27 May 2024

Astrology and Disease or What the Horoscope Says About My Health

Astrology tells us that most aspects of human life are determined by the position of planets at the moment of birth. Knowing a certain date and time of birth, a professional astrologist can create a comprehensive life map with detailed info about strengths and weaknesses of one’s living. Health is one of the most important things, and it would be great to know how to stay lusty and strong as long as it is possible. Luckily, astrology gives us this opportunity as well: we can predict what health-related challenges we are most likely to face according to our zodiac sign, and we can do our best to avoid them.

The best way to create an accurate health horoscope is by appealing to a specialist. He or she will build your birth chart, and this horoscope will take into account all the nuances of your specific situation. Preliminarily, you can get acquainted with the most common health issues according to your sign.

Aries (March, 21 – April, 20)

People of Aries sign have inexhaustible energy. They usually are active and enduring, creating, working and fulfilling their plans so intensely that there is no time left for tracking their body condition. When they are young, their health is usually perfect so they use it to the fullest. Yet, diseases come suddenly, most often several in a row. The natural obstinacy of Aries doesn’t let them start any treatment early, so they visit a doctor only when the situation becomes critical. Though being a timely response to the occurred problem, disease prevention is not Aries’ forte. They have no time to be distracted by “some stupid health problems”, so they have to face the logical effect in the form of serious illnesses.

Most common problems

Aries usually suffer from diseases of the nervous system and traumas:

  • Over-fatigue and exhaustion;
  • Insomnia;
  • Mental breakdown;
  • Migraines;
  • Bone weakness, susceptibility to fractures, cuts, and burns.

They often pay little attention to the symptoms and don’t let themselves relax. It leads to an increased risk of injuries and nervous diseases.

Health recommendations

For Aries, it is quite easy to keep a high level of health. The main strategy is creating useful habits: to take a rest regularly, find some time for sports and relaxing procedures (like SPA or meditation) and plan every day avoiding too much work. Relieving stress with alcohol or gambling is critically harmful to Aries since it causes even more problems with the nervous system.

Taurus (April, 21 – May, 21)

Taurus people usually have good health, but it can become their main tragedy. They often like to eat a lot while putting visits to a doctor away for later. Given their troubles with the endocrine system, this combination can cause serious issues that are difficult to fix.

Most common problems

Diseases of the endocrine system may also lead to obesity. Besides, problems with hormonal secretions result in various issues:

  • Thyroid gland issues;
  • Sinusitis and throat disease, hoarseness and voice loss;
  • Acne and abscesses;
  • Asthma;
  • Schizophrenia and depression.

Health recommendations

The horoscope advises Taurus to monitor nutrition carefully since they are at risk of overweight. A balanced diet and an endocrinologist have to become the best friends of this sign. The most suitable sport is swimming.

Gemini (May, 22 – June, 21)

Active Gemini people are always busy. They work hard, rest a little and always forget to take care of themselves. They can trivially forget to put on something warm when the weather is freezing, and this usually leads them to colds. Similar to Aries, their hardworking nature often translates into nervous exhaustion. The worst news for Twins’ health is that they are seriously unaware of how to relax. In fact, they have to learn this for resting efficiently.

Most common problems

Respiratory diseases and week nerves are the main troubles of Gemini’s health:

  • Bronchitis, asthma, lung diseases and colds;
  • Various nervous speech disorders;
  • Insomnia, rapid fatigability;
  • Susceptibility to sepsis, poor healing of wounds;
  • Allergies.

Health recommendations

A healthy lifestyle is the only way to help Twins feel active and well for a long time. They have to learn useful habits such as proper nutrition and healthful daily routine. Gemini should avoid smoking even more than other zodiac signs because of weak lungs.

Cancer (June, 22 – July, 22)

The weirdest feature of Cancer people is that stress affects their health a lot, and this stress doesn’t come from outside. They are often prone to inner unrest, and it causes digestive disorders. Especially when sick, Cancers worry more than needed, and this hypochondria aggravates their body condition.

Most common problems

Two health spheres are under attack of Cancers’ stressfulness: digestion and psychological condition. They usually suffer from:

  • Gastric diseases, gastritis, ulcer, dyspepsia;
  • Bowel disorders;
  • Metabolic disorders and puffiness of various kinds;
  • Hypochondria;
  • Sclerosis;
  • Depression and despondency.

Health recommendations

Sticking to a healthy schedule is the best way to keep up health for Cancers. People of any zodiac placement should have one but for Cancers, it’s obligatory. They have to make plans for work and leisure since it helps avoid despondency and negative thoughts. Their nutrition should be full of vitamins and microelements, preferably in combination with fruits and vegetables. Walking and herbal sedatives can bring peace of mind in case of anxiety.

Leo (July, 23 – August, 22)

Astrology considers that Leos are one of the healthiest people. They are full of power and can actively work until the elderly age. Sometimes, this strength scores own goals: Leos do not allow enough rest for themselves and put their cardiovascular system under a stress attack.

Most common problems

Heart and circulatory system suffer the most from the overwork of Leos. Their nervous and musculoskeletal systems can also have issues caused by problems in the head, therefore people of this sign usually experience:

  • Anemias, hemorrhage, embolism, cramping and varicose veins;
  • Chest cavity and heart diseases, angina pectoris;
  • Vascular disease;
  • Spine disorders.

Health recommendations

Rest and moderate exercises compile the best health strategy for Leos. Both astrology and cardiology recommend taking cardio loads, even better in a form of aerobic power training, for example, intensive swimming or cycling. It helps normalize the blood pressure and strengthen the heart muscle.

Virgo (August, 23 – September, 23)

Virgos pedantically take care of their health. They regularly visit a clinic for routine examinations and store a huge first-aid kit at home. Virgo always knows symptoms of every disease ever experienced by her relatives. Health influences the mood of any Virgo so keeping it is vital for them. 

Most common problems

The main weakness of Virgos is the intestines. Due to medical astrology, they are most likely to suffer from:

  • Intestinal disorders;
  • Peritonitis;
  • Abdominal diseases;
  • Constipation.

Diabetes, diseases of liver, stomach, blood, and lower extremities are also observed, yet less often.

Health recommendations

Astrology suggests Virgos to keep moving in the right direction. They usually know well what to do with their personal health circumstances and how to retain youth for many years. For preventing intestinal disorders, Virgos should follow a healthy diet and enjoy the results of an active lifestyle.

Libra (September, 23 – October, 23)

The physical health of Libras is directly connected to psychological. The worse the mood, the worse the body condition. They have the lowest alcohol resistance among zodiac members, and this does not really help improve any side of their health.

Most common problems

Nervous illnesses, weak kidneys, viral and infectious diseases – Libras can experience troubles in various body parts. Their total disease resistance is low, so a horoscope can’t accurately predict where the issue will hit:

  • Kidney diseases, pyelonephritis, uremia, kidney stones;
  • Radiculitis and rheumatism;
  • Arms and leg injuries;
  • Dizziness and problems with the inner ear.

Health recommendations

Strengthening immunity is the main goal of Libra people. They should eat healthily, sleep well, rest in the fresh air and do sports regularly. It is better to choose sports that build up spinal muscles and muscle corset. Another important goal is to keep track of the first symptoms of malaise and visit a doctor on schedule. For example, symptoms of vertigo can point to serious viral diseases though only a blood test can determine it for sure.

Scorpios (October, 24 – November, 22)

The strong energy of Scorpios provides them with excellent health. But once a Scorpio got sick, it would be a serious disease, which cannot be predicted by health astrology.

Most common problems

Those cannot be determined since even the course of diseases usually differs from other signs. Astrology says Scorpios might be prone to overweigh and sexual issues. However, not even half of Scorpios experience one of those.

Health recommendations

Avoiding harmful habits like smoking, drinking, and overeating is enough for Scorpios to stay healthy for decades.

Sagittarius (November, 23 – December, 21)

The inability to stop when needed is the main psychological trouble for people ruled by Sagittarius’ house, and this is the reason that causes all their disorders. Nerves affect the weakest body part, though Sagittarius usually like to visit doctors and follow medical recommendations.

Most common problems

The variety of the most widespread issues may include:

  • Disorders of the autonomic nervous system;
  • Traumas like dislocations or sprain;
  • Sciatica, rheumatism;
  • Liver disease;
  • Internal bleeding;
  • Arthritis and arthrosis.

Health recommendations

Preventing diseases is much easier for Sagittarius than healing. That is why avoiding stress and psychological disorders are the main goals for planning everyday life. The more calmly Sagittarius handles challenges, the healthier the person remains.

Capricorns (December, 22 – January, 18)

In their early childhood, Capricorns are usually sickly. The variety of illnesses is wide: from measles to pneumonia. Astrology (and statistics) assumes it is the way of growing immunity for Capricorns. They become healthy and strong when growing up and remain very active until old age.

Most common problems

The circulation system of Capricorns is usually weak, which often causes varicose veins, embolism, and heart attacks. Other issues that may occur are the following:

  • Early deposition of salts, impaired salt metabolism;
  • Weakness when walking;
  • Decreased hematopoietic function;
  • Inflammation of the sebaceous glands;
  • Gout, rheumatism, skin, liver, and stomach diseases.

Health recommendations

Capricorns should not forget about simple prevention. A good, restful sleep, a diet excluding salty or fatty food and long walks in the sun are vital for their long life. Moreover, every well-being horoscope insists on understanding that sufficient rest is a must for people born under Capricorn constellation.

Aquarius (January, 19 – February, 18)

Pressure drops, headaches and other stressful diseases are very common for Aquarius. Stress, stress and stress once again is seen as the most widespread reason for losing health in the modern world. Based on astrology, people ruled by some signs suffer from it less while others suffer more, and Aquarius is amongst the latter.

Most common problems

The following manifestations can be observed in Aquarius:

  • Varicose veins, vascular disease, thrombophlebitis and blood diseases;
  • Allergies;
  • Cholecystitis;
  • Spasms, cramps;
  • Arthritis;
  • Nervous disorders.

Health recommendations

To avoid or reduce the manifestations of varicose veins, Aquarius should stick to moderate physical activity. Regular exercises that help strengthen the muscular corset of the spine will be also useful. A perfectly safe sport for this is swimming – you can engage in it even having major diseases of the back or severe problems with the vessels.

Pisces (February, 19 – March, 20)

The health of Pisces is not perfect from the very beginning due to fragile immunity by nature. The list of diseases is quite wide, including viral infections and colds, often accompanied by conjunctivitis. Another side of health issues is related to the weak nervous system. Pisces do not even have to experience stress for having neurological issues.

Most common problems

Insomnia, hallucinations, mental illness, skin reactions – this is a small list of possible neuro disorders. Among common diseases, there are heart attacks, alcoholism, drug addiction, fungal diseases, and tumors.

Health recommendations

Astrologists’ advice for Pisces is a healthy lifestyle. A diet that supports the circulatory system is mandatory. Representatives of this sign are not among those with histories of bad habits, but one of them is quite serious: Pisces love sweets. It can noticeably jeopardize the health, so avoiding sugar is obligatory, too.

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