27 May 2024

Flower horoscope

According to astrology, flowers, herbs, plants and trees are controlled by Zodiac signs too. There are flowers and plants that bring good luck and love to each sign. As a result, we get special flower signs. The knowledge of these patterns of astrology is useful when you want to present flowers as a sign of love and respect. If you like indoor flowers, give preference to those that match your Zodiac sign, they will help create an atmosphere of harmony and prosperity in your home.

Flowers have a certain effect on the energy state of the house, they affect our mood and thoughts, and, as a result, the events in our life. The greatest way to change our life for the better is not to follow the flow of our own pessimistic thoughts. This is truly a unique property of all plants. The difference is only in the severity of the plant’s energy and in the nature of its influence.

Astrology claims that every plant has certain energy. This energy is manifested in the appearance of the plant – its length and width, color and shape, the structure of the leaves and stems, the shape and color of the flowers have their own meaning. Leaves are part of the plant that cleans the house environment both biologically and energetically, and has the largest set of functions and characteristics.

Aries (March – April) 

As a rule, March and April Aries are active, purposeful, insistent people with leadership qualities. They are curious, inventive, courageous and full of original ideas.

Aries is a fire Zodiac sign. Aries plants are usually large and prickly. The color scheme ranges from orange and pink to red and burgundy. These people love extravagance and brilliance. The recommended flowers for Aries are red or orange with bright, pungent smell.

Florists recommend the following flowers for Aries: tiger and red lilies, red roses, red tulips, chrysanthemums, daisies, asters, dahlias, royal begonia, orchids, azaleas.

Aries people are very fond of accessories and well-designed things, so it is advisable to give them bouquets decorated with various decorative gilded twigs, shiny beads, etc.

Taurus (April – May) 

Taurus is an Earth sign. These people are usually stable, enduring, and patient, attracting others due to their hard work, flexible character, and impeccable taste. Taurus do not like any changes in life, they appreciate harmony and tranquility.

They love nature and give a particular preference to spring-blooming flowers. The Taurus plants are strong and stable with beautiful flowers that contribute to the achievement of wealth. Taurus love bouquets of red roses, chrysanthemums, poppies. They prefer beautiful large flowers such as roses, daisies, lilies and daffodils. However, at the same time, the bouquets should be spectacular and stylish, without unnecessary accessories. Taurus will be happy with small bouquets of forget-me-nots and violets.

Florists recommend the following flowers for Taurus: red or pink roses, lilies, carnations, large chrysanthemums, daffodils, lilies of the valley, forget-me-nots, violets, cyclamens.

Gemini (May – June)

Geminis are very mobile, changeable and easy-going people, who try to build their lives depending on their interests. They are curious, clever, have an agile mind, but sometimes suffer because of their inconstancy.

Geminis are active, outgoing and sensible. Light airy bouquets of red or pink flowers will suit them. Bouquets can be made from a wide variety of colors, but it is advisable to add red flowers to it.

The following flowers are suitable for Gemini: peonies, roses, carnations, poppies, violets, asters, mimosas, gladioli, hydrangea, jasmine, daffodils, daisies, clematis, and actinidia.

Cancer (June – July) 

The plants of this sign are tender, sweet and mysterious, with a pleasant, refined smell. Cancer flowers protect family well-being, improve relationships with relatives, and eliminate misunderstanding.

People born under the sign of Cancer are caring, secretive, and very sensitive, with high mental activity, good memory and intelligence. These are home people who create coziness in the house and love their family very much.

Florists recommend the following flowers for Cancer: various types of irises, white lilies, white roses, hydrangea, snowdrops, crocuses, white lilacs.

Bouquets for Cancers consist mainly of white flowers with green leaves. They turn out very gentle and light.

Leo (July – August)

Leo is a fiery sign. Leos are creative, noble, generous, faithful and demanding people. They always strive for leadership and occupy the highest position in society. Leos are highly sensual people. They prefer to achieve everything on their own.

Leos like flowers of yellow, orange or scarlet shades that evoke associations with wealth and gold. Since Leos love to be in the spotlight, love brightness and comfort, they need royal large bouquets or original compositions. Flowers should be fresh and large. Therefore, bring Leos large bouquets of white or red roses, peonies, dark red tulips, gladioli or large chrysanthemums.

The following flowers are suitable for Leo, July and August person: peonies, chrysanthemums, dahlias, callas, poppies, gladiolus, carnation, geranium, mimosa, spray roses, large daisies, lilies, juniper.

Virgo (August – September) 

Virgo is an Earth sign. Virgos are practical, smart, honest, ethical, conscientious, and hardworking. These people are reasonable; they demand dedication and energy both from themselves and from others. Their inner life is very rich and complex, but it is usually hidden from others.

Virgos must definitely consider all possible options and choose the best one before making a decision. They are self-confident and don’t want to be like anyone else.

Virgo flowers are discreet but elegant with a faint pleasant smell. When composing a bouquet for Virgo, it is advisable to add blue, white or purple flowers, as well as green twigs. Since Virgo is very restrained and does not like any extra accessories, it is better to present them a strict classic bouquet.

Florists recommend the following flowers for Virgo: chrysanthemums, violets, carnation, asters, lilies, peonies, red poppies, garden tradescantia, garden geraniums, cypress euphorbia.

Libra (September – October)

Libra is elegant, romantic, charming, sociable and diplomatic. People of this zodiac sign are always tactful, elegant and sophisticated, and such qualities make them especially harmonious. These are thoughtful and balanced people.

Libra does not like asymmetry, so it is advisable to give them symmetrical bouquets, designed with taste. People of this sign like roses of delicate shades (white-pink, pink, light lilac, etc.), as well as tulips, chrysanthemums, dahlias, lilies.

Florists recommend the following flowers for people born under this sign: daffodils, hydrangeas, lilies, carnations, verbenas, violets, small-flowered chrysanthemums, primroses, delphiniums, hoofed grass and others.

Scorpio (October – November)

Scorpio is a water sign of the Zodiac. These people are constant, silent, sensitive and focused. Scorpios are satisfied with themselves, despite any external changes. These are decisive people, who despise weaknesses in themselves and in people around them. They are irritable, but more often try not to show it. Scorpios love to emphasize their own characteristics and do not like to be compared with others. They are very persistent and always know what they want.

As a rule, Scorpios like blue, dark blue and purple flowers. At the same time, they like spring flowers, such as daffodils and tulips.

Scorpios love expensive bouquets, for example, of large dark red roses with small, evergreen leaves.

The following flowers are suitable for Scorpios: anemones, daffodils, cannes, irises, lilies, imperial hazel grouse, white roses, delphiniums.

Sagittarius (November – December) 

People born under this Zodiac sign usually like suburban life. They love traveling. Sagittarius usually dream of a small garden where beautiful shrubs and large powerful plants will grow.

Exotic plants brought from distant lands are the most suitable gift for Sagittarius.

Sagittarius likes bouquets consisting of high powerful flowers. If you decide to give Sagittarius a Zodiac flower, then, the main principle when choosing should be ease of care for the flower.

Lush flowering and tall plants, such as gladioli, chrysanthemums, delphiniums, imperial hazel grouse, spiraea, phlox, weigela, jasmine, roses, daffodils and tulips are suitable for Sagittarius. Also, the perfect choice for Sagittarius is a palm tree.

Capricorn (December – January)

Capricorns are bright representatives of Earth sign. These are hardworking, restrained people. They are usually practical and thrifty; those who do not like to “throw money down the drain”.

Capricorns prefer to acquire traditional, beautiful, abundantly flowering, and not too expensive plants. They like climbing plants: calm, quiet, striking in their strength and beauty. Bouquets of lilies, tulips, white carnations, and gerberas are suitable for people of this sign of the Zodiac. Florists recommend giving them flowers with a strong smell. It is necessary to add a climbing plant or exotic greenery to the bouquet.

It is preferable to plant clematis, honeysuckle, actinidia, garden tradescantia, daisies, euonymus fortunei, bergenia, hydrangea, snowdrops, etc.

Aquarius (January – February)

Aquarius is modern, freedom loving and independent. These are people of ideas, discoveries, inventions and originality. Aquarians love communication with other people. They have great intuition and they love reading.

Favorite colors of Aquarius: blue, dark blue and purple.

Representatives of this sign love to be spectacular and to impress. Accordingly, the bouquet for them should differ in brightness and originality. Bouquets of orchids, callas, roses, tulips, lilies of the valley are suitable for them. Most preferred will be bouquets decorated in the form of a cascade or waterfall.

Florists recommend the following birth flowers to Aquarius: bush roses, chamomiles, monarda, astilbe, hosta, pulsatilla patens, stonecrop, lilies of the valley, daisies, white lilac. Perfect indoor flowers for Aquarius are violets and orchids.

Pisces (February – March)

It is a Zodiac sign of spirituality and wisdom. People born under this flower sign are romantic and sensitive souls, able to surprise others with their energy when they achieve their goals. Pisces are dreamy; their intuition and sense of humor are well-developed. Bouquets of white daffodils, lilies of the valley, jasmine, peonies, white lilac, chrysanthemums are suitable for them.

People of this birth sign like light plants of white or light blue shades, with snowy outlines.

Florists recommend the following flowers associated with Pisces: forget-me-nots, bluebells, crocuses, garden tradescantia, heuchera, jasmines, daffodils, hyacinths, chrysanthemums, cornflowers, garden geraniums, orchids.


We should not forget that astrology also states: each plant is affected by a particular planet, and each plant is under the decisive influence of a celestial body. As a result, the plant acquires some features according to the properties of this planet.

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