16 Jun 2024

Moony Mood: How Does Moon Affect Zodiac Signs

The Moon is the closest space object and the only satellite of the Earth. Its influence on our planet is well known since ancient times. But what if the Moon not only affects the ebb and flow but also touches us? Astrologers are convinced that it does. So let's figure out what the Moon cycles and phases are and how the Moon can affect each Zodiac sign.

The Moon Cycle and Its Phases

In astrology, the complete revolution of the Moon around the earth is called a lunar cycle. This Moon cycle consists of 29-30 lunar days. For convenience, astrologers divided the path of the Moon into conventional phases:

  • Childhood begins with a new Moon and lasts about a week. This period is better than others for acquiring new knowledge and habits. The new Moon also has a good effect on body detox procedures. But you should be careful in communicating with people and do not forget to control words and actions.
  • Moon maturity begins at the time when the whole Moon is visible, and it lasts about seven days. Sensitivity and disability are exacerbated at this phase. Usually, the number of accidents and disasters also increases. The full Moon can make us more nervous and hot-tempered. But it is the best period for physical activity and surgery.
  • Astrology describes the old age of the Moon as a decline in strength, apathy, and depression. During this period, it's better to complete all the work started and to plan new beginnings. It is necessary to look after health due to the possible increase in chronic diseases.

Whole Moon and Its Influence on Zodiacal Signs

The most substantial influence on all signs occurs in the maturity phase, which is another word for the full Queen of Heaven. During this period, all feelings become aggravated, and a person's latent potential can manifest itself because of the three central celestial bodies, which develop in one row: the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. The person’s location at this moment does not play any role – you can feel this power on the entire Earth's surface.

All Zodiac signs feel the full Moon in their way:

  • Aries sorely lack love. They seek understanding and often rush into a love vortex.
  • Taurus goes weak and often gets nervous over nothing. Exacerbations of chronic diseases are also possible.
  • The Moon brings contradictive Gemini to the arts; they imagine and create.
  • Anticipating the full-fledged phase of the Moon, Cancers feel a surge of strength and energy.
  • However, this phase of the moon has practically no effect on Leo. It is a solar sign, so the impact of the Moon is minimal.
  • Virgo and Libra equally perceive the full Moon. Their thoughts go round in circles, and it may seem that people of those signs are becoming too dull.
  • For Scorpio, the whole Moon means self-determination. They begin to delve actively into themselves and to seek out shortcomings.
  • Sagittarius and Capricorn get a rise in strength. Both signs become attractive and claim the title of a 'nice guy.'
  • Aquarians become restless; they do not sleep at night and do not work during the day.
  • Pisces feels a maximum surge of strength. They start to obtain creative ideas. Their productivity increases by several times.

While the Moon moves along its celestial path, in addition to phases, it also passes through all 12 Zodiac constellations. Eventually, a change of sign occurs every 2-3 days. Therefore, each Zodiac constellation has its short but straight and strong influence on the Moon. It starts to transfer some essential qualities of the sign. Unlike the "male" Sun, the Moon carries more "female" traits: emotionality, short temper, and daydreaming. Cancer is most affected because of the Moon's house located in its constellation. Nevertheless, the Moon also has a powerful effect on other signs:

  • The Moon in Aries gives a person confidence in his abilities. He wants to create and achieve his goals. We can also observe maximum performance. On the other hand, outbreaks of unwarranted aggression are possible. Therefore, it’s better to be careful in actions. The “Professional” Moon in Aries allows us to agree on cooperation, find allies, and conquer career peaks. It is the best career-building time — the period suitable for a job change or promotion. For those who practice magic, it is the best days for making money talismans and clean house with fire.
  • The Moon in Taurus sign suspends a person’s zeal for victories. It is a period of peace and serenity when excitement recedes. The balance of the Moon in Taurus brings stability to affairs. It is advised to open bank accounts and purchase real estate. All transactions concluded during this period will be long-term and reliable. It applies not only to the financial and professional spheres but also to personal relationships. It is a reasonable period for marriages and love confessions.
  • The planet in Gemini is unstable, but it will be useful for those who start with discoveries and acquaintances. There is no need to make hasty decisions – it can bring failure. The Moon in Gemini will help in studies and short trips. The period is suitable for solving short-term matters. It will be better to abandon complex projects and plans that may last way to long. The body also should not be burdN ened with active physical exercises and heavy food.
  • The Moon in Cancer gains peace, often being too open and serene, which increases a person’s credulity and vulnerability. It’s better not to make crucial decisions. Within this period, a person can be guided by feelings, not reasons. Astrologers also do not recommend starting construction due to possible delays. It is also important to refrain from borrowing money and to be more tolerant of others. The time is good for doing selfless things, charity work, for helping loved ones and everyone who needs guidance.
  • The Moon in Leo awakens the love of praise and flattery. People are looking for feedback about their activities. It is the period of big spending, so if large purchases haven’t been planned, it is better to hide your wallet away. But new acquaintances will be beneficial. The Moon in Leo is good for establishing friendship and cooperation agreements with new partners, who won't fail you in the common cause. In general, any undertakings not related to spending money will bring positive changes in life.
  • Virgos' Moon rewards with intelligence. A person becomes thoughtful and prudent. All cases will be based on a thorough and logical calculation of the pros and cons. It is advised to solve everyday problems, money matters, and other material issues. There will be less romance during this period, but you can plan your future vacation or another significant event – the calculations will be correct. Positive changes will also be observed in studies.
  • When the Moon is in Libra, it is a perfect time to search for harmony. Compromises will be self-evident, and all attempts to make peace will be successful. It's complicated to make independent decisions within this period, so people tend to seek advice and support. But do not lose your head – choose only among trusted advisers. It is an excellent time to resolve long-standing conflicts and contentious issues both with business partners and soul mates.
  • The Moon in Scorpio sharpens all senses so much that even the strongest unions can stagger under the wave of conflict. During this emotional period, it is helpful to strengthen relationships, make concessions, and avoid quarrels. Scorpios' Moon will spare neither business nor personal relationships. Therefore, you need to be very careful in choosing expressions and actions to avoid provoking your partner.
  • The Moon in Sagittarius advises to think deeply, build plans, and achieve dreams. New knowledge and skills will be beneficial, so they can be safely put in practice. Killing time in vain and castle building just for fun is not recommended during this period. But it is necessary to solve issues related to the law, as well as make new acquaintances. Traveling, not even very large-scale, will significantly contribute toward a business or personal relationship.
  • Under Capricorns' Moon, all daydreaming and sandcastles will be blown away. A person begins to think more practically and shows a tendency to accumulate material wealth. All deals will be successful due to the militant character of the Moon in Capricorn. In personal life, misunderstandings between loved ones may occur. But business is booming throughout these days due to increased working activity.
  • When the Moon is in Aquarius, it begins a period of unification. Everyone is trying to unite and start new collective affairs. It is a time of strong alliances in any field. Magic is often used during this period to enhance a material condition, gain acquaintances and replenish energy.
  • The magical time for the Moon comes when it is in Pisces. A person experiences a desire to believe in everything he hears, to make plans and to dream. Romance and spirituality come forward. Intuition becomes the second sight. During this period, astrologers recommend relaxing and being alone with the inner world.

Fortune Telling on the Full Phase of Moon

From ancient times the full Moon was also considered a magical period. That's why in almost every culture there were fortune-telling and magic rituals performed only when the Queen of Heaven is full.

In a huge amount of divinations, there were both simple and tricky ones to execute. The ritual called “Moonlight Road” can be attributed to simpler ones. It was often used by women due to beliefs that the rite helps them fill with lunar energy, reveal femininity and enhance physical attractiveness. To perform the ceremony, it was necessary to swim in any body of water with a moon glade reflected in it. It was believed that it helps girls to become more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. An important condition of the ritual was that the girl had to swim completely naked and it was important to avoid catching someone's eye.

Among other rituals on the full Moon, various options of making wishes are also common. Here is one of the simplest:

On the first day of the full phase of the Moon, you need to write a wish on a paper, as if it has already been fulfilled. For example, instead of: “I want to relax next month”, you should write: “Next month I had a good rest”. Then, you need to put the paper with a wish on the window for three nights so that the moonlight would fall on it. This ritual is so simple that hands are itching to reach for paper, even if you don’t have much faith in such things.

Of course, there are more complex rituals, for example, to attract money. One of them is proposed as follows:

  • #1

Wait for complete darkness on the first day of the phase. After that, you need to clean your apartment thoroughly. Further, in the center of the room, you need to place three coins in the form of a triangle and put a candle in the center. Next, the candle should be lit and allowed to burn to the end. Then, put the coins in the left pocket of the clothes you wear most often. Put a small magnet in the right pocket. You need to carry them for exactly seven days. If you change the clothes, then the money and the magnet have to be removed as well.

  • #2

Exactly at midnight on the mature Moon phase, you need to write the sum of money that you need on a piece of paper. Write it in two ways – in numbers and words. Fold the sheet and put it on the bottom of a jar. Then, with the hand that you use to write the note, take seven coins and throw them into the jar one by one, while saying: 

“The coins are ringing, 

Big wealth they’re bringing, 

Like whole Moon sparkles

My gold never ends!” 

Leave the jar overnight on a windowsill where the moonlight falls. In the morning, remove it from the window. Then, hide it in a secluded place and every day, until the next full phase of the Moon, add three more coins to this jar repeating the same words.

If in a week your money situation improves, then you may have hidden magical abilities. In the worst case, you will just have a little treasure.


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