24 Apr 2024

Lunar Zodiac Sign

Everyone knows his Sun sign, which is determined by the position of the Sun next to the Zodiac constellations at the time of birth. We are used to reading horoscopes based on these calculations, and hundreds of books have been published with descriptions of common features inherent in people born within a certain period. But only a few know that there is still a so-called Lunar Horoscope in astrology, which represents Moon signs. It is compiled on the basis of the position of this Earth satellite in the sky at the time of our birth.

The Moon stays only 2-3 days in each of the Zodiac signs. A lunar month is a time interval during which the planet passes through all the 12 Zodiac constellations. Its length is 27.3 earth days. According to astrology, while staying in each of the signs, this planet changes its characteristics and, accordingly, its influence on various processes taking place on Earth, including people, their behavior, habits, emotions, and character.

If the Sun is responsible for the formation of “visible” human qualities (such as character, willpower, perseverance in achieving a goal), then the Moon signs affect our unconscious: sensitivity, intuition, emotions, sensibility, reflexes, instincts, and habits. In other words, this planet determines a person’s reactions to the world and those processes that happen to us faster than our thoughts are formed. It also has a strong influence both on our mood and on the type of human behavior.

The Moon position at the time of birth determines whether a person will be endowed with extraordinary abilities (for example, clairvoyance). It is the location of this planet that often dictates how sensitive we are to the energies of the universe, how we perceive changes, how strong our intuition is, and shapes our ability to positively or negatively influence others.

This planet is a symbol of the soul, a vehicle between the material and spiritual worlds. This satellite does not create energy itself. It would be more correct to say that it is a connecting link, conductor and reflector of energies.

It is worth saying that this mystical planet has different effects on men and women. It is associated precisely with the feminine, with the woman-mother. Nevertheless, it has a greater impact on the feelings of men and on the rational part of women. This satellite is very important at the beginning of men’s life and in its second half – for women.

If the Sun correlates with the right side of the body for men and with the left one for women, when it comes to the Moon, the opposite is true: it affects the left side in men and the right one in women.

Since this planet represents our emotions in astrology, it directly affects our relationships with others: how easily and quickly we can find contacts with people, how strong and trusting our relationships with loved ones can be. No wonder, the Moon in the system of Zodiac plays an extremely important role in love. Amazing fact: the most long-term relationships between people are possible when the Moon of a woman is in the same Zodiac sign as the partner’s Sun. For example, if he has the Sun in Virgo, and she has the Moon in Virgo, this couple has excellent chances to live a long and happy life together, in complete harmony, trust, and mutual understanding.

The influence of this planet on a person depends on its position in the Zodiac sign. If you feel like in constant conflict with yourself and you are worried about internal contradictions – study the position of the Moon in your birth chart and its current position in the Zodiac.

Moon in Aries

People of this sign with the planet Moon in Aries are very reckless in their actions and hasty in conclusions. The Moon in this sign encourages you to act spontaneously, without hesitation, deliberation, embarrassment, compromise or acceptance of alternative points of view.

However, at the same time, you are a very curious and positive person. Aries Moon people are believed to have a big heart. You are open to people, cheerful, outgoing, and emotional. You are very mobile: you can’t sit in one place for a long time, the thirst for activity constantly captures you, and so you need to be in the center of events.

Moon in Taurus

If your Moon sign is Taurus, then, unlike others, you have stability in everything: in your addictions, habits, and relationships with people. You may feel quite conservative and have a very realistic view of the world: you never build castles in the air, and your actions are very rational, logical and balanced.

The Moon in this sign will definitely make people born within this period endowed with increased tolerance for others, enviable endurance, patience, predictability, and calmness. The material side is always a matter of priority for a Taurus Moon person. “I am not very pretentious. I always have only the best” – this famous Oscar Wilde’s phrase can be your motto, as you always strive to get the most out of life, never compromising with the quality of things or relationships.

Moon in Gemini

People born with the Moon in this sign are very mobile, spiritually rich and, usually have great intelligence. Gemini Moon people are characterized as “Jack-of-all-trades”. However, the duality of their nature is observed in almost everything: they rush from one extreme to another, take up everything at once, and often do not finish the work started. They have diverse interests, but their knowledge is superficial and their concentration is low. It is very difficult for this sign to focus on one type of activity or a specific task for a long time.

People of this Moon sign need to study their true feelings and desires, to control their emotions and to refuse to follow public opinion. The constant anxiety and irritation of this sign can have an extremely negative effect on their mental health. This can be manifested in increased excitement, emotional exhaustion, mental disorders, and changes in mood. They often chase new experiences and new doses of adrenaline, with no time to adequately assess the life events and to concentrate on those that are really important.

Moon in Cancer

People with the Moon in Cancer have a wide range of positive qualities and feelings. As a rule, Cancer Moon representatives have increased intuition and sensitivity; they are perceptive and very impressionable. It is easy for people of this sign to feel the emotions and mood of those around them, which is not always beneficial since other people's problems and sufferings upset their inner balance.

Cancers feel secure in peace and often have outstanding psychic abilities. This allows them, if needed, to easily manipulate people and use them to achieve their goals. 

Cancers have a developed fantasy, they are shy, and it is difficult for them to express emotions that often suppress them from inside. They are reserved and laconic, prudent and secretive. As a rule, these people are introverts. However, at the same time, those born under the lunar sign of Cancer are subject to sudden mood changes, i.e., they are inconstant in their addictions and feelings. You can never be sure if this person will treat you tomorrow the same way as today. They can show you increased attention and care, be nice, friendly and sympathetic, yet seem like a complete stranger the next day: secretive, detached and reserved. These people know from personal experience what “thin line between love and hate” means.

Moon in Leo

Those with Moon sign in Leo will never get lost in the crowd. Such people love attention and recognition of others, so they need communication. Moreover, it is desirable to always be in the spotlight!

Leos are self-sufficient and stubborn, self-confident and selfish, independent and authoritarian, mannered and irresistible. They always “play a role” that matches their status. It is very humiliating and unforgivable for this sign to look ridiculous. If you try to humiliate them, to belittle their dignity in public – you will forever become the Leo’s enemy. They do not forgive insults! Even if they pretend it did not hurt them and beautifully play their part to the end.

Moon in Virgo

Those whose Moon sign is Virgo have a very realistic view of life. They never wear pink glasses but look soberly at things. Virgo Moon people are intelligent, pedantic, practical and pragmatic; they have a cold and judicious mind. Since early childhood, they differ from peers in their curiosity, ask thousands of questions and will not calm down until they receive satisfactory answers to them. 

The Moon in Virgo gives those born during this period increased sensitivity. However, at the same time, these people can restrain themselves and hide their true feelings and emotions, which often misleads others, as they consider Moon Virgos cold, insensitive and detached. Of course, this is not true at all. Virgos are sympathetic, sensitive to the insights of others, and easily offended. 

Moon in Libra

People born under the Moon sign of Libra are very sensitive and delicate souls, with a fragile and vulnerable psyche. This Moon sign has extraordinary intelligence, tact in behavior, delicacy and courtesy in relationships. They are favorably distinguished by good manners compared to others. Libras are sensitive to people's moods, while they are non-conflict and diplomatic, and they really do not like to enter into open confrontations with others. At the same time, many tend to be friends with Libra: there are always crowds of people around them because of their ability to communicate and listen.

Moon Libras often act as arbitrators in quarrels, reconciling the conflicting parties. Due to their flexibility and ability to compromise, such people easily find contact with others and gain authority from them. The eternal desire for peace and tranquility, ordering things and calming emotions makes people of this sign the best peacekeepers. Tolerating no chaos in their inner circle, they need to feel organized.

Moon in Scorpio

It’s very difficult to be a person with the Moon in the sign of Scorpio at the time of birth: calm and soft Moon conflicts with strong and hard Scorpio. Such configuration makes the character of this Moon sign very explosive and unstable. Scorpios are almost always outwardly calm and restrained, but in some cases, they turn into a really explosive and dangerous mixture! Their reactions and behavior become completely unpredictable.

If you are a Scorpio, then those around you probably already know that you are responsible for your obligations and keep your promises. Usually, you are an emotionally restrained and strong-willed person in public, who is not used to openly express your feelings. Whatever happens, you are always collected, concentrated and can think rationally even in the most extreme situations. With few exceptions, when the internal conflict and the intensity of emotions become stronger than your ability to suppress them. When Scorpio’s patience is exhausted, they can be dangerous, explode over small things and do not spare words and expressions for others. We feel sorry for those who are in their sight during such periods and forced to endure all the aggression, ruthlessness and sarcasm that has been accumulated and carefully hidden by this Moon sign for a long time.

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon Sagittarians are optimistic, positive and happy people. They believe in their lucky star, do not lose heart, and do not give up when face obstacles. Sagittarians are freedom-loving people, who do not tolerate restrictions in anything. You will not be able to “tie” them to a place or person, impose conventions or generally accepted rules, or drag them into some kind of activity if they don’t want to.

Be especially careful with Sagittarius children. They can easily run away from home because of excessive pressure or parents’ severity. Still, such children are very active and curious. They are an inexhaustible source of energy and generators of thousands of questions. “Why?” is heard from them constantly because they always have an object for study!

Moon in Capricorn

People with the Moon in Capricorn are big individualists. They often keep a distance in relationships even with relatives. They are cold and restrained in the manifestation of feelings. If you try to invade their “comfort zone”, Capricorns will retreat into themselves even deeper and become withdrawn, while their icy attitude towards you will never change.

This Moon sign can sometimes suffer a mild form of paranoia. Capricorn Moon makes them incredulous, suspicious, indecisive and extremely cautious in their actions and decisions. They often lack a sense of humor: they do not understand jokes, taking everything seriously. Therefore, always think before you say something to them or joke about them.

People born over this period are ambitious and always have a high opinion of themselves; they often overestimate their qualities and capabilities. Capricorns are confident in their uniqueness, that they always deserve more they have at the moment. However, all their thoughts and assessments remain hidden, since these withdrawn and secretive people almost never share their experiences with others. Capricorns are big introverts, and being alone is always more pleasant and comfortable for them than staying in public. But this quality can degenerate into a psycho-emotional illness and manic depression. 

Moon in Aquarius

Those born under Aquarius Moon sign are open and friendly people, who like to be in public, spend time in a company of friends. They have a friendly and good-naturedly attitude towards people, and they are sincere in their feelings. As a rule, such people have a lot of friends and acquaintances; it is difficult for them to be alone. Aquarians are very sad when they have to limit their social contacts for a long time. If such periods last longer than several days, they can even become depressed and experience the deepest pessimism.

However, at the same time, they are extremely independent and freedom-loving individuals who do not like obligations. They seem to have two different souls, two sides of the character, because they are sympathetic and caring, also having a deep affection for their friends and relatives.

Moon in Pisces

The Moon in Pisces at the time of birth means that these people have a strong character and increased sensitivity. This Moon sign is calm, soft, non-conflicting, easily makes confessions to others. It is extremely important for them to feel safe and stay in comfort all the time since any inconvenience is very difficult for them.

Pisces are incorrigible dreamers! They are constantly in their world, hovering somewhere in the clouds. This is a very useful quality for those who connect their lives with creative professions: for artists, musicians, designers. However, this character trait makes Pisces vulnerable and often helpless to the difficulties they face in real life.

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