27 May 2024

Karmic Lessons of My Zodiac Sign

To evaluate someone, you usually proceed from personal traits the person possesses. There is nothing wrong with such an approach; we all do that. There are obvious strong and also weak aspects of every person. That is if we are talking about what lies on the surface, but how about something that is hidden? Well, you may say that it is hard to dwell upon it since for the most part people rarely realize the subconscious traits.   

We could have left the discussion right at this point, but there is something that you are bound to know. The fact is that in order to succeed in life, you need to discover those hidden traits of yours and use them to the full extent. In case you don’t, you can easily fall victim to your own subconscious, undiscovered desires, and there is barely anyone who would want this. That is why numerology exists.

Surely, if you explore your date of birth, you can come up with something that you already knew about yourself, to some extent, at least. That is also a part of numerology, but today we are going to talk about calculations that discover those hidden secrets of yours. These calculations are based on something as personal as the birth date – your birth name. This area of numerology deals with so-called lessons we need to learn and work through for achieving karmic perfection.

How Do Karmic Lessons Work?

As we have already stated, there are going to be some calculations involved. We are going to calculate your full name. The truth is that there is a particular number from one to nine that stands behind every letter. However, those numbers that are already involved in the name are the aspects you are aware of. We are particularly interested in the number that is missing. The number that is missing is your personal Karmic Lesson that will help you discover yourself on the new unexpected level.

Some people may say that in the majority of cases, what is hidden should better stay that way. However, we assure you that this is not always the case. You can think about it in such a way that you won’t appreciate something until you try it. For instance, you taste some food for the first time, and you think that it is amazingly delicious, and you wonder why on earth you have never tried it before. That is exactly the same with those spiritual lessons. 

We should admit that there are also cases when you learn something, and it is anything but pleasant. However, you should perceive it in such a way that it is still a part of you and it is better to be aware of it. If you keep hiding from the darkness, it will find you sooner or later, and no one knows what the outcomes may be. So, it is always better to face your demons.

It should also be stated that some people get more than just one missing number when it comes to their full birth name. You shouldn’t be overwhelmed when something like that occurs to you. The truth is that while considering everything that karma or fate or God grants you, you need to sort out the things that you can or cannot do in the first place. You need to remember one simple tip that is always true to life – if there is something that you can’t do, it will take care of itself beyond your will. 

Lastly, it needs to be clarified that the numbers present in your name can be viewed as your strengths, while those which are missing and which refer to the above-mentioned lessons are most often considered to be weaknesses. Besides, for finding out your karmic number, you do not need to add or multiply any numbers. 

Just before we jump to the karmic number definition, it should be noted that there are a couple of misconceptions you should stay away from. Firstly, you should, in no case, think that your life is going to be much easier without knowing what your Karmic lesson number is. Secondly, some people may spot the connection between karma and reincarnation. That is that the higher the number of your karmic lesson is, the older your soul is. That is not true, period.

How Can You Figure Your Karmic Lesson Number?

It goes without saying that those of you who are totally unfamiliar with the art of numerology may have a question – how? How to find your number? These days, there are many online calculators to use, but also there are some old-fashioned ways to avail of them too. There are special charts with letters and numbers connected to them that you can employ. 

Number 1

No matter who you were in your past lives, you certainly lack initiative in this one. The fact is that you will rarely get anywhere if you are not feeling determined enough. It is true that this requires strength, but in the long run, it is going to be worth it. Very often, people who do not show sufficient determination are weak-willed and controlled by others. If that fits your description, it is best for you to break free and stand your ground. Your independence is the key to success. There is no use to refuse from what you believe in just because someone else doesn’t.

The truth is that life is rarely simple, and there are going to be many people who will try to make use of you. The choice you can make is to either give in or fight for your opinion. Surely, it may seem like an unfair trial, but in the long run, after you overcome it, you will realize how strong you become.

You should keep it in mind that if there is number one in your core numbers, all the negative effects mentioned above will be a little bit reduced but not to the full extent.

Number 2

Those with number two as your karmic lesson – we have pretty bad news for you. You should better stop being so tactless and non-diplomatic. These are not always the traits you will benefit from. In fact, if you keep yourself hidden in the background at times, you will be able to succeed with the goals set in front of you. Working on your own is great but working in a team will get you further. 

It is inevitable for you to feel senseless when someone asks for help, and that is certainly a wrong approach. However, if you learn to reach out a helping hand in times of need, it will serve you the good turn. 

Of course, there are also some exceptions to the rule. If it happens so that number two is among your core numbers, you should consider yourself lucky – the karma will go a little softer on you.

Number 3

Why so serious? That is the first question you should answer if three is your karmic lesson number. People who get this number are too critical when it comes to themselves. The fact is that any time you are in the center of attention, you will find something about yourself that makes you feel embarrassed despite the fact that others do not see it. 

Those perfection standards you set can’t be achieved by a human being. Therefore, you are bound to go easy on yourself. Otherwise, you will live your life without enjoying it, even the tiniest bit. 

Throughout your life, you will find yourself in lots of situations where you are going to need using your imagination. This can only mean that an artist is lying dormant within. 

Some of the stated above can be diminished by the core number, which should be three.

Number 4

You do not know where to go. That is the most accurate definition of this number. People who are missing number four from their birth chart names are always confused as to the direction to head in their lives. All this means that unless there is some firm foundation, you will be always lost. 

It may be stating the obvious, but for you, it is hard to find something you are really good at, something you love to do. This is all due to the simple fact that you are terribly disorganized. The only place you should look for answers is you, not you in the past life – but you in the present. 

Any work requires attention and patience, there is no perfect job, you should remember that.

If the core number four applies to you, all the things we have mentioned will have a lesser impact on you. 

Number 5

How about an adventure? Your usual answer is no, but the answer you need is yes. There is no point in being afraid to live – you should rather fear the opposite. Keep in mind that any opportunity is given for a reason and you have no right to neglect it. If you open up to the world a little, you will see it, you will make new friends, and that is what astrology has in store for you. The truth is that change is sometimes the best thing that you need. The minute you get used to the notion of changes, you will flourish.

Even though the core number 5 may reduce the effect of this karmic lesson, we consider that in this case, it is a pure downside.

Number 6

Very often, people close to you say that karmic relationships, as well as commitment, are the things that you are totally unfamiliar with. It does not matter if it is a marriage that we have in mind or any other type of relationship – you are afraid to be responsible for either. In the majority of cases, it is hard to understand why you are so alone, but the answer lies inside of you, and you need to realize that otherwise nothing will change. 

Of course, it would be unfair to say that you do not show your emotions – you do, but for the most part, they are insincere. 

The first thing on your list is to learn how to value your friends and those you love. Once you make the first step, it will be easier to go out of your shell in the future.

Again, the corresponding core number may make things a little simpler for you.

Number 7

Constant working on yourself is what you need in the first place. While many people claim to be not talented at all, you have it. However, you are not willing enough to work and develop it, as well as to explore new horizons.

To succeed in life, you need to be trying to perfect yourself all the time, no matter how hard it may seem. At times, self-criticism is a good thing too. Once you learn to do that, there will be no tops that you can’t conquer.

The core number 7 may affect the stated above a little.

Number 8

Not many people are as lucky at attracting money as you are. However, no one can deny the law of karma. The fact is that if you don't learn to manage your ambitions and temper, all will slip through your fingers.

Some may say that life is never simple or that karmic interference is inescapable – but we say it is all within your powers. The fact is that if you pay just a little more attention to your affairs and a little more respect to those above you, you will notice how well things can go. Being independent is great, but being successful is even greater.

Number 9

The world does not revolve around you, that is the key phrase you should better remember for life. The fact is that the given karmic lesson number defines the lack of sympathy and compassion in you. As long as you see yourself as the center of the world, things won’t get too far. But if you broaden your vision, everything will begin to change for the better.

Keep in mind that the core number may affect the information stated above a bit.

To sum it all up, it is safe to state that keeping up with the numerology chart may be quite difficult if you are unsure of what to pay attention to. However, with proper assistance, it is not only possible to decipher and understand it but also to implement it. Each karmic lesson is the part of our lives, whether you believe in it or not – the fact remains. That is why learning your karmic lesson is so important. It is like having your personal number that reveals an essential life lesson to you. Even if there is more than just one number missing from your full name, you can manage all the downsides and expectancies with good guiding at hand. 


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