27 May 2024

How to Find Your Way

People often tend to think that someone else’s life is better than theirs, and they surely don’t deserve that load of troubles they are dealing with most of the time. Another popular opinion is that we get what we have – undeservingly. If you are such a believer, then we may disappoint you today. Barely anything happens for a reason, and when you are informed about the reason, then you should be able to fix the problem.

In the vast majority of cases, we can feel that we are doing something wrong with our lives, and there is no clue which path to take for changing it. So, often people ask themselves: ‘How do I find my way?’ Today, we shall try and answer this question from the astrological point of view. You may be surprised at how simple it is to spot your way and succeed in life. All you require is a little push in the right direction.

The Basics

When you ask yourself that very question about your life path, you should realize that astrology has it already encoded for you. Your main purpose is to decode it, and all will turn out to be the way you couldn’t even imagine. 

There are two known Moon nodes. They are also called lunar nodes. These particular nodes are the ones to figure out in your search for life’s objective. There is a north node, and there is also a south one. They are entirely different and define different things, so you should not confuse them in search of your purpose. Luckily, today, we are going to clear things out so that there are no secrets left.

So far, you may have already learned that planets and houses in your personal chart are those things that predict a lot of things to happen to you, the way you behave or react to various situations, etc. You should, in no case, confuse the nodes with any other detail of your birth chart. Lunar nodes are usually facing each other in the chart. Some people describe nodes as some math points that belong to different zodiac signs. As an example, we will take the sun sign of Capricorn in the north lunar node, and Cancer will be facing it in the south lunar node. The exact rule applies to all zodiac signs without exception.

How Do You Find the Nodes?

Now, when we figured out what the nodes are, you are probably wondering as to how you can find them. There are countless node calculators that will indicate your nodes precisely in no time. So, no worries here.

South Node

We have determined the basics of lunar nodes and how to find them, but it seems there is a piece missing. You should know what those two nodes stand for in your natal chart, what they define, and what their role in astrology is. Your curiosity is understandable since astrology is anything but precise science, and at times, there are too many missing pieces to see the picture. The case with the south node is quite simple.

Many astrologers agree on the fact that the south lunar node is always in the particular karmic point that is responsible for your karmic life, the most recent one. What does it mean? It means that the node represents all that you already know, something you mastered by yourself and something you feel comfortable with. Just before you jump to the conclusion that you finally found your life direction – wait until we share all the details about the south lunar node.

You should pay closer attention to the sign and the house your south lunar node is in. The information you get from that may not be new to you, but it is still important since it holds the main key to the future. Thus, it may lead you to understand your life’s purpose in no time.

In the majority of cases, the south lunar node holds the information about gifts and talents you took with you and brought into this life from your past one. All the areas mentioned in the given node are the ones you are particularly good at. But this does not mean that anything you do at the moment will make you happy in the future. You should view it as something you got used to in the past, but now it is a different life you are living, and all that remains for you is a lingering skill. Think of it as of something you have already done or achieved even though you don't remember doing it.

The main secret behind this node is to use it correctly to jump into the destiny prepared for you by the north node.

North Node

When the south lunar node indicates your karmic life and comfort zone, things get a lot different with the north node. If you compare those two, the latter is viewed in astrology as a more important one. There is a simple explanation for that. We started the article with the question concerning your soul’s purpose, if you may remember. The north lunar node is the karmic point that shows you how it is going to be in the present life.

While in the case with the south lunar node, it feels like those things you are used to are predicted to come your way, the north node is rarely that straightforward or easy. Very often, people choose not to stick to the north lunar node at first glance just because it seems impossible to get to the goals set.

You may consider it as your personal Everest mountain, which is the closest comparison to what the north lunar node will reveal to you about this particular lifetime. You should either get to the top or die trying, although some prefer not to try at all, and that is where all the people without life purpose come from.

The north lunar node will reveal to you some lessons you are bound to learn during this life too. There are usually some underwater stones to stumble upon; however, once you set a course and start your goal-achieving race, you will come to realize that it isn't that scary after all. It will be a craving for completion that will drive you forward.

Those experienced in astrology claim that once in a while, you will want to go back to a place you feel safe and comfortable about, and there is nothing wrong with it. It is just how it is supposed to happen.

Nodes and Astrology

At times, the nodes are not easy to decipher, so you need to possess all the knowledge possible to help you in finding your path. We have already learned the names of the nodes. However, there are other names for them within scientific circles. Specifically, the north node is often called a Destiny Path, and if you put some pieces together, you will surely get why.

Nodes are not as stable as zodiac signs, and they move every eighteen months. That is why people born in matching nodes are named a soul tribe. Lunar nodes are recognized by those particular points when the orbit of the moon crosses the sun's path around our planet. The latter is called the ecliptic, by the way. You may say there is little truth to it since the Sun does not move, but Earth does. Well, from the advantage point, it often seems like the Sun is the one to move. So, it is safe to state that the lunar nodes are formed by three participants – the Sun, the Moon, and our planet, of course.

It needs to be clarified that not all astrological schools view the nodes in the same way. Primarily, this is non-Western astrology that pays a lot of attention to the nodes. For instance, Kabbalah and Vedic astrology are the main branches that see the lunar nodes in the preferable light and follow in the footsteps of what they indicate.

An interesting fact is that those parents who have their kids at the age of 18-19 and also 36-37 will share identical nodes with their offspring. The very same goes for your marriage. In this case, if you get married to someone who is 9 or 10 years older or younger, at that point, you will have opposite lunar nodes. Those who believe that marriages are made in heaven will find it particularly interesting. The fact is that those having opposite nodes know how each other would react, and this may make them two pieces of a whole, which are quite unstoppable at achieving their goals.

Understanding Your Nodes

We do not tire of repeating that astrology is not a precise science, and you should be well-aware of the fact when you are in search of your spiritual way. This means that it is not enough to know your nodes, houses, and sign. You must be able to read them correctly as well as to understand them.

So, when you figure your sign and houses your nodes are in, it is time to start decoding hidden messages. It shouldn’t be that difficult as long as you memorize some simple points:

  • The sign in the north lunar node is that particular one to tell you all about your journey and its aim. At times, it will even indicate which sides of you are weaker, and which of them should be strengthened.
  • The house within the north node will point out the area that is going to be the most profitable and where you can apply your skills to.
  • At the same time, a sign in the south node will direct you toward your zone of comfort.
  • In its turn, the house in the south node will show you how the comfort zone will play out in your future.

These are four simple points that are critical ones if you want to find your path and to succeed in life.

Node Rulers

If you think that we have come to an end and explained all the peculiarities of lunar nodes – not yet. The truth is that while you apply all the gained knowledge to your chart in search of your soul purpose, there is something else to watch out for. As we have already said – soul astrology is not exact, yet a complex science.

So, what else should you pay attention to when reading the nodes? You need to consider sign rulers. In case you do not know, zodiac signs are ruled by planets, so you need to figure out which planets rule over your north and south nodes.

When you find the rulers, you need to come out to a conclusion as for how well they interact with each other since, at times, they may be quite medley, and that may affect your way at one point or another.

Integrating the Nodes

We know how confusing and unbelievable all this seems, but nothing comes easy in this life. So, if you are determined to find your path in life, there is a lot of work to do. To tell the truth, if you stick to a step-by-step guide we offer you, it won’t be that difficult after all.

We have already mentioned that people may go back and forth between the nodes, and that is quite natural. However, many people do not know this, and you may get stuck in the south node throughout your life. There is a simple explanation to that – it is always easier to remain in your comfort and safety zone. However, if you strive to achieve something, you should better get out of there.

The fact is that your south lunar node should be used as a kind of a safety point you can always go back to, but you should not stop moving forward. That is why you should learn how to integrate personal nodes correctly. These are the few simple steps to follow:

  • Once you figure out your node signs, put them down so that you do not mix anything.
  • Now, find the planets that rule over the signs.
  • It is a good idea to read through the charts as for what they have to say about the planets.
  • The ruling planets can be sextile and trine, or they can be square and opposing, and they can also be conjunct.
  • If the first option is your case, you have nothing to worry about since your nodes will work harmoniously. This means that migrating between the nodes is easy.
  • The second option may feel like the toughest since the lunar nodes are in disharmony. It may take you a lot of time and effort for your lunar nodes to integrate.
  • The third option is either/or, and it is up to you to figure out when the connection is harmonious or the other way around. If it feels like the nodes integrate well – so be it. However, if you feel like one is domineering – there is some work to do!

To sum it all up, playing around with the nodes is not going to be a piece of cake unless you are a trained astrologer. It is a lot easier to go through your daily horoscope and get over with it. However, whenever this thought occurs to you, think about how it feels living without a goal. How happy and successful those people who found their aim in life are – don’t you want to be one of them? There is no bet

ter destiny for one person and sinister fate for another – it is just because some people pay a lot of effort to figure out their true path while others prefer to go with the flow. To which group do you belong? 


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