13 Jul 2024

How Will I Die According To Astrology?

Astrology is a complex non-science. Very often, you may hear that it is all about life. However, that is not true. Astrology is about death too. There are many aspects and branches of astrology, and not all of them are fully discovered at the moment. That is why the question of death is still very vague, from an astrological point of view.

We are more than sure that all of you have wondered at least once or twice about when you are going to die and how it is going to happen. Astrology does not have a clear date and hour, not to mention precise cause that will be your end. There are still some observations that may be worthy of your attention.

Unlike in the case with religion, astrology has its own view as for every person’s death. It is not God who determines your fate – but you. Some may find it a little blasphemous, but once again, astrology is something in-between science and religion. It is both precise to some extent and spiritual at the same time. 

If you are familiar with the notion of houses and a birth chart, you may also know that every house is responsible for a particular aspect of your life. However, these are not only the houses that matter when it comes to your natal chart but the lines that connect them too. The lines between houses on the wheel are called house cusps. 

Very often, people who are not well familiar with astrology may assume that their sun sign is the one to determine their death. However, it is more complex than that, and this would be a misleading assumption. The only thing that can guide you in the right direction and predict the approximate way you are going to die is the cusp between the seventh and the eighth house. To put it simply, the zodiac sign indicated by the cusp between the 7th and the 8th house in your chart is the one to predict your death. 

There are many online resources that can help you come up with the most precise natal chart for you to determine how you may die. However, you need a precise time of birth to achieve that. We are not going to dwell upon the houses or charts today. Instead, we want to discuss the ways you may die depending upon the sign indicated by the cusp.


If your cusp points to Aries, then you should expect a lot of blood when it comes to your time of death. Passing related to the influence of this sign refers to all sorts of a car accident and even murders. If you dig in a little deeper, you will find an easy explanation for it. The truth is that Mars is the ruler of Aries, and in case you do not know, Mars is the god of war. Where there is a war – there are rivers of blood. 

It is also predicted that there is a list of instruments you should stay clear of. Anything sharp or metal may cause your death. All kinds of knives and guns are not for you.

Possible cause of death:

  • head injury;
  • car accident;
  • explosion;
  • bleeding;
  • gunshot.


It wouldn’t be a secret to you if we say that Taurus is that particular sign that is more likely to stay home for reading a new book than to go on an adventure. That is why astrology predicts that at the moment of death, Taurus will be at home. Any kind of home accident is most likely to become your last one. The kitchen is the most probable place where you may meet your Creator. However, if you think that only kitchen tools should be stored away, it is not true since food that has gone bad may lead to the same outcome as well.

Possible cause of death:

  • food poisoningeating disorders;
  • neck injury.


There isn’t any more freedom-loving sign than Gemini, and that may lead the sign to death. Gemini is all about travel and adventures, that is why speed is an essential part of their lives. Apart from driving carelessly, Gemini likes to multitask, and this is hardly ever good for anyone. When you look at the stars to find out more about your fate, death is usually related to some accidents.

Possible cause of death:

  • bike accident;
  • smoking. Smoking kills, remember that!


Cancer is the sign that is both blessed and cursed with emotional intensity. The sign is ruled by the Moon, and that explains everything. It is great that Cancer feels empathy and his heart is usually ruled by emotions. However, in the majority of cases, that is how Cancer is predicted to die. Due to such strong emotions, Cancer finds it hard to sleep at times, and that leads to serious sleep disorders. There are many other issues arising from being overly emotional, and if we talk about physical health here – heart issues are at stake.

Possible cause of death:

  • unhealthy food;
  • anti-stress meds overdose;
  • overdose on painkillers;
  • high blood pressure.


The Sun is the ruler of this sign, and that may explain a lot. The Sun is a royal ruler, Apollo, and every Leo feels that. Just like any member of the royal family, Leo seeks attention and, of course, admiration. When they do not find it – it kills them. Everything a Leo does is to attract attention, and in some cases, it turns out to be lethal. All the daily actions have a tremendous effect on Leo’s heart, and we do not mean it in a good way.

Possible cause of death:

  • coronary issues;
  • inattentiveness;
  • desire to show off which ends up tragically.


Tales are being told about Virgos, their orderliness and rationality. However, the deep analysis of their lives is what may lead a Virgo to death. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is considered to be a smart planet. It is true that there is barely any situation where a Virgo wouldn’t find a way out of or a solution to it. This particular overthinking in the process is what kills them from the inside. In the vast majority of cases, even when a Virgo knows that there is something wrong, instead of treating the issue, a Virgo will be exploring its roots. 

Possible cause of death:

  • constipation;
  • intestines-related issues;
  • anxiety-related accidents.


It seems there is rarely anything bad that is going to happen to a sign ruled by the planet of beauty – Venus. However, Libra is the sign proving that bad things happen to people obsessed with beauty. For a Libra, it is essential to look their absolute best and to follow all the beauty trends. That is why death due to a diet or plastic surgery is a common one for this sign. Also, in search of perfection, Libras can get pretty anxious and may abuse some destructive substances such as drugs and alcohol.

Possible cause of death:

  • poor hydration;
  • kidney failure;
  • drug abuse;
  • anxiousness-related issues.


There are two planets ruling over the sign of Scorpio, and that makes it twice as hard to predict what is going to be the cause of death for this sign. Mars and Pluto seem to be connected planets since one covers the war and the other is the planet of death. However, when you look at the sign of Scorpio, the fate is quite misty and mysterious. You may never find out what has happened to a Scorpio, despite the letters and puzzles sent from beyond the veil.

Possible cause of death:

  • weapons;
  • poison;
  • murder;
  • crime;
  • and even sex.


Those ruled by the king can’t be anything but happy and optimistic. If you think about it, the phrase describes Sagittarius perfectly, and there is no wonder why since the sign is ruled by Jupiter, the king of all gods. It is hard to imagine that optimism can kill anybody. However, this is precisely what we are going to tell you. It may happen that a Sagittarius lives a long life but then, all of a sudden, takes one more journey which turns out to be the last one. We can’t say it is a bad way to leave the world, and it is quite optimistic at its core too. Nevertheless, an exotic disease can hit you when you are in your prime.

Possible cause of death:

  • travel accident;
  • exotic disease.


In case you wonder who would be the luckiest sign on the list – we say Capricorn. The fact that the sign is ruled by the God of time may have something to do with that. It seems that Capricorns never get older, on the contrary. They are very powerful, and when the time comes to pass, there will be a lot of regret within society. However, usually, a Capricorn dies in due time; there are no weird accidents or anything else to worry about. Nature takes what is hers.

Possible cause of death:

  • old age.


To begin with, Aquarius is a sign thirsty for life, and whether you like it or not, but it may turn out to be deadly. There is rarely a chance that Aquarius would want to live an ordinary life. No, they seek adventure, and the more dangerous it is, the better. Engaging in endless parties or in occult groups – it does not matter, as long as it is new and exciting. There are two rulers over this sign – Uranus and Saturn. This may explain such unpredictability and bizarreness of the sign.

Possible cause of death:

  • alcohol abuse;
  • heavy partying.


Pisces is dreamy and usually lives in his own perfect world. There is nothing wrong with it until the day when Pisces has to meet reality. The reality is depressing, and it is only natural that Pisces will try to find a way to cope with it or to get back to the dreamy world. The best way to do this, according to Pisces, is with the help of alcohol and other chemical substances. Often, in their depression, Pisces can say that death may be the only solution. However, we wouldn’t say that suicide is the way out that Pisces chooses.

Possible cause of death:

  • depression;
  • drug;
  • alcohol abuse.

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that astrology can predict many things, but in the long run, it all depends upon you. We have discussed these probable deadly outcomes to show you the possibility of what may happen. However, you shouldn’t take any of these death predictions as an undeniable fact. It is hard to predict life, and death predicting is twice as difficult and vague. Live your life the way you like it, and don’t think about death more than you have to!


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