives of the Gemini sign probably often hear the epithet “two-faced”, and homegrown astrologers warn that you shouldn’t believe Gemini in any way, because they will betray you as soon as possible. In fact, Air signs simply understand too well that our world is full of halftones, and it is impossible to separate it into black and white. They do not hold on to their opinion as the only right one, and will easily change it if they hear reasonable arguments. 


Is Cancer a crybaby? Do not confuse sensitivity with tearfulness. This Zodiac sign has increased intuition and excellent empathy, and therefore not only feels all the shades of the emotions of others, but also passes through himself. This is both a gift and a curse – sometimes Cancer just wants to get away from other people’s problems and emotional tantrums, and stop being a sympathetic ear for loved ones. So, Cancer often gets emotional, but there are some reasons for this. 


Leos are famous for their exorbitantly hyped ego. But are they really as narcissistic as they are said to be? Yes, this sign loves to be in the spotlight, listen to compliments and feel envious glances. Leos take a lot, but give too much. As a wise ruler, he sees his mission in helping others and is happy only when “his people” are happy. Leo has many positive traits such as generosity and nobility, and these are hardly qualities inherent in narcissistic people. 


If the image of a cynic-misanthrope is drawn in your head at the mention of Virgo, you are only partially correct. Yes, idle party-goers and jokers rarely come out of the representatives of this sign. But it’s not just a certain internal bitterness or puritanism of Virgo. They just don’t see much point in stupid conversations and partnership with people uninteresting to them. This Earth sign, whether male or female, is used to spend time with benefit – for the mind, soul or body. If Virgos feel a soul mate in the interlocutor, they will remove the mask of a lone wolf and show a sense of humor. 


Libra is viewed as a person who wants to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, and therefore hesitates in making decisions. They really can be blamed for some hesitation, but not because of the desire to please everyone and make great friends. It is just that Libra has a heightened sense of justice, and they are afraid to make the wrong decision, because they will have to make excuses to their conscience in the future. 


Scorpios have gathered a lot of negative stereotypes: in public opinion, these are cruel people who do not trust anyone but themselves, are able to step on many people for their own benefit and are just desperate to humiliate them. Is it true? A typical Scorpio is a very vulnerable person, hiding weak spots behind the facade of cynicism and temper. Most likely, Scorpio got burned in the distant past trusting the wrong person, and this pain still subconsciously haunts them. Scorpio really has problems with controlling anger, but it doesn’t mean that they enjoy the sadistic pleasure of abusing people around them. After a flash of emotions, they are likely to silently reproach themselves for being rude and unrestrained. 


Is Sagittarius a carefree fun-loving source of positive energy? Sagittarius will not agree with this statement. It may seem that these children of Fire are always doing pretty well. In fact, they skillfully hide their pain from prying eyes – they don’t want to burden anyone with their problems. By the way, we don’t recommend testing their benevolence – they can have a sharp tongue, and their sarcasm arrows hurt very painfully. 


People who are superficially familiar with astrology think that Capricorns are such “gray cardinals”, i.e. emotionally cold manipulators with many negative traits, obsessed with power. Well, maybe they can be convicted of a certain detachment and indifference, but you should get to know them better. Then you will see that they help others and treat kindly the new people in their life, they just do not rush to accept them into their world – they just don't see the point. When it comes to the “obsession with power”, Capricorn is simply a workaholic and requires the same serious attitude from others.


Is Aquarius a life-burner, frivolous like a one-day butterfly? The element of Air keeps the representatives of this sign in a whirlwind of new things: ideas, acquaintances, and beginnings. “Life is so short, but there are so many  interesting things in it,” Aquarius thinks, trying to do everything that this world has to offer. The reluctance to build a life according to a certain routine may seem frivolous and immature to someone, but the same old song “home – work – home”, on the contrary, seems to be a hell to a creative Air sign.


Neptune’s ward received the unpleasant label of “gutless”. People born under this sign really don’t like to argue and waste energy on negativity. It is easier for them to agree than to convince a person of his wrong. “Why get blood from a stone?” – this is the point of view of Pisces. However, Water signs have solid core strength, so if it comes to something really important, Pisces will fight to the last.

Addictions of each sign

There is also an opinion that each zodiac sign has a tendency to a certain addiction.

Aries – Adventure and Adrenaline 

It is a tragedy to Aries if the days are going the same way. This sign is in constant motion, searching for impressions, so they want to try everything in life. This becomes a problem when Aries goes wild and takes risks.

Taurus – Food

Delicious food is mostly like a drug for Taurus. The lack of sweets and cakes and a forced diet will cause stress and nervous breakdowns.

Gemini – Communication 

Gemini can’t stay in a confined space for a long time, and if they have to limit themselves in dialogue with real people, they will plunge into virtual communication. 

Cancer – Psychological Dependence 

Cancers are strongly attached to parents, loved ones and children, completely dissolve in relationships, forgetting about reality. They are prone to self-sacrifice, and separation from loved ones leads to severe depression.

Leo – Shopping Addiction

Leo knows how to make money, and spends it with special pleasure. He buys only quality things, but does not always correctly evaluate his finances.

Virgo – Self-improvement 

It is quite important for Virgo that all areas of their life are close to perfect: the best family, work, home. They make great efforts and work hard to achieve their perfect world. Failures lead to disappointment and depression.

Libra – Love Affair

It is important for Libra to have a close and understanding person nearby whom they idolize and love. The search for their soul mate is rarely long, while Libra is devoted to recklessness.

Scorpio – Ludomania 

Ludomania is a gambling addiction, a state where understanding of the value of money is lost and you want to earn it the easy way. Scorpios are subtle psychologists and lucky players, but no one has yet managed to beat the casino.

Sagittarius – Thirst for Traveling 

Sagittarius will not be stopped by the lack of money and the baby in the arms if they want to go on a hitchhiking trip to another country.

Capricorn – Workaholism 

Capricorns can’t stay idle: being students, they are looking for a part-time job, and when retired, they plunge in creativity, surprising relatives and neighbors with their talents. Excessive workaholism leads to neglect of health, and this can lead to bad consequences. 

Aquarius – Need For Strong Emotions 

Aquarius isn’t satisfied with ordinary life, so this sign is looking for impressions and new experience in video games, books, series. The more successful Aquarius is, the less passionate  he is about the virtual world and the more immersed he is in self-realization.

Pisces – Daydreaming 

Pisces idealize the world, which is not surprising, because fate favors them: they easily come out of difficult situations, but sometimes daydreaming makes it difficult to be active.

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